Westgate Terrorist Attack: Breakdown of Foreign Nationals Killed


INDIA: 2 killed BRITAIN: 2 killed FRANCE: 2 women killed SOUTH AFRICA: 1 killed CANADA: 2 killed including a diplomat GHANA: 1 killed THE NETHERLANDS: 1 killed
CHINA: 1 woman killed UNITED STATES: 1 killed


  • Raila Odinga Be Careful with Uhuru Cunningness & People Behind him!

    KIkuyu Elites Knows how to Use and Damp Raila Odinga >Today Kenyans had heard Funny-thing Naming /Mentioning Railas Name Positively!Becouse Kenya has Crisis (Raila Odinga should not waifer) on Priniciple!

  • Uhuru And Ruto better adviced Both cannot Distract attention to escape Hague ICC CasesChemalan & Westgate terrorists deserve equal attention!
    Post a reply 1 post • Page 1 of 1 Chemalan & Westgate terrorists deserve equal attention!
    by ICC.supporter » Sun Sep 22, 2013 2:00 pm

    William Ruto & Uhuru Kenyatta,

    Please, please, please stop trying to take advantage of the Westgate tragedy to portray yourselves as strong against terrorism and try to escape ICC justice.

    Stephen Chemalan killed Kikuyu children and women in a Kenyan church yet walks freely in Kenya today. As if this is not enough, he’s a civic leader in Uasin Gishu County under the Jubilee banner.

    So stop pretending to the world. Chemalan and the Westgate terrorists are one and the same: They terrorize and kill and innocent Kenyans!

    http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/article- … ambaa-fire

    http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/23/world … d=all&_r=0!

  • Look How Kikuyu -Gema-Aka Mafiosos FM Radios adressing Hon:Raila Odinga as Mheshimiwa while a view hours ago were calling Raila a criminal who wants to take Power through the back door>Gordon Teti · CEO & Founder at Self-Employed · 1,567 subscribers
    While terrorism is a transnational problem, he state of insecurity in Kenya in the recent past is alarming. It is therefore not far fetched to speculate that the increased level of insecurity in Kenya has something to do with the ongoing ICC trials hoping that the killing of western nationals will change the mindset of the western leaders away from ICC and in favour of the suspects who are now in-charge of “investigating those behind the killings of westerners. Kenyans who have died are mere collateral damage as the target is western nationals.

    When you hear William Samoei Ruto, a suspect of mass murder, genocide and crime against humanity who is currently facing trials at the ICC in the Hague is reported to have asked the court to release him so he can go back to Kenya to execute duties of his office following the terrorist at…tack is ridiculous and hogwash since it suggests that Ruto’s job description is the supervision of burial of Kenyans killed in cold blood and those injured in violent attacks. This begs the question “is it part of the Kenya government’s governing policy of encouraging killing of and violence against Kenyans hence the reason nothing is done to secure the country from acts of violence?” Just the other day, the biggest Airport in East and Central Africa, JKIA, was burnt down. Kenyans are yet to know what happened. The danger of politicization of the security services of the state is the total collapse of the unit since professionalism is sacrificed at the altar of impunity. Like in the case of Kenya where during the last presidential elections, it became obvious that the National Security Intelligence Services (NSIS) is politicized, Kikuyunized and was an instrument for Uhuru Kenyatta’s accession to power who the NSIS forced on the Kenyan people. Such photo-ops like the one Kenyans saw today of leaders coming together calling for unity of Kenyans in the wake of the Westgate Mall terrorism attack is deceitful as was evident by the tension that was clearly visible among the leaders. Francis Kimemia’s body language when Raila was speaking summed it up…..the solutions that the leaders were talking about was only skin deep otherwise beneath the surface lies a deep rooted suspicion and hatred. Kenya is a country on time bomb waiting to explode any time.

  • Uhuru FM radios this morning wants All west gate terrorists to be killed and never to come-out alive so that the People of Kenya will not know the truth and how this episode started and planned; But these Uhuru Kikuyu brain-washing social media will be proved wrong-Becouse Right now the Westgate/Business) is in the hands of Western Civilization and Democracy!The Most Democratic World Nations Namely >USA/UK/ Israel etc are now the Masters of security at The Westgate Mall in Nairobi So Both Kikuyu Rubbish mass media should shut-up and wait and see how Civilized World deals with criminals terrorist organization !It is a big .Huge shame to hear how Uhuru FM Radios is praising failures and brain-washing Kikuyus in these rubbish and primitive media.

  • Was taken to Golgotha as a Lamb? But Uhuru is clever than that man from Nazareth!

    But how Smart is This Kikuyu King? (Uhuru Kenyatta)?? Is he genius?The Right and correct answer will emerge soon! george marshall
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    >>This One is heavy!!⚑after the appalling events in Kenya in the last few days,its interesting to hear Kenyatta say he will hunt down, and not leave a stone unturned to find the perpetrator’s of the mall,out of interest was the same said after the 2007 elections when so many lost their lives,it is ironic that Kenyatta is now facing charges against his own people, that at the end of the day is no different from the terrorists who have caused mayhem in the Mall in the last few days ,he is of course innocent until proven guilty. The irony is they are all in the same dock together
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