Tears of Blood During “Kenya Easter 2013” National Mourning

kenya easter 2013



  • Long Live Long Live Who ever designed that kenya Map !Any Kenyan Man and Woman who believe in Democracy is crying blood ! It is a very Sad Day for Kenya ! Kenyan People Must resist Uhuru Kenyatta Ruto Axis of Evil!Election of march was stolen Live Live by NSIS ,IEBC ,and Chief of the General staff Karangi & Gichangi plus(6) Men wearing Gowns (sleeping gowns)the so called SC (Supreme Court) Bandia (Traitors)led by Willy Mutunga a very controversial character in Kenya Legal System of traitors).

  • Election Of Senate And Parliament Speakers Confirm Uhuru’s Jubilee Alliance Is A Two Tribe Affair

    March 31, 2013

    By Micah Kigen

    The first steps by the Jubilee Coalition in their quest to assume power have confirmed our worst fears, that Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are two politicians who lack nationalism and are out to build a government of two communities.

    When Parliament (National Assembly and Senate) first sat on Thursday, they lobbied to ensure both speakers and deputy speakers are from Rift Valley (Ruto’s) and the Mt Kenya (Uhuru’s) regions.

    Better candidates from other parts of the country were cut out.

    So they took a crony of Uhuru Kenyatta, Justin Muturi for National Assembly Speaker with Ruto’s ally, Joyce Laboso as his deputy. At the Senate, Ruto crony, Ekwe Ethuro was elected speaker and Uhuru’s close ally Kembi Gitura given the deputy speaker’s positions.

    These acts have betrayed the two men’s intentions: To appoint only their cronies from their communities to serve in Government. Kenyans are shocked that even their supporters from other communities were sidelined in the crucial decisions to pick the speakers.

    In what is a shocking show of numerical arrogance, the great support and sacrifices the two got from areas like Coast (Ali Mwakwere, Najib Balala, and Danson Mungatana), Lower Eastern (Charity Ngilu and Kiema Kilonzo), Nyanza (Sam Ongeri and Onyango Oloo), Maasailand (Francis Kaparo, Katoo ole Metito, Julius ole Sunkuli, and Gideon Konchellah) and North Eastern (Adan Duale, Mohammed Yussuf Hajji, Abdi Kadir Mohammed and Ali Korane), the two Jubilee principals never thought of allowing these communities to produce the four speakers as a sign of accommodation. What a slap in their faces.

    Now Kenyans can see what was being feared about the two leaders. Pride, arrogance, and tribalism. Even their predecessors: Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Moi and Mwai Kibaki did better. Despite having entertained some tribalism, those statement at least did everything to distribute key national positions across the country’s 42 communities and made many feel appreciated and accommodated.

    The Supreme Court has now given them the green light to form the government. What can we expect?

    Kenyans can now clearly see the direction these two are taking us. It is impossible to imagine how the two decided to sponsor Justin Muturi for speaker instead of the more astute and proven nationalist like Kenneth Marende or the veteran Francis ole Kaparo. Reason? The two don’t belong to the two communities.

    The remaining communities should take note of these actions and most likely similar ones during appointment of Cabinet secretaries (ministers), Principal Secretaries and parastatal bosses to know that they are on their own.

    They should prepare for their future without any hopes in these gentlemen’s government.

    The Writer was the Chairman of Friends Of Raila (FORA) Lobby group

  • Hysop Mudhaba

    The worst might come very fast ?Kenya has become a very dangerous place When the Presidnt and his deputy are wanted criminals by the ICC in Hague!UHURUTO Criminal Govt might Asassinate Raila Odinga These are the Signs>NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 1- Offices of East Africa Spectre Limited, a company owned by the family of Prime Minister Raila Odinga were Sunday night vandalised by unknown people.

    The attackers are said to have taken off with two trucks of gas cylinders worth over Sh3 million.

    According to Hudson Chitala, the technical manager of the Company, two night guards at the premises are also missing.

    “Last night, there was a break in where we lost gas cylinders. 431 by six kilograms and 266 by thirteen kilograms. In layman’s language, those are two trucks full of cylinders,” Chitala said on Monday, “Then our lorry and small car were also vandalised. The windows broken, the radio stolen and the batteries removed.”

    The stolen empty cylinders had been brought to the firm’s station in Industrial Area in Nairobi for revalidation repair and were ready to be dispatched.

    Police have launched investigations to establish the motive of the attackers as well as a manhunt for the missing guards.

    “We have reported all these to the police and given that we do not engage with these guards directly but through their security firm, we have informed their employer to help in searching for them. But I am not saying they are guilty yet,” he said.

    Chitala maintained that he could not give the exact time when the incident occurred or name any suspect until the missing guards are apprehended.

    The incident comes barely a day after the Supreme Court dismissed a petition by Odinga who challenged the election of Uhuru Kenyatta as president.

  • Kenya Public enemy number One is Religion its worse than any other known virus/Germs/Bacteria that Africans were fed with by colonialists using missionaries!28 March 2013 Last updated at 08:49 GMT Help Daniel Dennett is a philosopher and cognitive scientist who applies Darwinian evolutionary theory not just to species, but to ideas, and specifically religious belief.

    He believes religion hampers rational thought and ultimately damages our species. Professor Dennett told Stephen Sackur religion is a drug human beings need to give up.

    He also described it as being like “the common cold” and said humans need to be cured of it.

  • Ukweli Wa Mambo

    I didn’t know Mutunga was an idiot till the time he pronounced these words: ” it was free, fair and transparent” Only an idiot judge can pronounce those words after SC itself had reported in it’s scrutiny numerous discrepancies. The reason why I see the Supreme court judges as idiots is simple: They were less passionate about evidence in the guise that time was not enough! if time was not enough for evidence, they were obliged to make every effort because justice is about truth and truth is about evidence. The Supreme Court was simply a mockery of justice and truth. They did a shoddy job, they are simply fake.This nigger court cannot be trusted hence Nigger govt south of sub-Sahara has failed miserably.Good voices has no meaning !black niggers do need Rehabilatation from western democratic Nations. Name(show me) any democratic Country in Nigger Africa?Baboons Gorrillas and chimpanzees has a long way to go!Kenya went to the wild dogs suffering from rabies that day (six) nigger judges(cowards) sold(betrayed) over 40 million oppressed Kenyans just saving a corrupt Gema Mafia shit-pit latrin Regime led by Wanted murderers arsonists and rapistsby the ICC in Hague.

  • New thinking.

    The people of Turkana does not need Kenya hence they have prenty ogf oil-wells.they can form their own Turkana Republic!
    Nyanza also has oil Prenty and Nyanza needs to explore oil in Lake Victoria etc .Iit would be better for all Luo intellectuals to think in a new way of how to liberate Nyanza province hence there is no place for them in Racist Kenya.
    North Eastern also has prenty of oil-wells and gas that can change their province and their peopåles live .
    Coast province has alot of enormous wealth eg. ports along the sea oil-gas fishing and surcharging watu-wa bara land-locked Kenya through levies collected by lake legion and bara-kenya coast will become super Republic and leave Kikuyu -land locked and their arrogancy and tribalism.

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