Choices Have Consequences: Antiques of the Hustler Deputy Prezzo




  • Madobe Bin Sheikh

    KDF in a Makaa(chacoal business gone sour) a fight started btw makaa -loot and Bajun war-lords>Three Kenya Defence Forces soldiers in AMISOM suffered minor injuries after Afight ensued between Kismayu and Afmadow junction in Somalia as their convoy was passing on chacoal routine duties.

    According to KDF 2 Somali civilians were also injured in the incident that occurred at 10.30pm yesterday. The injured are receiving treatment at an AMISOM medical facility in Kismayu.

    The Chief of the Defence Forces, General Julius Karangi has strongly condemned the Makaa dealings when he said “aimed at undermining the gains by AMISOM forces.” He reaffirmed the KDF’s commitment to protect and support the Somali people as they rebuild their country.

  • Fukusa Wahindi

    kenyan’s corruption exported to kismayo. if this is true ,shame on them for aiding al-Shabaab,the same killers those who bomb us

    Kenyan troops in Kismayu, Somalia is producing significant revenues for the al-Shabaab, a team of United Nations monitors say in a report published on Wednesday.

    Along with its local allies and in collaboration with al-Shabaab militants, the KDF has been exporting charcoal from the port of Kismayu for the past several months “in flagrant violation of the Security Council ban,” the report says.

    Kenyan forces’ involvement in the charcoal trade began soon after the KDF drove Shabaab out of Kismayu last September, according to the UN experts. … index.html

  • Witness of the 2007/8 violence

    Ruto should be rotting in HagueDetention>President William Ruto now claims that he has strong evidence to show that local and international non governmental organisations have hatched a scheme to fabricate evidence against him at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

    Ruto has now applied to the Trial Chamber V to force the Prosecutor put eight witnesses, whom he accuses of being coached to lie against him on the witness stand immediately after the opening statement at the onset of the trial.

    He wants the witnesses called to testify first so that the Trial Chamber can determine their validity and chart a proper way forward so as to prevent what he calls ‘a miscarriage of justice’.

    The Deputy President also wants the Prosecution’s lead investigator put on the witness stand, as the ninth witness, for overseeing the selection process of the eight witnesses.

    “This scheme links all eight witnesses. It has been years in the making and has been, or still is, supported by various international and domestic Kenyan organisations,” he alleged.

    In an application dated July 19, the Deputy President added that the witnesses were part of a scheme to cook evidence against him saying they must testify first so that the alleged scam can be unmasked at the earliest opportunity.

    “To use a Kenyan colloquialism, based on witness statements and documents, the Defence has substantial grounds to believe that these eight key prosecution witnesses have been part of a deliberate and concerted scheme to “cook” evidence against Mr. Ruto,” argued Ruto’s lawyers.

    Ruto’s defense lawyers also argued that the trial was likely to take a lot of time and that it would therefore be necessary to test the core of the case from the onset.

    The Deputy President further observed that it would be unfair to wait for a minimum of 160 hours as prosecution witnesses testify before even one defense principal witness is heard.

    “The Prosecution case is scheduled to take approximately 726 hours, which, if the Court sits for five hours per day, amounts to 145.2 days. Accordingly, the Defence submits the core of the Prosecution case should be tested at the outset of trial particularly when the Defence has sound reasons to believe that this core is rotten,” urged Ruto.

    Several witnesses have dropped out in the first case, where Ruto and former journalist Joshua Sang are co-accused, and case II against President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    The most recent drop out was once again in Kenyatta’s case where the Prosecution has so far lost a total of 25 out of 30 key witnesses.

    “The prosecution hereby notifies the chamber of the withdrawal of three witnesses from its list of witnesses to be relied on at trial,” asserted the ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda in an earlier notification to the Trial Chamber.

    Ruto and Sang trial is due to open on September 10 at the Hague while that of Kenyatta is expected to kick off on November 12.

    You may also like -3 more witnesses out of Uhuru ICC caseRuto wants ICC witnesses who lie arrestedICC trial of Kenya’s deputy president postponedRuto wants ICC trial pushed to November>What was he thinking when burning the Kikuyu children inside a church at Eldoret?or ordering worriorsto arrow Kikuyus and torching their houses ,farms and stealing their cattle!

  • Isaac Ruto vs william Ruto

    This Issac Ruto guy is spoiling for a fight constantly:

    Deputy President William Ruto will Monday morning host the governors allied to Jubilee at his official residence in Karen, Nairobi, against the backdrop of a growing revolt over the government’s handling of devolution.

    Outspoken Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto, whose stand on devolution has become a lightning rod for Jubilee criticism, confirmed that he would attend the meeting. However, the chairman of the Council of Governors vowed to stand his ground and warned his Jubilee colleagues against intimidation.

    Asked whether he expected a dressing down from the Deputy President, Ruto added:
    “He will be inviting trouble and no amount of sycophancy unleashed by MPs will cow us from this position.”

    Jubilee operatives have voiced fears that charged political rallies could provide a platform to stir anti-Government sentiments in the early days of the Kenyatta’s regime.

    Monday’s meeting also comes at a time when former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is leading 12 Governors allied to the opposition CORD on a conference tour in Dallas, United States.

    Last week 40 URP MPs demanded Ruto’s expulsion from the party, accusing him of being hostile to the Government.

    Sunday, a defiant Ruto warned Monday’s meeting should not be turned into a platform to hit at him, warning that such action would backfire.

    Ruto, who is allied to the Deputy President, has become a harsh critic of the Jubilee Administration charging repeatedly that it is undermining the devolution of powers to county governments.

    Elsewhere, Ruto’s causing waves:

    A delegation of County Assembly representatives who accompanied Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto to fundraiser at Mawego Catholic Church in Homa Bay County hinted that members of URP might join ODM ahead of the next General election.

    The delegation of seven county representatives that was led by Bomet Deputy Speaker Joyce Korir. … endum-push

  • Governors in Dallas

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