Stories from Africa Crown: The Day Louis Vuitton’s Logo was Stolen

miss africa crown

Last year’s winners left without the LV bag prizes promised but were given flowers because LV store in Stockholm refused to sell the bags to MAC’s Swedish contact citing logo infringement

As the Board of Miss Africa Crown (MAC) worked tirelessly to organize the event last year, a very interesting development slipped by without a single clue from any Board member except the Swede who was sitting in the organizing Committee. The MAC team entered the boat at Vikingline where the finals were scheduled without the Louis Vuitton (LV) bags which were supposed to be presents for the first three winners. Although the Board tried to enquire what may have happened, the Swede remained tight-lipped. In the end, the winners walked away without their presents.

What the Board did not know was that when the Swede went to purchase the bags at the LV outlet in Stockholm, the storekeeper declined to sell the bags to him. The Swede had informed the store keeper that the bags were destined for distribution to MAC winners. The refusal by the store to sell three bags to the Swede was because LV was in the process of filing a court case to sue MAC for violating its logo and although the Swede was made aware of this fact, he never informed the Board. It was after the event ended that real trouble started.

Legal Notice

Photos of MAC flyers taken by LV after being pasted at Central Station in Stockholm

Photos of MAC’s flyers taken by LV after being pasted at Central Station in Stockholm

LV sent MAC a Legal Notice to the effect that it’s logo had been violated by MAC and that the company was preparing legal action against MAC. The company claimed that it’s logo had been used in MAC’s flyers without authority and that in the said flyers, the LV logo was used in a way that suggested that LV was sponsoring MAC while this was not the case. In a letter dated 16th October 2012, LV’s lawyer wrote that “It has come to the attention of Louis Vuitton that during marketing of “Miss Africa Crown” both in 2011 and 2012, you used Louis Vuitton’s logo without permission. According to Louis Vuitton, you have infringed on their logo”.

The letter then went on to detail that flyers emblazoned on the logo were pasted at the Central Station, concluding (among other accusations) by stating that building the logo had cost LV a lot of money and that its use in the manner stated amounted to “degenerating” the logo. The letter then requested all details about MAC events in 2011/2012 including all revenues realized, receipts and any other detail. The purpose was to enable the company to quantify profits which had been realized as a result of the violation in order to determine the amount MAC would have to pay in compensation.


Extract from LV’s 3 page Legal Notice

During the period the logo was being used on the flyers, Board members questioned severally, both at meetings and in emails, the circumstances under which the so called sponsors were dealing with MAC but the Swede refused to explain, only saying that he had “talked” to the companies. When a Board member insisted on seeing contracts with “the sponsors”, the Swede began to accuse Board members of being “difficult to work with”.

When LV sent their Legal Notice to MAC demanding details, the matter was brought before the Board after which the Swede went underground. That was in October last year and by then, all monies from the event had been paid to the Swede before he refused to pay workers. The Board then organized three meetings to discuss the LV matter but the Swede refused to attend, declined to answer phone calls or respond to email. To date, the Board can report that the Swede does not know how the matter ended. Despite the seriousness of the matter, he totally ignored it. It is a long story that can only be told in bits. When he hijacked MAC this year, he was simply repeating the tactics he used in hijacking the LV logo. Today, he remains in the background while fronting his wife to fight the Board.

One crude technique the Swede uses to try and attract attention to events is to use fake sponsors on flyers. He believes that the more “sponsors” are lined up on flyers, the bigger the event looks and the more people will be fooled into booking, thinking that they may be missing something huge. For the MAC Board, these were dirty business tactics that were totally unacceptable and that were raised severally by Board members. The guy was somehow behaving like a father with Board members expected to play “the children” by accepting what the daddy says without question.

Stolen concept from London
In one of the flyers where LV’s logo was violated, “Viking” is listed as one of the sponsors while in reality, MAC was hiring a hall in Viking line and paying for Cabins. If there was any sponsorship from Viking, it was probably some ten Cabins the sea-liner was giving out for MAC’s workers as a matter of routine. There was no contract stating that Viking was sponsoring the event and the only reason why Viking was named on the flyer was to fool people.

Among the sponsors listed, only Ethiopian Airlines linked to MAC by a Board member was genuine

Among the sponsors listed, only Ethiopian Airlines linked to MAC by a Board member was genuine

In the same flyer featuring Viking above, there is a logo of a globe. This is a company that did not exist at all but here it was, sponsoring MAC and featured on a flyer. The globe photo was bought by the Swede at Shutterstock and that is how it became a “Company” overnight “with huge amounts of money” to sponsor an event of the MAC type. As Board members dug deep into their pockets to bank roll MAC, the public was made to believe that millions of kronazz were pouring into MAC from big sponsors across Sweden. At this point, it would be opportune to add yet another twist to the fake “Globe Company”.

The concept that the Swede presented to the Board was based on organizing many parties at different cities simultaneously and at the same time. The idea was that if an African boogie was romping in Stockholm on a Saturday on a specific date and time, the same Party would be taking place in Denmark, London, Paris, Singapore, Nairobi, Kabul etc. The official name of the Party was supposed be “Global Party” (that explains the logo) but things suddenly began to fall apart after a web site was constructed by the Swede for the company.

As the Media and Information Officer, my name and phone number was placed at the website without the Board’s knowledge. One day, I received a phone call from someone in London claiming that the idea behind the business was his and that he already had a business running on the same theme. The man proceeded to claim that the design of the site was exactly like his, the concept plagiarized and that everything associated with the Global Party was stolen from his website. Heavenly smoke!

To make the matter even worse, the man said that his Company was actually called “The Global Party”. When he provided his website here, I was shocked at the similarity. The guy gave us 24 hours to pull the site down or face legal action with damages. Surprised, I called the crook and gave him the London number. Within 30 minutes, he pulled down the site. At that time, the Board did not even know that the site had been constructed. He had been caught with pants down, trying to steal someone’s idea. From that day onwards, no Board member ever heard about our new “Global Party” and company. What could not be erased was the fake logo on the flyers and today, it is the only evidence about the ill-fated company concept.

Ritz and Mr. Bling as sponsors?
Still on the same flyer, there is another logo of “The Ritz Society” listed as one of the sponsors. This too was just another stock photo. Although it was presented as a Company, Ritz was actually the entertainment wing of the Africa Monetary Fund (AMF) but it had no structure of its own or money to sponsor anything. AMF went bankrupt after the Swede misappropriated funds that he was to pay a Göteborg-based woman lawyer who was representing AMF in a case in which the Swede had initiated a business deal with a Stockholm restaurant without a contract, creating a loss of SEK 86.000 to AMF. This is yet another long story that will have to wait for now.

Another sponsor listed on the flyer is “Mr Bling” which never contributed anything to any MAC event. Once again, the Board demanded a contract to try and understand how Mr. Bling was sponsoring MAC but the Swede went quite. Every time the issue of sponsorship was raised, the Swede became hostile. The Swede likes and enjoys taking unilateral decisions on key issues and treating his mates as spectators whose job is to rubber stamp his decisions. Within the Board, his undemocratic methods led to constant clashes with Board members who refused to accept things that did not make sense. In fact, the only serous sponsor which can be mentioned and which was introduced to the group by a Board member was Ethiopian Airlines which has been contributing a ticket to Africa for the winner.

There is no doubt that the Swede has a lot of business ideas. His problem is that many of his ideas are castles in the air and anybody who tries to point this out in order to shape these ideas becomes an enemy. In the current flyers he circulates online after hijacking MAC, majority of the so called sponsors are Shutterstock photos converted into huge companies.

Stories about Africa Crown are just beginning to be told. These stories are important for the African community to prevent its members from being taken for a ride by a Swedish conman posing as a serious businessman. At the moment, he has teamed up with his wife to play with the fragile ambitions of young African girls who have allegedly been promised life in a palace, lucrative modelling contracts with make-believe companies, catwalks in London and other “goodies” after they have been taken through a fake Africa Crown using a stolen Trademark.

Okoth Osewe
Media and Information Desk
Miss Africa Crown


  • It makes me sad to see my intelligent African brothers and sisters being used by a guy who claims to be in love with Africa.

  • The male Swedish puke is not creative and has no business ideas. He is a con artist who is good at hijacking business ideas from others. He is a poor miser who is soon 60 years old but has got nothing to show of it in his life. His stupid African wife thinks the man will one day bring a bag of gold so that she can begin living decently. No, it will never happen unless the foolish white goat robs a bank and survives.

    He cannot provide her with anything and they used to sleep on a matress on the floor, in their middle of Stockholm city second hand contract apartment. The man is a known conman who reports to the police several times. He wonders in the city doing nothing and only hijacks ideas online then comes to cheat Africans who think he is a genius. If he was really smart, how come AMF died and was buried under the pile of bankruptcy? It was his greed that buried the organization. Ritz Society went with it too. The man is desperate and will do anything evil to survive. Now he has used his stupid woman to push for the fake Miss Africa which they might have registered in London. He thinks Africans are pushovers because he has been dealing with foolish ones like his wife.

    – If he is a business genius, what happened to his biggest and wettest dream of opening direct flights from Stockholm-Arlanda to Entebbe-Uganda?

    – If he is that great, what happened to his so-called VIP cards to be used by Africans to transfer money cheaply to Africa?

    – What happened to his idea of registering African companies on his fake online stock exchange?

    – He used the name of the late Hussein Ssembatya to open a “foundation” in AMF to dodge taxes. Why did the “fond” idea disappear when AMF was established? Sad as it is, the Swede and his African wife most likely ate all the money that remained after Hussein’s body was sent for burial in Uganda. The wife’s account had been used for the purpose of fundraising and the money that had remained was to be transferred into the Husseing Ssembatya’s foundation to help in donating money when other Africans die.

    – He stole the idea of bringing cheap food at AMF parties from another Swedish man who said an organization could buy piroger at cheaply through Dafgård, the Swedish food company, and sell at a profit at parties.

    – Swedish newspaper, Dagens Industri, already listed him as a conman almost 10 years ago when they wrote a story about his VIP card that required members to pay around 50,000kr yet was worthless.

    Everything the Swedsih puke of a man touches turns into garbage. Look at his wife who is confused and knows she is being used to fight fellow Africans. But they are both psychos who have been involved in so many dirty things they must just stay together.

  • Jul 10, 2013 – CANAF GROUP INC > SÖREN MOBERGs GOLDFRAUD AAGM Ltd ….Operating together With Peder Sidensköld alias Carl Wanderclou.


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    EuroSolarParks and Korsair Holding AG .

    Most posts about Sören Moberg are still readable writing RHXI inc Bullboard or click Stateadvisor at RhXI

    Again: According to Uganda Government , Swedens embassy in Kampala , UD in Stockholm , HM OMUKAMA , President of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom are Sören Moberg a Charlatan …With None investment in Uganda.

    Sören Mobergs ALIAS Edward Rothschild . Operating together With Peder Sidensköld alias Carl Wanderclou. Forbidden to participate in UMEC -2013?

    There’s a LOT of Scumbags in the Investmentsgame … Believing they can Steal

    Others money With no consequences ….

  • Isn’t S Moberg working as Stateadvisor at Ug Gover

    Is Moberg near his Big Moment in life ?

    Is he going to be given standing applauds at UMEC-2013? Amazing feeling for Moberg to be able to present all his Investments and outstanding work in Uganda and specially in Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Face to Face …

    Especially when the President in Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom calls Moberg a Charlatan who writes whatever he wants on Internet and also states None of Mobergs projects exist.

    Only fools and criminals dares to lie for government officials or others in place in Uganda.

    Uganda Mining and Energy Conference and Exhibition , Serena Hotel, Kampala , Republic of Uganda, 28-30/5 2013.

    The programme for the conference is ;

    “Development through Sustainable Management of Uganda’s Energy & Mineral Resources”

    “Session 2: Financing Ugandas extractive industries managing financial risk in the mining and Oil &Gas industries. * SIR Sören Moberg , Moberge Finance Ltd ”

    Moberge Finance ltd is according to Moberg the biggest investor in Uganda.

    (Dissolution date in UK still 2012.06.05)

    Why participating as delegate from a dissolved company? Why not as Stateadvisor at Uganda Government or

    HRH PRINCE of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom or Diplomat or Duke or CEO or Goldmining – owner at least?

    Just Sir, like Mr … The guy isn’t knighted .

    A dissolved company is “dead” unable to risk or invest . Moberge Finance is replaced with SOLAR CHOICES LTD run by Peder Sidensköld alias Carl Wanderclou famous con-artist? Don’t mistake Solar Choices with real Solar Choice which are real renewable energy worldwide-companies .

    * “If you would like to speak at UMEC 2013 please send the following information to the organising committee:

    a) Your choice of topics, based on the themes listed in the program.

    b) Your biography or CV with a recent photograph.

    All communications should not last longer than 20 minutes.”

    Hehe …Moberg didn’t dare to send his CV from Linkedin! Thats why he ended up as simply Mr Sören Moberg !

    Looking forward checking UMEC-2013 on Youtube …

    And No sign of Stateadvisor Moberg in SUBA either ;

    The Swedish-Ugandan Business Association (SUBA) has a membership comprising of CEOs and senior management of companies, businesses & organisations in Sweden and Uganda ..


  • Sören Moberg and Russian Maffia

    Interesting ….. HRH Prince of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom dealing

    With Russian Maffia !? Edward Rothschild Are Sören Moberg ?

    The Russian Maffia are irritaded at Moberg ? For using Strandvägen for Two of his fake companies ? Central African Investment & Trade ? And E Capital Market ltd ?

    Fr Mobergs Linkedin ;

    Owner and Co Founder

    Central African Investment and Trade Ltd

    2005 – Present (8 years)

    Aiming at becoming a 4.000.000 Ha Forestry reserv and Forestry development Estate in DRC

    Owner and Co Founder with Edward Rothschild

    E Capital Market Ltd

    2005 – January 2012 (7 years)

    Companycheck ;

    Director Summary

    Edward Rothschild holds 0 current appointment, has resigned from 0 companies and held appointments at 2 dissolved companies. Edward is not registered as holding any current appointments.

    The combined cash at bank value for all of Edward’s current businesses is £0, with a combined assets value of £0 and liabilities of £0. Roles associated with Edward Rothschild within the recorded businesses include: Director

    Registered Details

    Short name: Edward Rothschild ( Sören Moberg?)

    Year of Birth: 1957

    Director ID: 915463966

    Registered Address

    Strandvagen 47



    111 45


    0 current appointments

    0 resigned appointments

    2 dissolved appointments

    Dissolved Company Appointments


    Company Summary

    Status: Dissolved

    Company number: 07414923

    Appointment Details

    Function: Director

    Appointment Date: 21/10/2010. (According to Mobergs Linkedin fr 2005)

    Registered Office




    CV8 2GY



    Company Summary

    Status: Dissolved

    Company number: 07397991

    Appointment Details

    Function: Director

    Appointment Date: 06/10/2010

    Registered Office




    CV8 2GY


    Adresses Shared With Famous Con -Artist Peder Sidensköld/ Carl

    Wanderclou? Check My earlier posts; More Fake Companies and SÖREN MOBERG HM IMPERSONATOR UGANDA.


    What are Dissolved Appointments?

    This section provides details of appointments where Edward Rothschild previously held an appointment at a company that has since been dissolved and Edward Rothschild had not resigned. A dissolved company no longer exists as legal entity, the business can no longer trade as a limited company and documents are no longer filed at Companies House. A company can be dissolved for many reasons – it may have ceased trading, the company applied for voluntary strike off, or the business became insolvent and the assets were liquidated.

    Why are there no financials or credit scores for dissolved companies?

    Risk Scores and financials are not shown for dissolved companies as the business no longer exists and no current information is available relevant to credit checking. Our algorithm takes into account the credit status of a director’s historic appointments, when scoring other associated companies.

    Can I find more information on dissolved companies?

    Yes, simply click through to the relevant company page where you can review the Event History. This will provide further information on the events that led to the dissolution.

    Can I get more information on this director?

    Where Edward Rothschild holds a current appointment at an active company that is not dissolved, we provide a credit check against each appointment including Risk Score, CCJ records, mortgages and financials. Visit the Current Appointments tab or look for the Buy Now button at the top of the page.

    Director Summary

    Edward Rothschild holds 0 current appointment, has resigned from 0 companies and held appointments at 2 dissolved companies. Edward is not registered as holding any current appointments.

    The combined cash at bank value for all of Edward’s current businesses is £0, with a combined assets value of £0 and liabilities of £0. Roles associated with Edward Rothschild within the recorded businesses include: Director

    Registered Details

    Short name: Marianne Rexlinger

    Year of Birth: Unknown

    Director ID: 915463967

    Registered Address

    Strandvagen 47



    111 45

    “A charlatan (also called swindler or mountebank) is a person practicing quackery or some similar confidence trick in order to obtain money, fame or other advantages via some form of pretense or deception.

    Charlatan Wikipedia

    Charlatan (franska, av italienska ciarlare, “prata, sladdra”) är en person, som för egen fördels skull utger sig för att vara något som han eller hon inte är. En charlatan söker bedraga andra genom att tillägna sig själv, sitt arbete, sin egendom och så vidare högre värde än de äger. Närliggande begrepp är bedragare, kvacksalvare, marktschreier, kannstöpare och pratmakare.[1]

    Se även Psykopat”

  • Roger the dodger

    Oh the silly Swede. He must be so dumb to have stolen the Global Party idea.The owner of the Trademark caught him pants down.He is a mega fool who knows nothing but to steal and con others. My good Ar´frican people, not all white men have money so don’t be blind to follow any without checking them properly.The late Hussein Ssembatya charity in AMF was supposed to help him launder money from events.The man cannot run any business because he is blacklisted by the Swedish Government for engaging in many bad and allegedly illegal businesses.He only uses others to register anything he wants. Swedes don’t deal with him so he uses Affricans who don’t know him.

  • So did the winners get the LV bags? This is a juicy weekend storo.

    KSB: That is another story.

  • this mzungu cannot be creative if he still illegally uses the trademark of Miss Africa Crown that is patented.He can create another name for his events.But no, he is a cheap copycat who knows nothing but to crawl the Internet to steal other people’s ideas and pose as if they are his. Lyching in broad daylight is the solution.

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