“Kenya-Stockholm’s Survival Manual in the Underground” Continues to Attract Attention

ksb survival kitSince it was first published in July 2011 at KSB, “Kenya-Stockholm’s Survival Mannual in the Underground” has continued to attract attention of many bloggers and online news channels. The clip above published by “Etho Press” is the latest to highlight the content of the manual which it describes as forming a “spectacular reading”. KSB will soon update the manual to bring its potential users “up to speed” with the latest developments.



  • Kubaya Sweden

    Fri, 15 Mar, 2013 04:32:55 PMPolice active in hunting paperless refugees in Sweden
    Anisur Rahman writes from Sweden

    The Sweden authorities introduced a ´controversial´ project in collaboration with the Police, Prisons department and Migration Board to hunt paperless refugees, which raised question among the people regarding the civic rights.

    The purpose behind such a project is to increase efficiency and certainty in the law enforcement work in accordance with the Government’s objectives, according to police information.

    As part of this project, the Swedish police is continuously carrying drive to check Identity Cards of the people with ‘non-Swedish’ appearance in the Stockholm metro, and at the stations in Malmö and several other cities around the country. The police target people on the street and require them to identify themselves.

    Against this backdrop, some questions have already been raised: Is not a citizen’s legal status in danger? Is it not a systematic violation of individual privacy? Are Swedish cities becoming places for pursuing people whose crime is the absence of ID document?

    The damage towards the brand of welfare state has already been made a lot by the police and the immigration authorities. Now is the time to repair the damage.

    Let me share with you my observation how Sweden is becoming a police state. In September 2006, prior to the Swedish parliamentary elections, on an invitation from the Swedish Writers’ Union I visited Sweden and I stayed a week in Stockholm. I travelled around Stockholm and I listened to political speeches at Gamla stan.

    During my week long stay in the capital of Sweden, I did not see any police. I was astonished and I asked my interpreter and guide where the police were. He said that this is not a police state. You will not see the police, but when you will need their help they will be at your service just call 112,

    But today? We see police everywhere. What wrong has happened to Sweden? What does equality mean? How does democracy function? Where does welfare lie? I think this is also a time that requires a parliamentary debate on the questions raised.

    At the central station in Uppsala or Stockholm, whether you are a Swedish citizen or foreigner, if the police asked you the following questions how could you feel: Where is your passport? Where is your visa? Why are you here? What are you carrying in your suitcase? It happens random in Swedish cities.

    Before I end this article, let me share with you my experience from Norwegian capital. The first week of September 2011, I was bombarded with all these questions at Oslo Central Station when getting down from the Stockholm-Oslo train. As I was hurrying towards the metro on my way to Voksenåsen, the Swedish culture and conference centre on the hill overlooking Oslo. A person blocked my way, I stopped and vaguely recognised a thin tall man from the train. He presented an ID card written in Norwegian that I did not understand a word of. He said, ‘I am from the Norwegian immigrant department.’ That was in Norway in 2011 and so is in Sweden today!

    If such practice from the immigration authorities and the police is not changed immediately, Sweden will have a lot to answer for. It’s democratic values will be threatened. It will discourage foreign tourists from coming towards this northern country. Through such controversial practice, the authorities are giving wrong message to the world. I want to remind the authorities that being in a situation of an individual without an ID or a visa orva passport is not a crime but a victim situation. Such people must not be treated as criminal but instead deserve humanitarian support in respect. I hope the thought process by the decision makers will not forget it.

    I want to share an immigrant insult to Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941). Rabindranath was insulted by immigration officials at the California Naval Port in August 1929, on his way to Japan via Canada. Tagore was already famous all over the world by getting the 1913 Nobel Prize for literature. In spite of that, the immigrant officials threw many such questions at Tagore that was disappointing and insulting to him as a Bengali-Indian. After that Tagore held a press conference in San Francisco and called the immigrant officials concerned as foolish and stupid. On the strength of this immigrant behavior, Tagore cancelled his scheduled lectures in Chicago, San Francisco and New York. I am afraid, of today’s Swedish police’s activities.

    Finally I would like to express my opinion that Sweden deserves to be a model of democracy and equality and it is only possible when the authority will give attention to the humanitarian issues with extra care. We want to see it and we want to believe it.

  • Kubaya Sweden

    Stockholm May 2, 2013 Last Updated at 14:23 IST

    May Day rally highlights plight of Stockholm’s ‘paperless’

    Swaying, trancing, dervishing to the mantras beat on several score drums, thousands of demonstrators snaked through the wide arteries of the Swedish capital on May Day with one single demand: Let Stockholm be free of discrimination!

    An estimated 15,000 to 20,000 of these “illegals” live a catacomb existence, many for over a decade. Known as “the paperless”, for their lack of valid documentation, these miserable people hailing from different countries around the world – a large number from South Asia – await with ever dwindling hope for the various promises of the Swedish Riksdag (parliament) to normalize their situation.

    Of the South Asian countries, the worst affected are refugees from war-torn Afghanistan.

    Sathbir, an Afghan Hindu, told IANS: “I live in fear, day and year out, under constant damoclean threat of deportation. They contend that since US administration have declared that Afghanistan is safe, we have no reason to desire asylum any longer.

    “They hardly realise the realities of clan-feuds that can persist there, no matter how many assurances of peace the government can claim. Especially, the Hindu minority continues to be the most vulnerable; not only from Taliban or other political entities but from our own erstwhile neighbours…friends, their coveting of our lands, homes.”

    One marching activist, Anna Fredriksson, told IANS: “Nowadays, the Swedish Immigrations’ Board carry out deportations under draconian secrecy. Their main accomplice is the Turkish Airlines (TA). Bundled aboard their night flight, they are handed over to Turkish authorities that carry out the final leg of the process.

    “Just last night we attempted to stop a TA flight leaving Arlanda Airport with two deportees, but our efforts were frustrated…,” said Fredriksson.

  • You can run but you cannot hide hence Law will catch-up with you! William Samoei Arap Ruto-Aka Murderer ,Rapist ,arsonist Amekamatwa Makemde Kweli Kabisa>A thief has only 40 days>JobsClassifiedsTvCampusListen LiveCapital News
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    HomeKenyaCounty NewsAfricaWorldFocus on ChinaBlogsPartnersNews Home > Headlines > ICC rules Ruto must attend key trial sessions physically
    inShare.ICC rules Ruto must attend key trial sessions physically
    By JUDIE KABERIA | June 18, 2013

    Ruto had wanted to attend most of the trials set to start on September 10 via video link. CFM.
    NAIROBI, Kenya June 18 – The International Criminal Court Trial Chamber has ruled that Deputy President William Ruto must be physically present during the key trial sessions.

    In a decision released on Tuesday afternoon, the trial chamber rejected Ruto’s request to be allowed to participate in most of the trials via video link due to his involvement in government duties.

    In the ruling delivered by presiding judge Chile Eboe Esuji, the chamber unconditionally allowed Ruto not to participate in some of the trial sessions but outlined crucial sessions in which he must participate physically.

    It includes the opening statements of all parties and participants, closing statements and when victims are presenting their views.

    The Deputy President will also have to be present during delivery of the judgment, sentencing and among others during the reparation hearings.

    “The absence resulting from excusal from continuous presence at the trial at other times must always be seen to be directed towards performance of Ruto’s duties of state,” the judges led by presiding judge stated, adding “the requests concerning attendance via video-link, and all other prayers are dismissed.”

    Ruto had made an application seeking to attend most of the trials set to start in September 10 via video link.

    More to follow…

  • Uhuru Kenyatta Government (of thugs) will be fingward) by Nigerian government) Why is Kenyan -Kasuku-Mass-Media Quiet when a Kenyan Airline Jet is detained by Nigerian Government ?The pilot of a Kenya Airline Jet was detained two (2) weeks by Nigerian Authorities After Forcifully repatriated a Nigerian Citizen From Kenya back to Nigeria after President Uhuru Kenyatta (Wanted in Hague) ordered the Forcifully deportation of a Nigerian Citizen ,.Who lives in Kenya has married a Kenyan Wife and has children with that Kenyan woman! The Uhuru govt confiscated Nigerian assets (Villas) Mansions) Hotels /Restraunts ,Millions of Money in the banks Uhuru boys robbed Nigerians and devided the loot. They beat/tortured the Poor guy and molested him seriously. But things changed dramatically when the Kenyan Jet landed in Lagos /Abuja The Aircraft together with its Crews and policemen who were onboard were all detained and their Prisoner was welcomed like a hero in his loved native -land! Nigeria is the most strong African-land with a population of over 100.00 million People . So strong militarily that no any African (Nigger-land can challenge Nigeria the Lion of Africa! This Country will teach Uhuru Kenyatta/Ruto the Most Useless Niggers South of Sub-Sahara. The deported Nigerian Citizen has been accused of dealing with cocaine/Heroine and other Precious-stones smuggled from the DRC (Congo) He has been doing this underworld exclusive business together with Uhuru/ruto guys inclunding Other top Gema business man above the law protected and defended by Kenya government


  • Nairobi Special News.

    Kenyans has the right to arrest and charge Moi/Biwott and others who has committed human-rights crimes ans Economical crimes >It is done in other places why not in Kenya>Age /sickness /Madness should not be used not to charge Any body committed crimes in Kenya!News Home > International News > Hungary charges top Nazi war crimes suspect, 98
    inShare.Hungary charges top Nazi war crimes suspect, 98
    By AFP | June 18, 2013

    98 year old top Nazi war crimes suspect/AFP
    BUDAPEST, June 18 – Hungarian prosecutors on Tuesday charged a 98-year-old top Nazi war crimes suspect over his brutal alleged role in deporting some 12,000 Jews to death camps in World War II.

    Laszlo Lajos Csatari was “actively involved in and assisted the deportations” in 1944 of Jews from a ghetto in a town then in Hungary and now in Slovakia, prosecutors said in a statement.

    The former police officer “regularly beat the interned Jews with his bare hands and whipped them with a dog-whip without any special reasons, regardless of their sex, age or health,” prosecutors said.

    He also refused requests to cut windows into airless train wagons each transporting around 80 men, women and children to death camps in Nazi-occupied Europe, mostly Auschwitz in Poland, prosecutors said.

    The Jewish population in and around Kassa were crammed into the ghetto following the occupation of Hungary by German troops in 1944 after the country’s dictator and former ally was deposed by Hitler.

    Kassa is now known as Kosice and is in Slovakia and Lucia Kollarova, spokeswoman for the country’s Federation of Jewish Communities, told AFP that the organisation would prefer Csatari to be extradited to Slovakia.

    “We don’t believe he will be ever actually sentenced because of his age,” she said on Tuesday.

    Slovakia, which has commuted a death sentence handed down on Csatari by a Czechoslovakian court in absentia in 1948 to life imprisonment, has not yet made an official extradition request to Hungary.

    Hungarian prosecutors say Csatari, who has been under house arrest in Budapest for a year, was from May 1944 the commander of a collection and deportation camp in the ghetto.

    Csatari, whose full name is Laszlo Csizsik-Csatari, sometimes spelt Csizsik-Csatary, tops the Nazi-hunting Simon Wiesenthal Center’s list of alleged Nazi war criminals.

    After being sentenced to death in absentia in 1948 he made it to Canada where he lived and worked as an art dealer before being stripped of his citizenship in the 1990s.

    He returned to Budapest where he lived until prosecutors began investigating his case in late 2011 on the basis of information from the Wiesenthal Center.

    British tabloid newspaper The Sun helped bring attention to his case after tracking down the old man, photographing him and confronting him at his front door.

    Last July, the silver-haired Csatari appeared at a closed-door court hearing and denied all the accusations against him. At the time, the state prosecutor said he was in good mental and physical health.

    The Wiesenthal Center welcomed on Tuesday the charges as a “significant milestone” for Hungary that sends “an important message that people like Csatary are criminals rather than patriotic heroes”.

    It urged Hungary to expedite the trial in view of his advanced age. Prosecutors said it has to begin within 90 days.

    In recent years, the authorities in Europe have made renewed efforts to bring to justice the dwindling number of people still alive who were involved in the Holocaust.

    Most notable was Ukrainian-born former Sobibor guard John Demjanjuk, deported from the United States in 2009 and sentenced in Germany in 2011 to five years in prison for complicity in some 28,000 murders.

    He died at a nursing home last year aged 91 while freed awaiting an appeal.

    The Demjanjuk verdict, stating that simply having worked at an extermination camp is enough to establish complicity in murder, set something of a precedent and Germany is now investigating around 50 suspected ex-Auschwitz guards.

    Last month, a 93-year-old alleged former Auschwitz guard, named as Hans Lipschis by the Wiesenthal Center, was arrested in Germany. He reportedly told the authorities that he worked as a cook, not a guard.

  • Dr Obel Obedi

    The Whole World is watching the Dirty war being fought btw Two most Corrupt Nigger-Countries That is Nigeria Bonobos Verses Kenya Chimpanzees!

    Deported Nigerian Anthony Chinedu on Monday demanded full payment of his investments in Kenya before seven officials and the chattered aircraft held at a Lagos airport are released. Seven government officials and five airline crew have been detained in Nigeria for two weeks after they travelled to the country to deport Nigerian businessman Anthony Chinedu and two of his compatriots. The officials from different government departments including foreign affairs, immigration and police, left Nairobi for Lagos in a chartered aeroplane on June 3 escorting the controversial businessman and two other Nigerians, Christopher Nnanyelu and Oluwatosin Adebiyi. The three had been declared prohibited immigrants in Kenya.
    However, in a dramatic turn of events, the officials have not been allowed to leave Nigeria. They said authorities at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos were holding them and their chartered

    East African Safari Express plane. According to them, Nigerian authorities have insisted the Kenyans will no
    sevely t be allowed to fly out without the three men Kenya kicked out on drug trafficking claims. Speaking to the Daily Nation from Nigeria on Sunday, one of the officials, who requested anonymity, said that attempts by the Kenyan embassy to secure their release had been unsuccessful.

    Escorted deportees
    Those stuck in Nigeria include Captain Tim Kavingo and his colleagues, flight engineer Alaka Ochieng’ and flight attendants George Kamau and Ismail Adan. First officer Rokshanker Masoud, a Swede, is also affected. The government officials who escorted the deportees were Mr Barasa Okosa, Mr Kariuki Ngugi, Mr Mungathia Muriira, Mr Pardala Dipason, Mr Kivuva Muthama, Mr Andrew Kambi and Mr Mutinda Kakindu. A Nigerian journalist confirmed to the Nation that the aircraft was being held at the airport’s cargo air wing. The airline’s office in Nairobi did not return our calls on Sunday.
    Sources indicated that the government of Sweden had already contacted its embassy in Nigeria to secure the release of the flight officer. “We are stranded here. The airport commander has instructed that we cannot return to Nairobi without the deportees,” said the official who called the Nation from his hotel room.
    The airport commander had blocked attempts by the East Africa Safari Express management to fly its crew back to Nairobi on a Kenya Airways flight. On Sunday evening, Foreign Affairs ministry’s Head of Communication Beatrice Kung’u admitted that several Kenyans, who accompanied the Nigerians deported 10 days ago, were still being held in Lagos. But she could not discuss the circumstances under which the Nigerian authorities were detaining them. “We are addressing the issue,” she said, but added that only the Immigration authorities could discuss the details. Principal Secretary in the Interior ministry Mutea Iringo on Sunday said he was yet to receive information on the plight of the crew, but said he would check wit
    h the police. They lost contact with the deportees after they arrived in Nigeria, the PS, under whose ministr
    y Immigration falls, said. Daily Nation.
    We the People of Kenya Would like to Congratulate the tough courageous Nigeria Government for Proving to

    the World and to the People of Nigeria that Nigeria cares for their Citizens unlike dirty Morons of traitors Ruling the most oppressed people of Kenya who allows kenyans to be detained ,killed and ,kidnapped in Somali and in other countries like Soudi Arabia where majority of Kenyans languish in Arab lands without traitor Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto doing anything to set free their country men/women.
    The Government of Nigeria Nust deal with this Corrupt Kenya whose rulers are wanted in Hague by the ICC for killing,raping and maiming their people.

  • Thabiti Marulazi

    Deputy President Wa saa Gapi (what sort of a Criminal Deputy President > He will never
    survive this One!+

    ■Mr Ruto must be physically present in the courtroom for the following hearings:

    ■i. the entirety of the opening statements of all parties and participants,

    ■ii. the entirety of the closing statements of all parties and participants,

    ■iii. when victims present their views and concerns in person,

    ■iv. the entirety of the delivery of judgment in the case,

    ■V. the entirety of the sentencing hearings (if applicable),

    ■vi. the entirety of the sentencing (if applicable),

    ■vii. the entirety of the victim impact hearings (if applicable),

    ■viii. the entirety of the reparation hearings (if applicable), and

    ■ix. any other attendance directed by the Chamber;

    ■Judge Olga Herrera Carbuccia appends a dissenting opinion.
    ■Mr Ruto’s trial is set to open on September 10.

  • Be ware Kikuyu hores (prostitutes)

    PHOTO | PAUL WAWERU Faith Wairimu Maina when she appeared before a Nairobi court on June 19, 2013 charged with conspiring to kill her husband John Muthee Guama. She pleaded guilty to the charge and will be sentenced on June 28. NATION MEDIA GROUP

    A woman has pleaded guilty to plotting to kill her husband by hiring gangsters who turned out to be police officers from the Flying Squad Unit.Faith Wairimu Maina admitted before senior principal magistrate Peter Ndwiga that she wanted to get rid of John Muthee Guama, her husband of 16 years and father of their two children, as a result of “long-running domestic problems”. “It is true I conspired to kill him because he has been beating me and not paying school fees for the children. I am everything in the house; his only work is to drink and move around with other women,” said Wairimu. According to the facts of the case read by Chief Inspector Daniel Thuku, the couple had been experiencing domestic wrangles over allegations that Mr Guama was having an affair with a woman identified as Njeri Waamba.

    Fearing that he could leave her for another woman, she hatched a plan to eliminate him through a hit squad so that she could be left with the family property.
    She approached an acquaintance known as Mama Kevo with a view of hiring the hit squad, who in turn approached a Mr Wilson Mwangi. “Mr Mwangi immediately informed the officer in-charge of Flying Squad who then assigned officers Moses Gitwahi, Joseph Langat and Peter Nderitu to carry out the investigations,” said Mr Thuku. The three officers agreed to pose as gangsters for hire after which Mwangi introduced them to her on June 17. They arranged to meet at Wairimu’s food kiosk at Zimmerman estate where she told the officers that she had earlier paid Sh40,000 to another group of killers who failed to accomplish the mission and disappeared with the money. She then demanded to know if the “killers” were armed for the assignment and was shown an official gun. “The officers agreed to accomplish the job that evening upon receiving a downpayment of Sh40,000 with a promise that the remaining Sh160,000 will be paid after the killing,” said Mr Thuku.

    They then hung around the food kiosk and at around 4.15 pm, Mr Gitwahi received Sh40,000 through M-Pesa sent by Faith Wairimu. She followed the transaction with a message asking if he had received the money. She then gave the three her husband’s two passport photos to identify him and his phone number to call him in the pretext that they were customers or suppliers seeking to negotiate a business deal. That evening, the three called the husband but he did not show up.

    Sniper shot

    On June 18, Wairimu called the “killers” in the morning informing them that they were together with her husband at Githurai outside Equity Bank. “The officers drove there and when she saw them, she stepped a few metres away to enable them have a better shot. Instead, the officers picked him and took him to Kasarani police station and disclosed what was happening,” said Mr Thuku. At the station, they called Wairimu who told them to order her husband to disclose where he had put title deeds for their land and then kill him. A few minutes later, they called her with information that they had accomplished the killing and were going to collect the balance of Sh160,000. The magistrate deferred the sentencing to June 28

  • ndya muthyuty

    Kikuyu woman hired police gangs to kill his vhusband (the father of her children) Kikuyu worships Money (Lucifer ) The shining star?

  • Oppen Society Democracy

    SHAME SHAME SHAME TO UHURU KENYATTA AND HIS DEPUTY WILLIAM RUTO! Drug dealers are not deported !This is only in Kenya where drug dealers are deported For cover-up!Read below how drug-dealers are jailed First and after serving their sentence they asre then deported!How Comes only in Kenya drug dealers are deported?Uhuruto AStop smoking Cocaine!its a bad presidecy to Kenyan youth !You are not a role -model to East African Youth!Tanzania boxers jailed in Mauritius for drug-smuggling
    The boxers apologised for getting involved in the illicit trade
    Continue reading the main story
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    Tanzania profile
    Mauritius country profile – Overview
    Why West Africa cannot break its drug habit
    Four Tanzanian boxers have been sentenced to 15 years in prison in Mauritius after pleading guilty to heroin-smuggling charges.

    The boxers told a court they smuggled the heroin into Mauritius because they needed money to support their families.

    They were on the Indian Ocean island to compete in an amateur boxing tournament when they were arrested in 2008.

    The judge said the time they had spent in prison since then would be knocked off their 15-year sentence.

    ‘Gravity of crime’

    Case Ramadhani Fills, Nathanael Elia Charles, Ally Rajabu Msengwa and Petro Charles Mtagwa were seen as promising young boxers when they were arrested in June 2008 during a raid on a hotel in the town of Quatre Bornes, about 15km (nine miles) from the capital, Port Louis, correspondents say.

    Continue reading the main story

    Start Quote
    We are poor and have family commitments; children and old parents who depend on us”
    End Quote
    Convicted boxers
    The boxers had flown in from Tanzania to take part in the African Cup of Boxing, the main amateur boxing tournament on the continent.

    The Mauritius Anti-Drug Smuggling Unit had put them under surveillance after receiving intelligence that the four were carrying drugs, reports the BBC’s Yasine Mohabuth from Port Louis.

    They were charged with smuggling about 4kg (8lb 8oz) of heroin, he says.

    “We apologise to the Mauritian nation,” the boxers said, before the sentences were handed down.

    “We are poor and have family commitments; children and old parents who depend on us.”

    “With this transaction, we would have received 4,000 euros ($5,200; £3,400).”

    Judge Marie Joseph said he took into account that the boxers had “family commitments” and had “readily confessed”.

    They had also helped in the arrest of their “local contact”, he said.

    Nevertheless, the gravity of the crime could not be “minimised when one considers the considerable harm the quantity of drugs involved could have caused if they had found their way in the country”, the judge added.

    He said that he was sentencing each of them to 15 years “penal servitude”.

    “[But] 1,722 days shall be deducted, the time they have spent on remand.”

  • Kenya Rapist Army Under Uhuru was told to pack up and go back to Rape-land!This Nigger army cannot defend Kenya borders They are busy selling Makaa (stealing & looting) chacoal in Kismayo>

  • Majambazi Jangli

    54 Baboons (African Nigger Dictator Presidents) met in Ethiopran Capital and Babonzoed (Whir-people(Icc ) hoping to threaten EU/UK /USA into submission (to leave the ICC en-masse? President Kenyatta ICC trial to open November 12 The AU Baboons & chimpanzees will get a very rude shock from their Colonial Masters!

  • Majambazi Jangli

    I hope The IG of Police (Kimaiyo )is reading this >A new revolution to get rid of all oppressive seniour Policemen in power!Pumping a full Magazine in an officers body sounds great!colleague over Sh50,000 bribeUpdated Friday, June 21st 2013 at 12:58 GMT +3
    Murang’a, Kenya: Panic gripped Gachocho village in Murang’a County after a female Administration Police officer was killed in cold blood by her junior male colleague over claims of sexually abusing her daughter.

    The two officers are also alleged to have differed over Sh 50,000 bribe they had received from a suspect they shielded
    from facing prosecution.

    inShare.The female officer, Corporal Lydia Ndiruka was sprayed with bullets by her colleague Mr Joseph Kyonga over accusations he had defiled her nine year-old-daughter.

    The two were reportedly heading for a night duty before the argument ensued with the female officer implicating her colleague for defiling her daughter.

    Kyonga angered by the allegations made by her immediate boss reportedly shot Ms Ndiruka killing her on the spot.

    Colleagues at Gachocho Administration Police Camp said the two reside with their families and have been having a cold relationship over the defilement claims.

    “We heard gun shots only to find our corporal lying dead as the assailant fled. We later learnt that he surrendered himself to Kigumo police station,” said one of the officers.

    Kigumo Deputy OCPD Juma Londoh confirmed the incident saying the officer surrendered himself to Kigumo police station after the tragic incident.

    He said the officer will be arraigned in court immediately after police complete investigations as the body was removed to Thika district mortuary.

  • Askari Kwekwqe

    Muslims must hit back hence Kwekwe is busy chasing muslim youthand ICC witness> Kwekwe at work !Muslim Must rise up never turn the other chick>Mombasa police ‘have hit list of 50 suspects’
    ..Friday, June 21, 2013 – 00:00 — BY MARTIN MWITA
    THE police have a hit list of 50 terror suspects lined up for execution at the Coast, according to human rights groups.

    Muslims for Human Rights (Muhuri) and the Genesis for Human Rights Commission (GHRC) claim that police are hunting down suspects in Mombasa County.

    This comes after Shabaan Mwenda, 27, recorded a statement at Muhuri after being arrested on suspicion of terrorism.

    According to Mwenda, police asked him to assist in tracking down other suspects.

    He said police bundled him into their vehicle outside Tuskys supermarket on Haile Selassie Avenue in Mombasa. They blindfolded him and started interrogating him.

    “They were torturing me inside the car using sharp objects. They took me to a bush and told me to show them where I had kept weapons and explosives,” said Mwenda.

    He says police latter took him to his home where they broke the door and started searching his house.

    “They did not get anything. They took my documents, ID card and driving licence and Sh1,500. They took me to the beach and instructed me to help them track down a list of people promising to pay me,” Mwenda said.

    According to the statement by Mwenda, the names on the list include Ustadh Khalid, Said Marhaba, Luqman Mohamed Shee, Muumin Abdi, Abdulkadir Rehan, Musa Shosi, Yusuf Kipofu, Said Kibanda and family, Abdul from Kibokoni. Also on the alleged list are Mohamed, a carpenter at Mewa; Farid, Suleiman, and Awadh from Majengo; and Fahim Khalid and Khaidham from Bondeni.

    The suspects have all told Muhuri that they are being unjustly accused and are innocent.

    Also on the list are Abubakar Sharif, alias Makaburi, an ally of the late slain Muslim cleric Sheikh Aboud Rogo, and Rogo’s son in-law Swale Abdulmajid.

    Makaburi was linked by police to the bombing of the Kampala coach bus in Nairobi and was charged with incitement after violence erupted in Mombasa after the killing of Rogo in last year. Abdulmajid was linked by police to terror in Kenya and Tanzania.

    The two joined more than 20 suspects who jointly expressed their concern with Muhuri on Monday this week. The two said they are living in fear and pleaded their innocence.

    “They said they will kill me if I don’t cooperate. I agreed to cooperate to save my life. They told me not to tell anyone that I was arrested which I agreed,” said Mwenda.

    Mwenda was speaking to journalists at the Muhuri offices. He said police re-arrested him after he failed to get back to them within a week. He was then released and given Sh3,000 shillings to repair his door.

    “They asked me why I was not reporting to them and I told them I was sick. I am now living in fear since they threatened to kill me,” said Mwenda.

    Yesterday, the human rights group expressed fears that the list could be genuine after Kassim Omondi and Salim Mohammed were gunned down by police on Monday at Mlaleo and Kiembeni in Kisauni.

    Their families have accused the police of murder. However the police say the suspects retaliated during the arrests.

    Kisauni Deputy OCPD Thomas Sangut confirmed that an AK47 rifle, five magazines, and 145 rounds of ammunition were recovered from Omondi while two hand grenades, a pistol and an AK 47 rifle loaded with 212 rounds of ammunition recovered from Salim.

    Muhuri executive director Hussein Khalid expressed fears that the arms cache might have been planted on the victims.

    called on the police to release the serial number of the recovered weapons for verification in case of another arrest.

    “To clear this planting issue, let the police give us the serial numbers and particulars of the ammunition. Otherwise people will continue to believe this is a well planned trade where the guns are taken back to police custody for next assignment,” said GHRC programs manager Caleb Ng’wena.

    Muhuri has written to Chief Justice Willy Mutunga requesting a judicial inquiry into the killings.

    Executive director Khalid said the rate of killing of terror suspects is alarming. According to Muhuri, 17 have been killed in the last twelve months.

    “We have reasons to believe that the Anti-Terror Police has a hit squad out to execute terror suspects and circumvent due process of law,” said Khalid.

    Police however dismissed the claims.

    Acting police spokesman Masoud Mwinyi told the Star yesterday that no hit squad has been set up and said there was no list of 50 suspects.

    “Our officers are not on a shooting spree. They abide by ethics and law of natural justice,” said Mwinyi.

    “Suspects are apprehended and subjected to the due process. It’s unfortunate that some ended up being gunned down during the operations,” said Mwinyi.

  • Washington Othiambo

    Jaluo Walikwamana Kumani Mjini Kisumu>

  • Aplanted (special Killer) doctor (asassin Squadron)specialized in Medical who has been working in Nakuru General Hospital for a ling time(eliminating unwanred Goverment Critics) there are so many foreign doctors working and researching in All parts of Kenyan Hospitals The country has failed miserably !You are here:Home » Fake doctor found in Nakuru hospital Fake doctor found in Nakuru hospital
    ..Wednesday, May 22, 2013 – 00:00 — BY STEVE WAMBUGU
    A man who has been pretending to be a doctor at the Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital in Nakuru was yesterday arrested.

    The hospital’s medical superintendent, John Murema, said the “fake doctor”, Francis Kadaya has been attending to patients during night shifts for the past week.

    He said Kadaya had a doctor’s coat and a fake name tag that he used to enter the hospital. “This man was always seen during the night shift and he was fully equipped with everything including fake identification,” Murema said.

    The superintendent told the press Kadaya was discovered by a member of staff who noticed unusual behaviour from the “doctor”.

    The staff member reported the matter to security guards at the hospital.

    Murema said the guards and Nakuru police planned a trap for Kadaya and arrested him on Monday night when he arrived for the night shift.

    “He was acting weirdly by standing in the corridors after his shift. The other two doctors had offices and he did not seem to have one. That’s why we noticed something was not right and laid a trap for him,” the superintendent said.

    Murema said Kadaya was not on the hospital’s payroll and he may have taken advantage of the fact that the hospital has many members of staff to masquerade as a doctor. He said security surveillance at the hospital will be improved to prevent similar occurrences in future.

    While defending himself after being arrested by the police, Kadaya said the doctor’s coat and name tag belonged to his cousin. He was taken to Nakuru central police station

  • Chinese news in Africa

    Read here How Silly Africans with Bonobo brains worship chinese Engineers who are in their 30ths(age)young chinese men with brains working and supervising Nigger Idiots with Goat/Chicken/Chimpanzee brain>

  • Chinese news in Africa

    A chinese young man was heard boasting >How Kenya(kaffirs) Niggers prostrate under his feet for a Job>”If you want to start something – and be the boss – Africa is the place to do it,” Zhang’s father had told him when he asked for business advice.

    Zhang had quit university to travel to east Africa, but he did not need a degree to spot easy money-making opportunities as soon as he set foot in Kampala: goods that were available cheaply in every city in China were either expensive here, or unavailable. He started by importing shoes. Then schoolbags. Then fishing nets, nails and bicycles.

    “I imported everything. At that time they needed everything!” recalls Zhang, an affable man with rimless glasses.

    His business grew quickly; he made money and local friends. But after a few years he grew weary of the long buying trips to China. So he and his wife bought a large plot of land in Kampala. On it they constructed a spectacular Chinese-Korean restaurant, with private dining areas, karaoke rooms and a giant 500-seat dining hall. To the side of the restaurant they built a bedroom, which became their home. The business prospered, and soon he started additional enterprises including a bakery, a firm selling flat-screen televisions and a security company.

  • Chinese news in Africa

    The Only Law that works in Todays Corrupt World is (MOSES-LAW) The Laws of Moses) An eye for an eye!Its the only law dictaors listen!>Deported Nigerian Anthony Chinedu on Monday demanding full payment of his investments in Kenya before seven officials and the chattered aircraft held at a Lagos airport are released. New details are emerging on how Kenyan officials who accompanied Mr Chinedu and two other Nigerians deported two weeks ago spent the night in their aircraft because they were not allowed to leave.

    On Monday, one of the detained officials claimed they slept in the aircraft and ate spoilt food because they were considered illegal entrants. They contacted the High Commission when they realised the issue was getting out of hand.

    “We were only allowed out in the evening the next day because embassy (Kenyan High Commission) officials had come in,” one of the officials said.

    The officials from different government departments including foreign affairs, immigration and police, left Nairobi for Lagos in a chartered aeroplane on June 3 escorting the controversial businessman and two other Nigerians, Christopher Nnanyelu and Oluwatosin Adebiyi. The three had been declared prohibited immigrants in Kenya.

    However, in a dramatic turn of events, the officials have not been allowed to leave Nigeria. They said authorities at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos were holding them and their chartered East African Safari Express plane.

    According to them, Nigerian authorities have insisted the Kenyans will not be allowed to fly out without the three men Kenya kicked out on drug trafficking claims.
    http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Chinedu-no … index.html

    I don’t agree with the way the GOK went about deporting him but he is a known drug dealer and would tie up the case in the courts forever. He has become a nuisance.
    On the property issue, the laws are very clear, proceeds from criminal activities are forfeited to the state , not even akinyi should get anything
    GOK should take back chinedu and quietly “disappear” him on the streets of Nairobi,alternatively start rounding up naijas to pressure on the their govt to release the plane after all there are more naijas in kenya than kenyans in naijaRafiki

    Posts: 84
    Joined: Tue Apr 10, 2012 12:52 am

  • Nairobi Special News.


  • Chinendu After being tortured and molested by Uhuru/Kimaiyo badboys>

  • .[VIDEO Mystery of Three Strangers in Chinedu’s Deportation Saga
    By Mwakilishi | Sat, 06/22/2013 04:50PM -0400 .
    Mystery surrounds the identity of three passengers aboard the plane used to deport Nigerian businessman Antony Chinedu amid claims by Nigerian authorities that the trio was not on the plane’s official manifest.(Kenya government should not confiscate millions owned by the Nigerian /Kenya Citizen?Mr Chinedu is married to a Kenyan woman and the couple has children) How comes the whole extradirion saga has been controvercial hence involving Big Fishes in Uhuru/rito Govt? Stop Uhuru Racist Policies against Other frican Natives?UHURU/RUTO MUST FIND A WAY OF FIFGTING DRUGS IN KENYA)THE REAL DRUG BARONS IN KENYA REMAINS UNTOUCHABLES)

    The Nigerian government came out on Friday night to declare that it was the one holding the seven Kenyan government officials and five airline crew who had escorted Mr Chinedu and his compatriots, Christopher Nnanyelu and Oluwatosin Adebiyi.

    And experts have cautioned that blunders in the procedure used to deport the Nigerians could cost the country millions of shillings in form of payments to the travel operator and affect the country’s bilateral ties with the West African nation.

    The controversy over the expulsion of the Nigerians suspected to be drug traffickers is now shaping up as a major diplomatic test for the Jubilee government.

    In a statement on Friday, the Federal Aviation Authority of Nigeria stated that the aircraft and its crew were impounded because they flouted “laid down security procedures”.

    “The security agencies in Lagos discovered that certain procedures were not complied with and subsequently grounded the aircraft,” said Mr Yakubu Dati, the authority’s general manager for Public Affairs. “That is why the aircraft has been grounded and it is going through security routine at the moment.”
    The officials have been detained in Nigeria since June 3.

    Mr Yakubu further said that the security agents in Lagos, in their routine checks, had “discovered lapses” in procedures followed by the crew of aircraft, a DC-9 model.

    “As soon as the grey areas are clarified, the aircraft will be released according to the laws of the land,” he promised, but left open the question of how much longer the Kenyans must wait.

    One of the “grey areas” is the number of passengers on board when it landed at the Murtala Mohammed Airport.

    The travel manifest in possession of the Sunday Nation shows that the plane carried the seven officials, five crew and the three deportees making a total of 15.

    But according to the Nigerian authorities, the impounded plane had 18 passengers. There was no clarity on whether the three were Kenyans or more Nigerians.

    From Monday last week, Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed said negotiations were going on between her office and Nigerian authorities.

    She also insisted that the officials assigned to expel Chinedu and two of his compatriots had all the required travel documents including approval to land in Nigerian airports.

    But the “grey areas” could prove costly to the taxpayer, the aircraft operators and the Kenyan officials held in Nigeria. The plane is operated by the East African Safari Air Express (EASAX). In 2011, the aircraft stopped regular commercial flights, instead venturing into chartered services.

    There has been no official statement on how much the government paid or how much loss the operator has incurred as the aircraft continues to be held in Lagos. On Friday, a company statement stated that they would not reveal the financial nature of the chartered service “as that is commercially sensitive information”.

    However, the company did confirm that they were hired only for a day. Two aviation experts estimated the cost of hiring a plane to Lagos to be between Sh10 million and Sh12 million for a day.

    According to Gad Kamau, a chief pilot at Wilson Airport, it will be the duty of the government to pay the operators for the days the plane had been held.

    The pilot explained that according to standard practice, the government will be billed by the hour, outside the one-day contract.

    The government will therefore have to pay for all the extra hours the plane has been detained in Lagos. It was supposed to return to Nairobi on June 4.

    Sunday will be the 15th day that the team will be staying in Lagos. They include Capt Tim Kavingo, First Officer Rokshanker Masoud (Swede) and their colleagues George Kamau, Ismail Adan and Engineer Alaka Ochieng. The officials who escorted the deportees are Barasa Okosa, Kariuki Ngugi, Mungathia Muriiri, Pardala Dipason, Kivuva Muthama, Andrew Kambi and Mutinda Kakindu.

    According to media reports, the Swede works for an international airline and only flew to Lagos for an extra coin because he was off duty on that day.
    Lawyers who spoke to the Sunday Nation on Saturday faulted the manner in which the deportation was executed.

    “The process was irregular and out of the jurisdiction of a court of law,” said lawyer Ashford Mugwuku, who has been retained by Mr Chinedu’s former wife, Jocye Akinyi.

    He termed as false allegations that Ms Akinyi and her new husband were behind the deportation with the aim of inheriting Chinedu’s property.

    The lawyer argues that suspects should have been deported on the strength of a court order, not a presidential decree.

    Another lawyer, Mr Okello Opolo, argues that the move on Chinedu has significant negative impact on the justice system, because the Nigerian was deported on the basis of suspicion and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty was not taken on board.

    The two lawyers say that international law requires that Mr Chinedu should have been tried under the Kenyan law and deported if proven guilty after serving his jail term.

    It is also being argued that for Kenya to persuade Nigeria, it must provide watertight evidence that the deported Nigerian citizens are drug dealers.

    They also point out that the government should have waited for conclusion of ongoing court cases involving Mr Chinedu.

    – Saturday Nation


    potential hazards include:

    Stock market Crash
    Global financial collapse worldwide
    Starvation,disease,famine & abject poverty
    Law & order breakdown
    One world communist government
    World central bank that will administer transactions on the planet
    A world currency & an rfid micro chipped Population linked to a global Computer goal
    REPENT & obey all of God’s commandments and strive to live a holy life.
    Jesus is coming soon(rapture)for a bride without blemish don’t be left behind…

  • Uhuru/Kibaki/Ruto were being Listened)Eavesdroves!

  • Cameline Mgonze Ngami

    Some madmen Kenya Mps wanted to habe Sex by Raping a woman infront of her husband!some were even putting fingers under her dress>Former PNU strategist Peter Kagwanja could not afford to miss wife Amb Monica Kathina Juma’s vetting by MPs for the position Principal Secretary for Defence. However, he had to endure the antics of some of the male committee members who were all over her, some trying to get her phone number and others even attempting to hug her. An MP who tried to give Kathina a peck on the cheek was momentarily held back when he saw another man standing next to her. “And who is this man standing here?” he asked. The Principal Secretary nominee replied politely but firmly, “This is actually my husband.”


  • Kikuyu Prostitutes at work! here trying Raping a Tourist White-man>

  • Listen to this Idiot (GEMA/KAMATUSA )Lackey yapping like a Gibbon in Mating mood!The Young man has not brushed his teeth for ages his floathing mouth is smelling faecet! When will Masai wake-up?http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=pfqC1luMPV8

  • Hijamo Hijamo

    How long are these Kikuyu muderers are going to lecture&abuse ,humiliate the sleeping Kenyan lot?http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ky-Oz4NdlCM(How to start a civil-war in Kenya 280 pages!

  • Embu Ni Kwalushe Na Mimi Nikukwalushe

    They Raped Julie Ward Lilled her and burned her body (UK) govt was compromissed by Kenya govt The Rapist & murderer was Promoted and posted in Peking as Kenya Ambassadoe (Sunkuli)The other day Ujuru Kenyatta Sister was Raped at a Govt Hospital Nothing happens (Kikuyu are brothers & sisters) Lets wait How Uhuru is going to do for her Sister? You are here:Home » Rights group decries rape of KNH patientRights group decries rape of KNH patient
    ..Wednesday, June 26, 2013 – 00:00 — BY LYDIA MATATA

    A patients’ rights organization has decried the alleged rape of an ICU patient by a Nurse at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

    The Morris Mosses foundation has called on the police to investigate the matter and take action immediately. The rights organization has also called on the Ministry of Health to ensure cases of patient injustice in public hospitals are fully investigating stating that majority of complaints by patients are ignored by the relevant authorities

    “If a patient can undergo an ordeal like this in the very facility that is supposed to take care of them at their most helpless moment in their life, what does this say about Patient Safety in our health institutions?” Alice Naserian Mwongers, chief executive officerhas said,

    Meanwhile a male nurse accused of defiling a 28-year-old-woman who was recieving treatment at the the Kenyatta National Hospital has been suspended. The case which the hospital has termed an “isolated incident” has been handed over to the police.

  • Ma-Penzi la Mbwa

    This Dog(four-legged Animal)has more human brain than Kenya Goverment (becouse of its love of Kenya children more the Uhuru /Ruto Kibaki that kills Kenya children>

  • Chinese Young Pioneers

    Yes Capotalism System has failed the world and enslaved them>

  • A big insect than an Elephant>In his videotaped interview with journalist Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden said that “the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies” (like the CIA) were so formidable that “[n]o one can meaningfully oppose them. If they want to get you, they’ll get you in time.”

    That remains to be seen. On Wednesday President Obama beat a hasty retreat from his global public relations and diplomatic, and political campaign against Snowden. It was quite an amazing, if implicit, admission of defeat. Here was the president of the world’s most powerful nation, with the world’s most influential media outlets having rallied to his cause, now quietly trying to lower the profile of an issue that his own government had elevated to one of the biggest stories in the world.

    He didn’t talk to the presidents of China or Russia, he said, because “I shouldn’t have to. This is something that routinely is dealt with between law enforcement officials in various countries.” Except that it has been dealt with by these other governments in the same way that Americans deal with annoying telemarketing phone calls. Hong Kong casually hung up on the Obama Administration’s extradition request. President Putin provided a jovial “buzz off” response on Wednesday, saying that Snowden was a “free man,” and with an analogy to shearing a piglet, made it clear that he had more important things to think about than helping an unfriendly arrogant power get its hands on a pesky whistleblower. US Secretary of State John Kerry’s threats that a failure to follow Washington’s directives would “have consequences” turned out to be nothing more than bluff and bluster.

    “I’m not going to be scrambling jets to get a 29-year-old hacker,” said Obama in response to a question as to whether he would try to force down a plane carrying Snowden away from Russia. That was the best news of the week for Snowden, because that scenario was quite possibly one of his biggest obstacles to his freedom. He could conceivably get to Latin America without flying through US air space or stopping in countries that take orders from the United States, but what would stop the US government from forcing his plane down almost anywhere along the way? International law, you might say, but I can already hear the snickering from the White House and the Pentagon.

  • Today the UK has 334 tanks.

    A Ministry of Defence spokesman says the UK is still committed to heavy armour: “The 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) recognised the need for an agile and capable force, which included the continued requirement for tanks to provide a unique capability.” The UK’s Challenger 2 tanks will be in service until roughly 2035, thanks to a “life extension programme”, the spokesman adds.

    Continue reading the main story
    Little Willie, the world’s first tank
    In 1915, Winston Churchill, then First Lord of the Admiralty, created a Landships Committee to tackle the problems of trench warfare.

    Little Willie was running by the end of 1915 but a new design was already under construction, which would become the prototype for British heavy tanks in WWI.

    Little Willie never saw combat, but it represented a major step forward in military technology. Lessons from this pilot project helped shape the vehicles that would supersede it.

    Little Willie, the world’s first tank
    Outside Europe tanks numbers are rising, Foss says. In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is upgrading its US-made M1 tanks, Qatar has opted for the Leopard 2. China is replacing its tanks, South Korea is self sufficient, India and Pakistan have large numbers already. Asian countries without a tradition of tanks are building up their forces. Singapore and Indonesia have opted for the Leopard 2, while Malaysia has ordered Polish tanks.

    Used properly – with infantry, engineers and close air support – they are still a crucial part of a military’s capability, says former US tank officer Robert Forczyk, author of a forthcoming book about Kursk. “They provide the sharp point of the spear that can break through defences and advance rapidly to seize key objectives. Only airborne forces offer a similar versatility.”

    Day and night vision equipment gives modern tanks a big advantage over their WWII equivalents. A Tiger tank’s powerful gun could finish off one of today’s light armoured vehicles. But it would be impotent against a modern battle tank, says Foss. “The Challenger would open fire before the Tiger even knew it was there, and penetrate its armour.”

    But 70 years after Kursk, is a tank battle on that scale still possible?

    Undoubtedly, says Forczyk. Various countries that have fought in the past have massive tank numbers.

    India has 3,250 and Pakistan 2,400. In the Middle East, Egypt has 2,500 and Syria 3,000, while Israel (500 in active service, 2000 stored) has regularly used tanks in recent conflicts.

    Continue reading the main story
    More on tanks from BBC History
    Life and times of a “wonder weapon”
    Soviet-German War 1941-1945
    From the field gun to the tank
    Explore a WWI Mark I tank
    Force, pressure, surface area – ballerina v tank
    It’s possible to “wargame” purely hypothetical conflicts.

    China has more than twice as many as any other nation at 7,450. Russia has 3,300. But the threat of a tank battle between North (3,500) and South Korea (2,500) is perhaps a more realistic possibility.

    In the battles of the future, the tanks may be unrecognisable from the Russian T34 and German Tiger that did battle at Kursk. Military technology has reached the point where unmanned tanks – a land drone – are now possible, says Codner.

    For traditional “tankies” it may be a different kind of beast altogether.

    You can follow the Magazine on Twitter and on Facebook
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