Shocking Details Showing TNA Was IEBC Through Kencall During Tallying

TNA was the “authority” transmitting tallying data

The data me and few other persons have access to show a shocking manner IEBC and Jubilee used the electronic data to rig the elections. Using data provided by a source at Kencall, TNA was IEBC . TNA used 21 data entry clerks at to enter data both in its server and the server of IEBC through a backdoor entry provided by Kencall.

The server (KENCALL IP: running Windows Server 2008 gave access to the 21 data entry clerks employed by TNA. The same data entry clerks, receiving calls from TNA agents, entered data into IEBC database. The IEBC database had 16 columns including a column called User_ID which had who among the 21 data clerks entered the data. The TNA database called (MARKET RACE) was also hosted on this same server but it lacked the User_ID column.

List of Data Entry Clerks (Names blacked Out to protect them from harm)


The server (KENCALL IP: running Windows Server 2008 gave access to the 21 data entry clerks employed by TNA. The same data entry clerks, receiving calls from TNA agents, entered data into IEBC database. The IEBC database had 16 columns including a column called User_ID which had who among the 21 data clerks entered the data. The TNA database called (MARKET RACE) was also hosted on this same server but it lacked the User_ID column.

Rights of the 21 clerks on the IEBC database


Rights of the 21 clerks on the TNA database

TNA-rights 3

Data entered by the 21 clerks on the TNA server

Data-from-the-clerks-IEBC 2

Same data mirrored on the IEBC server


MAC addresses and LOGs of the phones used to call the 21 data clerks based at Kencall

MAC-addresses 4

When CORD discovered this and went to the media (Raila’s press conference around 11am on March 16th), Kencall proceeded and shutdown the IEBC database leaving the Market Race database (TNA database) running because the name could not raise suspicion by anyone.

IEBC database shutdown log





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  • This time the thieving Kikuyu-ruling class cannot go away with it! Wamekamatwa Makende kabisa! 50 good years of rigging elections in kenya must come to an end. What right do Kikuyus have to rule over other tribes in Kenya?

  • A You Tube video has resurfaced that offers to explain how IEBC and TNA conspired and executed the rigging of the presidential elections. It features an IT expert explaining the how raw data was accessed from IEBC and TNA databases hosted on a Kencall server. Kenya Today has no competence to ascertain the truth of the claims/allegations. Watch for yourself

  • Report Shows Kenya is the 13th most Miserable Country in The World

    Friday, 22 February 2013

    A report by the has tagged Kenya as the 13th most miserable country in the world. The first 7 most miserable countries in the world are African with Zimbabwe topping the list.

    The report sums up a country’s unemployment and inflation rates to assess conditions on the ground (the higher the number, the more miserable a country is.

    Orkum’ s reasoning is that most citizens understand the pain of a high jobless rate and the soaring price of goods.

    On Kenya, the report states that “Corruption and reliance on a few specific primary goods whose prices have remained low have been holding Kenya’s economy back. Unemployment has historically been very high, and remains so. However, oil was discovered in Kenya in March 2012, which might help revive its sagging economy.”

    Zimbabwe is rated as the most miserable with a misery index score of 103.3, CPI inflation: 8.3%, Unemployment: 95%. Kenya has a misery index of a misery index score of 50.1, CPI inflation: 10.1%, Unemployment: 94%

    Here is a list of the top 25 miserable countries in the world.

    1. Zimbabwe

    2. Liberia

    3. Burkina Faso

    4. Belarus

    5. Turkmenistan

    6. Djibouti

    7. Namibia

    8. Nepal

    9. Kosovo

    10. Syria

    11. Sudan

    12. Lesotho

    13. Kenya

    Misery index score: 50.1

    CPI inflation: 10.1%

    Unemployment: 40%

    Kenya’s economy is held back by corruption and its reliance on a few specific primary goods on which prices have remained low. Unemployment has historically been very high and remains so. However, oil was discovered in Kenya in March 2012, which might help revive its sagging economy.

    Source: CIA Factbook

    14. Senegal

    15. Marshall Island

    16. Afghanistan

    17. Swaziland

    18. Haiti

    19. Yemen

    20. Bosnia and Herzegovina

    21. Gaza Strip

    22. Maldives

    23. Iran

    24. Mauritania

    25. Mali

  • Jubilee conspiracy

    RAILA reveals SECRET MEETINGS between UHURU/ RUTO’s group and Supreme Court and MEDIA favouring them
    The Kenyan DAILY POST Politics 11:06

    Saturday March 23, 2013 – The Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) is now accusing the Supreme Court registry and the media of working with the Jubilee coalition to retrieve replied affidavits from the court registry and amending them.

    In a statement leaked to the press on Saturday, CORD alliance which is associated with Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, said some top officials from the Supreme Court have been spotted in secret locations with members of the Jubilee Alliance, a thing which they said may affect the Supreme Court’s verdict expected late next week.

    At the same time, CORD also accused the Nation Media Group (NMG) and Standard Group of swaying the public opinion against the CORD petition after they highlighted IEBC’s response to CORD petition.

    They said journalists from the two major media houses are swaying the public opinion by writing articles that favour Jubilee Alliance in the petition.

    CORD alliance last week filed a petition at the Supreme Court challenging the declaration of Uhuru Kenyatta as the fourth President of Kenya by the IEBC on March 9th.

    The ruling of the petition is expected not later than Friday next week.

  • Reblogged this on emmanuelmlunje's Blog and commented:
    This is not fair at all.Evidence iko mingi..Hebu na supreme court iongezee hiyo evidence sasa waachane na maujinga ya kukataa evidence?

  • This is Oraro’s case and not yours. Let Oraro present his case the way he understands it and then the Respondent’s will present theirs, then the judges will make a decision. If Oraro is doing so badly, why are you guys so worked up. Oraro is not here to prove who won and who did not win. His job is to prove that regardless of who won, the elections were not conducted according to the constitution and therefore it is invalid. If the constitution says that the elections should be conducted every Sunday between 7am and 6pm and then you conduct it on Monday between 7am and 6pm because there was an earthquake on Sunday, the election is still invalid unless there is a provision for that. This is a constitutional court and therefore the evidence is cited just to show how the law was violated but not to prove who won and who lost. If Oraro is doing such a bad job then you folks should be thrilled instead of acting as if you are Raila’s sympathizers about how badly he is being represented.

  • September 18, 2012 · by Dan Sudi

    Kenyan election results site crashes, body’s authority questioned

    The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission’s (IEBC’s) website crashed on Monday during the release of by-election results for Kangema, Kajiado North and Ndhiwa constituencies, frustrating Kenyans who visited the site to view the results.

    Internet users following the proceedings at expressed their disappointments on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter as the site was inaccessible even as poll results from the four constituencies trickled in. The site remained down on Tuesday.

    According to reports, its is possible that a traffic surge caused the crash. Kenyans took to social media to express their frustration at the website downtime, which raises doubts as to whether the IEBC will be able to cope with the much larger elections in March of next year.

    Isendi Linus Muchenya’s comment on Facebook read “update us on results,” while Biko Obimbo said, “Hiyo website haifunguki,” meaning the website cannot open or is not accessible. Maisiba Bravo said “crashed website.”

    Marvin K. Tumbo, @marvintumbo tweeted: “The IEBC website is hosted on a server in some dude’s bedroom.”

    Blogger Dennis Itumbi @OleItumbi said “This is one story we should all tell, First they posted wrong results on station results from main pg @IEBCpage.”

    This is not the first time the IEBC site has crashed, withHumanIPO reporting in July that the site had experienced a similar problem.

    A statement from IEBC said, “a sudden surge in the online applications for clerk jobs” was responsible for the site crashing.

    “Oops! our servers are overwhelmed by online applications for VR clerk jobs. Sorry but don’t worry we are increasing the capacity. Meanwhile try, if you can, to log in at some less busy time- very early or late in the day,” IEBC said on their Facebook page.

    The board had invited qualified applicants to file applications online for 2,900 registration clerk vacancies, to be in charge of biometric voter registration across the country.

    Kenya has been prone to hackers. Just last month, the ICTBoard’s website was brought down, joining the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and government ministries whose sites were hacked earlier this year.

    “We have learnt a lot, and since we are going to have six races in the general election, we will have to improve our systems for the better,” IEBC chairman Isaac Hassan had been quoted as saying.

    He assured those doubting IEBC ability to cope with the general election in March. “They should know that we are ready,” he said.

    The Kajiado North, Kagema and Ndhiwa parliamentary seats were won by Moses Ole Sakuda (TNA) ,Tiras Ngahu (TNA) and Agostinho Neto (ODM).

  • Kenyan electoral website crash poses serious questions

    Published on 19 September 2012
    By Dinfin Mulupi

    Kenyans have questioned the ability of their country’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to handle next year’s general elections after its website crashed and failed to deliver provisional results for by-elections held in three constituencies.

    The website breakdown has raised concerns on how whether the commission is ready to manage the expected high number of voters seeking information on the voting process and outcome of the elections in March 2013 via its website.

    Kenyans on social media lambasted the electoral body, questioning how it would be able to handle elections in more than 200 constituencies after failing to deliver provisional results in 3 constituencies.

    “The #IEBC website messed up my day… If they can’t handle 3 by-elections on their website, what about the general elections?” posted Kollo Nabiswa on Twitter.

    The IEBC, through its Twitter handle @IEBCpage, had earlier on posted a link on the popular social network advising the public to use it to access provisional results, but later crashed after a surge of inquiries.

    “As IEBC website crashes, there goes another lesson to the commission… Imagine how the traffic will be on March 4th!!!!” tweeted Peter Opondo.

    While others vented their anger at the commission, some Twitter users took the opportunity to mock the IEBC’s technical capabilities.

    Marvin Tumbo wrote: “The IEBC website is hosted on a server in some dude’s bedroom #byelections.”

    This is the second time the IEBC’s website has crashed in three months. Last July, the website went down following a surge of online applications for advertised clerk jobs.

    The commission said it would invite hackers to test the reliability of some of its systems as it prepares for the elections, which are poised to be the most technology dependent in history.

    The IEBC also plans to release presidential results within 48 hours to avoid the delays in the 2007 polls, which led to the post election violence.

  • Nikwaninya Hague.

    Meet Uhuru Kenyatta thieving sisters in NAKUMATT!

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