LEAKED: Speaker, Justin Muturi’s Letter to Sarah Serem Asking for More Allowance for MPs




  • None is surprised Muturi does things lamentably cheap. What can we then expect from someone who entered judiciary as a magistrate and retired as one without going up one single step?
    There are the types UhuRuto needs to subvert democracy.

  • Harry Hazueruth.

    Kenyans will continue to suffer hence their collective Niggerisn stupidity and primitive .A cursed Kenya nation that has never liberated her people from Political thugs and prostitutes Like Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto!
    Is there any future for Kenyan People? Will Uhuruto deal with Past crimes when both are Criminals and Political babies Cooked and coached by Dictator Daniel Arap Moi Whose Regime murdered Kenyan People!
    Everything should be done to remove and resist Uhuruto Criminal govt of Gangsters.
    A thug like Muturi should be sitting in Kamiti Maximum Prison paying for his past crimes.

  • Wapi Jubilants?

    Jubilants are very silent on the rising scandals. They demonized CORD claiming that the Digitalized Boys would do business better. Notice how silent Kamwana is yet his own people are doing the exact opposite. Why would Uhuru be cooling them down on the high salary request yet they are the loudest in demanding it?

  • Raila KTN interview
  • Kikuta Kisemo

    African Baboons and Chimpanzees (mad black African Dictators)unites in opposing the UN and the ICC in hague at their ongoing meeting in Adis-ababa Ethiopian Capital! How Primitive and foolish these Anti-civilization Mad men who has been skinning their natives worse than slaves in this age ?Africa Union out to push for return of International Criminal Court cases back homeUpdated Saturday, May 25th 2013 at 08:59 GMT +3
    The leaders also reiterate the AU’s concern about the “misuse of indictments” against African leaders by prosecutors at the ICC. The Western Civilization Liberty and democracy should not be destroyed by mad African Dictators whose heads should be examined by Psychiatrists hence many are Schizophrenic

  • Kikuta Kisemo

    Black Monkeys (African Nigger Presidents) Meeting of AU (Animals United) in Ethiopian Capital!

  • Veritus Meritus

    Welcome and Enjoy Primitive and Uncivilized African Baboons and Chimpamzees in Mating -mood Climbing every tall tree in Africa intoxicated by Viagras Only to rape their weak women natives.

  • Isabella Da gama

    Kenyas Attorney General(Uhuru Kenyattas ) Cousin was hand-Picked he avoided being Vetten Now see how this Chief -Chimp is Chest-thumping infront of Both Primitive and civilized peoples!
    Kithu Mugai Defend the Ceaser but his nakedness cannot be covered hence its very long amd his underwear cannot any longer hold the Kings Penis!

  • Stephene Maiba

    Very Progressive People unlike brainwashed Kikuyus >Kusema na Kutenda >

  • Keith Sirimoe

    Is there any Diff Btw African Presidents and Wild Animals like Monkeys and wild Pigs?>

  • Kimemia corrupt
  • i just fail 2 understand when our leadership will go as per their speeches.

  • Kigen Kigen Arap Leiboni

    The greedy Pigs and dogs(kenya Mps) just did it>28 May 2013 Last updated at 15:51 GMT Share this pageEmail Print Share this page

    948ShareFacebookTwitter.Kenyan MPs vote to increase their pay despite protests
    Kenyan MPs earn more than almost all their African peers Continue reading the main story
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    Protest over ‘greedy’ Kenya MPs
    Kenya president rejects MP bonus
    Kenyan MPs face massive tax bill
    Kenyan MPs have voted to raise their salaries in defiance of proposals to cut pay.

    The vote suggests a monthly salary of about $10,000 (£6,540). The average annual salary in Kenya is about $1,700.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta had asked the MPs to accept the pay cuts in order to free up funds for the creation of jobs.

    The lawmakers are among the highest paid in the world and their demands triggered angry protests in the lead-up to the vote.

    But the MPs argued the proposed salary cuts had been illegal.

    “They have taken away our dignity and we must reclaim it,” lawmaker Jimmy Angwenyi told the assembly on Tuesday.

    The vote is expected to be challenged in court by civic rights groups, Reuters news agency reports.

    The president has no direct power to determine MPs’ salaries.

    Kenya’s Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) had recommended that their salaries be pegged at around $6,300.

    Lawmakers earlier argued they deserved a $10,000 salary because they worked very hard.

    MPs in the previous parliament awarded themselves a $107,000 retirement bonus in one of the last sessions before the election.

    The package also provided them with an armed guard, a diplomatic passport and access to airport VIP lounges.

    Kenya held presidential and parliamentary elections in March.

    Parliament is made up of 416 MPs – 349 in the National Assembly and 67 in the Senate.

  • Kigen Kigen Arap Leiboni

    Uhuruto corrupt and Primitive Primates Castrating a native>


    Kikuyu man cought having sex with a beast(dog)

  • Hysop Mudhaba

    Tuju Hired goons to arrest Ex-wife’s lover>This is impunity of the highest order?

    Kwani bibi alishikwa kwa nguvu ?Alitombewa ex-bibi!

  • ndya muthyuty

    Corrupt Policemen/women in Kenya cought with Pants Down>

  • Devolution is in Kenya to stay !whether Uhutu/ruto likes it or not!
    UK (United Kingdom) has tosupport Nyanza to realize sull devolution Their Comrade in arms (Big Brother) USA has assured Laikipia(oil-Gas)Province support to realize their Devolution Govrnt? Very good indeed No more Kikuyu Dominance it will be brought to Nought!(nothing)are here:Home » US envoy visits Governor IrunguUS envoy visits Governor Irungu
    ..Tuesday, June 4, 2013 – 00:00 — BY KINGS WAWERU
    US Ambassador Robert Godec has said his country will support the government realise devolution.

    Speaking in Nanyuki during a courtesy call to Laikipia Governor Joshua Irungu yesterday, Godec said all counties will get direct development support from the US government.

    Irungu, who was with his cabinet, said his government is looking for funds to transform the county which has been marginalised for long.

    He said they want to brand the county and turn it into a role model.

  • Sodomites Sodomy

    are here:Home » US envoy visits Governor IrunguUS envoy visits Governor Irungu
    ..Tuesday, June 4, 2013 – 00:00 — BY KINGS WAWERU
    US Ambassador Robert Godec has said his country will support the government realise devolution.

    Speaking in Nanyuki during a courtesy call to Laikipia Governor Joshua Irungu yesterday, Godec said all counties will get direct development support from the US government.

    Irungu, who was with his cabinet, said his government is looking for funds to transform the county which has been marginalised for long.

    He said they want to brand the county and turn it into a role model.

  • Ngatia Martin (chairman KRA) Kenya Red Alliance.

    Uhuru/Ruto: Your Racist govt must get civilize and stop discriminating, humiliating, oppressing and hating Raila (Kenya Peoples Hero). Every Kenyan is a VIP!I do hear every day since Independence that Kenyans are treated like second-class citizens at our air-ports. This must stop. We are living in 21st century. Uhuru/Ruto’s facist Govt must accept change or be forced to respect the People of Kenya! Wakenya sio Watumwa !The interests of Kenyan people must come first:. Raila Odinga will remain a true hero of the Kenyan People whether Uhuru/Ruto/Kimemia and other Kikuyu /Kales axis of evil likes it or not!

  • ndya muthyuty

    How long will Luos Submit to Kikuyu Impunity ans Dominance?Why do Luos always lose to Kikuyus?

    The media carried a story of Raila being stopped from using the VIP lounge in Unit 3 on his way to Kisumu yesterday. It has been alleged that there was also another protocol breach regarding his wife Ida who was also denied entry into the Lounge.

    Under normal circumstances, this is nothing that should be appearing as a media story, and only goes to show how our politicians are poor planners. I may have known views about Raila and I am rather unsympathetic to the plight he finds himself in for he surely can do better than get himself in such situations where he embarrasses himself especially when he knows that there are those happily ready to do exactly that.

    This power-fact episode at the VIP lounge at the airport bearing the president’s paternal name, was of course a targeted exercise in humiliation; staged ritual humiliation, if we are to go with the tabloid reports which claim he was already inside when booted out, in other words, he was ejected forcibly like a common drunk strayed to a posh and exclusive pub, making a nuisance of himself, is bounced (head first) to the pavement.

    That should tie up with the propaganda power-point project to establish the image of Raila as a washed-up politician now nursing a deep depression after his defeat by Uhuru Kenyatta, hitting the bottle with a vengeance. But that is the spin. The heart of the matter is far darker, far more disturbing.

    Personally I think Uhuru must keep the beast fed. The beast of radical Gikuyu nationalism which is the bedrock of his support; and whose fires he must ever fan. This [necessarily anti-Luo] constituency, always uneasy and uncertain with a ‘free’ Raila, are enraged after Raila declined to be Uhuruto’s errand boy, by accepting some vague, randomly roaming ambassadorial persona.

    Instead he chose to be a free wheeler, no doubt wickedly cooking mischief for Uhuruto in the imaginations of the insecure. The uncooperative insolent ke-hee was then sloted for some slapping back. —Some stupid act of rage, some morbid perfunctory show of who is boss.

    This barbarian Kimemia will be the bane of Uhuru Kenyatta. He is a primitive, vindictive capo goon of the old school. The days when defeated Kings would be displayed prostrate in public, trussed up and toyed with for public amusement, before being dispatched in a theatrical execution at the center of town in the market square.

    This Kimemia: the other day Gen.Gichangi was apologising to CJ Mutunga on his behalf —after Kimemia ordered the CJ locked up in the toilet at the airport, to help him miss a flight to Dar! And there again was Gichangi explaining to Mwai Kibaki the mix-up which so humiliated Mary Wambui –again Kimemia, who had even transfered a DC and a DO over the Othaya girl’s ‘nomination’, an abuse of power if any.

    That the vetting comission never heard the famous Nyeri transfers, goes a long way to prove what a shameful farce these [vetting] bodies are —Parliament, TJRC, IEBC, SC ….. dead wood.

    And now this show-topper, the primitive Kimemia, two days after Uhuru’s Madaraka day speech in which H.E stressed unity, and the desire to be the president of all Kenyans by encompassing every heart, has managed in a single act to ENRAGE LUO NATIONALIST SENSIBILITIES, by humiliating DA KER MADIT, while a perception still persists that Raila was robbed of victory once again.

    It is a good thing in one respect. Raila’s ‘acceptance’ of his perpetual humiliation by the house of Mumbi, shows he does not have the grit to captain a proud no-nonsense Luo nationalism. Even after doing well selling his docility as mature statesmanship, still the ke-hee gets the boot ramming the teeth. [‘Ng’a matek nyoni kendo onyono meru, to ok ing’ur! Idok igoyone mana erokamano, ni ok onyoni matek, mi onegi!] Accept and move on!]

    This deed of course informs Luo nationalism in general, that Gikuyu nationalism in general considers itself so superior, so untouchable it can enact any amout of impunity on the Luo King and get away with it, unscathed, to repeat it all over, infinitely.

    Kimemia, a petty pathologically ruthless man, reads the Luo the riot act. MTA DO? He forces Luo nationalism into a crisis, a formidable crisis as it appreciates this insane insult and jostles for an approriate response: Searches for modalities to produce an adequate captaincy to her nationalism, a captaincy of a caliber to stop the ‘historical rout’ ever since indepedence. A leadership forged fearsome and authentic warrior blood. —No drunkard’s job!

    A caliber whom Kimemia-prototypes would think more than twice before ordering airport askaris to manhandle or lock up in a toilet.

    Personally I am emotionally neutral to comprador politicians of any make. I remember a German ideologue, reading generations of German politicians the law of the land. Rejecting the treaty of Versailles, he waxed something of this sort:

    ‘If a time comes, that of hunger, a section of the German peoples shameless like hens quacking, are forced to flock around some foreign hand broadcasting grain —because Germany can no longer produce food to feed her people, or for some other reason these German people go hungry, then that German leadership serving, must be erased from the face of the earth, for it shall merely consist of vermin. And vermin can not rule Germany. Germany feeds her people, or eradicates that elite in power that fails to!’

    Now, I was thinking: why have I never heard some Kenyan say that, out of sheer love for his country and people?

    Must be because all Kenyans sleep well fed and sound!

    That will be the day, that I will be bothered to sympathise with vermin, Luo or else, bounced from free-bees!

    Read more: http://jukwaa.proboards.com/thread/8488/odinga-protocol-victim-inflicted-injury##ixzz2VcloPx6h

  • Sweden is Fantastico Fantastico Testicle >

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