“Nyanza Si Kenya” Facebook Page Set Up: Has More Than 5.8k Likes

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nyanza sio kenya



  • now u know how watu wa pwani are fealing. Good luck.

  • Washington Msakulu

    We need in Kenya ! but suppose a certain Power exploits the situation and arms these neglected idle youth with weapons as it is being done in Syria?http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=a-AEWUfuCJM

  • Bad boysVs Good boys.

    The world has seen thousands of youth outside supreme court shouting to the dreaded GSU Govt Killing Police :challenging them to shoot and kill them.That means the youth of Kenya are ready to die for democracy and their cry should not be ignored by Uhuruto -Kibaki thieving govt or by international community! We should also not forget Uhuruto are wanted by the ICC in hague for butchering innocent people of kenya. and now they have stolen(rigged) elections in Kenya with the help of IEBC ,Nsis, Cid, police Commissioner, and chief of the Military all apart from Kimaiyo comming one dominant Kikuyu tribe that hates Luos. Kikuyu tribe has taken oath that bidding them Luos will never be allowed to lead in Kenya< Note how Gema humiliated Obamas father (Obama USA president)by Kikuyus working in treasury . Obama senior was humiliated and forced to vacate his post by Gema and died a very humiliated man.

  • Mnyama Mbaya Sana

    Kweli hawa Wa-kikuyu ni Wauwanji> Wamewauwa Wanjaluo kama wanyama wa Polini>On 5 July 1969 the nation was shocked by the assassination of Tom Mboya by a Kikuyu tribesman. Allegations linking the assassin to prominent KANU party members were dismissed, and in the ensuing political turmoil Jomo Kenyatta banned the opposition party, the Kenya People’s Union (KPU), and arrested it’s leader Oginga Odinga (who was also a leading Luo representative).

  • Robot Rocket Engineer

    The same Moi Who is back in power through Uhuruto Back

  • The war is almost won and it will be won as we remain a unitary state. We shall overcome. RAO will enter the annuals of history as the man who changed Kenya and Africa to join successful Nations that respect the rule of law. Amen.

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