Adhiambo Sianda Deported to Kenya

Adhiambo Sianda: Deported

Finally, Adhiambo Sianda’s step-mother won the battle and succeeded in getting her deported to Kenya on Wednesday last week. For new comers, Adhiambo Sianda is a 23 year-old Kenyan girl who snatched her step-mother’s jungu hubby a few weeks ago before going into hiding after the step-mother vowed to get her deported to Kenya. The relationship between Adhiambo and her step dad led to a bitter split between her step parents.

Strangely, it was the jungu step dad who called KSB to break the news that his ex-wife had succeeded in deporting his new girlfriend. According to the dude, Adhiambo had been hiding in a friend’s house since the crisis began but unfortunately, the offended step mom got wind of Adhiambo’s hide-out and called police to arrest her. The main reason why Adhiambo was deported was because she had overstayed in Sweden.

According to a police officer handling the case, the deportation of Adhiambo Sianda had nothing to do with her romantic problems. “Her visa had expired and, by law, she was no longer welcome in Sweden”, the policeman told KSB. He refused to go into any further details, adding that this was a normal case of deportation which occurs every day.

When asked by KSB how they tracked down Adhiambo, the policeman did admit that they got a tip about Adhiambo’s whereabouts from a contact whom he refused to name. According to Adhiambo’s new jungu hubby, the Immigration police visited the address where Adhiambo was hiding and found her. Three plain-clothed police officers arrived at the apartment at 5 O’clock in the morning and requested everybody who was in the house to identify themselves.

After two occupants (a couple) identified themselves, the police requested to enter the house for a search, arguing that they had information that the person they wanted was in the flat. Although the couple tried to resist, arguing that any police entry into the apartment would be a violation of the couple’s privacy, the police insisted that they had instructions to search the house because there was enough reason to believe that the person they wanted was in the apartment.

Finally, the police got their way into the fourth floor apartment and after a brief search, they found Adhiambo Sianada hiding in the wardrobe. The couple wept openly as Adhiambo, who was resisting arrest, was dragged into a waiting police car before she was driven away.

Adhiambo’s Jungu hubby has vowed to ensure that Adhiambo returns to Sweden “even if it means travelling to Kenya”. The jungu appeared upset with the new development and cursed his ex-wife for being so jealous of Adhiambo to an extent that she could instigate her deportation to Kenya.

In the meantime, the step-mother is reported by agents to be celebrating her “victory”. Her first reaction was that Adhiambo did not deserve to stay in Sweden because she was evil. “A step-daughter who can take over her step-mothers husband is evil”, she is reported to have said. According to agents, the step mom has vowed not to let Adhiambo return to Stockholm, arguing that the “little bitch” has ruined her life.

Okoth Osewe

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