MAC Board Not Responsible For Lack of Interest in Fake MAC Event

Fake MAC Facebook page pulled down seven times

Fake MAC Facebook page pulled down seven times

A fake Miss Africa Crown (MAC) event has apparently been hit by lack of interest and low bookings, prompting the organizers to write a letter of complaint to the MAC Board. The problem started after a Swedish man and her woman hijacked the event by setting up a new website to compete with the official MAC site, set up fake Facebook pages before the unscrupulous couple fooled MAC contacts to join them, pretending that they were the official MAC organizers.

Despite the fact that MAC is a registered Trademark in Sweden, the couple has no respect for the law. Before hijacking MAC, the couple quit MAC’s organizing Committee. Immediately after, the woman, who admitted on email to operating seven Facebook profiles, wrote an email to MAC’s Board announcing her intention to start a new Beauty pageant in Sweden. In the email dated 18th June 2013, she wrote:

“My concept of beauty Pageant is totally different from MAC’s, My website is different from MAC’s, and the name is different from MAC’s. Am starting with my own models from Noiregold who my makeup artists use to learn to  fix Makeup”. She continued that “Leaving MAC is been very painful when I think about the hard work, sleepless nights, the stress at the finals/preselections…”. She was writing to request MAC’s Board to allow her to use MAC’s photos on her website. “my request is very simple , I would like to use some of the contestants pictures, charity pictures for the past years on my new website”, she wrote.

While turning down the woman’s request, the MAC Board noted in an email dated 18th June 2013 that “Those who have departed from MAC have done so voluntarily. No one has expelled anybody from MAC. The question is why the new MAC cannot be started on a clean plate”. At that point, the MAC Board was not aware that the “different name and website” the woman talked about was actually “Africa Crown”, the same MAC’s name with the word “Miss” removed. In turning down her request, MAC’s Board noted thus: “Imagine a situation where (the woman’s) MAC is using MAC’s photos to profile itself while MAC is also using the same photos to profile itself. Surely, this could be a big contradiction!”

The big point with these email communications (which exists in piles and details the crisis in MAC) is to demonstrate the couple’s modus operandi. Characteristically, the Swedish male poses as a honest, straight forward, business-like, wealthy, serious and truthful person. Having worked with him for three years, the Board can report that he is a deceitful, cunning, power-hungry, egocentric and, most importantly, professional cone-artist who will stop at nothing to make profit (even if it means coning the same people he works with). He changes names officially like underpants, he likes taking control of everything, hates being challenged while he likes disappearing after creating a crisis. In an internal email which shocked Board members, he wrote that “Africans are lazy”, accusing them of drinking too much alcohol and doing little work.

Problems with marketing fake MAC on Facebook
At the moment, the fake MAC is stuck because its fake Facebook pages have been closed down seven times due to Trademark violations and any page that has not yet been removed is running because either the MAC Board has not reported a violation to FB or the Board does not know about it. When they noticed that they could not use MAC’s name on FB, the woman applied for a Miss Africa crown Trademark in London. What she doesn’t understand is that even if the Trademark is granted, it will still be illegal to use that Trademark on FB for a similar event in Sweden.

Apart from fake FB pages, the counterfeit MAC website the couple has created to fool MAC fans is up because the MAC Board has not taken legal action due to sheer diplomacy and resraint. The MAC Board can stop the event at any time with a Court order although for now, the Board is taking it easy since it is itself not organizing the event this year in order to sort out the confusion which has been brought about by the couple.

In her letter to the MAC Board dated 11th September 2013 sent via email and in which the woman poses as “the owner” of MAC, the woman complains that MAC was registered as a Trademark “without her permission”. The letter says: “You without permission or authority from (the woman) have registered Miss Africa Crown as a Trademark at the Swedish Patent Office”. In other words, the woman is claiming personal ownership of an entity that has existed since 2010 and that has a Board of Directors. Because of her depravity, she has even forgotten that she wrote very clear emails stating that she had quit MAC (after doing so at a Board meeting) and that she was setting up a different Beauty pageant.

In her letter, the woman complains that the MAC Board has prevented her from “marketing MAC on Facebook” while she also attached a fake bill which, she claims, should be paid by MAC Board for expenses she allegedly incurred last year where Board members lost over SEK 20.000 after Axcap, a company that was used by the woman’s husband to organize the event last year, appropriated all revenues from the event. When the issue of unpaid bills was taken up by the Board, the woman’s husband went underground and now, the cunning hubby is using her woman as a front to fight the MAC Board after hijacking the event. Why is the fake event not attracting the attention of the African community in Sweden?

Making fake MAC “look big”
The answer is simple. The couple is repeating the same mistakes the Board has been trying to correct with a lot of opposition from the couple. The first problem is that organizing the event in the Boat is expensive for majority of Africans who have traditionally supported the event. Although entrance fee has always been 200kr in the Boat, overhead expenses such as meals, cabin and life in the Boat have been prohibitive for many workers and their families. An average couple needs at least SEK 2.5k (including shopping) to enjoy life in the Boat while families need even more. Despite massive publicity last year, the attendance was very poor that the Board decided that this year, the event would be held on land. In fact majority of those who booked were relatives or friends of the contestants. Unfortunately, the couple hijacked the event as the Board was in the process of drawing up a major re-organization program.

The second problem is that there is usually very little time in the Boat to stage the event and under the circumstances, crowding the event with a lot of activities usually leads to shoddy presentations with the fans feeling cheated. The couple has lined up three events the same night and, from experience, there will simply be no time unless the events will be taking place concurrently in different halls. The couple is greedy and in order to try and maximize bookings, the couple has lined up a make-believe “Africa Music Awards” and a live music session which will be impossible to fit in one night. Surely, it is impossible to hold a Beauty pageant (including finals), run a competition of music artists (including finals) and still have time for live artist performance and a disco session, all in one night. For this reason, many MAC fans who have experienced shoddy performances in the past due to too much activities will, most likely, stay away.

The third problem is that majority of MAC fans are East Africans and it is usually much more easier to mobilize them by tuning the event to their entertainment tastes. Unfortunately, the couple does not understand this. They have lined up an artist from Zaire who sings in Lingala while traditional East African DJs such as Sound of Blackness (SoB) have been dropped from the list. The couple still owes SoB SEK 7k (after being paid less than half the agreed amount) from last year’s work and it is understandable why they are not showing up this year. By lining up a lot of activities which will never work out, the strategy of the couple is to make the event “look big” for maximum profit while there will be very little substance.

Economic criminal and dirty online profile
Originally, MAC was set up by a group of Africans to promote ambitions of young African girls who were interested in modelling. However, five members (3 men and 2 women) quit the group during its formative stages because of the dirty profile of the Swedish man whose cases of economic fraud had flooded the internet. He was not only accused of having sold his parents villa in Uppsala but also featured in prominent Swedish newspapers such as “Dagens Industry” which detailed fraudulent Credit Card and Visa entities (including the Black Card) he was associated with. During the first days, working with him was extremely difficult for some Board members who were constantly reminded by those who knew him that he is an economic criminal and professional conman who will swindle money at every opportunity then vanish in thin air. His dirty online profile, which details shoddy companies he sets up and closes down, exists for inspection so this is not vendetta.

The MAC Board has been working with him hoping that he had learnt his lessons but he hadn’t. In fact, the Board is not surprised that the crook has now teamed up with his woman to hijack MAC. When he failed to pay workers last year, the Board arrived at the conclusion that it could no longer work him. For now, the couple can continue with their illegal activities but the law will soon catch up with them and the fake event they are currently organizing after hijacking MAC will be used in court as evidence against them. The Board will continue to tell its side of the story as it becomes necessary. The MAC Board is not responsible for the lack of interest in the fake MAC event.

Okoth Osewe
Media and Information Desk
Miss Africa Crown



  • In an internal email which shocked Board members, he wrote that “Africans are lazy”, accusing them of drinking too much alcohol and doing little work.

    Talk of the kettle calling the pot black! Lol. The white trash also drinks heavily including his cheap African wife. The man is so lazy he has to keep conning his way in Stockholm hunting for vulnerable Africans to meet his useless-never-taking-off dreams. He is the sod lazy bum who though born a pure Swede, is blind to reality because he is a wreck having involved himself in shady deals sprayed all over the Internet. His own Swedish people treat him like a leper because whenever he comes up with a project, he has no money to finance and will always want them to raise the capital so they become suspicious. He is a sorry ass of a man who worships money but does not know how to make it apart from conning innocent people.

    If the white trash is a genius, why not create a new name far from the patented one and also market the product independently without bothering the MAC Board? And for his leech of an African wife, “is this how low you can go, knowing so well that the game is up? Learn to stop before you sink Madam”.

  • Poem to the white trash:

    “Oho!” said the pot to the kettle;
    “You are dirty and ugly and black!
    Sure no one would think you were metal,
    Except when you’re given a crack.”

    “Not so! not so!” kettle said to the pot;
    “‘Tis your own dirty image you see;
    For I am so clean – without blemish or blot –
    That your blackness is mirrored in me.”

  • -he was xyz when he sold his parents house in uppsala
    -he was abc when he began conning africans during miss africa events
    -he became 123 when he realised that he had made enemies because of lying
    -more lies made him ar_itage
    -extreme lies have now made him disappear for the time being and has left his stupid african wife to deal with the fake MAC
    -poor guy now has nothing much to gain from africans because his lies are chocking him and will have to keep him away for a long time

  • Born in 1955, the Swedish man has known nothing but cheating others with fake offshore deals, the creation of fake credit cards and big empty dreams of investing heavily in Africa. He thought Africans could be conned, but when he met a small group of intelligent ones whom he called ‘lazy’, his days were numbered and slowly his inflated ego began a slow puncture process that has left him so badly wounded with his good for nothing African wife opens.

    This time the man’s gonads are tied tightly by a string and are being pulled until they become no more. He thinks Africans were slow heads like his wife. He seems to be running out of Africans to cheat. Expect me here because of what the two of you did to me – yes, its me back. It is my money that is haunting you down, the ones you ate before eating the money of a cops, you know who then came with a faka face of honesty to continue cheating and now you have been exposed again. I pitty the so called africans you are still cheating with your so called business of sending money to africa because they don’ät know you. It is written in koran that haram never lives but will kill you and you will all burn in hell because that is where you belong. You steal people’s idea and makes it yours. people work for you and you don’t pay them. that is haram. The days of a thief is 40. see you again tomorrow.

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