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done with voting in kenya



  • ya ,am done with voting in Kenya,the only vote i will take pat in is the one that leads to ceasation of counties that dont want to be part of the of hooligans who are leading this hell with Kenya!

  • Done with voting

    April 2, 2013, 7:30

    The Most Useless Exercise in Kenya


    LONDON — Although predictions are risky, here’s one I offer with absolute confidence: Traffic jams will return to Nairobi this week.

    Gridlock all but evaporated during Kenya’s drawn-out election crisis — the free-flowing highways one symptom of the general malaise. But the announcement on Saturday by the Supreme Court confirming Uhuru Kenyatta’s election as president, and Raila Odinga’s grim-faced but graceful acceptance of defeat mean that ever-entrepreneurial Kenyans can finally get back to making money.

    The stock market will surge, shop shutters will be rolled up, pavements will bustle, and Waiyaki Way, Uhuru Highway and the Mombasa and Ngong roads will once more witness a series of hair-raising, fume-belching, eye-watering contests involving man and machine.

    Yet it won’t be business as usual. Something fundamental shifted with last month’s elections in both the way Kenyans view themselves and the way the outside world will view them, whether they like it or not.

    Courts are by nature conservative, so Saturday’s announcement was only to be expected. But in confirming the election of a man indicted by the International Criminal Court for allegedly orchestrating the ethnic cleansing that followed Kenya’s 2007 polls, Chief Justice Willy Mutunga did more than solve a national wrangle over a ballot count. He secured Kenya’s place as a shining international symbol of impunity.

    The I.C.C. case against Kenyatta now seems doomed. The chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, has revealed that unprecedented levels of witness intimidation and bribery are undermining the cases brought against Kenyatta and fellow indictees, who include vice president-elect William Ruto. These tactics will only escalate, and it’s hard to see any Kenyan being brave — or foolhardy — enough now to take the witness stand against a head of state.

    It will take a long time for any official to admit it, but the failure of the Kenyatta case may be the first chime of the death knell for the I.C.C., whose prosecutors already stood accused of anti-African bias and slapdash preparations long before the election in Kenya handed them a poisoned chalice.

    The success with which Kenyatta and Ruto turned their I.C.C. indictments into electoral assets exposes how deep the scars of imperialism go. The anti-Western, anti-British vitriol that characterized exchanges in the press and on social media — most generated by Kenyans far too young to have experienced firsthand the Mau Mau rebellion of the 1950s — showed how grievances are efficiently relayed from one generation to another.

    Jingoistic and cynical while campaigning, the Jubilee alliance of Kenyatta and Ruto is likely to be bullying while in power, with foreign diplomats whose respect it demands and constituents alike.

    The immediate concern of ordinary Kenyans will be how the incoming government implements a new Constitution designed to devolve power and money to the counties. The document is seen as the key safeguard against a return to the “winner-takes-all” system of old. But historians warn that when Kenya tried devolved governance before, at independence in 1963, the experiment was swiftly sabotaged by Uhuru’s father, Jomo Kenyatta.

    Civil-society campaigners, who were briefly shocked into silence by this weekend’s Supreme Court ruling, are bracing for a long campaign in the defense of the bill of rights. One issue they will have to tackle — in a country polarized as never before — is the political disengagement of people who queued for eight hours in the sun to vote, saw the tallying process grind to a halt, digested the damning details of the petitions citing election-law violations, only to be told this botched process was free and fair after all. Odinga has predicted a surge in voter apathy given that “what has happened here is a replica, a repeat of what happened five years ago.”

    A Facebook page created over the weekend captured that bitterness. Entitled “I will NEVER VOTE in a Kenyan election,” it had attracted over 25,700 likes by midday Tuesday. “We are done with Independent Judiciary, Independent Electoral Commission, we are done,” reads one post on the page. “Let all Kenyans be done with VOTING, the most useless exercise in Kenya.”


    Michela Wrong has covered Africa for nearly two decades, reporting for Reuters, the BBC and The Financial Times. She is the author of “It’s Our Turn to Eat: The Story of a Kenyan Whistleblower.”

  • Ruto to evict Raila

    Deputy President William Ruto’s handlers got a rude shock when they went to secure his new office. They had gone to inspect the office of the Prime Minister Raila Odinga which will be Ruto’s new office but they were chased away by security guards as soon as they got into the reception area. The guards told Ruto’s men that the Supreme Court had not concluded its case therefore no one was vacating the building. After realising that they would not gain entry they left vowing to come back another day.


    The power struggles in the TNA side of the Jubilee Alliance are not ending. At the centre of the current tussle is the control of the budget for a planned after-party concert that will follow the swearing-in of President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta. While TNA officials say they have the responsibility of organising it, a group close to the presidential campaign has been keeping them away from the planning meetings.

  • Sebeiwo Sulemani

    How Smart is UHURUTO Anyway?Western nations have dealt with African leaders for decades and have perfected the act of analyzing our leaders characters. I trust you did your history and you know many interesting african leaders have come and gone and the ones who happen to stay longer normally have cordial relationships with their imperial masters. I am reminded of Sankara’s brash attitude and how he embarrassed the French president and how long he lasted (I am in no way belittling his contribution to his country and africa as a whole)

    Uhuru’s impulsive and brash attitude may have escaped you but I am sure even stevie wonder has seen it. He has angrily banged fists on tables calling a fellow leader names. He has (during the tallying) angrily castigated a major development partner on international TV reinforcing his anti-west campaign mantra while using british PR agents and lawyers. I am sure you are aware how much of a security risk it is when a future president come on international TV to announce the presence of British troops on our soil intimating that they are here to help an opposing candidate take over. We all know the training agreements between us and the brits and we also know the numbers and locations are heavily guarded military secrets. Where exactly was he heading with that comment ?

    Even Ghadaffi mellowed with age and had more decorum. I have searched our continent for a leader with a character close to our elected and the only one that comes close is Julius Malema.

  • ICC supporter

    How Powerful is UHURUTO?

  • ICC supporter

    Uhuru Kenyatta as President (Bandia) of Kenya and WSRuto as deputy are both above any Law !whether that law is comming from God! Lets wait whether the Govts of UK/USA/EU will be chickened by GOD (Uhuruto-Witchcraft)
    The ICC in Hague looks chickened already by droping cases by cases

  • Men and women top-class thugs with big buttocks scrumbling for the loot (sharing the loot ) Big thieves fighting for Posho. just look at their fat-assed bellies and protruding butts>

  • yep am done with voting. we have lost all that we have been fighting for thats democracy, integrity, freedom of speech, right to vote, e.t.c. just because of IEBC with Issack Hassan, all members of the Judiciary that were appointed by the lawyaer representing IEBC, the transition government who has no mandate but is dictated by the government spokesman one Kariuki , the outgoing president who is quite for no reason instead of stamping his foot, bla, bla, bla they have decided to kill all that they were fighting for. i wish they never enlightened us in this we would still be in KANU. Let God take charge they still have grand children who will suffer what they have started they may thing they arte wiser but we are still wiser we shall see if we live to see. May God be in charge. what is money? Kivuitu got all the money but he eventually died slowly and miserable and if you must know his burial was that of a simple person yet he did nothing wrong he was just held hostage by the same regime even IEBC did not sent farewell sms to the funeral. there are others who have all the money and backing of the government to the later but are dying slowly and in a painful manner we are all watching to see when they will drop dead and confirm is the state will give them proper send off. Lets pray for Kenya our current president needs to walk carefully those that surround him are not humans they are just wolves in human skins. him being a young guy should get rid of all the old monkeys and move with a different face coz he has young children who need to grow up as humans not wolves. its better to be out than to be a member of the 666 government.

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