Kenyan Woman Battered By Swedish Hubby Fears for Her Life

“My husband would beat me to death”; Woman’s Kenyan father worried…

“I got married back in Kenya by a Swedish man in Kenya in year 2012 and moved in Sweden in July 2012 and everything turned upside down for me when my husband would beat me to death and being admitted to hospital more to this am in jail becoz they want to take my bab’ I fear my life is in danger becoz am receiving threats everyday 4rm goran Robert skog n a girlfriend 4rm Tanzania Diana n I don’t know what will happen next write now am in a panic becoz they say when I come with my baibe back I will sell her n that I should not be allowed to stay with her here in Sweden, I ave all the the threats sms n recording sabved with me, thank you ktn maggie KTN”



  • Swedish playa

    Swedish male playas seem to be doing wonders with Kenyan women. This Göran Robert Skog wants the Kenyan lady Margaret Maragwa deported to Kenya without her child. Göran has a Tanzanian girlfriend whose also threatening Margaret.Drama kweli.Mapepe mambo mengi.

  • M7 Ugandan dictator

    The letter written by the coordinator of security services and the army, General David Sejusa aka Tinyefuza or General Tinye read as follows;

    Fellow Ugandans

    The country is witnessing a lot of violence, disruption of social life and general apprehension of the people of Uganda. The population is beginning to feel unsure about the future and generally insecure. This is a complete reversal of the feeling and belief, which our people had when they defeated dictatorship.

    Therefore, this is a call to all those involved in the management of public affairs to reflect and pull back a little to make sure they fully understand where the country is going, current forces at play and the challenges that face us. Let us not destroy all that has been achieved over years.
This is therefore, a statement against the creeping lawlessness, impunity, primitive arrogance and insensitive behaviour, which are increasingly being exhibited by some actors who manage the affairs of the state. The violence against the population by those permitted by the law to protect the people must stop.

    Politicians using the coercive organs of the state to enrich themselves must stop. Those unguided and also misguided actions are resulting in so much anarchy and indiscipline in the country, murders, mob justice, land grabbing by the rich, sickening robberies of government money and assets sugar-coated as “corruption” and other social ills. Politicians can fight their political wars but should leave the people of Uganda in peace.

    The poor people who are being beaten and flogged, women undressed in front of their children and cameras, are the ones whose poor parents fought the war of liberation. They are the people who housed us, gave us food, provided us with intelligence and offered their all to create a better future. Nobody has a right to abuse them. Our women must not be stripped and beaten and whoever does it will become the new enemy.

    The poor people of Uganda should be treated humanely and should not be flogged on the streets. While the rich are cleaning streets so that their big cars don’t step on the rubbish, our poor masses are sleeping on empty stomachs, sleeping in open spaces without houses, sleeping in and actually eating the rubbish being swept off the streets. Yes, development is good but development must be planned, it must not be anti-people and fascist methods must never be used against our people and in any case, that situation is not sustainable and it never has been.

    These actions can lead to very serious insecurity and destabilization of the whole country. Therefore, those involved should watch out. They must remember that Uganda has passed through a lot, achieved a lot and can still take care of its own should need arise. Let us all work together to reverse this trend. Uganda belongs to all of us and let us own it and be happy in it. Restraint please.

    Gen. David Sejusa (aka Tinyefuza) MP, Coordinator Security Services

  • Ukweli Mtupu!

    This Lady(woman) crying for help!) If it is true the first question any reader would ask first is ,whether this is happening in Sweden ,and whether Sweden is a Banana Republic where Swedish Men Skin black Nigroes and Negresses! Which commune does this woman lives? This barbarian mistreatment of African women or any woman must be fought and this should oppen a parandox box,Why should such cruel be turned to an african woman in Sweden?Where is the Authority?Which political party running such inhuman Commune?Does Africans have the same rights in sweden? This is also sending very wrong signals hence Sweden is where People gets Nobel Prizes.

  • Dunia ni Dwala.

    Why did you agreed to marry a white man in the first place ?didn’t you had a black native lover? any way sorry hence you are a kikuyu woman who loves money and thinks all whites are millionairs that marries one of them he will change your poverty life to riches this is myth in kenya and espeacially in Central province!I think you must be very lucky becouse your hubby has not killed you unlike other hubbies kenyans has witnessed swedish killing kenya women and gets away with it! When a nigger s killed by a native swede not much happens only for formality calling Polce to investigate their natives and sometimes files rots in book-shelves only for cases to expire! But If a nigger beats his blode eyed swedish wife(Sambo)the police comes in and fixes chains in behind your dirty dark hands and locks you in their tiny cells!Where you may end being suffocated!

  • Believe me this also happens on Kenyans to Kenyans (men and women) in Sweden since most want to be more Swed than the Swed they over do it.I know of many cases here.Am sorry for her and I wish her the best in all this.

  • Carolyne Lindström

    @Dunia ni dwala, you are very shallow minded and barbaric….what will you get out of insulting the poor lady? Love knows no boundaries, did it ever occur to you that she married for real love? Why do you sound so bitter anyway? Are you tribalistic as well? Are you the stone age type that advocates for violence against women? Just shape up…this woman could be your close relative…. on that note, I would also like to know which kommun this woman and the husband live, because this is unheard of here in Sweden…..good luck to her.

  • There is no way the guy will be allowed to take the kid from you.. As long as you’ve not bn reported of mistreating your kid, you ain’t a missbrukare of drugs or pombe the law is on your side. That Tanzanian woman should know what goes around comes around. If you need help hit my line I’ll try to help you coz I’ve bn in almost the same situation gal. Be strong

  • Brother Dwala

    Carolyne Lindström You must be very wrong by judging others and do not think Sweden is Paradise ,noway there are law abiding swedes and there are criminals in sweden whose job is to exploit Invandrare and other assylum seekers! The Swedish authority does nothing to protect such (utsatt kvinor) Haven’t you Lindström red or heard how some swedes has mastered this system of exploting Asian girls from Philipines and Thailand by marrying and divorcing them at will Yet the Swedish authorities allows such a man to do it again and again! Invandrare kvinor are properly exploited by male Swedish men, On the other heard the reason for asking which Kommune does the Kenyan live is becouse you Lindström must know for your information that Kommunes in Sweden are run by political Parties eg; in a kommune that is run by Sverige democrati you should not expect a nigro or a negress from Africa to get any right at all. Sverige democraterna would like to see you deported back to Africa and get eaten by a lion or a leopard! And for your information These african women married by swedes were picked from City bars ,night clubs where majority of them were prostitutes who used to survive by selling their bodies to any willing buyer /willing seller! If you are living in darkness go out and travel the world is not only in Sweden (Stockholm).

    • mmmmmmmmmmm u know much and i agree with some of the things u wrote but do u realy have sense of humor

  • kyuk gold digger

    Many Kenyan women, and women from other African countries seem to think marrying a white man is heaven. Most of them end up in misery when the white men take them to their European countries.

    He insists that the baby must remain in Sweden and the baby’s Kenyan mother should be deported. He will take good care of the baby in Sweden, adding that the woman has been very cruel to him during their short-term relationship. He now blames the woman of being a gold digger who only wanted to use him to elevate her life by tricking him through getting pregnant.

    A Kenyan women who left her village, and moved to Mombasa where most money-seeking women trick white men who are on holiday into sexual acts in their efforts to enrich themselves. While in Mombasa, she met a Swedish man and courtship began. On discovering she was pregnant they decided to get married. After marriage, the two moved to Sweden because the white man’s permit to stay in Kenya was no longer valid.

  • kenyan gold diggers

    There is a Gold Digger in Every Kenyan Gal

    A German friend of mine put me in an awkward position recently. Having hooked up a Kenyan gal on, he wanted my advice on how to relate with her. The cultural difference meant that he had to be careful on the speed, intimacy, and expectations of his new date.

    I had to rack my nerves over just what makes Kenyan gals different from the rest of the world. I was tempted to tell him I don’t know. But then, I am a Kenyan and ought to know better. He turned to Google but no sites had sufficient info on the subject. That meant I was the only resource available.

    Never before has a situation demanded that I analyze the general characteristics, nuances, psyche and personality of Kenyan gals as a whole. What one word describes Kenyan gals in general?

    Apart from the tribal stereotypes and myths, I have never cared to scrutinize my numerous experiences dating Kenyan bimbos. To make it worse, I have never dated across borders so I didn’t have the comparative benefits with say Ugandans, Caucasians, Hispanics or other nationalities.

    In partial fulfillment of this project, yesterday I sat on Mama Ngina Street and observed Kenyan gals strut their stuff as they left their offices for home after 5. I was hoping that the sight will jog my mind to come up with an overriding description of Kenyan gals.

    I was not very lucky. The only conclusion was that Kenyan gals are blessed with ample bottoms and nice boobs. That is not a national personality. Is it?

    The next endeavor was to go home and relive all the dating experiences I have had with various girls, recall all that my female friends have divulged to me of their expectations of boyfriends, their general (mis)demeanor and their dating dreams. That was better. I had to extend my TOR though, in case some other foreigner will look for the same or more, they will find it in a click.

    After reading my findings, I knew I will make many enemies with the Kenyan female species but I could not help, intellectual integrity demands brutal honesty.


    Kenyan gals are generally plump, medium in height, dark in shade, sizeable boobs and generous bums. Most of them will not skip any article titled ‘how to lose weight’ but it is evident that few have ever taken any step to shed the extra pounds. Weight notwithstanding, they are very beautiful pieces of creation.


    English, Swahili and Mother tongue. The accents vary depending on their first languages. Nairobirds usually are articulate and fluent in English.


    Career focused and independent. Rural folks display house wife tendencies. Marriage age range from 24 to 30 years in urban areas. Most opt for marriage, a minority prefer being single. Wife initiated divorce is rare unless the husband become broke. There is a general belief in men providing in marriage thus income levels dictate the choice of husband, Caucasians being the most preferred option.

    Most Nairobirds spend their time scouring dating sites looking for western dates. Some hover around tourist hotels trying their luck. Some display their wares in Facebook, Tagged, and afrointroductions hoping a Caucasian punter will chance by. Age is not a factor when it comes to whites. It is not uncommon to spot a doting septuagenarian tugging a shameless teenager on Kenyan streets.


    Majority are educated to college and degree levels. However, they are scantily informed on national and international issues. Beyond academic needs, few Kenyan women can be spotted with a book. They sometimes read old magazines. Some carry novels for the prestige that come with a reading gal.


    Drinking, listening to R n B, going to church (though they are hardly spiritual, they go to church out of fear rather than faith) and watching Nigerian and Mexican tele-novellas. Forget what they write as hobbies in social networking sites, they do little of those.


    They work hard for money while hoping to one day land a rich dude who will buy them a car and a house in Runda. A Kenyan chick will not think twice before dumping a boyfriend for greener pastures.

    The thigh lever of a Kenyan gal is coin-operated!


    More aggressive than most of their African counterparts

    Social life

    They love clubbing and socializing. The dress code is more conservative than their East African counterparts in clubs.


    If a husband or a boyfriend is financially stable, then they can be the most faithful creatures after the dog, however, they would not shy away from a fling/infidelity if the price is right.

    Sexual orientation

    99% are straight. The remainder is shared between lesbians and bis.

    Bed time

    Tend to be conservative, traditional and unadventurous. Generally lousy but responsive to a few extra acts. For them, sex is a science not an art.


    Hard drugs, NO. Drinking, Yes. Smoking, rare.

    Protected sex

    Not so keen about it. Dare-devils.


    Less skimpy (occasionally you can spot some cleavages and tight asses). No minis. Simply unfashionable.


    Loose, loving, jealous, submissive, good housekeepers, terrible cooks, motherly, and talkative.

  • cheating woman caught
  • LeeAnn Hutton

    Rise in abuse of foreign wives in Sweden: report

    Reports of assault and sexual abuse from women who come to Sweden to be with Swedish men have become increasingly common, according to a new report.

    Published: 17 Feb 11 15:42 CET

    In 2009, 552 women sought help from women’s emergency shelters in Sweden due to domestic violence, nearly a 10 percent increase from the 515 women who sought help the year before.

    The statistics come from a report released on Wednesday by the National Association of Women’s and Young Women’s Shelters (Riksorganisationen för kvinnojourer och tjejjourer – ROKS).

    According to ROKS, current regulations make it too easy for men to start relationships with foreign women and bring them to Sweden for the sole purpose of taking advantage of them.

    “Today legislation is shaped in a way that makes it entirely possible for men to take woman after woman here despite that he subjects her to serious abuses,” writes ROKS chair Angela Beausang in an article on the opinion website

    “This must be changed.”

    Women caught it in what the group refers to as “wife importing” often lack knowledge about their rights in Sweden and risk being deported if the relationship ends.

    According to ROKS, most women who sought help in shelters in 2009 came from Thailand, Iraq or Russia.

    They were often lured to Sweden with promises of a better life by a man who talks about having a well paying job, shows pictures of a large house and promises to care for the women once they arrive.

    The women often only hold temporary residence permits that are contingent on them maintaining a relationship with the Swedish men who bring them into the country. As a result, the women risk deportation if the relationship ends before the two-year provisional period is over.

    However, returning to their home countries is impossible for many women as they have often left everything they have and risk being shunned by relatives in some cases.

    According, some women chose to remain in abusive relationships with Swedish men, hoping they can endure the violence long enough to be granted permanent residency in Sweden.

    Women who ultimately leave abusive men can apply for an extended residence permit or asylum. The problem, however, is that the level of proof required to apply for a residence permit extension is too high, according to ROKS.

    For example, the abuse must take place on repeated occasions, be severe and the relationship needs to have ended in close connection with the violence.

    At the same time, the women must also have cohabitated with the abusive men for a sufficiently long time in order for the relationship to have been considered a serious one.

    “Women who stay in a relationship in order to meet to cohabitation requirement can, however, be meet with the assessment that the violence must not have been especially severe because she clearly was able to withstand it,” the association wrote in its report.

    According to 2010 statistics from the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) on how many people were granted were granted residence permit extensions due to violence, 17 of 18 cases reviewed as of August 2010 resulted in the granting of an extension.

    In five cases, the extensions were granted due to the abuse suffered by the women. One women had her claim rejected because the violence wasn’t considered sufficiently severe or recurring.

    ROKS compares these 18 cases to the 13,696 women who were granted temporary residence permits in 2009 on the basis of new relationships with Swedish men as well as with the 552 women who sought help from a women’s shelter.

    In order to reduce the likelihood of foreign women “being held prisoner” in abusive relationships in Sweden, Beausang wants to see Sweden’s current two-year provisional residency period scrapped.

    She also wants to see a review of the requirements for proving that a woman has suffered sufficient abuse in order to be granted a residence permit after an abusive relationship has ended.

    ROKS argues that women who move to Sweden should receive better information about their rights in the country.

    The group also views as “totally unacceptable” the rise in “serial wife importers” who bring foreign women to Sweden to abuse them before kicking them out and replacing them with a new woman.

    Beausang cites an EU directive on family reunifications which was integrated into Swedish law in 2006, arguing that the Migration Board has since stopped taking a close look at relationships in which the couple is already married or living together

    While the directive had “good intentions,” according to Beausang, it can’t be changed, but that doesn’t mean that Swedish migration authorities can’t be more thorough in their investigations.

    TT/David Landes

  • November Flower

    I must comment… and before they call me a gold digger be aware he is living in a house i bought with my money in sweden… i’m a south american woman and dated this man from sweden for half a decade. He was terrible. Physically and mentally abusive. I don’t wanna make general comments but his friends were also the same, most were single and crazy and very violent towards me. Never again. Didn’t get a good impression. Guess we should leave the swedish men to their own women, they know how to treat them well.

  • November Flower: Glad you could wrote your opinion because some women from Kenya still run around thinking Swedish men are gods who will provide comfort without thinking twice. What they forget is that not all of them are the same and the psychos among them are worse than animals in the jungle. You are honest about having bought the house in which the man lived. My fellow stupid women would just follow these men blindly and gain nothing apart from prostitution money. A Swedish man who takes a foreign woman from a poor country especially Africa, always has psychological problems and can’t get a pure blond blue eyed Swedish woman.

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