Condolences to the People of Kenya Following Death of Democracy



  • ROFLMAO, insane, illiterate and brainwashed how she describes the folks who voted for the dynamic duo.

  • @Tamtam, I think she is upset. She raises some very important issues at the same time. That suspects of crimes against humanity have taken over power in Kenya. That democracy has died and that Kenya has gone back with 30 years with its democratic struggle. These are interesting observations.

  • Esquire,

    Thanks, I was not dismissing the serious issues she raised.

  • Look at how Small brain Kenya Chief Gibbons have !Why build such a Palace when his brothers and sisters have jiggers fleas and lics in a primitive village>

  • Uhuru being lectured by his masters>

  • Kitengela Police Inspector

    Let these corrupt newspapers stop fooling Kenyans >There is no way a court in Kenya Can hail top Kikuyu Police Chiefs? It cant happen hence these cops represented GEMA Community were Promoted to protect Kikuyu Community in aHostile Rift Valley where Kalemjin (ruto) tribe hates Kikuyus >Uhuru govt Must Promote MtubinjiweAnd the Police Commandant Waiganjo Kikuyu Spies who flies Police-helicopters (both Police and helicopters belongs to GEMA)Charge former top cops over impostor – DPP
    By OLIVE BURROWS | April 11, 2013

    M’mbijiwe will also face charges of allowing Waiganjo and his brother Gerald Maina to fly in a police helicopter to Baragoi when they did not qualify for such a mission/FILE
    NAIROBI, Kenya, April 11 – The Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko has directed that two top cops suspended over police impostor Joshua Waiganjo’s saga face abuse of office charges.

    The case against former Rift Valley Provincial Police Chief (PPO) John M’mbijiwe and former Anti Stock Theft Unit Commandant Rimi Ngugi will be prosecuted by counsel from the DPP’s office “due to the nature, gravity and complexity of the matter.”

    During the investigations launched by the National Police Service Commission into impostor’s case, M’mbijiwe was accused of allocating vehicles to Waiganjo for his personal use while knowing full well he was impersonating a police officer, and Tobiko believes the findings of the investigations into the allegations are strong enough to secure convictions.

    In a letter to the Director of Criminal Investigations Ndegwa Muhoro, Tobiko says M’mbijiwe should be charged “with abuse of office contrary to Section 101 of the Penal Code on account of allocating Waiganjo a motor vehicle registration number GKA 796S on various occasions for his own errands while he knew or had reason to believe that Waiganjo was not entitled to such allocation.”

    M’mbijiwe will also face charges of allowing Waiganjo and his brother Gerald Maina to fly in a police helicopter to Baragoi when they did not qualify for such a mission.

    The former PPO will also have to answer for directing the West Pokot police boss David Wambua to open a police reservist file for Waiganjo, when he knew he was a fraudster.

    Ngugi will be charged with allocating a car to Waiganjo for personal use for a number of trips to Kitengela while not having the authority to do so.

    Tobiko has recommended that former Police Commissioner Matthew Iteere records a statement after M’mbijiwe defended himself saying that in all his interactions with Waiganjo, he had been under the impression that the impersonator had been appointed by Iteere.

    “Iteere has not recorded a statement. He should be accorded an opportunity to do so in answer to allegations made against him,” Tobiko directed in his letter to Muhoro.

  • Comment nos 5 is very telling (showing) How Uhuru Kenyatta is being (Cowed)( frightened) (Chickened)by a Mzungu(white-man)The picture speakes itselve Who’s the boss?The master is always right !The picture is perfect!<<<<I'm loving it!

  • I’m really loving it!

  • Josephat Muhia

    How can a country like Kenya where her Cotizens are suffering from Jiggers, Hiv/aids/malaria, hunger and starvation tell the west that the cvountry doesn’t need donations from Western developed Countries?

  • kenya seems bigger than jubilee.if we leave everything to them it seems they will not manage.they cant govern on their own.surely i dont see ideas…. we cant see action… we only see rhetoric ,looting,repression an d jostling for positions and luxury on our back and sweet

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