Guest Column: Ambassador Amina Mohamed: From Top Diplomat to Jubilee Sycophant

Amina Mohammed: Intellectual prostitute with mouth drooling with Jubilee pus.

Amina Mohammed: Intellectual prostitute with mouth drooling with Jubilee pus.

Ambassador Amina Mohamed is a sad case of a distinguished lawyer and diplomat, who recently quit her prestigious positions as UNEP Deputy Executive Director and Assistant-Secretary-General of the United Nations, to become a Jubilee sycophant, in the name of Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary. Appearing on BBC’s HARDtalk interview program on September 18th 2013, Ambassador Mohamed was at pains to defend ICC indictees Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. Asked whether they should stand trial, she replied that “they are not guilty” and that there have been no new developments in terms of evidence, since the acquittal of the other three ‘Ocampo Six’ whom they were initially charged with.

Amina defended Ruto by claiming that “since 2008 to date, William Ruto has been on a campaign of reconciling the different Kenyan ethnic groups. He has done that relentlessly, he has done that courageously, whether it was those that were affected by the activities that went on in 2007 and 08 or those that weren’t. He made sure that all the Kenyan communities came together. He together with our current president, have so much confidence of the electroral [sic] that they overwhelmingly won the next General Election.”

First and foremost, the reality is that Uhuru and Ruto were ‘overwhelmingly’ voted for by their ethnic blocs of Kikuyus and Kalenjins, respectively. This is even reflected in their Cabinet appointments and top Government jobs. When a top worker from a non-Jubilee supporting tribe is sacked, their replacements so far, have come from the Kikuyu and Kalenjin tribes. Can Amina present the number of times Uhuru and Ruto were involved in countrywide campaigns to bring peace? After their first visit to The Hague, Uhuru and Ruto stepped up a vicious campaign to defend themselves through “prayer meetings” which were used to insult former premier Raila Odinga, whom they also accused of sending their cases to the ICC. Prior to the General Election, their rallies were concentrated in Central and Rift Valley provinces. What efforts did Ruto make in resettling the internally displaced persons (IDPs) who were languishing in tattered tents in filthy camps in Rift Valley and especially in Eldoret, his home town? Can Amina tell us the good of Ruto who is known to have illegally acquired an IDP’s farm and was ordered to pay (when already deputy president), Ksh5 million earlier this year to the former owner, Mr. Muteshi as compensation for occupying it?

A Kenyan newspaper quoted Amina thus: “She further added with the inception of the new Constitution and judicial reforms, Kenya is capable of trying the perpetrators of the Post Election Violence.” In which courts? Sincerely, does Ambassador Mohamed believe that even with international support, one can whisk Uhuru into a dock in a Kenyan court to stand trial? The son of Jomo and former chicken breeder aka Kiambaa Butcher, Ruto? Is Amina kidding with Kenyans who want justice for the PEV victims? Amina must have been away in ‘safe diplomatic corridors’ abroad for many years, she has forgotten that Kenya ina wenyewe. Right now at the ICC, the first witness has to testify in private chambers since her identity was revealed, thereby sending terror into other witnesses.

Vortex of lies
In February 2012, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Keriako Tobiko, said that 5000 pending PEV minor offenders cases would be fast-tracked through nationwide professional investigations by the Multi-Agency Taskforce. However, the idea was met with resistance since some people felt that it was a waste of resources and would disrupt peace. The truth is, PEV cases in Kenya have been shoddily investigated and dismissed for lack of credible evidence.

Amina supports Jubilee’s proposed withdrawal from the Rome Statute, yet last year the same DPP said that: “As the CJ rightly said, ICC is not a foreign judicial foreign process. It is already domesticated and localised by the International Crimes Act of 2009 and given constitutional anchorage by Article 2 of the Constitution. In this respect any suggestion that Kenya should pull out of the ICC is either ignorance or political mischief,” he insisted. He said Kenya is bowed to give cooperation to the ICC as required under the Rome Statute which it is signatory to: “ICC is not a foreign animal. Those talking of pulling out of ICC are completely off the mark. Kenya has an obligation to cooperate fully with the ICC.” He explained that it is a court of the last resort which took up the Kenyan cases because the country was either unwilling or unable to formulate a local process to investigate and prosecute the post election violence. The DPP found it is necessary for Kenya to stamp its authority by proving to criminals that they cannot get away with the offences that led to the death of 1,000 people and displacements of more than 500,000 people.” What can Amina say of the recent court ruling that banned the media and the public from witnessing proceedings related to Kenyatta’s ICC case?

Perhaps Ambassador Mohamed can take heed of publishing editor Barack Muluka’s recent swipe at Kenyan intellectuals turned politicians: “Prof Kithure Kindiki and Mr Kipchumba Murkomen are intellectuals of no mean repute. Until they successfully went into competitive politics, they were part of a focused and dependable public intellectual community in Kenya. As Kindiki and Murkomen entered the competitive political space at the start of this year, the expectation (at any rate my expectation) was that they would help to transform that space. It is turning out, however, that the space is transforming them, instead. When good people go into politics they often make us think that they have undergone a brain transplant. They become apologists for some of the most retrogressive orthodoxy. They say things that make you want the ground to open up and swallow you on their behalf. I have seen this happen to many a man and woman of intellect.”

Ambassador Amina Mohamed is already sucked in a vortex of political lies and is a mere flower girl doing damage control in an irreparable situation. She is a lawyer who knows that her prejudiced opinion does not do justice to Uhuru and Ruto. Can she prove their innocence? The ICC was their court of choice, having refused to support the establishment of a local special tribunal in Kenya. Amina worked in Kibaki’s Government as the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs from 2008 to 2011. Why did she not defend the two indictees then?

Her performance so far is below par, her conduct mediocre, her service to a corrupt Jubileee regime (rigged to power by a Mafia cartel) pathetic while her utterances as Foreign Affairs Secretary is pedestrian to say the least. Amina’s case is yet another classic example of growing intellectual prostitution within the elite in Kenya. Amina has sold her heart and soul to Mount Kenya Mafia, a tragedy that should send those who knew her mourning for her future.

As a Kenyan who has met her in the past and who knows her real capacity, I have been vomiting every time she opens her now foul mouth, drooling with Jubilee pus. Since being appointed in government, her character is warped while her thinking is clearly disjointed. Most likely, she will end up in the cesspit after being used like toilet paper and flushed down the drain. With previously respected people like Amina having been converted into lap-dogs by a corrupt regime led by suspects of crimes against humanity, Kenya is effectively doomed.

Hibba Hussein
University of Nairobi

Here is Amina, having sold her heart and soul to suspected war criminals in her new trade of intellectual prostitution


  • Impunity Of The Highest Order!

    The ICC in Hague should not be Chickened by Two Habitual criminals accused of committing Crimes against human rights namely Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto! AU toothless) dogs failed to defend the Mad Man Muamar Kadafi of Libya !Even today very few African dictators ready to leave the ICC en-masse Just becouse Uhuru Kenyatta & William Ruto has cases in Hague!ICC is not NAirobi Kibera Kangaroo courts that has failed miserably to arrest or accuse economical criminals but Kenya courts are known to Jail A Goat rapist for life imprisonment? ICC should set an example to all other world Dictators by Jailing a sitting President and his deputy inclunding Bashir of Sudan and the Notorius Syrian Dictator who is gassing his own People.The Somali minister(lady Amina is just a corrupt Uhuru secret Lover!who has nothing say but Yapps what her Master dictates!Look Uhuru Kenyatta Arrogancy ,Impunity and abuse of Law!The best ICC could do is to Lock both Uhuru and Ruto in cells by (issuing warrant of arrest) still the sun will set-up and sunset!Who is Uhuru Kenyatta and his Primitive Hogwash!

  • Oppen Society Democracy (international)

    It is a pity to see Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto(Criminals) Paying air-fairs(tickets) and Hotel expencies to Holigans from Nairobi to come and Abuse ,Humiliate ,Bull-shit dis-respect the ICC ! ICC court is not a Nairobi Kawangware/Kibera Court where Political Holigans and fanatic threaten witnesses!It is not Kenya at the Court !very well and clear its only two Murderers Rapists and arsonists UHURU/RUTO who believes Poor Kenyans should be treated with impunity >Let ICC Judges do their work without fear.The whole world is washing to see whether these African Judges& Prosecutors are going to be chickened by UHUR/RUTO Power of Money and Impunity!The ICC should never accept to be threatened and intimidated by GEMA-Kamatusa Criminals>UHURU And Company are busy assembling a million man Match to cause chaos at the ICC in Hague when his case starts!

  • Oppen Society Democracy (international)

    Kenyans Must rise-up >Uhuru Kenyatta Sold Kenya (Turkana OIL&GAS)to Nigerian Mafia >Kenyans should not allow Uhuru To sell Kenya(Turkana) Oil& gas to criminals who cannot control Nigerian Oil)How can Nigeria Mantain Kenya OilWhen they have Miserably failed theirs? Wake Up every Kenyan Blind and with Sound eyes! Read here>See How Corrupt is Nigeria>

  • Who Is IG Kimaiyo(When will Police boss ever learn)

    Idi Amin Dada has serviced in Nairobi >Idi Amin Re-incarnation my ass!>

  • amina has surely sold her soul to the Mt. Kenya Devils. Poor woman, lost and being used by her shaggers. woman you are wasted.

  • ICC Must Wake Up And Smel The Coffee)?

    Oh my God Kiss Aminas dirty smely ass These Mau-Mau fanatics will follow Uhuru Kenyatta carrying their dreadful Matchets and Castrate ICC judges!They hate Bensouda and these Mungiki gangs would like to FGM (female genital mutilate)The Gambian Bensouda?>

  • umalaya mamboleo.amina has enough money so why be a minister in a government of thugs?does she not respect her diplomatic reputation?msalitu mkuu!!!

  • ICC Must Wake Up And Smel The Coffee)?

    Kiss Aminas Black ‘dirty smelling ass!

    Mkudu fearing traitors should go on panuaring their doggy smelling filthy asses!

  • ICC Must Wake Up And Smel The Coffee)?

    Please Let us stop Former President Daniel Arap Moi From Impunity and For The Rapingof our innocent daughters who cannot defend themselves from Penise Viagra rapist DAniel Arap Moi who believes Kenyan Girls should be treated with ignorance and impunity

  • Amina akwende huko mbwa ya wakikuyu. A let down to our somali community.

  • Friday, September 20, 2013

    My life in danger over ICC cases: Maina Kiai


    Human Rights activist Maina Kiai has sensationally accused State House of being behind acts of intimidation targeted at him and witnesses in the ongoing cases at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

    Addressing a press conference in Nairobi, Mr Kiai accused a “well known hate-blogger” employed at State House of being behind an incident in which a militia group stormed his family’s rural home in Nyeri county on Friday threatening to burn it down.

    “Early this morning, direct threats against my family have resulted in the presence of armed police and dogs at my mother’s homestead in Nyeri. I’ve been informed by the police that a militia calling itself the “Nyaribo Support Group” intends to burn the family homestead and my house in Nyeri today,” said a visibly shaken Mr Kiai.

    Mr Kiai who was flanked by fellow activists John Githongo, Wainaina Ndung’u and Davindar Lamba said the militia was acting on a blog that claimed that he is one of the prosecution witnesses in the case facing President Uhuru Kenyatta at the ICC.

    Reports on the social media this week alleged that Mr Kiai was already in The Hague ready to testify against President Kenyatta whose trial commences on November 12.

    “This dangerous and destructive approach is directly fuelled by well-known hate bloggers – including those who are now staff at State House, right at the heart of the Presidency. They are well known for their lies, hate speech and libel,” he stated.


    “They should never have been hired in the first place. They are leading attacks from State House, despite their nefarious history and work. It leads us to the irresistible conclusion that the President himself acquiesces to these attacks against Kenyan citizens and the constitution,” he went on.

    “We will hold him personally and criminally liable should anything happen to my family, to me, or to any other human rights defenders or activists who are simply defending the constitution and basic human rights,” he concluded.

    Mr Kiai decried what he called a sustained campaign of intimidation being waged out by social media bloggers targeting Kenyans perceived as witnesses in the cases at the ICC.

    “Witnesses at the ICC are being vilified, threatened and exposed. And people are being exposed as witnesses, when they are not – as with Rahab Muthoni Kagiri,” he stated.

    “It is not treason and it is not criminal to provide evidence to the ICC. Lets call them for what they are, witnesses, in this environment, are truly brave heroes for their nation and for justice. It is a mark of the highest courage and patriotism for anyone to give evidence in the fight against impunity,” he stated.

  • Amina is my suga mamy so let her make money to feed me. It does not mata that she works for jub.

  • Amina you are hopeless. For a distinguished lawyer, you are surely pathetic!

  • Stupid woman. she shifts goal posts by agreeing there is Tyranny of numbers yet said there is unity. Bure sana kumbe she is not even an intellectual. She talks jumping from here to there without a grounded position. No serious discussion but kulamba matako ya wakikuyu.

  • ICC Must Wake Up And Smel The Coffee)?

    ICC is having the Key >Detain UHURU&RUTO and threats will go away in Kenya>Why is the ICC behaving Wrong?Show your teeth (NATO ) is your Police Force and any democratic Nation !

  • This woman should speak for Jubilee and not all Kenyans because they have hijacked everything by pretending all like them. No, that is not correct they are forcing us to like them but they are not good to those who did not vote for them. Am a Somali and this woman is a shame to us.

  • Kenyans What Is This>Impunity

    Uhuru Kenyatta & Gema will rule in kenya forever hence Primitive tribes and Gema-Money Power mtado>

  • choices have consequences

    President Uhuru Kenyatta skips UN General Assembly, summons ambassador
    Updated Friday, September 20th 2013 at 23:45 GMT +3

    For the first time since independence Kenya will not be represented at the United Nations General Assembly ( UNGA). A statement from State House Nairobi Friday evening said Kenya’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Machariah Kamau, had informed UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon that Kenya would not be at the High Level Week of the Sixty Eighth Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

    The statement cited that President Kenyatta could not be out of the country at the same time as the Deputy President William Ruto. The DP is in the Netherlands attending the hearings of a case facing him at the International Criminal Court ( ICC).

    A week before the start of Ruto’s case the president had indicated that it would not be possible for both of them to be outside the country at the same time. At thet time the ICC had issued a prelimilary schedule that showed both Kenyatta and Ruto would have been in The Hague at the same time.

    The Statehouse statement has also added that both the president and his deputy have so far cooperated fully with the International Criminal Court.

    “The Deputy President presented himself to the Hague court of his own free will and has submitted himself to the jurisdiction of the court. Kenya expects the ICC to show the same level of cooperation thus demonstrated with a state party.”

    According to the statement, Kenya informed the UN Secretary-General that the political space for continuous cooperation was rapidly being eroded and the country was weary that the dire consequences of these developments seemed to be lost on the ICC interlocutors.

    Kenyatta was scheduled to attend the High Level Week of the United Nations General Assembly from 23rd to 27th September 2013.

    The President has also summoned the Kenyan Ambassador/Permanent Representative to the UN Macharia Kamau, back to Nairobi for consultation.

  • Chapter six was very clear but the corrupt incompetent IEBC and High court judges dropped the ball and let criminal defendants accused of crimes against humanity ran. They knew that they ticket out of this mess was to get into high office so that they can use their public office to get out of their predicament. They did everything including stealing and dividing this country irreprablly along ethnic lines just to win. Now we know why they were so desparate to win. They are using everygthing in their power not only to intimidate the witnesses but also the ICC itself by paying off African countries to join them in pulling out. The IEBC and the bungling corrupt and incompetent Kenyan judiciary has done a great diservice to this country.

  • ruto wife batterer

    According to a credible source who requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter, Ruto once gave his wife a good beating which saw her dental formula badly damaged. The source said Ruto, is a good man when he is interacting with Kenyans but when interacting with his family, he is a no-nonsense man who disciplines even his daughters.

  • Poor woman from the minority ethnic Somali group is now eating with a sadistic ruling elite known to have acquired their wealth through robbing fellow Kikuyus and Kalenjins. Blind Jubilee followers think she made a good case on HARDtalk, but smart Kenyans know she has sold her already evil soul to the ruling devils who are charged with murder and rape at the hague.

    Amina was a heartbeat away from another top position in the UN, yet chose to kiss the asses of the ruling boys who were rigged in by the Kikuyu cartel of Kibaki and other old men like Moi, who must use the boys to protect their stolen wealth.

    Her motormouth nature during the interview was shocking. She could have done better as an advocate of Kenya’s environmental matters rather than sticking her neck out for these two murderous leaders. She talks of reconciliation, but what about her politically-suffering and isolated Somali community in Kenya? Are they enjoying peace and sharing wealth with the rest? Apart from being manipulated by the other motormouth Aden Duale, are the Somalis, Boranas and other related ethnic groups in the North of Kenya any say? What has Amina done to improve their pathetic wellbeing, having been neglected for years by previous regimes?

    Amina is an elite whose wealth is a culmination of enjoying state trappings, sleeping with powerful men since Moi’s government and corruption, to make her be where she is. She eats with the corrupt and dirty lot since she is one of them. Joining the current political position has brought out her devilish side. Her assertions to BBC interviewer Zeinab Badawi were representative of one who will defend any rubbish as long as she keeps her bodyguards and eats state-money for nothing. Her UN credentials and femininity are important for the hard-core ruling thieves. Alllah will judge her.

  • Stupid woman cannot agree with Ms Badawi that Ruto pushed the ICC agenda since he believed the PEV process would be delayed for 90 years. She claims that it is a gone matter and that Kenyans now live in peace. She dodges around mentioning the case of Ireland and past efforts to bring peace. She talks of Kenya’s TJRC process and final report which we know that the Kikuyu ruling cartel have manipulated its sections by deleting the name of the Kenyatta family members from being exposed as some of the worst landgrabbers in the history of Africa. Amina was not sincere and did not acquit herself intellectually in the HARDtalk interview. She has forgotten the rot that led to the PEV and why Uhuru claimed that he had to protect his people by allegedly soliciting the Mungiki to unleash terror on the Luo residents of Naivasha while the government of Kibaki turned its head away. Where is the peace yet the late Michuki unleashed extra-judicial killings on the poor Mungiki boys who helped in the PEV massacres. Their families cry silently for the losses yet Amina talks about peace because she lives in a posh residence in Nairobi being driven in a well protected limousine and enjoying poor taxpayers money to maintain her lavish lifestyle. She is an elite who speaks for her group and has no knowledge of the reality faced by the majority Kenyans who toil everyday to make ends meet. Shame on this woman!

  • where is peace Amina?
  • martha karua said it
  • uhuru case amended

    Amina, the ICC amended charges against Uhuru adding that people of the Luo community were allegedly shot at and suffered gunshot wounds in Naivasha. How naive are you for just defending the indefensible?

  • UDF party has said it is considering pulling out of the Jubilee alliance.

    Party leader Musalia Mudavadi faulted President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto for not consulting UDF on issues that affect Kenyans as they had agreed in the post-election pact.

    In a statement read out by Kakamega Senator Bonny Khalwale after a two-day meeting which ended yesterday in Nairobi, UDF said it will now work independently “in the interest of the nation and the party”.

    “The reason why we cooperated with Jubilee was to unify the country and promote the interests of the common Mwanachi,” the statement read.

    “But the legislative mob justice that Jubilee has been practicing in Parliament as evidenced by the VAT Act, the motion to withdraw from the Rome Statute and the approach to the referendum on devolution has made it necessary for us to henceforth act purely in the interest of the nation and the party.”

    Khalwale said that according to the agreement signed in April, they would execute the joint programmes of all the parties as contained in their respective manifestos.

    They agreed to work in a team to ensure the government agenda is pushed forward.

    UDF resolved to support the amendment motion to the Political Parties Act to be filed by Khalwale in the Senate.

    Khalwale said the motion will be admitted in the Senate as it affects the election of governors and county representatives.

    UDF faulted Jubilee MPs’ move to remove Lugari MP Ayub Savula as the chairman of House Committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

    “The party is concern with how Jubilee is running its affairs. We are aware that they have removed Savula, which is a clear indication that it does not believe in cooperation and consultation,” Khalwale said.

    “Savula does not need to chair any committee to discharge his duties and serve Kenyans.”

  • Murder of the children who sought sanctuary in church

    Bodies found in ashes as tribal violence continues in Kenya

    Xan Rice in Eldoret

    The Guardian, Thursday 3 January 2008

    Grace Githuthwa heard the attackers before she saw them. They were singing war songs, running from two sides towards the church compound where she and 200 others were sheltering from outbursts of ethnic violence. She grabbed her four children and ran inside the Kenya Assemblies of God Pentecostal church. The hundreds of youths from the Kalenjin tribe armed with bows and arrows and machetes easily overpowered the few Kikuyu men and turned on the women and children.
    “They started cutting the church door with a panga [machete],” Githuthwa said. “They were from around here, and even knew some of our names. We kneeled down and surrendered. It was quiet, as we were all praying. We knew this was the end.”

    Mattresses soaked with paraffin were pushed through the windows and used to block the door. Matches were thrown in.

    As the fire engulfed the wooden building, the women grabbed their children and jumped through the burning windows. Githuthwa pushed her two elder children out of the window, and then climbed out holding her three-and-a-half year-old daughter, Miriam, in her arms.

    The Kalenjin youths were still waiting, “cutting people like firewood” as they emerged. “They snatched Miriam from me and threw her back into the fire,” said Githuthwa, as she returned to the church, near Eldoret in western Kenya, hoping that by some miracle Miriam had survived.

    Smoke was still rising from the embers. A dozen blackened bicycles were stacked neatly against what had been the wall of the church. Tin cups were strewn across the ground. There was a child’s shoe, a woman’s sandal, a bible. In the small cooking hut alongside the church, burnt but not completely destroyed, lay corncobs and beans that were being prepared for lunch when the attack started.

    In the far corner of the church were three bodies. They were charred beyond recognition, all apparently children. They lay on their sides. As policemen stood guard, five Red Cross workers wearing surgical gloves and facemasks moved the bodies on to blankets. Soon there were 12 corpses lying side by side, all but one of them children, a few of them babies. One of them was probably Miriam. Her mother broke down in tears.

    Two blankets, one brown, one purple, were taken from the belongings strewn across the compound and laid over the bodies.

    The search continued in debris at the far end of the church. Another body soon emerged. Another child. On the road outside the church compound, flanked by tall cypress trees, lay two more corpses. A man in a suit was spreadeagled on his back. On the side of his head was a gaping machete wound. Next to him was a woman with grey hair. There were slash marks on her torso. In the cornfield 50 metres away lay two more bodies, one a man with a leg disfigured by polio, who was partly burned. There were 17 bodies in all; there could have been more nearby.

    A second woman approached the church. Margaret Muthoni, 38, was looking for her six-year-old niece, Miriam Ngendo. “I was carrying her out of the church, but she fell,” Muthoni said. “I had my six children with me and we had to run for safety. I could not go back for her.”

    She walked over to the bodies and lifted one of the blankets. Then she began to scream, a terrible, grief-laden scream, and dropped to her knees.

    A few miles away, the road was littered with obstructions every few hundred metres: trees, telephone poles and large rocks forced cars on to the verge, where youths with clubs and knives were sitting. At Ngeria Junction, hundreds of angry youths and men, all from the Kalenjin ethnic group, were gathered.

    They said they felt cheated by the election, awarded in dubious circumstances to President Mwai Kibaki over opposition leader, Raila Odinga. They wanted revenge, and it was Kibaki’s Kikuyu ethnic group who were going to suffer. Asked if they knew about the church massacre, all the youths nodded.

    “We were there,” said one man, who said his name was Patrick. “We got message that the Kikuyus were arming near the church. So we went to give reinforcements to the Kalenjins there.”

    Another man carried on: “The men and women had babies and small children, but they carried pangas to defend themselves. Is someone with a panga innocent? It is not our custom to kill women and children. We told them to come out of the church, but they locked the door and refused to come out. So we burned them.”

    A third youth spoke. “They were not worshipping in the church. They were hiding. That makes it a cave not a church. Let Kibaki send a plane for the Kikuyus. They can go … or they will be killed.”

    Several more men confirmed that youths from this village had helped carry out the attack.

    The fear and confrontation extended across much of the Rift Valley region. Baraton, a young Kikuyu student from the University of East Africa, spoke via a mobile phone. She could not leave her room, she said. Since election day, Kalenjin youths, some of them her classmates, had started threatening all the Kikuyus and Kisiis – also accused of supporting Kibaki – on campus. A gift of a cow and then a bull had satisfied them for a day or two. But they had started fires outside the main gate, and were demanding identification cards from anyone passing through.

    “We desperately need the police to come and protect us,” she said.

    The fear cut across ethnic lines; most Kalenjins had nothing to do with the violence, and fear of reprisals was growing. Moses, a Kalenjin in the Nandi Hills, sent a text message: “No transpot. Road blocked with stons. Electrisity disconnected. No car fuel. Houses still baning and robary. We r so scared.”

    At the New Heuvel petrol station in Cheptiret, telephone poles were laid across the road. Dozens of men stood around, many of them holdings bows with quivers full of metal-tipped arrows slung across their backs. Suddenly they pulled back, crouching in ditches and behind walls, their bow-strings taut, only desisting when the approaching police detail announced its peaceful intention.

    As a few of the Kalenjin men approached the vehicle, Chief Inspector Salesiho Njiru said: “These people don’t need a harsh tone. We are just going to try to negotiate a way through.”

    Rugut Brigen, an assistant university lecturer, told Njiru that the bodies of two Kikuyu men lay beside a burnt-out minibus a few hundred metres on. They were killed on Monday, and Brigen wanted police to remove the bodies. “The people stoned them when they did not slow down for our roadblock,” he said. “They could not control their anger at the election result.”

    In front of the minibus, several truck trailers blocked the way. On either side of the road were more than 1,000 armed men, who occasionally broke into a war song. Keeping them in check was their leader, “Michael”, who works for an international aid agency. At a single shouted word everyone sat down.

    “We are not going to have a ceasefire until the true results are announced,” he told the police. Nobody should try to stop them until then, he said. The district officer, a Luo from Odinga’s ethnic group, had been killed by a bow and arrow the day before after shooting a boy in the leg while he was putting up roadblocks.

    “Today, it is bows and arrows. In three days, if Kibaki has not resigned, we will have guns from Uganda,” said Michael.

    Several army vehicles arrived, and after tense negotiations, it was agreed that they could escort a long line of vehicles through the town, driving slowly as the Kalenjin men, their clubs, knives and bows at their sides, looked on.

    Among those fleeing by car was Moses Maina, 36, a Kikuyu. He had already sent his wife and children by air to Nairobi after chartering a plane with several other families. “I was born in Eldoret,” he said, glancing nervously towards a burnt-out minibus. “My father came here in 1950. This is my home, and now I am are running away from it. Where am I supposed to go.”

    Michael said that was not his problem. “The Kikuyus were treated like guests in the Rift Valley, but Kibaki let them down. It is over. We can never trust them again. We will never let them back,” he said.

  • Kenyans Unite And Resist Uhuru Kenyatta Utumwa!

    The Terrorist Kenya government of Uhuru Kenyatta is threatening Maina Kiai Family !Let Kenyans Demand For the Resignation of Uhuru Kenyatta >Resist his Evil leadership.

  • Do They Have Bananas In Hague(Holland)

    Enjoy Kenya Baboons(MPs) in Raping Mood!They behaved Silly,stupid and idiots even the White-policeman in Hague was shocked?

  • uhuruto aka jubilee has damaged reputation of kenya in the eyes of the world.
    once ap proud nation now we are the laughing stock of the civilised world.
    kenya jubilee spends billions of dollars to buy african union and misguided african presidents to blackmail icc to develop cold feet in prosecuting uhururuto with threat that they will pull out of icc.
    the effect kenya says its not committed to respect international standards of rule of law,human rights–that kenya is now arogue state of the likes of sudan ruled by criminals.
    secondly,kenya resources is sold to china .kenya oil fields are sold to nigeria and any country that pretends that they can help uhuruto escape icc crime trials.thats how museveni got control of mombasa port and kagame and all fishing rights in kenyan lake victoria waters.
    third,kenya leaders are now paronoid about icc and every domestic policy is meant to raise money to bribe and fight icc.taxes are haphasadly raised,smuggling is now legitimised,so is poaching,bribery,extortion on roads,every dick and harry the likes of sonko are engaged in lawlessness by buying criminals and dishing money speaking for kenya govt. on what basiss ?what become of kenya ,shrinking state or just dead state or failed astate ?
    kenya leader is ashamed to go to newyork where leaders meet.
    we were told that people who dont meet chapter six should be in leadership but tribalism reigned over we feel isolated and diminished in eyes of civilised world.
    kenya mps in hague are abig embarassment,triyng to buldose,intimidate and bribe people there as the do here in nairobi even taking magicians there and asking police to work in embassies to trace icc witnesses abroad.
    when will we learn that uhuruto is upto no good ?

  • Ruto Brought His Mother &Kalenjin Wichcraft To Hague

    This Animal brought his Mother(Sara) To The ICC carrying WitchCraft >Thinking Kalenjin Witchcraft(Leibon)will infruence Judges and win the Case>Should Uhuru Kenyatta Bring his Mama Ngina Also to Infruence Hague Judges with Kikuyu (Uchawi-Craft)?

  • Ruto Brought His Mother &Kalenjin Wichcraft To Hague

    Ruto Came with his Mother to hague carrying Witchcraftto infruence &Protect her Son from the Case >The best African Witchdoctors (

  • confused amina mohamed

    A British woman is thought to be among militants who killed at least 62 people at a Kenyan shopping centre, the country’s foreign minister has said.

    Amina Mohamed said the woman had “done this many times before” and “two or three” Americans were also attackers.

    Earlier, Kenya’s interior minister said all of the militants were men, although some may have been dressed as women.

    Six British nationals are confirmed dead in the attack on the Westgate centre in Nairobi.

    The Foreign Office (FCO) said the next of kin of the six had been informed and were being offered consular support

    It also said it was aware of the comments by Kenya’s foreign minister, but officials have refused to speculate on the identity of any of the perpetrators.

    An FCO spokeswoman said: “We continue to liaise very closely with the Kenyan authorities and to support their investigation into this attack.”

    At a press conference in Pakistan, Home Secretary Theresa May, asked about Ms Mohamed’s remarks said: “I’m aware that there have been reports of a British woman being involved, but until we have seen the investigations completed it is not possible to give further details to confirm or deny that issue.”Responsibility for the attack has been claimed by al-Shabab – an Islamist group based in neighbouring Somalia, which is part of the al-Qaeda network.

    Ms Mohamed’s comments have fuelled speculation about the possible involvement in the attack of British terror suspect Samantha Lewthwaite – the widow of 7 July suicide bomber Germaine Lindsay.

  • confused amina mohamed

    Attack on Kenya

    Claims and credibility
    Sep 24th 2013, 9:43 by D.H. | NAIROBI

    ONE of the victims of the siege at the Westgate mall in Nairobi, as it entered a fourth day, was the credibility of Kenyan authorities.

    A “final assault” that police said was under way on the night of September 22nd failed to materialise. Official claims that “most of the hostages” had been freed turned out to false. Constant reassurances that the operation was almost over followed the next day. Even as Kenyan soldiers were fighting battles with heavily armed militants loyal to the Somali Islamists of the Shabab, officials claimed the mall was largely under control.

    That pretence was exploded on the afternoon of September 23rd when a series of deafening blasts shook the battered shopping centre and a column of black smoke billowed from its roof. When the fighting had died down by the evening, Kenya’s police chief, David Kimaiyo, took to Twitter to declare: “We’re not here to feed the attackers with pastries but to finish and punish them.” This was followed by updates from police and government officials declaring victory. But those claims proved premature, too: the next morning blasts and gunfire once again rocked the Westlands suburb in the Kenyan capital.

    A national disaster-management authority was set up in the wake of the fire that devastated Nairobi’s airport in August, to manage the various government agencies in emergencies. But this has become just another voice issuing official statements, often contradicting other departments.

    Kenya’s foreign minister, Amina Mohamed, told PBS, America’s public broadcaster, on September 23rd that one of the dead militants was a British woman. Yet the interior ministry on the same evening said all of the attackers recovered from the mall were male. Similarly confusing claims have been made about the fate of the hostages, their number and locations.

    Such crossed wires are perhaps understandable in the face of the worst terrorist attack the east African country has experienced since the American embassy bombings in 1998, but the government will need its credibility more than ever once the crisis does come to an end. That is when it will seek to assure investors, tourists and ex-pat workers that Kenya is safe and that the security services can protect them


  • Amina bure kabisa

    We did not call for mass pull out from Rome Statute, says Ambassador Amina Mohammed
    Updated Wednesday, October 9th 2013 at 13:44 GMT +3

    By Standard Digital Reporter

    NAIROBI, KENYA: Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Ambassador Amina Mohammed has denied claims that Kenya called for a mass pull out of African states from the Rome Statute.

    Addressing members of the press outside Harambee House, Ambassador Mohammed reiterated Kenya’s continued support with the International criminal court where President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto are facing charges of crimes against humanity.

    Ambassador Mohammed also refuted claims that Kenya called for the upcoming African Union Summit, saying that two other stated summoned the meeting. She added that the AU Summit was not convened to solely discuss the ICC.

    “It is quite naive to think that 34 countries can come together with the sole aim discussing the ICC,” said the Ambassador Amina Mohammed.

    This comes a day after African Union chief Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma asked U.N. Security Council envoys how they might react if asked to defer the international trials of Kenya’s leaders.

    African leaders are scheduled to meet in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa this weekend.

  • Amina is now arguing on Jeff Koinange Live at KTN, playing to the gallery and sycophancy. ICC is beyond her stupidity. Amina is garbage and should remember Uhuru had his charges long before being elected as president by Kikuyus and Kalenjins. What a stupid woman. The judiciary is still useless and corrupt yet she supports the Jubilee brigade without applying intelligence. Poor woman: not thinking beyond her nose. Too much noise! Jeff is smart and does not act as Uhuru’s relative. He for once, is being independent and not like his time at K24. Amina wake up from your stupid dreams! No more respect for licking the ass of Uhuru.

    Ghana, Nigeria and Botswana still support the ICC. Kibaki tried using shuttle diplomacy to get Uhuru dropped from the ICC charges, yet nothing happened.

    Amina is a foolish lawyer who claims Uhuru has no case to answer. How does she know? Uhuru said he “did it” for his people – the Kikuyu. She is playing politics with the recent terrorist attack at Westgate. Why does she hold brief for Uhuru who should be there to defend himself? Why has she never defended Uhuru before? Now she claims Barasa should not go to the ICC despite the arrest warrant. Aminaaaaaaaa wewe ngamia wa north eastern kweli!!

  • uhuru ass-licking diplomat

    She’s irritating and not very smart. Cliche career diplomat.Being used like condom or tissue paper, people can be very brainless what was she doing at the UN anyway.

  • Delusioned Amina Mohamed

    An Open Letter To Ambassador Amina Mohamed Cabinet Secretary Foreign Affairs

    Posted in: Opinion|October 20, 2013

    Dearest Ambassador Amina Mohamed. Receive my warm greetings from The United States of America. I pray this letter finds you in good health of mind and body. From being one of the most powerful personalities at the United Nations (UN) to becoming the first woman in Kenyan history to occupy one of the most prestigious offices of the cabinet secretary for foreign affairs, you continue to travel an expeditious journey of the knowns and unknowns.

    I have noticed in recent times that your role in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government has grown exponentially in leaps and bounds. Your presenceaffirms and commands. You have become an epicenter upon which most, if not all domestic and foreign policies of the Jubilee government are mooted.

    By design or coincidence, you have strategically positioned yourself as the face of the Jubilee government and the voice of Mr. Kenyatta’s administration. The Standard newspaper described you in a headline as one of the most powerful voices behind the government’s “new ICC stand.” I describe you as one of the most intriguing figures to watch in this generation. You have the capacity to change Kenyan history for good or for worse.

    Kenyans and the world may hold different opinion in as far as your diplomatic approach and your articulation of local and international issues is concerned. But I bet they can all agree in affirmative that you’re smooth, smart, articulate and confident. Your global view and international diplomatic experience is excellent.

    Your strong communication skills reveal your intelligence and suaveness. You’re plucky and gutsy. However, at times; you appear too cocky. You wiggle through the ups and downs of Uhuru government by giving answers to every question. Perhaps you exude too much confidence and ooze too much intelligence.

    In some cases, your answers aren’t factual. But you answer anyway. You’re a kind of girl who takes a bull by its horns. I submit to you that’s a dangerous approach.

    Your ultimate strength shouldn’t necessarily lie in how much you know. Rather, the strength of your character should lie in your honesty and desire to want to know what you don’t know.

    Yet, from mooting policies, travelling internationally, defending the government and defining domestic political discourses; it seems to me your tenure in the jubilee government is sucking every ounce of energy from you. I could be wrong. But your body language reveals a pained diplomat who has to do whatever it takes to cast a government in positive light even when at times it is in a bad light.

    In Your recent opinion piece that was published by The Guardian newspaper, you vehemently delinked corruption from insecurity. Yet, every credible study reveals corruption is inextricably linked not only to Westgate Terror massacre but to most incidents of insecurity in the country.

    Transparency international (TI) ranked Kenya as fourth most corrupt state in the world. Study done by Ibrahim Index of African Governance (AIAG) flipped your conviction on corruption upside down. It ranked Kenya’s security among the worst in Africa due to porous borders, thanks to corruption.

    Sometimes you defend the indefensible. You go an extra mile to project Jubilee government as perfect. To you, it seems; Uhuru administration is a seamless blend of sinless personalities. But when one’s words goes against one’s conscience, the body gets disoriented and communicates opposite message.

    Your appearance on BBC’s Hard Talk and CNN-London, lends credence. Asked if Uhuru Kenyatta should face charges at ICC, you dissented by reiterating that Uhuru and Ruto shouldn’t be at ICC because they’re not guilty.

    You’re neither a judge nor a prosecutor to adduce evidence, vindicate or sentence Uhuru and Ruto. Right there you missed a diplomatic answer. You emerged as a sycophant rather than a smart diplomat I know.

    Asked if there was abdication of duties by NIS, CID, Police and security apparatus in general that precipitated West Gate Terror Massacre, you emphatically denied.

    Yet reports about abdication of duties persist. The media and senator Mike Sonko have asserted that our security apparatus knew about impending attacks that were planned against West Gate Mall, The Parliament and The KICC. But they did absolutely nothing to foil the terror plot.

    A balanced diplomat of your caliber shouldn’t dismiss everything at face value. As you defend the government, don’t lose your credibility. Play a double pronged diplomacy. Uphold the dignity of the government but also acknowledge the gravity of situations. Denial of facts is denial of truth. Truth like facts may be denied but it always comes back to haunt.

    But let’s face it. You’re serving the government under extra-ordinary times. A government whose President and deputy are indicted for crimes against humanity, unemployment rate is in the roof, insecurity has become a threat to economic opportunities, corruption has eaten the past and is busy eating the future and international image continues to suffer; isn’t an easy government to serve. It is challenging even to the most intelligent diplomats.

    By and large, you’re still one of the finest daughters of Kenya and Africa. But be cautious lest you are used and dumped, just ask Mr. Kalonzo Musyoka. Protect your gravitas. Jealously guard your reputation. It took you decades to build. Put the interests of your motherland before egocentric ambitions of personalities. Good luck in your responsibilities.-

    By Jacktone Ambuka, a Kenyan Residing At State College Pennsylvania USA.

  • Delusioned Amina Mohamed

    Kenya terror attack: corruption wasn’t to blame

    My country has changed much in recent years – it’s unfair to place the Westgate attacks on a ‘spectrum of banditry’

    Amina Mohamed

    The Guardian, Monday 7 October 2013

    It was difficult to read Giles Foden’s article squarely blaming the attack on the Westgate mall in Nairobi on alleged inadequacies of the Kenyan government and, as he puts it “rampant corruption” (Behind terror is corruption, 24 September). The Kenyan military led the operation to free hostages and kill or capture those who had trapped them, and we are proud of the professionalism and determination of our forces.

    Foden says: “In Kenya crime and terrorism are deeply linked, not least by the failure of successive Kenyan governments to control either.” And he continues: “These attacks are part of a spectrum of banditry, with corruption at one end, terrorism at the other, and regular robbery in the middle.”

    Make a brief comparison with other terrorist attacks. The disasters of 9/11 or the more recent Boston marathon in the US and 7/7 in the UK – both highly developed countries – could hardly be blamed on corruption, so why Kenya? We do not recall Foden blaming corruption within the security agencies involved.

    “A lot of money has gone into commercial property, and particularly the building of supermarkets. But without governance it all looks very shaky,” says Foden. But he seems unaware of how much Kenya has changed in the past decade. The country’s first truly free and fair multiparty election only took place in 2002, and since then the country has been transformed by a new constitution that gives power to all communities. Less than 10 years ago we introduced free primary education, now over a million children a year go to school.

    Judicial reform, in some cases supported by international experts and donors – including the US and UK – has put the courts out of the political influence that once was common. Anti-corruption campaigns by government and civil society, the requirement for open tenders for government contracts, and the development of a lively media, have transformed the country.

    This is not to say Kenya is perfect – far from it. A multinational forensic investigation currently under way – including with British agents – will examine the tragedy and assess the government’s response to it. It shows the extent of our openness that we allow foreign security forces to share in an investigation we could probably manage ourselves.

    At the same time, we will strive to be as open as possible in our actions against al-Qaida and its regional ally al-Shabaab in the coming months, without compromising the security of our country and the safety of our military personnel.

    It is important that there is responsible international reporting. In this age of budget cuts in the international media there are too few foreign journalists with expert experience of Africa living in and reporting from the continent. Kenya suffered a terrible tragedy at Westgate. As information is released in the coming days and weeks, it is crucial – for the sake of the victims and the survivors – that reporting reflects the Kenya of today, and that we are judged by today’s reality, not memories of a Kenya past.

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