Ambassador Dr. Joseph Sang Meets Kenya-Stockholm’s Religious Leaders

ambassador sang meeting

Last week, a group of Kenyan Christians in Stockholm paid a courtesy call on Ambassador Dr. Joseph Sang at the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm. Although details of the meeting were not made public, a KSB source said that part of the agenda was to discuss “Kenya at 50”, a celebration expected to be hosted by the Kenyan Embassy on or around December 12th.

The source added that the discussions were held at a “consultative level” and that no conclusions were reached. The delegation was led by Pastor Beatrice Kamau who recently helped organize a Memorial service in Stockholm for the Westgate terror victims. Some key players within the Kenya-Stockholm’s religious sector were conspicuously absent from the contact group although it is too early to speculate on the circumstances.

In a short Twitter conversation with KSB a few weeks ago, Ambassador Sang said that his strategy is to actively engage Kenyans in Diaspora while he also indicated that he is planning a major meeting with the Kenyan community in Stockholm so that he can introduce himself to Kenyans in Stockholm.

Ambassador Sang was posted to Stockholm at a complicated time when political and ethnic tensions were rising in Kenya following the bungled March 4th elections which saw Raila Odinga, a Presidential candidate, file an Election petition at the Supreme Court which was dismissed.

For some Kenya-Stockholmers whose political consciousness is influenced by ethnicity, the political situation in Kenya has created real and artificial ethnic divisions (especially between the Luo and the Kikuyu) and since these communities form the majority of the Kenyan community in Stockholm, it will be interesting to see how the new Ambassador conducts his balancing act to emerge as a unifying factor in the rather fragile situation.

By leaning on men and women of religion and keeping political hot heads at bay as he prepares his debut into the Kenya-Stockholm public life, the Ambassador seem to be seeking for a softer landing ground in Kenya-Stockholm, free from thorns and other controversies.

At KSB, the view has been that the new Ambassador has been on honey-moon and now that he is beginning to take steps to reach out to Wakenya, the Ambassador might be announcing indirectly that his honey-moon is over and that it is time for him to roll his sleeves and get down to work.

With eyes wide open and ears on the ground, KSB can tip that the Ambassador’s next moves are being watched very keenly because many Kenyans in Stockholm are more interested in establishing how his reign at the Kenyan Embassy will be different from that of his predecessor, Mrs Purity Muindi, whose relationship with Kenya-Stockholmers was a total disaster.

Okoth Osewe 


  • playing safe with wakenya

    Ambassador Sang should continue playing safe because one wrong move and he will be on the chopping board like Purity!

  • Why Saitoti was Killed by an arranged (planned) Helicopter crash>An Innocent Ojode(Luo) Perished in the same ill-planned helicopter crash in Ngong’-hills>

  • Hon. Duale could not have issued any other ‘official’ statement in response to accusations against those in government accused of fixing DP Ruto apart from the one he gave. He was given a statement to read and he did just that but his body language in parliament betrayed the tension of political games in progress. Senator Keter was just not talking out of turn neither was he not sober, as Duale appeared to imply.
    URP is not happy about many things. Joining Uhuru to vie together was a gamble with political timelines. The time to start parting ways, in readiness for 2017, is nigh. TNA organized a proper send-off for Ruto when he was going to the Hague for his trial including
    bringing the Nyakinyua Dancers out of retirement to sing and dance for him at 6.00 am at JKIA! (This dance troupe last performed for the late President Kenyatta in the late 70’s!). The idea is that he should go and ‘stay’ there permanently. They have even encouraged him to defy the ICC and stop attending the hearings so that a warrant of arrest can be issued! Backstabbing is part of politics. Remember Caesar asked Brutus “Even you, Brutus?” The question is, if all along WSR knew who fixed him, why then did he go around Kenya saying it was former Prime Minister Raila Odinga who fixed him?

  • Wakalimali-Hitchcok

    To Stockholm Padres >do not try short cut in getting quick money like these above your brothers &sisters back home who were napped trying to get rich quickly . this blog is open to both tax authority and kronofogden, its better to work hard like swedish society .welfare must be respected . keeping with good character behaviour is also good . let us follow the true teaching of our lord Jesus christ >

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