Raila’s Speech After Cord’s Petition Filing at the Supreme Court



  • Uhuru Kenyatta is a Violent Person and his gangsters(Ruiru is Uhuru constituency)Thugs attack IEBC office, steal BVR machineRelated News
    The challenge of running KenyaJubilee, CORD lawyers battle with paperworkUhuru, Ruto reassure constitutional commissionsIssues likely to be raised in presidential election
    Ruiru, Kenya: Mystery surrounds the attack of IEBC offices on Friday night in Ruiru Town by suspected thugs who escaped with a BVR machine, crucial electoral documents and a gun.

  • Economy News (nairobi).

    The West should apply pressure (DRAW -RED-LINE) btw despotic war criminals Wanted in Hague by the ICC accused of committing crimes against humanity UHURUTO and democracy ! I hear some people saying that Kenya a Pariah Banana Republic sub-Sahara can survive without the West. I want to be shown only one country that has succeeded in doing that. Eritrea, Sudan-Khartoum and North Korea,Zimbambwe dumped the West and they are the only countries whose people eat grass ,nyani, and donkey intestines ! Zimbabwe pretended it could do without the West yet it dumped its useless currency for the mighty United States Dollar! Kenya cannot survive without Washington, London Berlin, Japan ,Canada Australia let no one lie to you.

  • Business will not be as usual.

    In Uhuru Kenyatta Is Pulling Wool Over Everyone’s Eyes, Especially the Kalenjin published in the Star today, http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/article-1….-everyones-eyes I point out the pitfalls that lie ahead for his side-kick William Ruto and the Kalenjin community in the unlikely event Uhuru becomes our next president.

    My analysis is informed by not only history but facts and information as we know it now and is continuously changing, most recently the dropping of the ICC charges against Muthaura.

    My contention is sooner than later and especially if Uhuru becomes president and Ruto becomes his Vice President, it’s very likely the case against Uhuru will be dismissed and only Ruto and Sang will be left facing the music at the Hague.

    How ironic but convenient would that be for Uhuru and his handlers.

    There won’t be any need to shred any MOUs as the side-kick will be nearly exiled at the Hague, leaving the boys to do as they wish with the presidency without him around to even as say ngwe.

    As I also conclude in the piece, there is time for our brothers and sisters from Kaleland to reconsider and maybe they can avoid all of that.

    Of course, first order of business is getting the Supreme Court to do the right thing and nullify the bogus results announced by the obviously compromised IEBC purporting to show that Uhuru won the presidency when he, in fact, did not.

    We patiently await the Court’s evaluation of the evidence provided by Raila and his team to this effect and are of the view the evidence of rigging is so overwhelming there cannot be but one outcome and verdict on the petition filed by Raila and that’s the nullification of the compromised elections results for president and send this thing to a run-off, which is in turn the only option that can prevent the country from going up in flames.

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