Westgate Attack: 10 Famous Quotes From Ole Lenku… HILARIOUS

ole lenku

Westgate terror attack really tested the professionalism of Interior Secretary Joseph ole Lenku. A lot of people believe he did not perform well and some say he should be shifted to a lighter ministry. In the middle of all that, someone has come up with this fictional list of famous quotes by the cabinet secretary.

1. All the suspects have been arrested. police are looking for them

2. I can confirm, although I am not certain, that we have very good reason to believe that tomorrow is Monday.

3. Yes there were 15 to 20 terrorists. We managed to capture both of them!

4. We killed 5 terrorists, one committed twicide, The other 2 have been blocked by twitter.

5. One of the terrorist who was shot dead last week led us today to the hide out of the other 3 suspects.

6. KDF didn’t steal they just held the valuables hostage

7. We recovered 4 bodies from the rubble. Forensic investigation will determine whether they are really dead or pretending

8. We had control of the building except for 4th floor,3rd floor and 2nd floor, but I THINK we had control of the building.

9. There were 15 terrorists, We killed 3 suspects, building collapsed on 5. All of them are dead.

10. All the terrorists were men except about three women

Bonus – We managed to kill all the 5 terrorists, they were 15 in number


  • useless ministers

    “It took almost a month for the president and his deputy to come up with this kind of a list.
    1. A lawyer- cabinet secretary responsible for defense
    2. A hotelier- cabinet secretary responsible for internal security
    3. A banker- cabinet secretary responsible for Health
    4. A secretary-cabinet secretary responsible for land & natural resources
    5. No specialty-cabinet secretary responsible for Mining

    What crap!”

  • Reading Nation three days ago,where one Ole Dengu says only 3 businesses were broken into,I am now convinced that Ole Dengu should be put for a public auction at Soko Mjinga.For heavens sake Baclays ATM lost 1.9Mln,Milionaires Casino lost 1million in hard currency..then the shops selling jewelery & watches plus anything that could be looted were stripped bare.Ok,if this man now can’t even count….it means instead of returning him to free primary school to wait for the laptop,let him be exported to soko mjinga & sold in a public auction.This man is a PR Disaster that seems to make a genius of Hitlers spokesman.

  • icc arrest warrant
  • Ole Dengu should be made Uhuru’s watchmAn.

  • Let us pity silly & Idiot Kenyans!

    Business as usual Kikuyu /kale govt exploting illitrate Masais who are treated as second-class Citizens /Nikaissery the most stupid former Major in the KDF where masais are used as batmen>(officers maids)The problem with Uhuru Kenya is like father like son his father was a very greedy and mean /thug/ thieve /land grabber >where by Uhuru is asking bribes from all government officials to contribute money which is a crime and illegal>

  • Watch The Muderers Lumbwa being interviewedby none other than President nephew- phew>

  • Kenya Govt Must Cooperate with the ICC in Hague
  • Kenya Govt Must Cooperate with the ICC in Hague

    Masai moran why do you accept to smear your ass with Viseline >they gonna penetrate your ass without hindrance>oh poorboy!

  • Julius Karangi what a funny character(a short fat assed thief to lead kdf) his men looted westgate!

    Who will fire these Fat -assed corrupt Kikuyu gema Generals who has grown their backs like Majengo dangulos & kahabas?

  • We Kenyan Patriots appeals to the USA /UK/France govt to treat Kenya Westgate attack in the same way USA is treating Syrian Case and held Uhuru Kenyatta & his deputy Ruto fully responsibility of this heinous crime > we want the FBI & the CIA to go deep and bring the culprits to justice, Becouse we think and believe the attack was the work of Kenya goverment and Al-shaababs hence Uhuru & Ruto wanted to frighten the citizens of EU/UK and USA hence Uhuru Kenyatta and Ruto together with their supporters believes you put then to Hague
    And before they are jailed to commit a big brow to westerners .Which ever angle you look at it this was an inside job !From start to finish, The show up of military might, lack of coodination Mass-media black-out where Kenyans were kept in darkness they only re-lied on foreign news inside their country . the diff beliefings from the Office of president (feeding the world & kenyans) rubbish and the beliefings from the ministry of internal affairs Ole Lenko (idiot) under durres from IG of Police Kimaiyo on his left side and the Chief of the general staff the (Over-weight) Julius Karangi. The looting of ATM /Cameras/Watches/Jewels/Gold /Diamonds etc where the KDF personnels were forced to force their APCs (armed Personnel carriers) to help

    carry the loot. and the brutal asassination of a GSU commander who tried to stop military men from lootingNairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko will meet the committee on Monday.

    Mr Mbuvi has said he has information that could help unravel the attack.

    Meanwhile, the US says it is helping Kenyan security personnel to try and identify the attackers.

    In an online Press conference hosted by the US State Department, Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Linda Thomas Greenfield said FBI agents are in Nairobi assisting and providing investigations support “but at this juncture we are yet to get the identity of the attackers. When that is done, it will be made known,” Ms Greenfield said.

    She said the US would enhance support for the Kenyan people to ensure the perpetrators of the terror attack are unearthed.

    “We are putting a lot of resources in Africa to support the war against terrorism. If there is anything America can do to stop terrorism we will do it,” the US official said.

    The American Intelligence believe the executors of the horrendous attack at the Westgate Mall sneaked in their powerful belt fed machineguns into a shop inside the Mall two days before the attack.
    The US press has reported that corrupt Kenyan security officers may have facilitated the entry of deadly weapons used in the attack.

    “Intelligence analysts say this may mean the militants acquired their weapons from corrupt Kenyan officers who are known to sell or rent out their guns charging as little as few dollars an hour,” the New York Times reported.

    In Uganda a wanted terrorist Mueller alias Ahmed Khaled has caused a star in the country after intelligence circulated information that he sneaked into Uganda on Monday through Busia border.

    The Uganda police boss Gen. Kale Kayihura said the suspect travelled to Uganda by bus and dropped off along Jinja road.

    Gen Kayihura asked Ugandans to be on high alert as police launched a manhunt for the suspect.

    Meanwhile, the military has defended its participation and conduct during the recent Westgate rescue operation. This follows claims that some of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers behaved unprofessionally, and even looted, during the four-day operation that also claimed the lives of at least five soldiers and a General Service Unit (GSU) officer.

    Ministry of Defence Cabinet Secretary Raychelle Omamo yesterday said that although internal operations were a preserve of the Interior ministry, the KDF had a role to play in internal operations, saying the Constitution obliged them to assist and cooperate with other authorities in situations of emergencies and disasters.

    “The terror attack at the Westgate Mall was one such situation that necessitated KDF action in internal operations,” she said.

    Amb. Omamo has however also warned that all soldiers found culpable would be dealt with firmly in accordance with the law, saying that the ministry was committed to getting to the bottom of the matter. “Let it be known to the Kenyan people and the international community that KDF operational training and doctrine do not condone any unprofessional misconduct.

    She refuted claims that the KDF was a sole entity in the Westgate operation, adding that that was a multi-agency operation which involved collective decision making.

    “The KDF’s conduct inside the mall was guided by International Standard Operating Procedures that govern missions of such nature. In line with KDF training, great care and caution was exercised as is required with such delicate hostage situations,” she said.

    The minister appealed for public participation in availing concrete information and evidence that would implicate the soldiers, and assured the public that all information presented would be treated with utmost confidentiality. The Defence headquarters has also given contacts (publicaffairs@mod.go.ke, 0726419706) for members of the public to share information.

  • Nyani Za Kenya hazijioni Vidule

    Welcome to Devils Paradise (The Little Somali) where Alshababa cannot lack new recruits hence millions of Idlers(youth)>

  • Let the true be told.

    Read this rubbish written by Parroting enemies of Kenya working for the intrests of foreign agents by 8x4x4 goonsas all knows Recce company is the most corrupt &rapists in all kenyas security forces Majority of these Alcoholic who spend most of their time in bars boasting and in dens of prostitutes. One needs to check their sexual organs and there is the truth Venerial deseases ,Anal warts,klamydia, herpes for sexing every beatiful prostitute especiall those with heavy battocks>

  • Firstly, there were calls for the immediate closure of the Dadaab and Hagadera refugee camps and for the repatriation of all other Somali refugees. Over 400,000 Somali refugees live in tents in the Dadaab area, which was the target of armed attacks last week. Apart from the breaches of international law that the mass expulsion of refugees would entail (and some have been there for decades), it runs the risk of turning into an anti-Somali pogrom, deepening social fissures. There are important distinctions between Somali migrants and the Kenyan-Somali community. An intensified bludgeoning of Somali migrants would also alienate Kenyan-Somalis, who are a substantial and distinctive minority in Kenya. Historically, they also have a strong presence in the military and the police service.

    Yet there are those among Kenyatta’s supporters, especially some proselytising evangelical Christians, who favour a general crackdown on Muslims. Other political activists, are in the majority in calling for a more constructive engagement – such as community policing and confidence building – that could produce better intelligence from communities where Somali migrants live. That requires a major turnaround, given the history of state mistreatment of some Muslim groups. Yet a campaign of harassment of Muslims in centres such as Eastleigh in Nairobi, along the coast and in the north-east, risks radicalising Kenyan Muslims, some of whom may build links with insurgents in the region.

    There was an important show of national unity during and after the attack. Abdul Haji, a Kenyan Somali and the son of former Internal Security Minister Mohamed Yusuf Haji, emerged as a hero who raced to the mall to confront the attackers and rescue hostages, long before the police and army arrived. This was much celebrated among Kenyans on social media. It also pointed to the vibrancy of Kenya’s multiculturalism, especially among the younger smartphone-wielding and mall-shopping middle classes. Churches and mosques have organised inter-faith services for Christians and Muslims, attended by Kenyatta and Chief Justice Willy Mutunga, formerly a firebrand opposition activist.

    Yet beyond that, historical tensions linger between Muslims and Christians over resources and mutual respect which successive governments have done little to address. Around 20% of Kenyans are Muslim, a similar number to the biggest and richest ethnic group, the Kikuyu. The Muslim community is generally much poorer and fragmented; each group has a distinctive relationship with the state.

    Some Muslims in Coast Province argue for the right to self-determination as part of various secessionist movements, such as the Mombasa Republican Council. Their complaints are part of a broader set of frustrations common to many Coastal people that the area has received little government support since Independence (AC Vol 52 No 21, Kibaki gambles on regional war with Al Shabaab). The proportion of Muslims in Coast is much higher than in the rest of Kenya but the extent of Islamist influence there is a subject of debate. One certainty is that heavy state repression added to poor economic conditions will be heartily welcomed by the recruiters of Islamist insurgents (AC Vol 53 No 18, Mombasa murder).

    Money talks
    Many opposition activists in the region claim that police and security label them as jihadis to win wider, often US and British, support for a crackdown. They argue that heavily armed insurgents with international links have been able to bribe their way out of detention while local dissidents languish in cells without funds for lawyers. There are also powerful commercial and landowning interests eyeing prime land along the coast who talk up the Islamist threat to justify widescale arrests and detention of local activists.

    Kenyan Somalis in the north-east also have a fractious relationship with the Kenyan state. Secessionist conflict led to the Shifta Wars of the 1960s and the government’s response has been repressive ever since. Thousands of people are believed to have died at the hands of the security forces in a massacre at the airstrip at Wagalla in 1984. Even at the height of electoral activism in the 1990s and early 2000s, few groups would contemplate sending teams to monitor elections in North-Eastern Province, including the old Northern Frontier District.

    Violent local politics and bouts of state repression combined with extreme poverty and unemployment have encouraged radicalisation in the area which borders southern Somalia. Add to that a cross-border traffic in arms and other contraband, and the free movement of itinerant Islamist proselytisers, and the prospects for more trouble are clear. It is into that environment that Nairobi politicians want to send the police and army to crack down on oppositionists and close two large refugee camps.

    Somalis in the Eastleigh district of Nairobi – known as ‘Little Mogadishu’ – have a different complaints. Even before the intervention in Somalia, Kenyan security forces were accused of breaching human rights during stop-and-search operations organised, officials said, to identify and expel illegal immigrants. Following Westgate, security will focus on Eastleigh and the north, where there are already reports of growing tension. The prospect of clashes with security forces in the north-east and Eastleigh plays into Al Shabaab’s efforts to divide Kenyans.

    As a home to Somali migrants facing increasing harassment, Eastleigh is a likely recruiting ground for Al Shabaab. The wealth of some Somali business people who own streets of shops, some like mini-shopping malls, represents an increasing commercial and political threat to Kenya’s elite. Some Somali shopkeepers claim that attacks on them and their property are sponsored by Kenyan businessmen, who pay the security forces to shut down Somali businesses. That is partly why some powerful figures in business and state security want a heavy-handed campaign in Eastleigh and beyond.

    Such a strategy would be counter-productive. Most Kenyan Muslims were appalled by the attacks and the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims was quick to ‘condemn in the strongest terms the attack on peace-loving Kenyans’. Most Somalis in Eastleigh have little sympathy for Al Shabaab. Many fled to Kenya to escape the conflict in Somalia and have lost friends and family there. An early government target might be the money transfer outfits, like Barwaqo and Dahabshiil, that operate in Eastleigh and are suspected of being used by Al Shabaab and other militias.

    Millions of dollars were reportedly looted from the Westgate mall during the siege, some, it is thought, by associates of the attackers and the rest by the police and military. Following the loss of both Kismayo and Mogadishu ports, Al Shabaab faces growing financial as well as military pressure in Somalia. That pressure could make Al Shabaab more determined to launch spectacular attacks. Until last year, it seemed that the group had refrained from launching a major attack in Kenya because of the risk that it would provoke a state crackdown on Somali businesses that, wittingly or unwittingly, help to finance the insurgents.

    Then Al Shabaab was keen for many reasons not to alienate Somali businesses, especially those that had proved useful in the past. Now it seems that the Islamist militia, or at least the faction that had carried out the Westgate attack, has changed its calculations. From the messages Al Shabaab put out during and after the Westgate attacks, it is pushing a much stronger ‘pro-Islamic’ and national separatist line. It poses as a defender of Muslims (although it shot a Muslim woman for not wearing a hijab), an opponent of Christian oppressors and the defender of Somalis against Kenyan invaders.

    Awkward relations
    Given the awkward relations between Kenyatta’s government and President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s government in Mogadishu, the nationalist argument could resonate. Mohamud’s group dislikes Kenya’s influence over Kismayo port and its backing of the warlord Ahmed Mohamed Islaan ‘Madobe’, who controls trade there. Relations after Westgate are getting still tetchier. On 1 October, Kenyatta bluntly told a gathering of Kenyan Muslims and Christians: ‘If their [Mohamud’s government’s] desire is for Kenya to pull out of Somalia, my friends, all they need to do is what they should have done 20 years ago… which is to put their house in order.

    ’Much now depends on the parallel investigations into the Westgate attack: into the identities of the terrorists and their collaborators as well as the role of the military and security services in reacting to it and managing intelligence about the insurgents. Lists of suspects have been published online but these are not officially confirmed. There are reports that many of the attackers escaped from the mall via a sewerage pipe.

    If officials confirm that the attackers were mainly foreigners, there will be pressure on the government to improve border security. If most of the group turns out to be from Kenya, officials may see that as a reason to increase pressure on Muslim groups in general, putting at risk the current campaign to build national unity after the Westgate tragedy.

    Copyright © Africa Confidential 2013

  • The country is safe, President Kenyatta assures!How and When?Mr President?People with Elephant memory do rember one of your supporters namely Mr George Nyanja the former Mp for Limuru uttered these threatening and frightening words ,that If your case goes to Hague and find you guilty .All whites people must leave( deported )from Kenya. And you yourself said you will do something big before you go to Hague!Were you Behind the Westgate attack?What action are you going to take to discipline your corrupt thieving KDF who looted instead protecting peoples businesses owned by both Investors and Kenyans?How can you assure foreign investors and tourists that Kenya is a save destination for investors?just these few querries mr President and commander in chief of thugs in uniform.

  • Uhuru Kenyatta is keeping these terrorists in Eastleigh Al-shaabab is in both Nairobi Kismayo and in Moqadishohttp:

  • Have you seen these (hyenas) terrorists somewhere in Eastleigh? Report them in the nearest western Embassy(Hence) Kenya police is Corrupt and compromised!

  • Askari ni kama Mbwa ya Serikali

    Kenya Govt tells families of Slain(dead) KDF soldiers on the line of duty this>Kenya govt does not compensate dead soldiers hence they were volunteers of their Nation >they have guns why not robe banks and compensate themselves?>

  • Kenya corrupt thieving Soldiers the (KDF)

    Kenya Mass-Media is Compromised in reporting the truth>Kenyans rely on foreign news and Newspapers> Read and see how The KDF is Professional thieves /They looted Westgate and raped dead Asian women and emptied dead their wallets>Let us wait and see how Uhuru Kenyatta & Ruto Criminals both gonna do to these corrupt military Commanders .who even shot and killed other members of security police GSU officers who tried to stop the military from looting banks and soldiers drinking spree of free whiskies & wines.shops etc.

  • Kithure Kinndiki should be removed from Senator majority leader (His thinking is equal to a msungu toto)

    Hon: Mike Mbuvi Sonko is on the right path, and he needs all support and solidarity .The Senate Majority leader an idiot (khat)chewing Meru- Uhuru&Ruto Lackey living in darkness &death and thinking with his anus should not defend a corrupt KDF led by his Kikuyu chauvinist & un-patriotic Generals after failing to detect protect and to stop Somali terrorists. who massacred innocent Kenyans and foreign investors,

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