Chants of “Uhuru Must Go” As Ballot Papers Are Found at Kenyatta University



  • What more evidence is needed to file this election petition?here the rulling is almost Ocampo! said the same game played but in a different way,.who did what where and when?please you need to donate some dippers to some of this IEBC staff,they really need them,where to get the dippers is at place of your work incase you are sympathisers to theses corrupt people who are enemies of democracy,You are helping icc to open new charges to your so called corrupt leaders incase kenya burns again

  • defend democracy.

    The chancillor of Nairobi university(Kikuyu- Kibakis Kitchen minister (advisor)and a member of Muthaiga Golf ClubCome quickly and save millions of Kenyan people from sinking in the indian Ocean(Jehanum).Uhuruto and Kibaki(thieves) Cannot be allowed to go away this time never!

  • Gideon Nanjala.

    Mr Wanjui Must be held responsible for all hidden voting boxes found at his office in Nairobi University where He is the boss! Mr JB Wanjui is one of Kibakis advisor for many years and known to be Kibakis darling and a member of Muthaiga Golf Club

  • We told you but you never wanted to hear me. They stole again. ‘Nyinyi wananchi wenzangu, mnakumbuka nilikuwa na nyinyi nyayo stadium nikiwaambia waizi wamepanga kuiba, wameiba am hawajaiba? Imekuwa ukweli ama uongo? Nikawaambia hivi, wakiiba wataona cha mtema kuni.’

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