Jared Adiwa’s Funeral Fund Raising Committee Set Up in Stockholm

The late Jared Adiwa: To be buried in Kenya following decision by his two sons resident in Stockholm

The late Jared Adiwa: Fund raising on 29th June 2013 in Skanstull

A Committee headed by Jared Odero, a Kenyan Stockholmer, has been set up to coordinate efforts towards raising funds for the transportation of the late Jared Adiwa’s body to Kenya. The Committee was established at a meeting held at the residence of Jared’s brother, Tonny Adiwa on Saturday, 8th June. According to the Chairman of the committee, a funds drive has been set for Saturday, 29th June 2013 and a venue has been located at Skanstull. Address for the venue and other details will be released by the Committee before the end of the week.

Jared Adiwa passed away on 14th May 2013 after a long illness and his family at home has been waiting for his body to be transported to Kenya for burial. Speaking to KSB, Jared Odero appealed to all Kenyans and friends alike to pull together and help Adiwa’s family realize their objective of transporting the body to Kenya for burial. The amount being targeted by the Committee is not less than 50.000kr. A Bank account number will soon be circulated for those who may not be able to attend the funds drive to be able to chip in with their contributions. The Treasurer of the Committee is Collins Omondi.

In the meantime, the Chairman of the Committee told KSB that “Club 1000”, a group of Kenyans willing to volunteer to contribute 1000kr each towards the funds drive, is being mapped out. The concept of “Club 1000” was mooted by businessman Clay Onyango when George Obor passed away but it was put to real practice when the late Millie passed away recently.

In the run-up to the main funds drive, Millie’s friends teamed up to make huge contributions which smoothened the harambee process. The Chairman of the Adiwa Committee said that a list of top names has been drawn up and that the Committee is in the process of contacting the candidates for an update of strategy. The Chairman appealed to Kenyans to cooperate and turn out for the harambee in large numbers so as to make it a success.

Although not known by the younger generation of Kenya-Stockholmers, the late Jared Adiwa was a very humble person, non-controversial, friendly and very sociable. Jared leaves behind two sons and two grandchildren. The sons will travel to Kenyan to attend the funeral along with Jared’s younger brother, Tonny to deliver the body. The Committee tasked KSB with spreading information about the funds drive to Kenyans and all well-wishers willing to help.

Okoth Osewe


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