Deported Kenyan Woman Says She is Suffering in Kariobangi

No running water, no electricity and no toilet in the house

As KSB agents return to work following a long summer vacation, hot fresh gossip begins to flourish and rumour mongers get to “after-summer” business, it has emerged that Benguella, a Kenyan woman who was deported home by Swedish authorities early this year, is reportedly going through “hell on earth” back in Kenya.

According to an agent who spoke to her, life is becoming “unbearable” because she is unable to take good care of her mulatto child she manufactured with a white Swedish dude who abandoned her soon after she gave birth.

Although the Swedes are sending her about Ksh 10.000 for child support, this money is hardly enough because it is her sole source of income. She lives in a shack and after paying the rent and setting aside money for other basic human necessities, the woman said that the money left is normally hardly enough to sustain her with the child.

Benguella comes from a poor family which, she says, had a lot of expectations from her when “she flew overseas” to start a new life. She told KSB that the belief at that time was that once she settled in Sweden, the economic hardships of the whole family would be brought to a permanent end.

“When I was in Sweden, I used to hassle some money to send back home to cover my failures but after my deportation, members of my family have understood that I never made it”, she told an agent. While in Sweden, she used to make money through private baby-sitting and hair styling. She added that she had become the source of shame to her family whose pride of having a daughter abroad had evaporated. She told KSB that although she has always lived on the precipice, she hadn’t prepared her family psychologically for what was to come.

Her biggest problem is that due to her mulatto baby, she has been rejected by members of her family who were allegedly told by a Kenyan woman resident in Stockholm that Benguella used to prostitute herself to earn money to live on and that in the process, she got pregnant accidentally and gave birth to the mulatto kid. According to this story line, money Beguella had been sending to family members was allegedly earned through prostitution.

The woman who has been pumping the family with lies is a well-known enemy of Benguella and, according to Benguella, her former friend-turned-enemy knew her relatives in Kenya because she used to send her home with messages when they were still good friends.

According to Benguella, her former friend told her relatives that there is no way she could have been deported to Kenyan with a baby fathered by a white Swede if she knew the father. “The only reason why she was deported is because she doesn’t know the father of the child since she got pregnant on the line of duty”, the woman allegedly told Benguella’s relatives.

According to Benguella, the father of her child is well known to the Swedish authorities and the KSB agent who picked up the storo said that she wanted her story published at KSB “to set the record straight” in order to counter the lies being told by her “enemy number one”.

Betrayed arrested and deported
Speaking to KSB in her shack at Kariobangi South where she had invited an agent for a chit-chat, Benguella said that she got pregnant when she was having an affair with a Swedish man who abandoned her soon after the guy discovered that she was pregnant. According to her enemy spreading dirty storos in Kenya, the dude believed that she had tricked him into “baby-making” in order to “manufacture mapeps”.

“The reason why I was deported is because the guy rejected me and the child. Without a romantic relationship with him, the Swedes said that I had to return to my country”, Benguella told KSB.

While appealing for help from friends who are in a position to understand her situation, Benguella said that life was tough in Kenya because many of her Kenyan contacts cannot understand how someone could be deported from Sweden with a Swedish mulatto child fathered by a white Swede and after living in Sweden for more than four years.

The woman said that while still in Sweden, there was a time when her baby’s father tried to help her get papers as they tried to make up but that the process was torpedoed after the guy met a fresh and cute girl from Africa who “took him over”, causing him to disconnect the paper-work at the offices of the Immigration Department.

Benguella’s case has been known to some Kenyans in her circle for a long time. According to a key member of this network, the woman spreading storos about her is the real cause of Benguella’s current problems after the woman vowed to “teach Benguella a lesson” because of a Sek 10.000 debt Benguella failed to pay. The said woman advanced the loan to her friend after she gave birth and badly needed money to purchase the basics.

Apparently, Benguella cheated her friend that she already had her papers and that she would pay back the loan in a six months installment. The woman is said to have gone berserk after Benguella failed to pay a single installment, time when the woman friend also discovered that Beguella was actually paperless.

According to those in the know, Benguella went underground after police started looking for her but that it was her ex-friend who helped track her down (through friends) at her hide-out before calling police who arrested her and deported her to Kenya without her belongings.

Benguella said that she misses things she had taken for granted while in Sweden. “I never knew that I would be stuck in a shack without running water, no toilet, no electricity and where putting every meal on the table is a big struggle”, she said.

Many Kenyan women have been deported from Sweden in the past but they always found their way back to Sweden. Benguella told KSB that her chances of returning to Stockholm were growing thinner every day because there is no on-going process as she got sucked into ghetto life.

Okoth Osewe


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  • Navy Seal’s book rewrites story of Bin Laden’s death

    Account that al-Qa’ida leader was unarmed when assassinated contradicts official line


    Thursday, 30 August 2012
    A first-hand account of the Navy Seal raid that killed Osama bin Laden contradicts previous accounts by US administration officials, raising questions about whether the terror mastermind presented a clear threat when he was first fired upon.

    Bin Laden was apparently hit in the head when he looked out of his bedroom door into the top-floor hallway of his compound as Seals rushed up a narrow stairwell in his direction, according to the former Navy Seal Matt Bissonnette, writing under the pseudonym Mark Owen in No Easy Day. The book is to be published in the US next week by Penguin’s Dutton imprint.

    Mr Bissonnette says he was directly behind a “point man” going up the stairs. “Less than five steps” from the top of the stairs, he heard “suppressed” gunfire. The point man had seen a “man peeking out of the door” on the right side of the hallway. The author writes that Bin Laden, below, ducked back into his bedroom and the Seals followed, only to find him on the floor in a pool of blood with a hole visible on the side of his head and two women crying over his body.

    Mr Bissonnette says that the point man pulled the two women out of the way and shoved them into a corner, and he and the other Seals trained their guns’ laser sites on Bin Laden’s still-twitching body, shooting him several times until he lay motionless. The Seals later found two weapons stored by the doorway untouched, the author said.

    In the account related by officials, the Seals shot Bin Laden only after he ducked back into the bedroom because they assumed he was reaching for a weapon.

    The White House spokesman Tommy Vietor would not comment, but said in an email: “As President Obama said on the night justice was brought to Osama bin Laden, ‘We give thanks for the men who carried out this operation, for they exemplify the professionalism, patriotism and unparalleled courage of those who serve our country.'”

    No Easy Day was due out on 11 September, but Dutton announced that the book would be available a week early because of a surge of orders due to advance publicity.

    The account is sure again to raise questions as to whether the raid was intended to capture or to kill Bin Laden. Mr Bissonette writes that during a pre-raid briefing, a lawyer from “either” the White House or Defence Department told them that they were not on an assassination mission. The book has sparked concern among US officials, who fear it may include classified information, as it did not undergo the review required by the Pentagon for works published by Defence Department employees.

  • Nyaga came to the Texas in 2004 leaving Maureen, his long-time girlfriend back in Kenya. He was, however, determined to bring her over so that they could start a life together.

    He worked hard and sent her money for a passport, visa processing fees and an air ticket to join him.

    Nyaga was ecstatic when Maureen joined him in 2006. He immediately enrolled her in a college where she pursued a nursing course. Maureen graduated in 2010 and invited a large contingent of friends, but she did not invite Nyaga.

    Nyaga did not even know she was graduating and only found out from a friend who was at the ceremony.

    His friend sent him three photos of his girlfriend in her graduation attire posing with those who had accompanied her to the ceremony.

    He was speechless. He had worked so hard to see her through, and he still hoped it was just a prank.
    It wasn’t.

    Nyaga waited for her to come back home and furiously demanded to know what was going on and why she would mark such a milestone without even letting him know.

    Her answer marked a stark contrast to the woman he knew and loved.

    “I do not go out with uneducated people,” she said. “You came here before me and you have never graduated and that shows that your priorities are messed up.”

    With that, she packed a small bag and stormed out of the apartment.

    She did not return home that night.

    Unknown to Nyaga, she was already seeing someone else and had already got her own apartment.

    She came back the following day and carried away most of her belongings while Nyaga was at work.

    Nyaga eventually traced her to her new apartment but she never answered her door for almost a week.

    She then went a step farther by taking him to court, claiming that since they had lived together for more than six months, they were statutorily married and she was entitled to half his property.

    Since they had lived together for close to four years and they had always presented themselves as a married couple, the judge ordered that the property Nyaga acquired during that period be divided equally among them.

    Nyaga was upset by the ruling and decidedto confront her at her apartment.

    When the police arrived, she said she felt threatened by his frequent appearances at her door and that she did not feel safe outside of her apartment. The police arrested him and charged him with stalking.

    After two nights in jail, the police handed him over to immigration officials who deported him three months later.

    Maureen, on learning his fate, was sympathetic to his plight but she maintains that Nyaga made her feel threatened by stalking her.

    She said that though she is grateful to Nyaga for helping her out with her school fees, she felt that he was very possessive and always had lofty expectation for her that put so much pressure on her.

    “I was going to take a loan and pay him back all of his money,” Maureen said lowering her voice. “I did not think that it was worth staying with him just because he paid for my studies and honestly it did not have to end like it did.”

    Asked why she went for half his property, she said it was done in a moment of high emotions and she did not intend to follow through with the court’s decision.

  • Pregnancy gets Kenyan couple in Saudi Arabia in trouble

    After a blissful Islamic wedding ceremony at a Mombasa mosque in November 2011, the newly married couple got the most pleasant gift of all in the New Year — Amina Ahmed Said and husband Mohamed Abuuat left the country for greener pasture in Saudi Arabia.

    Amina got a job as a househelp for a wealthy family, which also employed Abuuat. Working together promised to be a good thing for the new couple.

    Amina and Abuuat were excited as they packed their bags for the exciting part of their lives in a foreign country.

    They bade their friends and relatives farewell and set out for what they assumed then to be a bright future.Upon arrival in the Saudi residence, they called home and said they were happy working for a wealthy family. They had even been paid their first month’s salaries and sounded excited.

    Unknown to them, their decision to make life in a foreign country was the beginning of a treacherous walk.

    A few months after their arrival in the land many Kenyans associate with opportunity because of our joblessness back home, Amina was found to be pregnant. That is when hell broke loose.

    Amina’s step-father Feisal Bahero says after the employer suspected that his daughter could be pregnant, the family started mistreating Amina and her husband.


    One day, the mistress of the house summoned Amina while Abuuat was out doing errands and berated her for getting herself pregnant.

    “My daughter tried to explain to the employer that she was legally married to Abuuat and had even informed them of their union prior to arrival but this fell on deaf ears. Instead, the woman called the police and told them that her two Kenyan employees were involved in an illicit affair and as a result of which, Amina was expecting a child,” Bahero told The Standard.

    The police, took away Amina and Abuuat for interrogation.

    Later, Amina underwent medical tests that confirmed her pregnancy

    She was locked up in what appears to be a holding camp away from the main police station.

    Her husband was also confined at some rural setting.

    Saudi laws impose imprisonment for women who get pregnant out of wedlock and, after giving birth, a penalty of lashes can be determined by courts before she is freed.

    Fear for her life

    But because of the hard life in prison, many expectant mothers end up miscarrying before the pregnacies reach full term.

    It’s now more than three weeks since they were taken into custody. In one of Amina’s telephone conversations with her parents, she cried and said she feared for her life.

    “We are shocked by the sudden turn of events. We are confused and uncertain about what is going on. Even the agent who recruited them has become arrogant and is refusing to offer any assistance,” Bahero said.

    Mr Bahero who has been in touch with his son-in-law says the employer is now demanding Sh300,000 before they are released from custody.

    But with irregular communication, the family is not sure how to rescue their children who are obviously in a deep crisis.

    Last month, more than 100 distressed Kenyan women were stuck in a container at Kenya’s embassy in Saudi Arabia as they waited to be brought back home after disagreeing with their employers.

  • the woman threatened her former boyfriend that he would not see his child if he did not accept her for mapepe.the mzungu said you will know where you belong and sent her back to Kenya.ujuwaji mwingi ni bure.

  • Deported woman with money in need of a man relationship am there

  • Theres somethng fishy wit this whole story…theres no way ni europe u can get deported after fathering a kid wit a european man…he has to take care of the child n your child will facilitate you in geting the papers..unless this woman has been in some illegal biz.

  • she needs a Kenyan man to support,I’m here let
    er call me.

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