Cabinet Sec of Interior, Joseph ole Lenku Threatening to Kill in Samburu





  • We are back to the Old Dictatorial KANU days when Kenya was a Police State. Ole Lenku is not a professional but a politician. Let us wait for the bloodbath as Uhuruto swag around doing nothing.

  • its high time we had some security in this country.

  • Mr Daniel Arap Moi the former Kenyas President is known to suffer from
    HPV-16 is thought to be responsible for around 60% of cervical cancers, 80% of cancers in the anus and 60% of oral cancers .GG Kariuki was one of Moi’s anal-lover.

  • How Right was Moses!

    In Paris its only Muslims following (Moses law) The Law of Moses)and it works to this day >an eye for an eye .Do to them as they have done unto you!Riot police reinforcements were drafted in to protect Trappes police station

    Defiantly veiled in France
    The Islamic veil across Europe
    Crowds of youths have thrown stones at French police and set fire to cars in a second night of disturbances in the Paris suburb of Trappes.

    The trouble was sparked by the arrest of a man whose wife was told by police on Thursday to remove an Islamic face-covering veil, banned in public.

    He has been accused of trying to strangle the officer.

    Up to 300 people attacked a police station in Trappes on Friday night where the man was being held.

    One leading Muslim group disputed the authorities’ version of events, blaming police “provocation”.

    The suspect, described as a Muslim convert aged 21, was later released on Saturday pending an appearance in court, French media say.

    The ban on wearing the full face veil in public was introduced in April 2011 with the threat of a financial penalty for not observing it.

    ‘Beginning to spread’
    Reinforcements from the CRS riot police were drafted in and Interior Minister Manuel Valls said they would remain in place until calm was restored. Thirty riot police vehicles were seen outside the Trappes police station.

    In the latest violence which erupted in Trappes and several neighbouring areas, bus-shelters and cars were torched and fireworks directed at police, who responded with tear gas and baton charges.

    The worst of the trouble took place in the early hours of Sunday. In one reported incident, a car was driven at police but no-one was hurt.

    “It’s beginning to spread to surrounding areas – Elancourt and Guyancourt,” David Callu of the SGP police officers’ union told BFM-TV news channel.

    Four people were arrested and 20 cars burned, Mr Valls said in a statement.

    Tensions in France’s high-immigration city suburbs continue to fester, the BBC’s Paris correspondent Hugh Schofield reports.

    Although there has been no sustained unrest since the 2005 riots, sporadic violence is far from rare, he adds.

    In 2005, a state of emergency was imposed when a wave of rioting spread across France, sparked by the deaths of two teenagers in a Paris suburb.

  • How Right was Moses!

    Hon:Joseph ole Lenku is Kikuyu/Kalenjin Lackey threatening his own oppressed tribes bow to a govt of gangsters whose aims and goals is to wipe the whole Turkana/Samburu tribes so that the Kikuyus can occupy their newly discovered Oil.Gas fields in North Eastern ProvinceIf the govt kills turkana/Samburu children Mr Joseph ole Lenku has also children let him also feel the pain>Jicho Kwa Jicho .let them burry too!

  • Oppen Society Democracy

    Samburu tribes and Turkana tribes should not hand-over guns to a criminal govt of Uhuru& ruto .How are they going to defend their families in a hostile territory?They should instead arm themselves to the teeth and defend their territory (Majimbo)you Samburus and Turkana .boranas Redille must fight like spartans. borrow a leaf from the people of Garang/Somalis and Darful.Do not allow Kimaiyo thugs to kill you like rats.

  • Kikuta Kisemo .

    UHURU & RUTO Criminal Govts sending police gangs ao oversee Demolition of Opposition supporters> These houses belongs to Cord supporters>

  • Kikuta Kisemo .

    The Bible you read Says>Where your treasure is>There will your heart be> Why should you stand Idle when a cruel govt is bull-dozing your house? you can either hire Mungiki/Al-shabaab or Morans to defend and protect your housed from govts Bul-dozers >Do something :Go & pomoa (Choma) Nyumba za Selikali>

  • Is UHURU &Ruto corrupt Govt going to kill Raila Odinga?

  • kitu gani hii

    Long live M¤Mhence Kikuyu tribe will dominate &rule in Kenya for ever Big tribes must be stopped from sdweallowing smal &marginalized tribes>

  • salakazi Mitaani

    Kula Kuma Na Kulipa is better than Raping?>Kweli Kenya Kuna Mambo!

  • If Uhuru/Ruto wives undergo FGM (female Genital Mutilation)things would have changed for girles in Kenya from worse to good>but the pronlem is these two women are( Karegus)Turegos) or arego>A girl of seven was the youngest victim of female genital mutilation (FGM) treated by the NHS in the past two years, according to new data.

    Some 1,700 women and girls were treated by specialist FGM clinics but this masks a bigger problem says the NSPCC.

    A UK-wide helpline to protect girls at risk of ritual cutting, practised by some African, Middle Eastern and Asian communities, goes live on Monday

  • Somebody must arm these 5 to Six million Idle youth they should declare Civil-war >

  • Kenya Govt Punishing Turkanas Samburus of NFD>

  • uhuruto finishing Knut


    As schools re-open today, the government has moved to weaken the Kenya National Union of Teachers by denying it revenue, the Star has learnt.

    Sources at the highest level of government revealed that the Teachers Service Commission will no longer be deducting the two per cent union dues from teachers salaries.

    The move is aimed at ensuring that KNUT, which paralysed learning in all public schools for three weeks, does not get the money which amounts to over Sh90 million a year.

    “The Teachers Service Commission will no longer deduct the money from the KNUT members. Teachers will be getting their full salary and they and the union can organise how the contributions will be made,” a source within the Presidency said.

    Teachers will also suffer another blow this week as the government only intends to pay them salaries worth only one week in July, which starts today.

    According to government sources, the teachers will get their June salary in full but they will not be paid for the three weeks they were on strike in the month of July.

    Knut Acting Secretary General Mudzo Nzili said this new development has not been communicated to them, “We have not heard what you are telling us.”

    Nzili said he does not think it is proper to comment on a matter they have not heard. But prodded further, Nzili said he was happy that the June salary will be paid.

    “For the July salary, we shall engage in constructive dialogue with TSC as teachers’ employer,” Nzili said.

    He went on to cite the return to work formula signed between government and Knut which assured the union that there will be no victimization.

    “We don’t expect to hear or see what they are about to do because we signed the return to work formula in good faith,” Nzili said.

    On the 2 percent deduction, Nzili said the illegal move is aimed at crippling the giant KNUT as a union. He said that the TSC is an independent constitutional commission that should not take orders from other quarters.

    “Union dues like Sacco contributions are effected by employer as advised. We will resist any attempt to cripple KNUT,” Nzili said adding that it will be wrong for TSC to abandon this duty.

    He questioned whether the move on deductions will apply to both KUPPET and KNUT and argued that the move to close down schools indefinitely was part of a larger scheme to enable KUPPET survive.

    Knut claims that already 20,000 KUPPET members have defected to KNUT citing the poor strategy employed by their union during the strike.

    It has also emerged that the government, through the office of the Attorney-General, TSC, Ministry of Labour and the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, is forming a standing committee of salaries in the public sector.

    “The plan is that remuneration of all public servants including the teachers should be the same and should be reviewed every four years depending on the country’s economy. The standing committee will ensure that all collectiva barganing agreements have no legal loopholes,” one of the source said.

    The revelation came as Deputy President William Ruto insisted that the government must come up with a way of managing the country’s wage bill and hinted of job freeze in the public sector.

    Ruto said that currently, the public sector wage bill is Sh458.7 billion, projected to reach Sh548.8 billion if suggested recommendations as well as other sub-sectoral demands are incorporated.

    “As a percentage of the GDP, the wage bill stands at 12.2 per cent, of which 7.8 per cent represents the civil service wage, projected to rise to 14.6 per cent, with the civil service taking 9.3 per cent,” Ruto said.

    He added that if the government is to yield to all demands the proposed wage bill would push recurrent expenditure to 79 per cent which leaves only 21 per cent for development.
    – See more at: … f0dTK.dpuf

  • Stephan Ningyunei

    To Hell with Collapsing Equity Kikuyu thieving Bank> Blame yourseves for Trusting &putting your Money with Hyenas(Kikuyu thieving fake investors>Recently when Equity Bank customers were having problems drawing funds from the bank the “clever” Nairobians were at it on social media and everywhere. The rumours still persist. Where are they coming from and what would be the motive? Or are they actually true?;

    “I told you guys not to put your money in Equity, now the bank is collapsing with your money. You haven’t heard? Equity is in trouble, just as I predicted ages ago.”

  • Dr Obel Obedi

    Uhuru/Ruto Govt’s asassin failed to kill Maina Njenga Of Mungiki as he might become ICC witness>

  • Keith Sirimoe

    Whats wrong with these thieving Kikuyus?

  • That guy owns no gun there as he assumes,the Samburu or Turkana are the real owners coz their tax money bought the guns that they entrusted their servants like joseph ole lenku and the security teams to use for the protection of the country.Ole Lenku would have sounded proffessional if he said something like “hizo bunduki ni zenyu na mulitupatia tuzitumie kulinda usalama wetu wote,kwa hivyo turudishieni kama wafanyi kazi wenyu halali mliowachagua na mkaturuhusu kuziweka na kuzitumia kwa huduma za kuhimarisha usalama”. The man claims that those holding the guns are known,why not go for the particullar individual culptrits instead of threatening entire communities with genocidal statements and ultimatums.

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