SEK 16.000 Raised at the Jared Adiwa Fund Raising Nyama Choma Party

Focus Shifts to Grand Fund Raising Scheduled for Saturday 29th June

Jared Adiwa's three sons, their spouses, his grand children and Tonny (front left), Jared's brother. New fund raising on Saturday.

Jared Adiwa’s three sons, their spouses, his grand children and Tonny (front left), Jared’s brother. New fund raising on Saturday.

On Saturday, 22nd June 2013, Kenyans, friends and well-wishers gathered in Stockholm to raise funds for the transportation of the body of the late Jared Adiwa to Kenya for burial. The function, which continued well into the night, raised a total of SEK 16.00. All the three sons of Jared were present at the nyam chom after which they joined other revellers during the all night boogie which winded up on Sunday morning.

The two elder ones were accompanied by their Swedish spouses and two children each. The youngets grandchild of Jared is almost one and a half months old. The sons, born in Sweden, are Björn Rikard Danielsen and Sonyroy Nils Okomo Johanson, while the 19 year old son is Frank Okomo, born in Kenya.

The function attracted both Kenyans and other Africans from Zimbabwe, Zambia, Congo Somalia, Ghana and Uganda, among others. The Jared Adiwa Funeral Committee appreciates the efforts shown by those who took their time to attend and contribute towards the funeral fund.

Some Kenyans who attended were: Queen Johansson, Gerry Wa Papa Midenyo (who also led the mourners into a one minute silence); Vincent Odede, DJ Jimmy, Jasper Orieny, Idah Arodi and her sister, Mama Teresa, her husband Albert and their grandchildren; Mark Gaya and family; Albinus Odada and his brother, Gideon; Moses Kangogo, Munala wa Munala, Brigid and her friend Maureen; Florence Asum, Pamela Sakajja; Sande and wife; Clay Onyango; and among others.

Many thanks to Treasurer Collins for taking care of Nyama choma; Lot’s of kudos to Winnie and DJ Johnny’s girlfriend for taking care of the drinks and food all night long. DJ Johnny and crew did a great job too, entertaining the revellers. All are welcome at the fundraising on Saturday June 29th.

Okoth Osewe


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  • gerry changa midenyo

    i want to know how much did get in nyama choma and how much did the marafiki gave as in harambe . why dont say what everybody has given to the let we want to know now now now . it me gerry wana wapapa if you dont say it bad

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