Dany Engebo to Skip Afrojam Party at Hagsätra Tonight!

Other artists including Vumbi Dekula on schedule

Afrojam, the organizers of today’s Africa Night bash at Hagsätra, would like to inform fans and the general public that Dany Engebo, a key artist who was supposed to feature at the Party, will not be present because of last minute unavoidable circumstances. Afrojam apologises to all fans in advance and regrets any inconveniences that might have been caused by the abrupt turn of events.

Despite the setback, all other artists who were lined up for the event are on schedule and will be present to give the fans a run for their money.

Top on the list are Pablo Machine and Maestro Vumbi Dekula who will be in action to thrill the crowd throughout the night with DJ Rich spinning in the background. Lady Neema and Natalie Beabella will also feature and will ensure a memorable evening for all guests. Music will feature Bongo Flavor, Lingala, Soukous, Reggae, Benga, Soul and other African sound mixes specially compiled to keep revelers working it out on the floor non-stop.

The address is Götlundagatan 2, 12471 Bandhagen (Hagsätra Tube Station). The bash starts at 22.00hrs and the heat will be on until 05hrs. Entry fee has been reduced from 150kr to 100kr while food and drinks will be available at affordable prices. All are welcome.

Afrojam Crew


One comment

  • Hello,
    Kwani,nini mapya hapo,tulisema na imetendeka.We said and it has come to pass.Wana jijua wenye kutanagaza yale hawawezi ku timiza.Bure kabisa

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