Jubilee Government Police Brutalizing Peaceful Protestors in the Streets of Nairobi



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  • Come Baby Come

    One will also notice the detororiating security situation at home, where Ruto, just before he bolted from a parliamentary summon to do with his ordering of the KDF to battle, made some radical statements and did not stay to see them through, knowing well there was not yet a secretary for security. And we now have heard President Uhuru himself confirm, that HE HAS TO WAIT FOR RUTO TO COME BACK, before he can ‘consult’ name the nominee!

    So Ruto is busy yapping PAN-AFRICANINSM abroad with failed states like CAR, while at home Kimaiyo is immobilised and Uhuru is biting his nails, unable to convene the high security panel —because of judicial restrictions. That is no prioritising the national interest mesays.

    This paints a political picture of amateuristic confusion. Two boys lost in the thick of the jungle of political office.

    I found the security mix up I was talking about here!

    Presidential Press Service (PPS) director Isaiya Kabira told Saturday Nation yesterday that the appointment will be made once Deputy President William Ruto returns from West Africa today.
    “The Deputy President is away; once he returns, they will make the appointment,” he said.
    Mr Kenyatta was also told that a notice creating new ranks within the Police Service could not be gazetted as only the Cabinet Secretary could do so.

    And further on just how amateuristic even AG Muigai got:

    It has also emerged that a National Security Council meeting could not be convened by the President. Under the Constitution, the council supervises national security organs.
    Chaired by the President, the Deputy President, the Cabinet secretaries responsible for national security, Defence, Foreign Affairs, the Attorney-General, the Chief of Kenya Defence Forces, the Director-General of the National Intelligence Service and the Inspector-General of Police sit on the council, which Mr Kenyatta is yet to call since he took office on April 9.

    Instead of flying with Ruto to the Hague on Ruto’s personal quest, Githu Muigai should have been reading the constitution and advising the president of the legal constraints he faced, which could even aggravate the securiy situation further. So that UHURUTO would consider this a PRIORITY before all those nonsense trips of PAN-AFRICANISM aboard luxury jets doggedly purchased or hired or leased..

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