Stella is Back from Kenya With Mapepe and Lots of Storos for KSB

A visibly happy Stella looking into a bright future with lots of expectations

A visibly happy Stella looking into a bright future with lots of expectations

A young Kenyan woman who was deported to Kenya about a year ago together with her little baby is back from Kenya after she was issued with her mapepe through the Swedish Embassy in Nairobi. Speaking to KSB two weeks after her arrival, she thanked all friends and well-wishers who supported her both financially and morally during her tribulations.

After she arrived in Sweden, life became difficult until she met a young Swedish man who fell in love with her. After about a year in the relationship, the couple was blessed with a bouncing baby boy, a welcome development which, nevertheless, turned Stella’s life into a real nightmare.

After the baby was born, the Swede dumped Stella, arguing that the urbanite Kenyan girl had tricked him into ballooning her for purposes of making mapepe. The guy said that at his age of 33 years, he wasn’t ready to take parental responsibility because he still had a lot of stuff to sort out in his life before he could begin building a family. As the crisis between the couple deepened, the Swede cast Stella out of his flat, forcing her to seek help from friends and good Samaritans.

The big problem was that even at the time she delivered, Stella had no papers while her visa had also expired. Since her relationship with the Swedish dude “had not matured”, the couple had not visited the Immigration department to put a mapepe application. This meant that once she was thrown out in the cold, Stella could not turn to the Swedish authorities for assistance because she was not part of the statistics of the population in Sweden where official inhabitants are not known by their names but by their given numbers and Stella did not have a number.

Although she tried to persuade the Swede to help her acquire mapepe for the sake of the kid, another obstacle was that for the Swede, such a move would mean that he would also take responsibility for the kid for the next 18 years, a big responsibility which the guy was not yet ready for. Psychologically, the boyfriend was picturing himself free from “kid responsibility” for the next ten years so Stella was like speaking Latin to him. When Stella changed strategy by assuring him that he did not have to pose as the kid’s daddie, the guy refused on grounds that the situation could change after the deal.

The Swede was worried that once Stella was granted her mapeps, there was no guarantee that she would not call for a DNA test to pin him down. Without the guy’s support at the Immigration level, the Swedish law dictated that Stella had to return to Kenya with or without her son. In case she decided to leave the kid behind, the poor boy could have been handed over to the social welfare authorities who could, in turn, have deposited her in a foster home. For the Swedes, the whole game plan was dictated by the law, not by personal sympathies or humanitarian considerations.

Although Stella believed at that time that she would still manage to get the father of her child to help her, the situation became more complicated when a young and beautiful Tanzanian woman made her way into the Swede’s life and effectively replaced Stella. According to information obtained by KSB, the new chick did not just keep her shrine wide open for the Swede to enjoy but also used “powerful charms” from Tizedi allegedly “to tie up the Swede” around her loins in a way that reduced Stella’s chances of ever making a comeback to minus zero.

How Stella was deported
Homeless, jobless, paperless and a single mother in the wilderness of Sweden, Stella told KSB that she soon became the laughing stock among her so called friends who all deserted her, save for a few sympathetic souls. “I learnt that I did not have friends in Sweden but a bunch of hyenas who suddenly began to feast on my tribulations”, she told KSB during a long interview at a secluded coffee shop in town. She wanted both enemies and friends alike to know that she was back in Sweden, swinging with mapepe and planning her future. For her, there was no better way of doing so than delivering a storo to KSB where staff are always ready to process the tales. Stella said that now, her first agenda will be to go to school and learn Swedish then take up a profession as she cared for her son.

When asked how she was deported, she said that she was betrayed by Miss Tako, a so called friend, who gave her location to police who had been looking for her after her case was thrown out by the Swedish Immigration authorities. In Kenya-Stockholm, Tako is known to be a disruptive personality who can be very good when things are working but equally very nasty when something faqs up. Stella said that she had problems with Miss Tako after she failed to pay back some cash Tako had borrowed her to help her survive.

At that time, Stella had been promised a job by a good Swedish woman contact who sympathized with her situation but when she reported to work, the Swede was horrified that Stella wanted to work without mapepe. Stella had apparently fed the Swede a big dose of her personal problems (which the Swede swallowed) without mentioning that she was paperless. When she missed the much anticipated job after she was “literally hired” following a conversation with the Swede, Stella could not pay back her debt to Tako who later took revenge by masterminding a plan which saw her deported. When contacted for comment, Tako did not want to discuss the matter with KSB although she was categorical that Stella tricked her into parting with “a lot of money”.

Once in Kenya, Stella told KSB that her life changed from bad to worse. On an almost daily basis during her first days home, she said that relatives and friends would come to visit her, wondering how she could have been deported with a child who was fundamentally Swedish. While the clansmen and clanswomen could understand that Sweden was not her home, they experienced a lot of mental constipation because they could not digest how Sweden, a developed country, could throw their own son fathered by a white Swedish citizen into Africa which the Europeans once called “the dark continent”. More so, Stella said that her relatives could not come to terms with the fact that a white man had ballooned her then abandoned her with the baby. In a country where white people are worshiped like small gods, the mind-frame of Stella’s relatives can be accommodated by the enlightened.

As time slipped by, Stella told KSB that she kind of started becoming “a tourist attraction” back in her village where she had retreated after finding life in Nairobi “impossible”. She felt like a “tourist attraction”  because people would travel from every corner of the village to check on her and to hear her story. “Their expectation was that even though I had no right to live in Sweden, the young boy could have remained behind with his father to be taken care of by the government”, she told KSB.

Lots of storos for KSB
She said that some Kenyan friends who had been spreading dirty gossip about her had tried to get in touch with her after news spread in Kenya-Stockholm’s underground channels that she was back. “I know my friends now and I have sought and spoken to all of them”, she said. “I find it hypocritical that the so called friends who accused me of having a big mouth and who talked a lot of shit about me are the same ones trying to reach me”, she said in an angry voice.

After she was deported, a Kenyan “friend” allegedly called one of her relatives in Kenya and said that the main reason why Stella had been deported was because she had become a prostitute in Sweden. To strengthen this view, the “friend” apparently said that the Kenyan woman had been deported together with her mulatto child because she conceived him “in the line of duty” and that since she did not know the father, there was nothing the Swedes could do to help her.

Stella told KSB that she has a very long storo and promised to be banging them at intervals, now that she is a free bird. KSB welcomed her into the world of storos, hoping for titillating tales as cold winter sets in and temperatures begin to fall below zero degrees.

Okoth Osewe.


  • Thump-Chesting!

    Welcome Home Stella-Stika! thanks for being yourself,be of good courage . You look young : but according to experience chicks like you has the best goods ,hence not many men likes such baby chicks! good luck now you know who are truly friends in that horrible City Of Stockholm where Govt deports their Children to Africa to suffer!

  • Stella, you have not stopped your habit of bragging. Apart from Tako’s 10k which you need to pay, I also want my 4.5k (Swedish krona) gold chain which you stole from my house so in total, you have a debt of 14.5k to pay. You need to sort out your debts first before rushing to KSB, calling people who helped you hyenas. Don’t be silly.

  • Lol! malaika you just spilled the beans.stella thought now that she is secure, her old habits will not surface.she remains a blood-sucking bitch who rides on others backs and spits on them once things get better in her life.nyoka ni yule yule!she should pay her debts.

  • Stella Mwenyewe

    Malaika, how deceitful and nasty can you be? You talk about your gold chain while hiding the real circumstances. Wasn’t the chain a guarantee given to me by YOU after baby-sitting for you for a whole three months? Didn’t you give it to me after you failed to pay up because you had to send money to Kenya. Who is being silly? Didn’t you try to pimp me by exploiting my situation and when I refused, you started claiming that I stole your gold chain? Tako did not borrow me 10k. The amount was 6.5k so stop uwongo za malaya. You need to concentrate on bitching yourself for a living and leave me alone you good for nothing cant. I am back and if you want a taste of crap, I will shove it down your silly asshole.

  • Stella, I do admire your boldness of coming to ksb with your storo and I wish you well. I don’t want to use abusive language because it will not sort out anything. I have just one question for you. Why did you try to snatch my Swedish boyfriend after I accommodated you both as a friend and out of sympathy for you and your child? Can you just let me know, now that you seem to be ready to talk????

  • Bon Voyage mum(karibu Sana)

    Stella is back from Kenya with mapepe for her and for her glorious son .But ,Jelouse 1000 times these stupid primitive and savage kenyans .
    You are very jelous to Stella becouse you went to police to report of her presence in Sweden hoping to destroy her life in Scandinavian Nation .
    But God helps those who help themselves through humbling oneself to his /her creator.
    Shame on you who are abusing this Mother. Unfortunately Today Stella is just like Me and you who has Swedish Work and residential Permit (Arbets och uppehålltstillstånd)Shame-on you again becouse Stella has already a man, (husband) whom some of you will go down to graves without having a Husband but only those who just want and demand ,You to oppen-up your legs enjoy your shit-pussy and dirty you ,and leave you guessing how brutal that bestiality sex maniac you get from men who are really beasts and savages in bed.

  • Heee heee washing dirty linen in public. Whether 6.500 or 10.000kr just pay up Stella. But very good storos coz we are learning what u guys were doing them days…

  • @mama mwoki, I did not try to steal your white boy. He is the one who started it and he said this when you caught us red handed to try and save me. He wanted a taste of me while I was looking for an opportunity. It’s sad to say this here but he wanted a taste of me because you were not giving him enough pussy. We agreed with you that it was wrong, I apologized and you threw me out. What else did you want me to do? You broke up with him anyway kwa hivyo?

    @ Bon Vowage, thanks for your support. If u have no mapepe here, that is the only thing you think about 24/7. You try anything that can work including trying your hand at snatching men whose women are sleeping on the pussy when it’s wanted. You are a real patriot and may God less you!

    @moto moto, it is not about washing dirty linen. It is about setting the record straight. I have not refused to pay my dues. I will do so as soon as possible. I have messed up in life but also jifunzad many lessons. I am human but I cannot live in the past. I have a future to build. Everybody here has a history and this is my story. I hope you get me right.

  • good that u wish to pay up.that is the spirit.keep em storos coming.

  • Lol! Winter soap imeanza at KSB. Mama Mwoki mwajuana kwa vilemba kweli. Your man wanted goodies…eish! vya mvunguni twajuwa sasa.

    Stella: hata pimping was being done….kweli ulikiona.

  • You tried him but God was on my side and I caught you red handed, literally with your pants down! You are a small little idiot who will never succeed in life unless you stop seeking other people’s men. Get a man and give him as much pussy as you want. You have failed to appreciate and respect the help you were getting from others and even though you are back, you will still fail in the system if you don’t change. People like you should just be ignored and i don’t know why ksb is giving you publicity.

  • Familien Drama 7( kiden -Papa hat Mama Getoten Tyskland Doutchwerre-weben eben dodeden.__

  • Stella Mwenyewe

    @mama mwoki, it is you who ought to stop stupid lies. You never caught me with my pants down because my pants were on the table lol. My bra was on the floor while your ex-boyfriend’s underpant was hanging on the door knob where I had placed it after systematically peeling if off to get access to his well pumped but pussy-starved beef that was dangling aimlessly looking for a hole to chill. I don’t need to get a man because just like your svenis, they come to me crawling on the floor to lick my well kept pussy, sweet, nourishing and well lubricated with fore-play aha! He left you because after checking you out, I did notice that you have no idea about what it takes to keep a man adicted to yr charms. In fact, it took me just five minutes to get his lips deep down my mouth because you are a silly goat who does not even know how to kiss umbwa wewe. I will get back to you if you want more shit shoved deep into yr good for nothing cant. You are just an imbecile so get a life instead of mourning about the past, more so, about a white boy who has since moved on after ditching you and your cold matiti. Don’t be silly!

  • Welcome to Uhuru Kenyatta & William Ruto Banana Bonobo Republic>read for yourselves how Corrupt Judges & Magistrates con their clients and the Govt cannot arrest jail and confiscate their ill-gotten wealth and make them pay with 100% intrests to their clients>Kisumu Town West Member of Parliament Olago Aluoch has been struck off the list of advocates by the Law Society of Kenya over gross misconduct. Aluoch has been found guilty of withholding Sh700,000 damages paid to Ms. Milka Adhiambo Ojwang whose husband (Martin Tego) died in a road accident.

    LSK’s CEO Apollo Mboya said that Mrs Ojwang approached Aluoch to file a suit to recover damages arising from the accident that led to the death of her husband in Kisumu.

    The High Court in Kisumu awarded Ojwang Sh700, 000 that was paid through Aluoch. Ojwang however reported that Aluoch never forwarded the money to her.

    She added that he gave her two cheques totaling Sh27,000 that bounced in 2007 when she wanted to pay fees for her son.

    Ojwang then filed a complaint against Aluoch before the Advocates Complaints Commission (ACC) before he was summoned to appear before the Discipline Tribunal.

    Other than finding Aluoch’s conduct unbecoming, the DT further o

  • Stella real / mwenyewe! The glory from getting mapepe in sweden really does’nt last that long; Soon you’ll join the system you so looking forward to, and once you are in you’ll realised you been hooked up with one of the worst systems in the world. While Sweden is better than home it really does’nt give you the opportunity to explore your capacity to the fullest it kind of levels everyone, but welcome to it, come join us since most of us are trying to figure it out day in day out.

    Im sorry to say the conversation you and your friends are having is getting out of hand and since this is a blog that most kenyans read both diasporan’s and locals, this kind of immature publicity is not giving us Kenya-sotckholmers a good reputation; Maybe you guys can solve these private matters one on one.

    About the sleeping pussy, i kind of found that very intressting lol! Are you married now? If you are guess soon you will realise that the pussy must sometimes sleep you just cant have it engaged all the time.

  • Look >Watch Kenyans have become Dogs>In other word Kenya as a country has gone to the Dogs>From the President&his Deputy The leading Dogs>

  • stella if ur pussy is that juicy, y didn’t mama mwoki’s foma BFcome to you?or y didn’t he rescue u from the miserable life u faced in Kenya when deported?

  • Stellar name and shame this people hiding under fake names since for you most people here know you .how can hater call herself malaika mulika hao watu wawili.

  • Political Institute

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  • Charles Wanderi Maina

    Watch these Beasts /Savages &barbarians from Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta brothers !When will these animals become humans>bestiality murder of innocence old pair!

  • Charles Wanderi Maina
  • Stella, Its a very nice story, Now you are here in sweden can u just ignore the comments, concentrate in your work and just talk and write storo to KBS I know how it feel, Dont take hate or hate people that is how they are. and in every Place people must talk

  • False Flag Operation

    The Fear of Freedom (The fear Of The ICC In Hague (The Plan Failed Miserably) Hague is a MUST! No matter What! If Uhuru Kenyatta is not guilty Why not Visit Hague & be cleared?
    Rather than Scheming Fake flag Westgate attack with his Security chiefs?>

  • Wakikuyu are the most poor thugs in Kenya !But Why don’t these cheap monkeys realize what a Camera can do?Don’t they know in this age that there are mounted Cameras in the Malls/Roads Shops etc>To hell with their nyeti-Organs!that Pahari Nyeti is no a place to hide Food and other Bidhaa! Wa-njinga hawa >

  • Stella, you go girl! Don`t listen to anybody,live your life now and welcome back.

  • I thought kenyas in geneva Switzerland were crazy.seriously Stockholm is crazier.

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