How Will Western Interests Suffer if Faced With a Rebellious Regime in Kenya

The country is a safe playground of Western imperialism

 As Kenyans lambaste Jubilee because of the illegality of its top candidates, citizens must not lose sight of the real and more vicious enemy lurking in the background.

As Kenyans lambaste Jubilee because of the illegality of its top candidates, citizens must not lose sight of the real and more vicious enemy lurking in the background.

Last week, a chorus of warnings by major imperialist powers about dire “consequences” for Kenya depending on the outcome of the March 4th elections, saturated both local and internal media. Leading the orchestra was the United States and Britain whose stern warnings (apparently against a Jubilee victory) were quickly echoed by France and Switzerland. In Kenya, the popular view currently being peddled with abandon through mainstream and social media is that Kenya will lose colossally in trade and diplomatic relations with its traditional Western allies depending on how Kenyans vote on 4th March.

While the lamentable disadvantages occasioned by a Jubilee victory are irrefutable, meek silence seem to dominate on the nature and degree of losses both American and European imperialism is likely to suffer in the event of a diplomatic imbroglio with Kenya for whatever reason. As a matter of interrogation, how will Western interests suffer if Western powers are faced with a rebellious Kenyan government, now or in the future?

Obviously, the biggest predicament of a Jubilee victory will be “image and credibility problems” occasioned by the nightmare of having to deal with a President and a Vice president who are both prime suspects of crimes against humanity at the ICC. This is because traditionally, the West has projected itself as the global champion of democracy, human rights and the rule of law. Conversely, it will be unthinkable for Western leaders to justify to their inquisitive electorate political or economic relationships with a Kenyan government led by ICC indictees.

The situation will become even more problematic because the said indictees are suspected of masterminding a bloody post-election massacre in 2007 that resulted in the murder of more than 1,500 of their own people and, in the process, creating half a million internal refugees still rotting in camps at the time of the 2013 elections. By European ambitions, both Uhuru and Ruto ought to have been chilling in cells at the ICC in The Hague awaiting trial, not traversing the country seeking leadership. If Uhuru and Ruto were operating in Europe, their chances of presenting themselves as candidates in any election could have been zero.

The second problem is linked to political and economic control. Kenya is the hub of imperialist operations in East and Central Africa. For this reason, the biggest US Embassy in Africa and the biggest Swedish Embassy in the world are located in Nairobi, Kenya. The biggest UN Headquarters in East and Central Africa is in Gigiri, Kenya. Through Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi remains the most important transit point to other neighbouring destinations. For the West, any diplomatic problems with the Kenyan government will compromise a lot of key operations and this possibility is what may be driving Western powers to send warning signals to Kenyans.

Indeed, it is open secret that the CIA, the FBI, the M16, the Mossad, the British army, Africom and other unidentified formations of Western agencies have all converted Kenya into their biggest and safest playground in Africa. For many decades, North Eastern province has been the training ground of British soldiers while, when a building collapses in Nairobi, Israeli sniffer dogs are usually more likely to be the first to arrive at the scene commandeered by Israeli minders. Western and Israeli spy agencies active in Kenya can pick up and render any Kenyan anywhere at any time and for any reason without the meekest government intervention. Kenya has signed military treaties with the United States which may be revoked if relations turn sour. It is the pro-western stand by previous Kenyan government that earned the country the wrath of militant Islamic fundamentalists who have, in the past, consistently bombed Western targets in Kenya resulting in the loss of hundreds of Kenyan lives in collateral damage.

Abetting in arrest of previous ICC suspects
The possible threat to Western economic, political, military, strategic and humanitarian activities as a result of diplomatic bottlenecks with a Kenyan government led by ICC indictees is among key factors that have galvanized Western powers into sending strong anti-Jubilee signals to the people of Kenya ahead of the March 4th elections.

Under the ideology of neo-colonialism, what is known as the Republic of Kenya is, in reality, the property of the United States, Britain, France, Germany and their imperialist allies who have substantial inter-sectorial interests in Kenya where they are firmly in charge of the Kenyan economy. Why?

The control of a country’s economy is determined by forces and institutions which control that country’s banking industry, insurance industry, communication networks, automobile and accessories, energy and petroleum, distribution networks, manufacturing, mining, and construction industries together with telecommunication and technology.

In Kenya, majority of big players in all industries mentioned above, and which are also listed in the Nairobi Stock Exchange, are mainly foreign owned companies and their multi-national collaborators. After reaping billions of dollars in profits, these companies routinely repatriate capital abroad (without hindrance) to pumper Western economies as the pro-western, pro-capitalist puppet regimes (which have been in power since flag independence) continue to beg from these merciless masters of exploitation in the name of foreign economic aid.

This master-slave arrangement is besides constant supply of raw materials from Kenya at throw away prices to feed European and American markets. For example, Kenya is the biggest exporter of flowers in the world but the flower farms, cold-storage facilities together with Export companies based in Kenya are mainly foreign owned. Therefore, to be unable to deal with Kenya on grounds of diplomatic disconnections because suspected criminals facing charges related to crimes against humanity are at the helm is the ultimate nightmare of European governments warning Kenyans to choose their leaders carefully.

Despite their anti-imperialist rhetoric when they are pushed to the wall, Uhuru and Ruto are not revolutionaries and the crux of the matter is not that the duo could cut the head of the imperialist snake once in power. The dilemma is that it will be impossible for imperialist powers to explain to their hawk-eyed and inquisitive populations, House of Commons, Senates and Parliaments (including European Parliament) why they are dealing with such dangerous criminals instead of campaigning for their arrest for the suspects to be locked in The Hague and tried before being jailed for decades if found guilty.

Already, the West is currently not dealing with Bashir, the Sudanese President, because he is an ICC indictee. In fact, the best the West is doing with Bashir is to campaign for his arrest at every opportunity so that he can be repatriated to The Hague to face trial. Time and time again, both the United States and European governments have campaigned exhaustively for perceived or indicted suspects of crimes against humanity to be arrested and tried at the ICC for the sake of justice especially for victims of genocide and their families.

Indeed, it is these campaigns that resulted in the arrest of the late Slobodan Milosevic (who died during trial) together with his top military generals currently being humiliated at the ICC. In the same token, Charles Taylor, former Liberian President, Laurent Gbagbo former strong-man of Ivory Coast and several Congolese war-lords have all found themselves chained then locked in tiny cells in The Hague after being flown in with helicopters.

External dependencies and internal exploitation
These prisoners are brilliant examples of recent successful cases of Western instigated arrests of war crime suspects especially in Africa. In the case of Milosevich, the Serbian government was literally put at gun-point to deliver him while Taylor was first smoked out of his official hide-out in Nigeria before being caged and flown to The Hague. Koni of The Lord’s Resistance Army, is currently being hunted down in the bushes of Central Africa so that he can be repatriated to the ICC to face trial.

Under the circumstances, it will be impossible for imperialist powers to engage in any bilateral dealings with Uhuruto’s Kenya (if they are elected) without these governments having to face charges from their populations of hypocrisy and double standards.

If Uhuru and Ruto come to power, the best European and American electorates will expect is for their governments to begin an aggressive campaign for the two suspects to be nabbed, chained and repatriated to the Hague. Dealing with such suspects will basically be tantamount to governments committing political suicide especially in the eyes of a conscious electorate with the power to vote governments in and out of power at will. While Uhuru and Ruto ought not to have been allowed to present themselves as candidates in the coming elections, any sanctions or trade barriers against Kenya are likely to affect foreign traders heavily.

The tourism industry will be affected but majority of tourist hotels, travel agencies and a big proportion of game reserves are owned by white foreigners with settlement schemes in the “White highlands” of Kenya. Intermediaries in the export of tea and coffee in Kenya, including processing plants and marketing outlets abroad are not owned by the Kenyan farmer. The same applies to several other enterprises and multi-national companies which have invested heavily in Kenya including investments in the newly discovered Kenya oil industry.

While it is politically correct to scream about possible losses to Kenya in the event of cooling down of relations with the West, the real relationship between Kenya and Western powers is based on external dependencies and internal exploitation of Kenya’s human and natural resources. As Kenyans lambaste Jubilee because of the illegality of its top candidates, citizens must not lose sight of the real and more vicious, blood-sucking enemy lurking in the background.

Okoth Osewe
Secretary General
Kenya Red Alliance



  • Comrade Osewe,,this artical has chilled deep in my spinal cord .Why are you waking 44 +million kenyans people who lives in man made darkness of death?
    Why are you waking the sleeping 40 million dogs ?
    Its 50 years of oppression (ie) 50 good years being terrorized by their own black rulers (government)yet they have failed to unite and indentify their common enemy that makes them suffer collectively regardless their tribes?
    50 years ,yet 40 starving millions of (Zombies)Wakenya cannot diff btw a hyena and a goat ?

    kenya is the only country that loves mad-evil rulers.(Dictator-presidents)
    whats wrong with their brains? Is it a must that Africans has to feel inferiour infront of white men and women ? to quote former Tanzania President DrJulius Kabarage Nyerere?

    Why cant Kenyans stop growing flowers and grow food first ?
    Amboseli national Park/Masaai-mara national park is in Masai-land yet Masais are starving , are naked ,lacks roads, schools,hospitals,houses
    police station ,banks etc .Where does their tourist money goes since flag independence? Who takes national Parks Money and Why?

    Dont you think today after 50 years Masaai people would be living in Villas ,mansions, Bangalows equiped with Swimming-pools?With well fed and clothed families with shining faces not as today with forlon emaciated sick and starving children .

    Who will become Masaai tribe spokesman after Hon;. Ntimamas retirement hence the rest of Masai leaders are all bought (sell-outs(traitors)by Kikuyu Gema- tribe Supremacists?

    When will Kenyan people take (control)of their countrys sovereignity, politically economically and socially?

    What makes Kenyas intellectuals(elites) fail to fight foreign domination by imperialist 50 years of subjugation to weastern imperialism ?

    To quote our Living hero(Field Mashall Dedan Kimathi Son Of Wachiuri ) It is better to die fighting ,rather than die knelling on our knees!
    Why should Millions of Kenyan men and women die kneeling infront of kwekwe killing squads, Military ,Gsu, Aps, Police Nsis and the Cid schooled, trained ,armed and controlled by Western Imperialists?

  • If i understand what this artical proves beyond any reasonable doubts is that Kenya is still foreign asset(subject) not yet uhuru apart from having National Anthem, Military that salutes a black President who is truly a Lackey of Western imperialist who is controlled by a remote control like a tv,

    In Fact Uhuruto Icc case is treated very different unlike Slobodan Milocevichs the Former Yugoslavian President or General Muradic , Radovan Karadzic , Charles Tylor or Bagbo former Ivory Coast strongman.

    Kenya Case is treated Special very Special where the Suspects are the Ones setting Conditions of the game. How is the world going to respect the ICC any longer hence being oppenly seen as western Imperialist court to meant for jailing (black leaders) who has resisted and refused to be being tamed by their Western masters. that is Slave /master relationship . Slaves Rebelling from their Masters (demanding ) let my people go!

    Libya is rejecting handing Over Gaddafis capitured son to the same icc Court in Hague and the west is dead silent.

    The Sudanese President Bashir is still going strong despite being wanted by the same court of Justice,(ICC)

    Felician Kabuga is still hiding in Kenya and perhaps advicing Uhuruto
    how to play chess with imperialists. This is happening in kenya where AMISON is Located ,UN .and other world organisation bodies located IE .The CIA, Mossad, KGB , and other western intelligence agencies

    Kenyans do remember it was in Kenya where the leader of PKK (kurdish workers Party) Ocaran was abducted by the western Hawk eyed inteligent (Spies) and flown to Turkey where today the PKK leader is detained (imprisoned)without being taken to court.

    Then why this Political gimmick played in Kenya regarding the UHURTO Case in Hague .

  • Who is Ndura Waruingi? It reminds me a former Mungiki Killer who went to hide himself behind the church after commiting mass murder of innocence Kenyan People .In fact Waruingi in the near future must stand in the docks answering crimes against humanity .It doesnt matter how long it will take> He is comming out from his hiding hole > Why cant Ndura wait untill he is smoked together with his Pay-master Uhuru Kenyatta>Nairobi, Kenya: Former Mungiki leader Ndura Waruinge has told off the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) for cautioning Kenyans against electing jubilee presidential candidate Uhuru Kenyatta and his running mate William Ruto.

    Waruinge termed the NCCK statement as unfortunate and undermining the democratic rights of Kenya saying it was tantamount to denying Uhuru and Ruto their rights.

    The former sect leader argued that it’s only the people of Kenya who will exercise their sovereign power to determine who leads them and not NCCK or foreign envoys.

  • Oppen Society Democracy

    Kurdish protesters have clashed with police in Turkey during demonstrations marking the 14th anniversary of the arrest of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Ocalan.

    The clashes broke out in several southeastern provinces and in the city of Istanbul on Friday.

    Police fired tear gas and used water cannon to disperse protesters in two towns in Hakkari province, while in Mardin three demonstrators and a police officer were injured in clashes.

    Security forces also arrested dozens of protesters in Sirnak and Sanilufra.

    Demonstrations were also held in Istanbul, in which protesters set two buses on fire.

    Ocalan, who was captured by Turkish security forces in the Kenyan capital Nairobi in 1999, is serving a life sentence at Imrali Island prison on charges of leading the PKK in its armed campaign against Ankara.

    The PKK has been fighting for an autonomous Kurdish region in southeastern Turkey since the 1980s. The conflict has left tens of thousands of people dead.

  • Business As Usual

    Capitalism cannot survive without corruption .Capitalism is the Mother& father of all corruption>

    Cameron said ahead of the visit that he wanted the relationship between Britain and India to be “one of the great partnerships of the 21st century”.

    But his second trip to India as prime minister will require deft handling after the Indian government said it was cancelling a $748 million (560 million euro) deal to buy 12 helicopters for VIPs from an Italian firm amid allegations the contract was won through kickbacks.

    India took steps to scrap the contract on Friday after Italian investigators probed allegations that aerospace group Finmeccanica, the parent company of Anglo-Italian helicopter unit AgustaWestland, had broken the law by paying bribes to foreign officials.

    The helicopters, three of which have already been delivered, are manufactured in southwest England.

    Cameron’s first overture to India was snubbed last year when Delhi selected a French fighter jet over the part-British Eurofighter in a $12 billion contract, a deal which Hollande was seeking to tie up during his visit.

    The British government has taken note of the fact that the huge contract with Dassault Aviation is still not finalised, and hopes to remind the Indian government of Eurofighter’s merits in case they change their mind.

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