Luo Elders in Stockholm Sent to Negotiate Jared Adiwa’s Final Resting Place

Talks aimed at averting a looming burial in Sweden

The late Jared Adiwa: Final resting place in dispute as protagonists prepare for battle

The late Jared Adiwa: Final resting place in dispute as protagonists prepare for epic battle

Many Kenyans must be wondering why the funeral arrangements of the late Jared Adiwa have never been made public since the 60 year old Kenyan passed away about a week ago. The problem is that there has been a growing “conflict of interest” about Jared’s final resting place between Jared’s family in Kenya and the late Kenyan’s family in Sweden.

Back in Kenya, the family has made it clear that they want the body transported to Kenya for burial “as the only option”, a position that has been endorsed by Jared’s mother who is still alive. According to a source close to Jared’s family in Sweden, his two Swedish sons want his remains interred in Stockholm so that they can tend to the grave and where it can be accessible to Jared’s four grandchildren. This position has apparently been rejected by Jared’s Kenyan family, a move that has not sunk down well with Jared’s family in Sweden.

According to the Swedish law, Jared’s children in Sweden have the final say over his final burial place. However, according to Luo customary law which Jared is assumed to have ascribed to, the decision about his final resting place rests with the clan in Kenya. In what promises to be an epic battle, protagonists on both sides are reportedly digging deep into their fox holes in readiness for “The War of the Final Resting Place” of Jared who never left a will indicating where he wanted to be buried.

To avert this war, a three man Committee of Luo elders in Stockholm, has been set up to negotiate between the two families in order to avert what may turn out to be one of the fiercest “Burial battles” of a Luo in Stockholm since the days of James Wuod Maggero whose body was cremated in Stockholm in 2007.

The Luo elders who have been tasked with negotiating a settlement are Mr. Oyuga Odada, Mr. James Ochieng Nyambok and Mrs. Hellen Opwapo. The troika of elders are set to meet Jared’s two children (aged 32 and 28) to convince them to avoid a drama in Stockholm over the burial place of their departed father on grounds that the family in Kenya wants the body to be buried in Kenya.

The late Jared’s younger brother, Antony Adiwa, resides in Stockholm and although he has reportedly been negotiating with the boys since his brother passed away, a source told KSB that he was meeting opposition from his brother’s Swedish family which, sources told KSB, appears bent on burying the body in Sweden. Contacted by KSB, Antony did not want to discuss the developments in detail, saying only that the matter “is extremely heavy on him” and that he was hoping for a “favourable agreement”. He told KSB that the matter had put him in a “tough position” because he is the blood link between his brother’s Kenyan and Swedish families.

A Kenyan who has been close to the discussions but who did not want to be identified said that Jared’s Swedish family do not seem to fully understand the cultural implications of burying him in Sweden without the blessing of Jared’s family in Kenya.

According to Luo cultural pundits, the real problem is that if the departed Kenyan is buried in Sweden without express endorsement of his Kenyan family, the Kenyan family might begin a legal process to exhume the body to be buried in Kenya as per Luo culture on grounds that if this is not done, Jared’s spirit will never rest in peace.

“The spirit will return to haunt the living who abandoned his body to be buried in the wilderness of Europe thereby depriving him of the opportunity to join his ancestors in the after life”, a die-hard Luo tradititonalist told KSB.

Jared’s two children were born out of two relationships with two white Swedish women whom he was divorced to at the time of his death. The result of the elder’s meeting with the family is expected by Friday, 31st May 2013.  KSB is following the story with gigantic interest.

Okoth Osewe



  • Halllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooo its high time people open up there Eyes Writing of the will and if not that tell your Close friend about your wish. I would say the same the Children of the late Adiwa has the final say. When one is single and doesnt Children behind him or her the parent takes the decision but after Children has been conceived then they are the final say. they are even above 18. The wazee convince the one at home to to swallow this.

  • As I read this, I felt some pain in my nerves. As much as we respect our cultures, parents, country name it, has any of these got any powers over anyone’s grown up kids? I think for the Late Adiwa’s case who seems to be having caring children and able to stand by their father even at this time of death, no one should try to stress them as they mourn. Family and friends should instead join and support them in whatever decision they make as I believe it is only them who know what is best for their late father.

  • Mkenya Mwenyewe

    Kim wa mami and Na, have you written your wills?Respect other cultures.When one gets mulatto children it does not mean their families in Kenya don’t matter when such a thing happens.Let us wait for the outcome of the negotiation.

  • Mamen Wenzangu

    Blame Wakenyas stupidity which is practiced by even educated Kenyans in Sweden.
    Why dont Kenyans write their wills? Even the Late Shikuku set a very good example which should be followed by other Kenyans. What is the big deal for someone writting his/her will? How long are we Kenyans going to remain Primitive !Had Jared wtitten his will nobody would be bothered by where to be burried but now His children has the right to make the last say(word)!Please wakenya wake-up from your collective Primitivity.This is not the first time Mkenya dies and cremated by his swedish Wife (or) concubine aka (Sambo) It is a pity that in this age Kenyans are failing to write their wills!

  • Mamen Wenzangu

    Stop Calling Kenya/swedish Children Mullatos(Hiyo ni( Kashifa)insult and shame on you!
    Burry your nigger racism. or take it somewhere else. (Pumbavu)Why don’t you admitt that Some Kenyan’s are born Primitive! Which cultures in a foreign Land! This not Kenya where no body respects people’s culture! Who has stopped you to write your will .then we see whether the Swedes will not honour and respect(recognise) ones will?

  • Most Africa donot have the habit of wrtting will reason thy dont believe that thy will one day die, secondly it s against some tradition and cultures to even contemplate death: That is the biggest Taabu that alwys cm when one in not aware.Now you get it slowly by slowly we are getting there.

  • It does not matter how much fire some idlers breath.The late Adiwa’s brother is here and has requested for assistance. The outcome will determine the way forward jinga wewe.It is not what you think in this that will work, but the result of the negotiation. Pumbavu wewe Ngamia sana. Those kids are mulattos.

  • Common you guys making kelele ya will, this is unAfrican and many don’t do so as explained by Wanjiku. It has happened and it is hurtful to the late Jared’s family that hateful words are being used to describe him. I agree with those who ask that we wait for the talks. Personally I support the Kenyan family that want the body back home. And yes, as Osewe wrote that is part of the customs for many Africans.

  • Yaonekana Mamen Wenzangu anelekea jiwe na matusi yake machafu. Twasubiri matokeo ya mapatano kutoka kwa wazee walioteuliwa. Waliosahau mila na desturi au kuchagua kuziacha wanapofika ng’ambo, basi ni shauri zao kwa hivyo hamna haja hao waingilie wale wanaofikiria tofauti. Tuwache ukatili na kutia makaa tanurini. Wengine hapa ni cheche wanaoeneza chuki na kampeni za kupaka matope jina. Wawe watulivu na wasubiri matokeo ya mapatano.

  • Wakariro wa Njuguna wa Githende

    If this man is not returned home, the following shall happen:

    1. Evil spirits called nyawawa will be prowling the landscape, howling in the darkness, baying for vengeance.
    2. Male seed will be rendered blank.
    3. Female wombs will be obsolete.
    4. The soils will be barren.

    Take the man home! He wants to talk to his brother Pat Onyango Sumba (RIP)

  • The cost of bringing body to Kenya is outrageous, if your folks cant cough out more than 3 millions and above for your body to be delivered to JKIA ,just write a will that u would like to be buried at a public cemetry of wherever you stay.

    last month i was involved in bringing to Kenya a body of a student who died in Quebec, Montreal Canada..a 21 years old young male..holy ooh holy!! I pity the family of whoever dies abroad.Revolution means democracy in today’s world, not the enslavement of peoples to the corrupt and degrading horrors of totalitarianism

  • Ole Moran: We just successfully sent a body to Kenya this week after a section of Kenya-Stockholm supporters met two weekends ago and raised enough money for the transportation.

    We do it differently in Sweden.

  • Kenyan stabs daughter to death

    UPDATE: Kenyan Man Stabs 6-year-old Daughter to Death, Then Fatally shot by Police
    Updated: Sun 11:51 PM, Jun 02, 2013

    St. Joseph County Metro Homicide is investigating after it says Edward Mwaura stabbed his 6-year-old daughter to death early Sunday morning.

    Late Sunday night, Veritas Academy in South Bend released a statement saying the girl was one of their own, 6-year-old Shirley Mundia, who just graduated kindergarten last week.

    It happened just after 5 a.m. at 4252 S. Irish Hills Drive in South Bend’s Irish Hills apartment complex. This exact apartment unit is located across from the leasing office.

    Metro Homicide says they were initially called to the scene for a domestic fight.

    When officers arrived, they found an adult female in the parking lot covered in blood. She told police her 6-year-old daughter was inside apartment 1B with her husband.

    Police entered the building and discovered large amounts of blood in the hall and on the walls.

    “Officers tried to call the suspect out by name several times to get him to come out of the apartment, at which point they heard a young girl screaming inside,” said Lt. Dave Wells, assistant commander of the Metro Homicide Unit. “Officers, fearing for the safety of that child and others who may have been in the apartment, they forced entry kicking in the door to apartment 1B.”

    Police say Mwaura was on top of his 6-year-old daughter, stabbing her repeatedly.

    To stop the attack, one of the officers fired at him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

    She was taken to a waiting ambulance and transported to a hospital, where she was then pronounced dead.

    “It makes it more difficult, especially when many of the officers have young children,” Wells said. “Any case we get down here is a tragedy and it’s difficult to deal with, but when you’re dealing with children who become victims of homicide, any kind of abuse, you have to stay focused.”

    Wells says the 6-year-old’s mother suffered several lacerations and stab wounds, but is expected to survive.

    He couldn’t say whether there’s a history of police calls to the residence where the homicide occurred.

    The apartment building remains blocked off while four crime scene technicians continue to gather evidence.

    Irish Hills resident Derek Ayres says he came home from an overnight shift and was shocked to see the crime scene.

    “It’s kind of scary because I go to work at night and who knows what can happen to my girlfriend and child when I’m not home,” Ayres said.

    All information has been forwarded to the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s office for review. Police say the family is originally from Africa and there was a slight language barrier they had to work through.

  • Death to Capitalism .Kenya econ omy will be castrated by UK City Financials !Kenya a very Great Centre of Exploiting Nigger Africa!>

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