SEK 36.000 Raised at Teresa Mawa’s Fund Raising in Märsta

Two revelers boogie down at the Teresa Mawa's Funds drive in Märsta yesterday.

Two revelers (one in a Gor Mahia T-Shirt) boogie down at the Teresa Mawa’s Funds drive in Märsta yesterday.

The “Teresa Mawa Prayer Meeting” that was held on Saturday, 24th August in solidarity with the Teresa family raised a total of SEK 36.000. Speaking to KSB after the conclusion of the function, Mark Gaya, Chairperson of the “Teresa Mawa Committee”, thanked everybody who attended the function and encouraged Kenyans to continue with the same trend of solidarity in Stockholm.

Mr. Gaya said that the Committee has had its final meeting where it was dissolved. He said that Teresa, together with her husband, will leave for Kenya on 2nd September to attend the funeral of Teresa’s mother who passed away in Kenya last week.

The Prayer Meeting was attended by several Kenyans who came to condole with the bereaved family. The function, which continued throughout the night, comprised of short speeches from the audience and music interludes with DJ Jimmy at the helm.

The meeting was told by Committee Chairperson, Gaya Agar that Mrs. Pamela Omiti, a Kenyan who was recently bereaved and who had just returned from Kenya, had been in touch with the bereaved Teresa family in Kenya. Gaya said that before she left Kenya, Pamela purchased a coffin for Teresa’s mom and congratulated the Kenyan woman for showing solidarity even though she was herself burdened with heavy responsibilities following the passing of her sister. Pamela attended the function together with her hubby and greeted the crowd.

Mr. Gaya said that the Committee had now winded up its job and handed over all revenues to the Teresa Mawa family. He said that the next challenge was for Kenyans to raise enough funds for the transportation of the body of Mr. Michael Osumba for burial. A funds drive for Osumba is scheduled for Saturday, 31st August 2013 at Africa House in Hagsätra in Stockholm.

Mr. Gaya appealed to Kenyans of good will to turn up in large numbers to enable the Osumba family succeed in the difficult task of transporting Osumba’s remains to Kenya for burial. He thanked all Committee members who had worked tirelessly to ensure that the the Prayer Meeting was a success.

Okoth Osewe.

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