Update on the Michael Osumba Harambee on Saturday, 31st August

The late Michael Osumba

The late Michael Osumba

Plans for the Osumba Harambee on Saturday, 31st August are now complete. The Osumba Committee will be seeking to raise approximately 45-50k for body transportation and about 20-25k for transport of Osumba’s family to Kenya to bury their loved one. The paper-work for body transportation is complete.

Since the formation of the Committee, mobilization has been continuing at every possible gathering of Kenyans. The general strategy of the Committee is to mobilize Club 1000 as the core battalion that will spear-head the fund raising. The amount to be raised is huge but, the Committee is optimistic that with good mobilization, the amount needed will be realised.

So far, Kenyans who are firmly in Club 1000 in relation to the Osumba Harambee are as follows: Jared Odero, Brian Arwa, Martin Ngatia, Okoth Osewe, Teresa Mawa, Hellen Opwapo, Nelly Musira, Mark Gaya, Prisca Försman, Clay Onyango, Joseph Goga, Oyuga Odada, Rose Adero, DJ Jimmy, Mapenzi Oberana, Gideon Nyakwar Oyundi, Jasper Orieny, Pamela Omiti, George Owino Dokta and Otieno Wariaro. Anybody willing to join the Club should contact the Osumba Committee for further direction. The total number of C1000 members so far is 21 which, theoretically, could translate into SEK 21.000 ahead of the harambee. So far, around SEK 3.100kr has been raised through drinks during the “Open House” at Nancy’s residence and contributions from the Kenyan and other publics.

The concept of Club 1000, which is the brainchild of Don Clay, is known to have been instrumental in the big success of the Millie harambee that was held in June enabling Millie’s body to be transported to Kenya for burial. Many Kenyans who have spoken to KSB have now began to view this concept as a viable solution to Harambees whenever a Kenyan dies in Stockholm and the body needs to be transported to Kenya for burial. Club 1000 is an amorphous formation without any binding rules, organizational structure or leadership hierarchy . It is mainly based on mutual agreements, personal decisions and voluntary participation for the common good and well-being.

The advantage with the Club 1000 concept is that a huge amount of money could be raised within a very short period of time and, if the number of participants is large enough, there may be no need for time-consuming Harambees, bankrolling, hours of man-power and overnight stays at harambee venues as funds are raised.

The Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm, which is the representative of the Kenyan government in Scandinavia, is known to take no official responsibility in the transportation of the remains of Kenyans back home for burial. The Ambassador, together with Embassy staff, have all been officially invited to the Harambee through a letter that was written to the Ambassador by the Chairperson of the Osumba Committee, Jared Odero.

Speaking to KSB, Jared appealed to Kenyans, friends, well-wishers and sympathizers to turn up in large numbers to assist the Osumba family raise enough money for Osumba’s remains to be transported to Kenya for burial. He appealed to Kenyans to support the Club 1000 idea by joining those who had teamed up in the Club to push the Osumba harambee forward.

Osumba was a jovial and loved member of the Kenyan society. Not only was he a patriotic Kenyan, but was also very cultural and intellectual. He will be greatly missed by those who knew him.

The Harambee will take place at the “Africa House” in Hagsätra from 16.00 Hrs until dawn. Jared Odero, the Chairman of the Osumba Committee,  said that anybody willing to contribute ahead of the harambee can do so through the Bank Account of the Treasurer, Brian Arwa at Swedebank account number: 8327-9 993.894.453-6. While making your contribution, write your name so that the contribution can be attributed to you. Further information about the Harambee can be obtained through the Chairperson at: 0735450203.

Okoth Osewe


  • Hi Okoth Osewe,
    My comment should be posted in relation to Onyango Osumbas fundraising and NOT Jambo Afreeka .Sorry for the mix up .Your site is and has been upgraded making me look.Hope you correct it so as not to confuse matters .

  • Hey ksb!
    I pass my deep condolences to the entire family of the late Osumba.I knew him briefly at Galleria,I hope the family will gather strength and conquer this sad moment.
    alando clearing and forwarding

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