Jared Adiwa Passes on in Stockholm: “Open House” Daily at Vårberg

L-R: Late Onyango Sumba, Adiwa Senior and the late Mr. Opwapo
L-R: The late Mr. Onyango Sumba, the late Mr. Jared Adiwa and the late Mr. Opwapo Ogae, veteran
Kenya-Stockholmers who have since passed on.

The Kenyan community in Stockholm has been plunged into fresh mourning. Jared Adiwa, a Kenya-Stockholmer, has passed on in hospital after a long illness. According to Antony Adiwa, the younger brother of the deceased, the late Jared passed away last night at a hospital in Stockholm where he has been undergoing treatment.

Antony told KSB that an “Open House” has been set up at Storholmsbackarna 10 B in Vårberg for relatives, friends, sympathisers and well-wishers to condole with the bereaved family. The late Jared, who was 60 years old, was a very humble person who was loved by all those who knew and interacted with him.

KSB sends deep condolences to the entire family of Jared which must be going through a very difficult moment following the passing of a loved member of the family. We hope that the family will gather the strength and courage to go through this very difficult moment marked with great sadness and sorrow.

The passing of Jared comes hot on the heels of the passing of Millicent Omaya, a Kenya-Stockholmer, whose body is awaiting transportation to Kenya for burial.

The late Jared, who arrived in Sweden in the early 70s, is survived by two children, Bjorn (32), Sony Roy (27) and four grandchildren. Tonny told KSB that the family is having discussions following the departure of his brother and that further information will be released to the public later. The family can be contacted through Antony at: 0729144101.

Okoth Osewe



  • Dr Mike Waganda

    i Osewe when did this happen you did not write any date on the announcement i just saw it as i went through your list of item news .Please put dates on such announcements .I am wondering whther to say my condelences now it might be too late .However i would like to pass my deepest condolences to the family and his friends may God rest his soul in peace everlasting.
    Jared was a good hearted person i whenever i came to sweed for my holiday s as a student in Rassia he welcomed all of us from Russia very warmlyhe even helped us to find jobs at times we stayed at his apartment when we were broke.Go in peace my friend Jared .

    KSB: Daktari: May be, it needed some analysis to decode the date. Here is what I wrote again: ” According to Antony Adiwa, the younger brother of the deceased, the late Jared passed away last night at a hospital in Stockholm where he has been undergoing treatment”.

    Below the article, there is a date of 15th May and if Jared passed away “last night” at the time of writing, this information should give you the date ama?

  • Hi,
    I am deeply sadenned by whta l have just read.Jared Adiwa was my buddy .We had time when e met and l deeply feel his losl
    It is now very apparent that the call to unity as was envisaged during the Late Geotge Obor`s funeral arrangements is now nigh.Club 1000 must be put in lace ,it is not only a viable avenue but a neccesary tool for easing the pain.Life is unpredictable in this age of the unknowns.
    May you rest Jaduong Adiwa.My condolences to the family ,brother Tony and all who knew Jared Adiwa.
    Ean Wuod Luo

  • Hi,
    I am deeply sadenned after reading this article . I pray to God provides lot of energy to his family.

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