OJ Hatari on the Attack Over KSB’s Raila Support at 2013 Election

Finally the penny seems to have dropped. I have consistently stated that these politicians use tribal antics to facilitate the looting of Kenya. Some commentators termed me a tribal bigot because my statements were perceived as an attack on their preferred candidate RAO. Now the tide has turned and even pro Odinga bloggers like the KSB president have accentuated their opposition to tribalism irrespective of which block one supports.

I find it interesting that only a few months ago the KSB president and his right hand man Jared Odero considered RAO to be the ultimate candidate for the post of president supposedly for his imagined reforms as Prime Minister. The truth unfortunately is the criteria used to select RAO as their man was exactly identical to that used by supports of Uhuru. That criteria was and is tribe. It is actually amusing to see the outpouring of nationalism where raw ethnicity took precedence to national ideals, political hypocrisy of gigantic and nauseating proportions.

On a positive note it is encouraging to see that KSB and even Odero, who by the way has been recorded on a KSB video stating that Odinga was the best presidential candidate, are finally being objective in his analysis about the turn of post election events. God willing, we will be here to see the criteria used to determine their “best” candidate come 2017 elections.

God bless true Kenyan nationalists!

OJ Hatari Esq


One comment

  • Hatari, my earlier position about Raila’s appropriateness for the presidency has not changed. However, a post-election autopsy is always necessary to chart the way forward.

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