Jared Adiwa’s Body Arrives in Kenya for Burial

jared adiwa fund raising version3

Jared Adiwa’s body in Kenya

The Jared Adiwa Funeral Committee wishes to announce that the body of the late Jared Adiwa left Stockholm on Thursday, July 11th and reached Nairobi yesterday, Friday July 12th. The body will be preserved at Chiromo Mortuary until burial which is scheduled for next Saturday, July 21st in Yimbo, Siaya County. All his three sons namely, Björn Rikard Danielsen, Sonyroy Nils Okomo Johanson and Frank Okomo, left for Kenya on Monday and will also be visiting their rural home to meet their gandmother (Adiwa’s mother), relatives and other clan members.

A very big thank you goes to all Kenyans and friends who contributed generously towards the harambee. Many thanks to the Kenyan Ambassdor in Stockholm Dr. Sang and his staff members who, in their personal capacities, honored the fundraising plea for the late Adiwa and donated 4,300kr. Most importantly, lots of thanks to KSB and Crew for the publicity, contribution and mobilization to the funds drives.

The decision to transport the body of the late Adiwa was based on an agreement by a funeral home in Stockholm which accepted a down payment from the almost 30,000kr collected from the two fundraising events. The total amount required for the transportation up to Nairobi is 58,000kr. Therefore, well-wishers are kindly requested to continue assisting with further donations or to deposit money into the account of Collins Omondi, the Committee Treasurer, which is: Nordea 32522108093. There is still a huge debt to pay at the funeral home. Thanks for your assistance.

Jared Adiwa Funeral Committee in Stockholm



  • franklin adiwa

    when i read this i feel lyk crying because the money raised dint bring my dad home

  • why have a bbq party at a funeral? isn’t it strange?

  • Am disappointed

    This is strange. Normally, Kenyans are invited to view the body at the morgue and eventually, prayers are held in the church before the body is transported to Kenya. Why was there no such procedure?Why would Antony Adiwa send the body of his brother Jared Adiwa so suddenly, only to announce it when the body is already in Kenya?No funeral home gives credit for this purpose.I smell a really stinking fish!

  • Jirani Rafiki

    Antony Adiwa has a case to answer ,he must explain why he is behaving silly,oppeness is what is needed here .some of us smell a rotten rat. Adiwa speak up before you are challanged . look what your brothers sons are writting , please grow up. be a man .oppen up oryou know. avoid shame! Si wewe ni yule yule?

  • nyoka mwenyewe

    heee hee haaaaaa —-mgongo mture amerudi—nyoka mwenyewe

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