Mzee Thugge’s Memorial This Week-End: Saturday October 5th 2013

uliet and her late husband, the late Mzee Thugge

uliet and her late husband, the late Mzee Thugge

The family of the late Mzee Kenneth Thugge hereby invites Kenyans and friends to a thanks giving Memorial ceremony scheduled for Saturday 5th October 2013. The family, through Mrs. Juliet Thugge, daughter Mary Thugge and nephew Nickolas Maina, do express their heartfelt gratitude to Kenyans and friends whom, through their own ways, supported the family following the untimely departure of the late Mzee Thugge on March 19th 2013.

The family will hold a Prayer service in memory of Mzee Thugge and a luncheon thereafter at the Katolska Kyrkan located at Kunsträdgården 12 on the mentioned date. All Kenyans and friends who wish to share during this memorial gathering in honour of the late Mzee Thugge are welcome.

“We have no words really. It was a great honour to us and Mzee. We hope that this gesture will demonstrate our gratitude to those who saw us through the difficult and trying moments and all those good people who remembered us in their prayers”, Juliet Thugge said.

There will be a Prayer and Praise session after which various speakers are lined up. The luncheon will be in a lokal in the Church’s compound where guests will also have an opportunity to mingle and share thoughts. The ceremony kicks off at 12.00 hrs to 1800 hrs.

For further information, call Mary on 0704574921 or Juliet on 0728792564.

Brother Njoro.

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