Kenya Passport, Name Changing and Travelling: Reply to Sally

SALLY: Hey..just got married and planning to visit Kenya next month…assumed hubbyz surname…..but now am told I must get a new passport to travel which has the assumed name..cant the assumed name only be on the PUT?

Kenya Passport. Easier to obtain through "greasing"

Kenya Passport. Easier to obtain through “greasing”

KSB: The reply may be long so we have decided to make it into an article. PUT is on the Passport and if the assumed name is on the PUT, then the law says that the Passport must also have the assumed name otherwise you will be blocked from travelling at the airport even if the Embassy allows you to go ahead with the trip. This is because the assumed name is on the PUT and if it not on the Passport, it will not be on the ticket.

Because of fraud, it is the responsibility of the ticket guys at the airport to ensure (during check-in) that the name on the PUT is the same as the one on the passport and the ticket. You will obviously be in big trouble if the names are different.

If your travelling arrangements cannot be altered, the only help the Embassy can give you is to issue you with a one way “Travel Certificate” which you can travel on (it costs some few kronazz). The Certificate can contain your assumed name if you can obtain a “Name Change” certificate from the Tax Office which verifies that the name change is legitimate. Once you obtain the “Name Change” certificate, you can then apply for a new ID (at the Tax Office) then present the application (it takes 3 months for an ID to be processed) to the Embassy for the processing of a Travelling Certificate. The Embassy cannot just issue you with a “Travelling Certificate” emblazoned with your assumed name if there is no proof of a name change from the Tax Office.

Once you get the Travelling Certificate, you can then travel to Kenya and once you arrive, you can zoom to the Department of Immigration and apply for a new Kenyan passport on grounds that your names have changed (it should take a week or less if you can oil some elbows and grease some mouths at the Department chain. That is Kenya). Once you have your Passport, you can then tip-toe to the Swedish Embassy and request the Swedes to stamp a new PUT on the new Passport (could take a day or two). What they will need is your Personal Number and the ID application from the Tax Office will help verify your P.No.

As the processes continue, you will be enjoying your holiday in Kenya with your new white (assuming) Swedish hubby. It would be a big boost if you can take your hubby along to the Swedish Embassy when you are going for PUT because of the “psychological impact” of the Swedes at the Embassy experiencing one dear national coming for help in a remote third world country in Africa. Strategically, you can leave the talking and the explanation to your hubby to drive the point home in pure Swedish as this could speed up stuff. Don’t be surprised if you walk away with the PUT in just a few minutes because of the “white magic”!

A word of caution though. Make sure that your white hubby is not within sight when you visit the Kenyan Immigration for a new Passport because then, the price of “greasing” will shoot since the Officers will think that with a white sweet heart by your side (aka major donor), you must be floating in kwachazz. For a Passport, the cost of “oiling” has been reported by recent customers to be Ksh 5.000 (about 500kr) so make an addition on your budget. You can then be sure to get your passport on time otherwise it could be delayed until your return ticket expires meaning you will spend even more kwachazz looking for a new ticket after getting stuck! Another thing is that when dealing with the Immigration officials, be polite otherwise your file might as well disappear into thin air, never to be found until conditions change.

Once everything is fixed, you can then take a break to Mombasa to enjoy the heat after all the work and to relax while updating KSB about the developments. Your hubby might be looking forward to his white skin being “baked” in the East African sun and a holiday in Mombasa is a must if the holiday will be memorable. KSB could as well get a new storo and keep readers educated about these kinda thingsa duringa thisa Jubilleea gava yeah! Good luck and may Goda blessa youa this timea continually!

Okoth Osewe


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  • Keen Observer

    Good advice from KSB ,I pity the Kenya negress being frustrated by her own country Kenya ! Her pass-port case might take half a year hence corruption and a sick regime that punishes its citizens! This has gone too long since Uhuru Bandia this country has been oppressing and marginalising her citizens! We have witnessed if a swede is travelling abroad and forgets to take his/her Pass-port when reaches the Air-port he/she is issued with a temporary pass-port ,why not in a nigger primitive corrupt gibbons?Nigger Govts are the worst Primitive oppressors that has existed on Planet earth!Why cant Uhuru/Ruto make lovewith Kenyans rather than hate and change ?(wait and see the two Ape-looking dark and dirty Niggers will never bring any change in Kenya hence posessed with evil spirits and having blood on their hands!

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