Breaking News: Jared Adiwa’s Sons Accept Burial of their Father’s Remains in Kenya

Jared’s Family in Kenya Welcomes the Good News

The late Jared Adiwa: To be buried in Kenya following decision by his two sons resident in Stockholm

The late Jared Adiwa: To be buried in Kenya following decision by his two sons resident in Stockholm

There has been a major breakthrough in the talks between the late Jared Adiwa’s Kenyan family and his two sons who accepted last evening that the body of their departed father could be buried in Kenya.

Despite the sombre mood that has dominated the entire family after they were plunged into deep mourning following the departure of Jared mid last month, family members in Kenya greeted the news about the sons’ decision with joy and ululation.

According to information obtained by KSB, the sons had reconsidered their position, weighed all the options and arrived at the conclusion that a burial in Kenya of the remains of their late dad would be the best alternative that would be in the best interest of all family members.

Speaking to KSB, Tonny Adiwa, Jared’s younger brother resident in Stockholm, said that he was very happy with the news. “I must say that the boys have been very cooperative”, he said, adding that the discussions have been taking place under an atmosphere of family love, mutual respect and focus on a solution. “Any differences that may have arisen over the issue were normal due to differences of opinion”, he told KSB.

Tonny said that an agreement had now been reached and urged Kenyans, friends, well-wishers and sympathisers to assist the family achieve its objective of transporting the body to Kenya. He said that consultations were already underway to set up a Committee that would oversee the funds drive to help transport Jared’s body to Kenya for burial.

Mr. Ochieng Nyambok, a Kenyan elder who has been helping with the discussions, welcomed the news. He said that the decision of the sons showed that the minor differences that existed in the beginning were not permanent and urged everybody concerned to now focus on fund raising to transport the body of the late Jared to Kenya for burial. Mr. Nyambok praised the sons for their informed decision and hoped that all would be well until Jared is finally laid to rest.

Likewise, Mr. Oyuga Odada, a Kenyan elder who has also been instrumental in the talks, told KSB that the new task ahead for Kenyans and friends following the good news is raising enough money for the body to be transported to Kenya.

In an earlier report, KSB had mentioned that a court action “may be the only remaining hope” when it appeared as though the talks between Jared’s family in Kenya and the sons had collapsed. KSB would like to state that the “court action” mentioned in the earlier report was hypothetical and not imminent. There is no family member who had moved to court or who was intending to move to court to resolve the dispute.

Under the circumstances, KSB wishes to correct any wrong impression that may have been created to the effect that Jared’s family was in the process of moving to court to resolve the impasse. KSB apologises to both parties for any inconveniences that may have been created as a result of wrong perception that Jared’s Kenyan family was on its way to court.

Despite difficulties in the talks, a window of opportunity continued to exist while KSB has been updated that options that could lead to a positive outcome remained open. Now that a major breakthrough has been made, KSB joins everybody who has been following the developments in welcoming the good news.

Okoth Osewe



  • Mkenya (Msema-Ukweli)

    My thanks goes to Jared Adiwa’s sons for showing maturity civility and democracy for accepting and agreeing with their families and relatives in Kenya .Thanks again you are truly great men, you will receive good blessings from your families in Kenya .You are real sons of the Soil Welcome to Kenya with Oppen hands May you be blessed by all peace loving People of both Swedem and Kenya .Karibuni A-Sante Sana!

  • Huge congratis to the whole team that took their time off the enter into this enomous Task of negotiation. You Kenyasn Luos elders and the rest of you deserve credit.Now second tuff segment comes and its my sincere hope that Kenyan of all walks will respond Positive and support the Family take the Body back home.

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