WikiLeaks Releases: Nairobi Cable No. 18: Uhuru Kenyatta Drinks Too Much


  • Ruto worked against Special Local Tribunal
  • A Kikuyu Presdient after Kibaki is not viable
  • Minister of Security Saitoti is considered too old, not charismatic, and tainted by the Goldenberg corruption scandal

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E.O. 12958: DECL: 06/26/2019



Classified By: Ambassador Michael Ranneberger, reasons 1.4 b,d

Uhuru: WikiLeaks cables says he drinks too much.

¶1. (C) Uhuru Kenyatta appears to be working towards a presidential run in 2012. While many have pointed out that replacing President Kibaki, a Kikuyu, by another Kikuyu, would be unlikely due to anti-Kikuyu sentiments prevalent across much of Kenyan society, Kenyatta may be encouraged to attempt a presidential run due to shifting political dynamics that make potential challengers seem weak.  Interestingly, Kenyatta seems to appreciate the need to be seen as pro-reform, and we should encourage him to push for action on key reform issues. Alternatively, the potential for Kenyatta to foment violence to achieve political ends cannot be ruled out (he is reportedly a key figure on the list of suspected perpetrators of post-election violence). End summary.

Kenyetta Preparing For 2012 Presidential Bid
¶2. (C) Although in public and private Uhuru Kenyatta has avoided openly declaring presidential ambitions for 2012, he appears to be moving to pave the way for a presidential run. While conventional wisdom says that another person from the Kikuyu ethnic group cannot succeed President Kibaki, a Kikuyu, political dynamics that make potential challengers seem weak may be encouraging Uhuru and his potential supporters to rethink this.

¶3. (C) Kenyatta is taking steps that are clearly intended to bolster his political standing and mobilize support. His appointment as Finance Minister was seen by many as an implicit endorsement by Kibaki; it provides a powerful platform for Kenyatta to pursue presidential ambitions. The budget which he recently submitted to Parliament (septel) has virtually bought many parliamentarians as a result of vast expansion of the funds designated for the Constituency Development Fund (CDF). The CDF is used to fund projects in parliamentary constituencies. While use of CDF funds has become more transparent and accountable over the past couple of years, parliamentarians still wield enormous influence over use of the funds, and employ them to enhance their political standing and support. No budget presentation has ever been greeted with such enthusiasm by parliamentarians.(It is important to note that expansion of the CDF, if used transparently ) and therein lies the rub ) can serve a legitimate purpose of helping stimulate the economy through infrastructure projects; the economy is suffering greatly due to the aftermath of the post-election violence and the world financial crisis. Through this tactic, Kenyatta also increases the support he is likely to receive in working behind the scenes to ensure that parliamentarians never approve an independent special tribunal to hold accountable those involved in post-election violence. It is generally assumed that Kenyatta,s name (and that of his prospective ally William Ruto) are on the list of suspects the Waki Commission gave to Kofi Annan. (The danger of being identified for investigation and possible prosecution is one of Kenyatta,s principal vulnerabilities.)

Kikuyu Politics Favor Kenyetta
¶4. (C) Kenyatta must move to ensure solid control of his KANU party as a potential presidential vehicle. KANU is currently the second biggest partner to Kibaki,s Party of National Unity (PNU), holding 14 seats in Parliament, mostly representing non-Kikuyu regions. Ex-President Moi,s son Gideon could compete for control, but at the end of the day an accommodation could be worked out.(Kenyatta was Moi,s designated successor and ran in 2002 on the KANU ticket.) Gideon Moi and other KANU stalwarts have been pressing Kenyatta to focus his energies on rebuilding KANU.

¶5. (C) Kikuyu political dynamics seem to be favoring Kenyatta. There has been an emerging realization among Kikuyu professionals, progressive politicians, and others that it would not be healthy for the nation or wise politically to seek to have another Kikuyu replace Kibaki.  That said, however, many Kikuyus, including the still dominant political class, fear the potential consequences of electing a non-Kikuyu (the concerns include worries about their economic and political interests, including the potential for another ethnic group to exploit anti-corruption efforts against them). Kenyatta is slowly but steadily emerging as the most likely potential presidential designee of the Kikuyus — should they decide to back a candidate for president. Other contenders are not gaining traction. Minister of Security Saitoti is considered too old, not charismatic, and he is tainted by the Goldenberg corruption scandal.  Kikuyu dissident Martha Karua, the former Minister of Justice and head of the NARC-K party within the PNU, has not gained wide support in the Kikuyu Central Province. (Vice President Musyoka, the nominal head of the Kamba community, which is closely related to the Kikuyu community, remains a potential standard-bearer if at the end of the day the Kikuyus decide that they should not field their own candidate. However, that would be seen as a Kikuyu-Kamba condominium, which might well be worse than a straight-out bid by Kenyatta if he can get crucial support from the Kalenjin community.)

¶6. (C) While Kibaki will not play a decisive role in designating his preferred successor, his standing as the principal Kikuyu elder and the power that State House wields, mean that obtaining his support is important. A number of sources report close contacts between Kibaki and Kenyatta, and between those two and William Ruto, a potential ally. Kibaki,s naming of Kenyatta as Finance Minister was seen as at least giving Kenyatta the platform to make a play for leadership.

Potential Kenyetta-Ruto Alliance
¶7. (C) Ruto has made a number of private visits to State House in recent months, and he and Kenyatta are in close contact. They worked together behind the scenes to ensure defeat of the special tribunal bill. One rationale for cooperation is the importance they attach to promoting the welfare of their respective ethnic communities (Kenyatta,s Kikuyu community in Central Province and Ruto,s Kalenjin community in Rift Valley) in order to avoid a repeat of what happened last year during the post-election violence. Although tensions between the Kalenjin and Kikuyu communities remain high and make an alliance problematic, the political imperatives driving potential cooperation between Kenyatta and Ruto cannot be dismissed.(Some of the thinking runs along these lines: an alliance among the Kalenjins, Kikuyus, and the Kambas assures a winning majority. In the event of violence in response to such a victory, such violence could be contained to PM Odinga,s Luo ethnic community in Nyanza Province and to his supporters in Nairobi,s Kibera slum.)

¶8. (C) Tentative, behind the scenes cooperation between Kenyatta and Ruto is focused on a deal whereby Ruto uses his influence among Kalenjins to facilitate the reintegration of the Kikuyu internally displaced persons in Rift Valley; in return, Ruto would get a significant share of important economic positions for his Kalenjin political allies. What is particularly problematic in a potential Kenyatta-Ruto alliance is who would get top billing on the presidential ticket, but there is some sense that Ruto might accept the position of vice president or prime minister, and thus prepare the ground for a presidential run in 2017.(Ruto is in his 40s.)

¶9. (C) Most observers, rightly in our view, believe that attempting to have another Kikuyu succeed Kibaki is a recipe for serious instability ) perhaps for a meltdown much more severe than that experienced last year. While some sort of arrangement could emerge between the Kikuyu and Kalenjin communities, this seems a distant prospect given what happened last year.  (Importantly Moi, rather than Ruto, is still seen as the head of the Kalenjin community and there is bad blood between those two. If Moi supports Kenyatta, Ruto could decide to stay with Odinga, which would mean a split of the Kalenjin vote.)

Politicians Compete For Youth Vote
¶10. (C) Yet another indication that Kenyatta may be preparing the ground for a presidential run is his tacit support for the creation of a national youth movement. Struck by U.S. outreach efforts to grassroots youth movements in support of the reform agenda, parliamentarians and other politicians are scrambling to try to co-opt the youth.  One of the most important of these efforts is the plan underway by Kibaki,s son Jimmy and several parliamentarians to launch a national youth movement on July 4. Although Jimmy has publicly claimed this is intended to push for change across the political spectrum, this is a ridiculous assertion given Jimmy,s position as a charter member of the vested interests.

¶11. (C) There are some indications that this new youth movement is intended to co-opt and destroy the grassroots youth movements which have been emerging across ethnic lines to push peacefully and in a non-partisan manner for change (see reftel on our efforts to encourage this). Jimmy and those behind establishment of this new youth movement attempted to get the Ambassador to attend the launch, which he declined to do. One of those heavily involved in setting up this youth movement made clear that it is intended both to bolster Jimmy,s eventual political prospects (probably to run for his father,s parliamentary seat in 2012) and potentially to serve as a source of support for Kenyatta.

Kenyetta Election Could Push Reform Agenda
¶12. (C) Kenyatta,s potential ambitions could be helpful in pushing the reform process.  During a recent conversation with the Ambassador, Kenyatta claimed that he is privately pushing Kibaki to carry out key reforms, particularly with respect to the police and judiciary. It seems possible that ) given the clear public frustration with the slow pace of reform and our stated concerns — Kenyatta appreciates the need for him, KANU, and PNU to be seen as more pro-reform. He claimed to the Ambassador that he is urging removal of Police Commissioner Ali and Attorney General Wako.

¶13. (C) If he decides to pursue the presidency, Kenyatta has several major strengths, but these are balanced and potentially offset by important weaknesses. Kenyatta is bright and charming, even charismatic. He is enormously wealthy, and therefore has not had to engage in corruption. Although his wealth is the inheritance from his father,s corruption, the Kenyatta family still holds a special status. Kenyatta,s liabilities are at least as important as his strengths. He drinks too much and is not a hard worker (though he surprised everyone by the acuity of the budget, which reportedly resulted from some tough work over long hours). Perhaps most importantly, Kenyatta has been closely linked to the Mungiki (which emerged in the aftermath of the Mau Mau and began as a movement in defense of Kikuyu traditional values, but which has long since morphed into a well-organized mafia-style criminal organization). The reason that Kenyatta is assumed to be on the Waki Commission list of suspected perpetrators of post-election violence is his fund-raising to support Mungiki violent actions against Kalenjins during the post-election violence. Some reports indicate that Kenyatta has tried to distance himself from the Mungiki. (The links between the Mungiki and various Kikuyu politicians are at best murky.) Ironically, Kenyatta,s links to the Mungiki make him one of those who feels strongly that extrajudicial killing must stop (since many of the extrajudicial killings have been carried out by the police, under Commissioner Ali,s direction, against the Mungiki).

¶14. (C) Kenyatta may see shifting political dynamics as opening the way for a presidential run.  Odinga is increasingly perceived as feckless, unable or unwilling to govern effectively and move forward the reform agenda. There is growing disillusionment within his camp (as conveyed by key interlocutors of Odinga,s Orange Democratic Movement, ODM, party to the Ambassador).  Odinga,s being seen as in a weakened position may be wishful thinking given his political resilience and the fact that he could yet emerge as a reformer, but he has clearly lost significant popular support. The ODM seems both directionless and less united than before.

¶15. (C) Comment: Although talk of calculations with respect to the 2012 presidential election seems very premature, the reality is that politicians are already maneuvering with that in mind. Those considerations will influence their calculations with respect to the reform agenda. The popular dynamic in favor of reform will influence politicians, behavior in a positive direction to some degree, but this will be weighed against considerations of ethnic alliances, fund-raising, and personal politics. Continued intensive U.S. pressure for implementation of reforms will help drive considerations in the right direction towards reform steps. End comment.



  • We can prove this through Uhuru himself, how he talks, behaves and the support he get from President himself.They talk as they know their mission and target will be before 2012.Kenyans must wake up. When I talk about Majimbo in Kenya, I mean I sense something bad in our unity will happen, so to avoid is to seperate region to do their own culture freely. Otherwise Kenyans are wasting time for something they will regret very late.

  • Civil Society

    This Uhuru man has abandoned his kikuyu gema IDPs by thieving money mean t for the Internal displaced people(idps)>

  • Their evil dreams machinations and schemes will never come true! I also heard these rulers of impunity has created fake war in Kenyas poorly ans undeveloped places in Mandera district ,just to distract attention and to prove the UNSC(united Nations Security Council) that If the six named war crime suspects named by Ocampo are taken to Hague to answer charges ,there will be war in Kenya(what useless & dirty gimmicks)The people of Mandera are fleeing in 1000nds from PNU man made war!

  • Where is the wikileak that put RAILA at the heart of the MAIZE SCANDAL?

  • The rest of the wiki leaks talked about Raila
    how come this is not mentioned here???????????
    Don,t summarize print as is from wikileaks!!
    Biased reporting should be left to local tabloids

    KSB: MMmmmMM: I found your accusation (+Njoroge) of “biased reporting” very easy to deal with. Becuase the theme continues to resurface, I think that those in your league deserve an answer. The leaks have been reproduced here IN TOTAL and without a single word being edited so what you see is what Wikileaks has released. The sole editing (the XXXX) was done by Wikileaks. If you have access to a leak that has not yet been published here (and that talked about Raila), send it in, publish it here at Comments or provide a link. If there is a leak that has been edited at KSB (to cut Raila dirt out as you allege), point it out to expose the “biased reporting”. You will score a big point. KSB has no intention of editing, cutting or avoiding publication of any Leak regardless of who is touched. You could have complained to the mainstream media in Kenya (Nation, Standard et al) which is cutting out names of the “big fish” implicated in the leaks instead of empty and unsubstantiated attacks at KSB. Back to you.

  • Sammy Kiberenge mtumtwiria

    Njoroge You can read by yourself in Uhurus newspapers or by listening to Uhurus tribal & chaucinist FM Kameme that preaches hate /propagandas 24/7 daily /weeks & month go read Capital FM its owned by Uhuru Kenyatta Gema Kikuyus President in Waitin g!

  • Majority of Kikuyus has this to say concerning Uhurus Propaganda ,Thieving Jomo Kenyattas son who is enjoying what his late father stole/grabbed from his Kikuyu poor community> th

  • Kenya trained therapist&cognitive behaviour

    >This is a very Vital gift Kenyan people should donate /give/or grant Uhuru Kenyatta Jr>Which can keep him warm ,bussy & neutralize his Hague worries & panic>

  • I agree with Njoroge. Be balanced otherwise you lose credibility or is KSB an ODM/Raila platform?

    • Concerned: I found your accusation (+Njoroge) of “biased reporting” very easy to deal with. Becuase the theme continues to resurface, I think that those in your league deserve an answer. The leaks have been reproduced here IN TOTAL and without a single word being edited so what you see is what Wikileaks has released. The sole editing (the XXXX) was done by Wikileaks. If you have access to a leak that has not yet been published here (and that talked about Raila), send it in, publish it here at Comments or provide a link. If there is a leak that has been edited at KSB (to cut Raila dirt out as you allege), point it out to expose the “biased reporting”. You will score a big point. KSB has no intention of editing, cutting or avoiding publication of any Leak regardless of who is touched. You could have complained to the mainstream media in Kenya (Nation, Standard et al) which is cutting out names of the “big fish” implicated in the leaks instead of empty and unsubstantiated attacks at KSB. Back to you.

  • Yapsoy VinNie Maiwah

    Ranneberger has dug too far deeply. We’ve known some alcoholics to take their work seriouly. Uhuru’s love for the bottle should not be anyone’s concern. The man from the lake is indeed a barrier to reforms and too unwilling for the same. He should consider not to again waste his time to vie for the top seat,because Kenyans have lost faith in the luo man.

  • Njoroge, Concerned and HMMMMM!!! As requested by Osewe, please post to KSB a link on Raila WikiLeakes cables or any other link you wish to be included.

    Osewe has published the original version of everything on Raila, Karua, Uhuru and State House as provided. Interestingly, it is a section of the Kenyan media that has reported info on Raila and the maize scandal, quoting WikiLeaks.

    I agree with Osewe that apart from mentioning Uhuru and Raila, the mainstream Kenyan media outlets did not mention State House and drugs, Michuki, Karua, Kalonzo and other big fish.

    Let Osewe report what is available and help him by providing new info, instead of thinking he favors Raila. So far, KSB is doing a good job by making available what is unavailable in Kenyan Press. Vital information is being kept away from Nation and Standard readers.

    Why is the Kenyan media afraid of reporting everything? The Cables say drug trafficking is managed by Lucy at State House but where is this information in the Kenyan media? This is “Biased reporting” of the worst kind. Why is Michuki being referred to as “A member of the Cabinet”. KSB’s growing popularity is due to its objectivity, not selective reporting. Either, provide the facts or shut up.

    KSB: Thanks Wimbi. Sometimes I just have no time to defend KSB as effectively as you do against peurile attacks and fans like yourself help me run the blog from the backgound. Keep it up.

  • they are dreaming we need a sober leader not a drunkard like Uhuru. Let him puff bhang and white powder. Rich, lazy SOB who will soon be in the Hague!!

  • uhuru kenyatta will never sleep and stay in statehouse,never will be president of kenya. his selfish interests has already driven him far from statehouse.first let uhuru share land or donate land to kikuyus,shame on the billionaire,owning land,size of nyanza province,half a million acres,wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ui! YOU WILL NEVER GET VOTES IN NYANZA AND WESTERN.

  • Forget Uhuru, there’s a lot of explaining he has to do of what kind of a guy he was when he studied abroad. Theres a lot being said that he is a crack head. I for one dont want a crack head to lead my country. that justifies me to protest at all costs.

  • Everytime I see a picture of this dude, I almost believe that he just walked out of a bar. You’d think with all the money that he has, he’d look “fresher”.

    I don’t care what anyone says….excessive drinking and smoking eventually wears down the body.

    I always wondered where older politicians like Moi & Awori got their energy from. It wasn’t until I read profiles of them that I began to understand it. These men, like our grand-parents, come from a different generation. They grew up living a very healthy lifestyle. No smoking, no drinking, no burgers, pizza’s or ice cream.

    Moi said he was on the treadmil every day at 4 a.m. in the morning. A typical diet for him included ugali with either beans or sukuma wiki and mursik. For desert, he’d have fruit.

    Moody Awori swims and plays tennis on a regular basis. I’m sure he has the same diet as moi.

    My grand-mothers were the same way. No smoking, no drinking, worked in their shamba’s everyday (which is exercise)and maintained a vegetarian diet for most of their lives.

    Moi should tell uhuru to scrap the whiskey for some mursik. He’s giving him all this political advice, but leaving out the most important piece – one’s health!

  • Uhuru should adopt a traditional kikuyu diet, which is essentially vegetarian (iriyo, githeri, brown porridge)

    Then, if he cuts out the smoking and drastically reduces the drinking, he’ll begin to look as good as his mother.

  • “Shit! This guy just looks like a drunk”

  • Well, He needs to go to Hague on this count alone:

    “The reason that Kenyatta is assumed to be on the Waki Commission list of suspected perpetrators of post-election violence is his fund-raising to support Mungiki violent actions against the Kalenjin during post-election violence,” adds the reports.

  • Look into his blood-shot, cataract-infested eyeballs and tell me you would believe anything he utters from his slippery, forked-tongue?

  • Who is Uhuru?

    He is a rich spoiled brat from a family that stole Kenyans’ wealth and let the Mau Mau and other freedom fighters suffer.

    His dad was a turncoat and traitor to the Kenyan independent heroes and i have always said that one day he will be charged posthumously for land grabbing, political murders and treason.

    Who can explain how they own almost all the large tracts of land in the country? And don’t tell me they worked for it because thats crap.

    Uhuru is academically bright having gone to Amherst and you know that the school is very selective and only chooses the best though sometimes money plays a part.

    Uhuru was known partying and could not manage Brookside Diary, his family business. His younger bro called Muhoho, is the main brains in the business.

    Surprisingly Kenyans as usual are short-minded and they look at the horizon instead on concentrating on whats near.

    Uhuru will never be president And neither will i accept to be ruled by another Kenyatta who is politically naive and irresponsible and to add insult to injury a drunkard puppet.


    I cry for Kenya. Once again a village drunk, son of a dead gangster, an absolute perversion of the word UHURU wants to be crowned President. To rule as he wishes over all our roads, cars, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

    This wife clobbering drunk, heir of stolen things, a failure in life who has not a clue of how to write and present a resume wants to be President in 2012. That is if we let him. Are we gonna let the rape of Kenya continue? for how long are you, your siblings, your children and your children’s children be subjected to this cycle of robberies and poverty?

    wasn’t 24 years of Moi’s incest on Kenya’s economy enough? Just why wud Kenyans want to ELECT a wife abusing drunk, rejected in his own village to be our leader?

    It is a public secret that Johnstone Kamau aka Jomo Kenyatta is the cause of all the evil dogging Kenya right now. 24 years of Moi’s mis-rule however made us wanna forgive a lot of his folly, we were willing to let it stay in the archives, but alas, we willed out one moment too soon… It seems like Kenyatta even in his grave is not repentant of the scars he bore on us.

    Through his son, widow and fly whisk, he is again forcing us to relive the past, get angry and seek justice! Justice we NOW MUST get, a Uhuru Presidency will only delay it.

    Join the campaign against Uhuru Kenyatta. This is a golden chance for Kenya to get back on track. The wait is over Kibaki is leaving statehouse for good, his next stop will be King’ong’o prison where he will spend his pension after being found guilty of economic and humanity crimes.

    Our job is to get someone we can call a President to oversee all our wishes come true. That person aint by a long shot Uhuru Kenyatta.

    Lets uproot the tree from the roots this time around, not the stem!

    Reject Uhuru Kenyatta Kenyans. GIVE KENYA A CHANCE. THAT CHANCE IS WITH ANYBODY BUT UHURU KENYATTA. Do anything you wanna do with your vote…

    Just don’t dare vote this spineless, agendaless, wife clobbering, BLOOD SHOT EYED DRUNK.

  • Perhaps if Uhuru makes a great gesture such as resettling IDPs on a fraction of the massive tracts of land that his family grabbed I would consider life-in-prison versus death-penalty if he is found guilty of crimes against humanity.

  • You know what? I’m tired of Bullshitting around about this: It is very common knowledge that Uhuru never graduated from Amherst College. His shenanigans there can only be described by his blood-shot eyes. That college does not even offer any post-grad programmes. This guy studied political science (supposedly) and he is now our finance minister? You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!

  • Uhuru Kenyatta is totally inept of doing much else.. running his home included. Wife beater.. Drunkard … son of a thief and murderer…. and puppeteer to add to his list of disgrace.

  • Uhuru has a ulevi problem, this is common knowledge. Simple…ulevi na sigara mingi, just look at his lips…I tell you.

    There is a place he alwayz frequents in Kasarani called “Kahura kanua” it’s a very shady join for Muratina and local brew like changaa,busaa n the like.I understand that’s the only beer that can make him high, hizi zingine akina Tusker ni shadow kwake, and ofccourse bangi kwa wingi.So yu can imagine wen he becomes the prezzy this things will be LEGAL.

  • The notion that Kikuyus watarudisha mkono to Kalonzo Musyoka for supporting Kibaki is a mirage. The GEMA meeting at Limuru just before the Constitutional referendum campaign mandated Uhuru to take charge of their political destiny. He was told not to sit back and let Raila run away with the constitutional trophy. He then whipped the whole Central Kenya (>90%) to vote for the constitution.

    Now that the census results have been released, with Kikuyus leading with 6.6 million and a huge chunk of these being voters, Uhuru clearly has a head start. Everyone in Kenya knows that Kikuyus never vote for a non-Kikuyu and unfortunately, this is not about to end!

    Kalonzo Musyoka has been seen as an indecisive and weak leader who cannot be relied upon to protect the interests of Nyumba Ya Mumbi!

    As for Ruto, Kikuyus are still smarting from post election violence and that’s why they warned Uhuru to shun him during the referendum. For Raila, Uhuru has never forgiven him for snatching the presidency away from him in 2002!

  • Raila all the way, ill vote for him and Im kikuyu

  • 2012 uhuru will be in hague cells akitafuna maharagwe with Ruto, poor mama Ngina, mtoto atakue akilia!!

  • Uhuru is completely unfit to hold any leadership position. Just because you were born with a silver spoon up your ass does not qualify one to become a President of Kenya. The big questions to ask of his candidature are simply these:



    I can assure you fellow Kenyans, the fellow has nothing to show or tell us on these two points. Simply showing interest in the presidency is not an achievement, its what you do with the seat that matters

  • Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidential dream has hit the rocks following his approval of a Ministry of Finance budget despite massive discrepancies estimated at Kshs9 billion (US$114 million).

    In a country where few people understand the government financial system, Uhuru is already being accused of having stolen the Kshs9 billion. His appearance before the Parliamentary Budget and Finance Committee has provided ample speculation among the public that he is guilty of looting the Treasury.

    The affair is reinforcing a belief that the Kikuyu elite surrounding President Mwai Kibaki is intent on grabbing the country’s resources clean and dry. Both the president and Uhuru are from the Kikuyu tribe.

  • This guy looks so drunk and drugged…and ugly indeed.just to quote another ready, the midwife who delivered this nugu must have been so disappointed when he saw Uhurus head coming out of Mama Ngina.Mama Ngina must have earned herself a few slaps on her thighs and face due to the disappointment from the Doc in seeing a Neanderthal man being born of Homo Sapiens…what a waste of seeds by Jomo….uga ngwige ma reu mwana wa Jomo…

  • Mtu Mtwiria son of Mtwiria

    Kikuyu Taking Oath After GEMA-Kenyatta Killed Tom Mboya!

    Kenya: Ominous Oaths
    Aug. 15, 1969

    When a black Kenyan these days says, “I’m going to Gatundu for a cup of tea,” his friends know that it may be a cover-up for something else. Gatundu is the residence of Kenya’s President Jomo Kenyatta, and “tea drinking” is really oath swearing. Unlike the tribesmen who swore secret oaths to join the Mau Mau rebellion against foreigners in the 1950s, Kikuyu by the thousands are swearing oaths against fellow Kenyans in the President’s backyard.

    This ominous new outbreak of tribal tension was set off by last month’s assassination of Tom Mboya, who was the Minister of Economic Planning and Development in the predominantly Kikuyu government. Mboya was a member of the Luo tribe, a rival of the Kikuyu. The arrested suspect is a Kikuyu. In addition to reacting to possible trouble with the Luo, the Kikuyu are also closing ranks in preparation for a national election within the next eight months.

    Vast Scale. The Kikuyu, according to one participant, strip naked, then hold hands in a circle around a darkened hut and chant an oath before entering it. Inside the hut they eat soil and swear to follow the oath. “The government of Kenya is under Kikuyu leadership, and this must be maintained,” goes the pledge. “If any tribe tries to set itself up against the Kikuyu, we must fight them in the same way that we died fighting the British settlers. No uncircumcised leaders [for example, the Luo] will be allowed to compete with the Kikuyu. You shall not vote for any party not led by the Kikuyu. If you reveal this oath, may this oath kill you.”

    The vast scale of the Kikuyu activity got into the headlines in Kenya last week with the accidental crash of three trucks. All were jampacked with Kikuyu, and survivors said that they were traveling to or from Kenyatta’s home. Thirteen passengers were killed, 105 injured. The presence of so many Kikuyu on the road to the President’s house raised suspicions that the tribe was engaged in a clandestine operation. In Parliament, members of Leader Oginga Odinga’s opposition party charged that the Kikuyu were engaged in oath taking on the grounds of the President’s residence. When a government spokesman denied such ceremonies, claiming that they were simple expressions of loyalty to Kenyatta, there were cries of “Shame! Shame!”

    The Kikuyu, so the story went, had asked Kenyatta, who is a member of the tribe, to allow mass oath taking. Outsiders do not know Kenyatta’s response, but there is no doubt that his yard has become the scene of mass oath ceremonies. Many non-Kikuyu citizens fear that Kenyatta, the founder of the country, has been pressured into allowing tribal factionalism at the expense of national unity and his own policy of pulling the tribes together.

  • Gladys Nyokabi

    Here UHURU& Ruto will be separated only by the Hague Cells>

  • Guys its my first time to open KSB and stumbled on it while looking for original wikileaks cables coz what we reading in the press is edited.I’m sorry you can call me Kikuyu this or that but reading thru the comments I see now why Luos are hated.coz they are the biggest haters on the planet,they particularly hate Kiuks with a passion and so us Kiuks just hate back!I mean that Goretti woman is full of venom,most of the comments by Luos is not objective,Raila was mentioned(along with Kibaki!!),why hide the TRUTH pple walikula mahindi pamoja na Ruto!But all in all,Raila is the cleanest amongst these pple and infact i(along with millions progressive GEMAns(probably afew hundred thousand to 1million GEMA votes)will vote for him but the hero worship&haughtiness from this Luo XXXXX with PHDs is incredible.

    KSB: welcome to KSB:
    >>but reading thru the comments I see now why Luos are hated
    Where is the evidence that it’s only Luos commenting at KSB? You claim that Luos hate Kiuks “with a passion”. Where is the evidence to warrant this blanket condemnation of a community? Which cables about Raila’s maize scandal have been hidden because so far, ALL the Nairobi cables (37) released by Wikileaks have been published here without editing. As you rightly mention, Raila seems to be the least tainted among the candidates so who is the alternative candidate among the “dirty leaders” who can move the democratic process forward? Differentiate actions of the Kikuyu ruling class and ordinary Kikuyus struggling alongside millions of other Kenyans for a better Kenya. I have countless Kikuyu friends notably Mr. Martin Ngatia and we are all struggling together to liberate our country. We cannot change our ethnic groups but we are all Kenyans at the end of the day. Millions of Kikuyu youths are unemployed, starving or living in slums, just like members of other ethnic groups yet Kikuyus have been in power for more than 24 years (Onyayo to Kiguoya). Majority of IDPs are Kikuyus and their kith in State House have not resettled them three years after displacement. The crisis in Kenya has no ethnic solution so it is high time you (and others in your school of thought) started examining ideas around class, politics and revolution. Lastly, you can put your point across without being abusive.

  • Toni Mwaura #38: am a GEMA member but wonder why u cannot express your point without unnecessary emotions. The agenda is not about how many Luos have commented what on Uhuru, but u being objective by hitting back on issues, not tribe.

    The woman Goretti whom u seem angry with simply wrote that Kenyans should not be led by a drunkard; what is wrong with that? U could do better by avoiding the path you have taken criticising the Luo unnecessarily. U would be surprised about what other Kenyan blogs have written on Uhuru’s social life, especially when he studied in the US.

    Akiamka asubuhi: BANGI….

    Why don’t u get angry with Ranneberger and other diplomats who noted corruption and drug trafficking as grounded within State House? Why don’t u comment about Kibaki’s former senior advisor Murage, who mentioned that Kibaki simply ignores acting on corruption scandals among his inner circle of GEMA people? What if u used KSB to present a sober article say, criticising Kenya for allowing ICC to penetrate our justice system? WHat about expressing your thoughts on the shuttle diplomacy or probably how to eradicate corruption? Won’t u have spent your moment here better than those commentators u seem to think are offensive?

    I give u arrogant Murugi giving beans and dry unproductive land to our Kikuyu IDPs:

  • Uhuru alizaliwa kwa pesa so there’s nothing he has to offer to kenyans..hiyo WEED anavuta kwanza……nimeclick!

  • kenyans must wake up to the fact that WE are the problem, if the 2012 talks are anything to go by. Look at the options we are giving….Central is proposing either Uhuru or Saitoti I mean seriously everyone except the kenyan courts know that Saitoti stole to become so rich is such a short time but central still offers him, Uhuru has done nothing for anyone lately…cross over to ukambani and find Kalooser….Ngilu has more balls…Kalooser has done nothing for the people of ukambani..except give them a fasle sense of pride that they have a presidential candidate yet thats what they bring to the table now suppose someone from the so called small tribes makes an allience with the two and wins, how much change can he/she effect with these clowns on bothe sides.

    The “good” kenyans must stand up and sell themselves and make the difference and quite wasting time finger pointing when we are 99.9999% of the problem.

    Neither wise men nor fools can work without tools. Give RAO a break the guy is trying.

  • “To his supporters, Uhuru Kenyatta is a visionary leader. To his detractors, the heavy-smoking and drunkard is a reluctant politician.”

    Toni Mwaura, don’t be mad with your assumed Luo commentators, coz those who have socialized with Uhuru and his business associates before he was picked by Moi to join politics, all claim that he is a heavy alcohol consumer, rumored to be taking drugs and also dealing.

  • nationalpolitico

    About two weeks ago, prime minister Raila Odinga had made related remarks when he was addressing a crowd in Nairobi. In his own words, he said that Uhuru’s work when he went up was to drink and smoke bhang. It is worth noting that he did not refer to him by his name.

    This statement was however overshadowed by the statement of Ruto and his court cases.At that moment, anyone would have ignored the prime minister but remarks that Ranneberger made, now leaked, made me think twice. So how much does Uhuru drink? I can now bet its a lot.In an article I had submitted elsewhere, I expressed my worry about Uhuru’s deep red eyes. Meeting him in person will make you see as if its a different Uhuru from the one we see on TV.

    Now I can tell you confidently that it is in fact alcohol and plenty of it for that matter, that defines UK’s eyes. The other question now comes in, was the prime minister serious when he claimed his deputy smokes weed? I think he was.

    In the years I have lived, I’ve seen many drunkards who never get their eyes to the level of UK’s redness unless there is another drug been used. The possibility of the finance minister smoking weed is very high and I don’t expect the prime minister to make such an allegation in public if he can’t prove it.

    I would have expected UK to threaten the prime minister of court action but that has not happened.

    With all that, Kabogo comes to the scene. He has all along claimed that there are drug dealers in the cabinet. Maybe his claims are very true and without pointing fingers let me stop there.

  • Uhuru is grossly overrated. For those who know him well… he is a drunkard (or politely-he has a drinking problem).

    The Kenyatta companies are run and managed by his younger brother Muhoho Kenyatta, who is more level headed & has refused to join politics. Uhuru is a non performer in his constituency, & has opportunistically managed to survive by contesting with the correct party. Being an MP is one thing but being appointed as a cabinet minister is just wrong!

  • As for Uhuru, I think that even though he is relatively young in age, he still belongs to the old generation of politicians in the way he thinks. I do not think Uhuru is foolish. The problem is that he does not have the guts to be seen to be performing. He does not want to be seen to be out-performing his boss. This is the old KANU way of thinking.

    Do you remember the days when Moi was Farmer number 1, Teacher number 1, Footballer number 1????? It was pathetic! (this is what destroyed any chances of Ruto ascending to the top any time soon)

    What Uhuru quickly needs to realise is that he now has to be like Michuki. This is the only minister worth the name. The traffic problem can very easily be solved in Nairobi.
    Uhuru needs to go to Colombia to see how the mayor of Bogota has transformed the city with limited resources.

    Kenya has now changed and the electorate appreciates peope who perform. Uhuru has to show that he can perform if he wants his candidature to be taken seriously.

  • This is what Sally Kosgei said about Uhuru Kenyatta in the WikiLeaks cable released on March 7, 2011:

    “Reviewing other potential candidates, Kosgei noted that Uhuru is hindered by “laziness” and a very hands off
    approach to running the Ministry of Finance. The recent submission of a budget containing “inaccuracies” of more than 10 billion KSh ($130 million) has harmed Uhuru’s public image.”

  • Tony Mwaura, maybe UK is your relative so you feel sympathetic when his nasty excessive alcohol-drinking habit is mentioned. Truth is that’s how he is and you can’t change him.It’s his own problem that he must solve.His wife and kids left him because of this and also that he used to beat her. This is how primitive Uhuru is.How then, can he become the next president if he is a lazy bum who only knows how to spend the money his father stole, and cannot manage it? Uhuru hawezi kazi!!!!

  • Divine right of presidency- Kikuyu hegemony
    Published April 7, 2010

    The history of Kenya is characterized by myriad ups and downs. But one thing is constant- the Kikuyu insatiable hunger for political hegemony, which stretches across the nation like a colossus.

    Right from independence, there has lingered a ring of bullet-proof caucus, roundly comprised of descendants of home guards and colonial informants. In a sense, it appears as though the white men positioned their beneficiaries to hold the reigns of Kenya for eternity- for they could trust them.

    This group, mainly referred to as Mount Kenya mafia, has had a stranglehold of the political goings-on with a crocodile grip. They have done this not because they are most popular (the late Jomo Kenyatta and Mwai Kibaki’s tenures were a result of political opportunism), they do it because they have enough money to sway anything. If they fail to buy votes their way, they can still whip Kenyans into line with guns and blackmail-(talk of 2007) where is Mugabe Were, the promising young Embakasi MP?

    College students sometimes get into what is extreme discourse. It is the kind of discussion that invokes thought and emotion in equal measure. Once in my undergraduate life while studying at Kenyatta University, I was engaged in straight talk with some students who would take nothing short of Kibaki’s impending presidency- that was in 1997 (Never mind that I was an ardent Kibaki defender five years later). Having laid down in detail why I felt Charity Ngilu was our best bet, a frustrated colleague, thanks to his deep rural upbringing, let the cat out of the bag. He proceeded to give us a long convoluted lecture that was all myth.

    With blood veins visible all over his forehead, he shouted himself hoarse that the Kikuyu is a superior tribe, and is very unlike the rest of the other Kenyan ethnic groups. The tale goes on that because of those great traits; God appointed the Kikuyu to provide leadership to Kenyans. He concluded that he had learned that a long time ago, and could not fathom why grown ups were arguing over matters that were as clear as crystal to even preschool children. This kind of talk evoked what people surmise as Kiambu arrogance and “I am holier than thou” attitude. Remember the talk that the presidential motorcade would never cross the river Chania? That is it, and even as we cast our ballots for Kibaki in 2002, it was itching in the bedroom of our minds that we were in essence putting the last nail on Kenya’s political coffin.

    A more balanced participant, who happened to be on this agitated fellow’s side of the political debate, said that the myth is a common tale in many social circles in Central Province, but as for him that did not form his basis for supporting kibaki; for by going beyond the village he had experienced a different dispensation from what the village held religiously as true.

    Why would a group of conniving rich men want to feed an entire population with this almost fatal misguidance? Could this explain why rural kikuyu has never voted any none-Kikuyu since the advent of elective politics in Kenya? For who are they to go against divine instruction? They have been made to believe that their survival can best come in the hand of “ours is ours”. Yet the selfsame people, while practicing the idea that “mine is mine,” dot the expanse of Kenya in the deluded contentment of, “but yours is ours.”

    Myth is more dangerous than outright visible lie. When repeated, myth acquires validity of its own. It sways the centric human nature, makes judgement less balanced, and mutes curiosity. Myth can be the weapon of indoctrination, the machete with which to beat both sides of real and imagined foes, those who do not “belong”, because we are not a hotch poch-Nay.

    In more recent times, this hegemony seems to be using this myth to suppress innocent Kikuyus while distressing their political opponents. Leading in this victimization is the Mungiki. Much as Mungiki is proscribed, the powers-that-be use this group as a vessel of convenience to commit terror when it favors their interests, and follow up with killer police squads to mop-up the evidence by summary execution of Mungiki members.

    It appears the leadership of Mount Kenya region sees itself as the only group endowed with the right to happiness, and that in this pursuit; they are justified to use all means possible. They harm the community by misusing its poor folk as they please, creating barriers between their constituents and other Kenyans through fear-peddling, and deploying all manner of ploys to foil any chances at changes that will check their control of resources. The latest in this arrogance was the betrayal of William Ruto’s devolution proposal after he helped them push their own agenda in Naivasha. For Ruto, this was just the tip of the iceberg. Only one thing explains all this mess: – Mount Kenya mafia’s divine right to presidency, or is it?

  • Kenya’s problem has everything to do with Presidents who are corrupt and use the weak state institutions to steal and protect themselves and their cronies. What we need is a resolute President who is not inclined to steal and who will strengthen the courts, police and anti-corruption agencies by according them political will right from the top to fight graft.

    Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki were never going to do this. They all came from the same pilfering political culture. Uhuru Kenyatta will be no different from his father (mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka-the child of a snake is a snake).

  • Despite his privileged background, Uhuru’s sociability and fondness for the national favourite Tusker beer has cast him as a man of the people.

    After the December 2007 election row, Uhuru changed his rhetoric; dropping the inclusivist talk of the Independence nationalists, he became a staunch defender of conservative Kikuyu interests.

  • Uhuru Should Focus on His Defence At ICC
    Tuesday, 22 March 2011 00:04 BY MIGUNA MIGUNA

    Desperation and fear are dangerous things. They have turned Uhuru Kenyatta into a political rabid dog with infected fangs biting everything, particularly his short curled tail. I don’t blame Uhuru. For a man who was born at and grew up in State House, one can understand how it feels when faced with the most serious criminal charges in the entire world. To be accused by the ICC, following credible investigations, of having committed mass murder, mass rape, mass displacement and some of the worst inhumane and degrading acts against innocent civilians isn’t a laughing matter. If convicted, even only of one charge, Uhuru faces life in jail. So, it is understandable that he is scared, confused and desperate.

    However, Uhuru isn’t Jomo Kenyatta. Those comparing his current tribulations with those of the Kapenguria Six aren’t just being unfair to history and Kenyans; they aren’t being fair to Uhuru and his late father. Uhuru grew up in extreme privilege and opulence. He has never lacked anything in life. I have done some research on this son of Jomo and discovered nothing compelling. There isn’t anything remarkable about Uhuru; no achievement worth mentioning. From nursery school to college, the son of Jomo performed below average. As far as I can gather, he was neither good in sports or academics. He wasn’t a gifted speaker or debater either. Nor is he now. In other words, it is fully understandable that faced with the most serious criminal charges in the world, Uhuru is fumbling, flailing and crumbling.

    But to try and cast Uhuru as some kind of liberator or freedom fighter who is being persecuted by his political enemies is taking jokes too far. Kenyans aren’t complete idiots. The other day, Uhuru’s cousin Beth Mugo and other PNU/KKK acolytes compared him to the Kapenguria six. Let’s get one thing right: Jomo Kenyatta, Achieng’ Oneko, Kungu Karumba, Bildad Kaggia, Paul Ngei and Fred Kubia were not sent to Kapenguria because they had butchered innocent Kenyan civilians; they were jailed by the British colonialists because they allegedly belonged to the Mau Mau movement, which was fighting for the liberation of Kenya. But Uhuru and his friend William Ruto aren’t in that league. Uhuru and Ruto belong to the league of alleged robber barons and murderers. At least that’s what Luis Moreno-Ocampo’s evidence shows.Credit is due to Uhuru, however, for excelling in other extra-curriculum activities like smoking and drinking. At Njiiri’s High School in Murang’a where I did my Advanced Levels, I used to punish those who belonged to Uhuru’s league.

    But Njiiri’s was a public boarding boys’ school, which also happened to have earned the national trophy for discipline throughout the period that I was there. I suspect that the situation was very different at the expensive St. Mary’s private school in Nairobi where Uhuru and other privileged kids were sequestered.

    Make no mistake: there was no freedom or liberation Uhuru was fighting for in 2007/8. The Mungiki vigilante group that the ICC Prosecutor has accused him of having used to brutalize and butcher innocent civilians isn’t a liberation movement. Uhuru and his gang of supporters know that the 2007 presidential election was massively rigged. He also knows that there was a dispute over who won the presidential elections. Unless he wants to rewrite history – and we will not allow him – there is no reasonable Kenyan who believes that Mwai Kibaki won and Raila Odinga lost.

    But more fundamentally, Uhuru knows that Raila Odinga and the ODM do not work for the ICC in any capacity. Raila Odinga isn’t responsible for investigating any crimes committed in Kenya. Raila isn’t in charge of the Kenya Police, the CID, the ministry of internal security or the State Law Office. Everyone knows that it was PNU and the state security agencies it controls like the NSIS that submitted evidence implicating Ruto and Henry Kosgey to the post-election violence. Moreover, Uhuru must be aware that he is facing charges of crimes against humanity as an individual. The Kikuyu community hasn’t been charged. Nor has the PNU or the KKK.

    Beth Mugo claims that as a mother, she holds the view that no Kenyan child should be tried on foreign soil. This is interesting. The last time I checked, Beth Mugo hadn’t stated the same thing with respect to the Kenyans who were abducted and smuggled to Uganda and the United States of America by their own government without due process. There were no charges; no bail hearings; and no extradition proceedings; no habeas corpus. Why hasn’t Beth Mugo demanded the release and return of Al Amin Kimathi who is facing trumped-up charges in Uganda?

    On December 16th, 2008, both the President and the PM signed an agreement for the implementation on the recommendations of the Waki Commission. The Government committed itself to the establishment of the Special Tribunal by February 1st, 2009 to try the PEV perpetrators. The Waki Commission report was unanimously adopted by Parliament on January 29th, 2009. However, on 29th February 2009, Uhuru and Ruto ganged up and had the Special Tribunal Bill rejected by Parliament. They demanded the ICC. They got the ICC.

    Why are they crying wolf now? If they are brave as they claim, why are they panicking? If Uhuru and Ruto have credible evidence concerning the crimes against humanity committed in Kenya; why can’t they just submit it to the ICC?

    To Uhuru and Ruto: go ahead and implicate anybody you want. But please, save us the childish rants and threats.

  • Read this a pro Uhuru Kenyatta Chauvinist attacking Miguna Miguna Ocampo ICC Raila and Obama the President of the United States of America(USA)>

    Moses Kuria Miguna’s Criticism of Uhuru was Uncouth Skip to content.Miguna’s Criticism of Uhuru was Uncouth .
    Thursday, 24 March 2011 00:03 BY MOSES KURIA . Reading through Miguna Miguna’s opinion piece “Uhuru should focus on his defence at ICC”, (The Star, March 22, 2011), I was left wondering, yet again, why the Prime Minister insists on keeping this uncouth man at his service, and to make matters worse, on government payroll. There can only be one rational explanation- Miguna Miguna is actually a younger version of Raila Odinga. Every time Raila Odinga looks at Miguna Miguna, tears of emotion roll down his cheeks, thanking God for giving him a servant who is a very close living caricature of himself.

    Soon Miguna will have to start all over again. He is almost exhausting the list of leaders to direct his uncivilized diatribes on. From Daniel arap Moi, PLO Lumumba, Kalonzo Musyoka, Mwai Kibaki, Mzalendo Kibunjia, William Ruto and even Luo Nyanza members of parliament, no one in the Southern Hemisphere seems safe from this uncultured man who exhibits all the hallmarks of a shaky upbringing.

    Recently, at a function at the historic St Patrick’s Itein, students staged an embarrassing ‘Mapambano’ style mass action whereby they deemed it fit to ask the Prime Minister to intervene and have their school uniform changed. The Prime Minister acceded to their request, nonchalant of the views of parents and teachers. But that is beside the point. The main point is why the young kids felt comfortable to associate the Prime Minister with mass action resulting in devolution of Mapambano to our schools. With such ill-mannered advisers like Miguna Miguna in tow, this will cost the image and perception of the Prime Minister.

    In his article, Miguna appears to suggest that if you went to St. Mary’s School or if you have never lacked anything in life you cannot be a good leader. That is least surprising. The KPU wing of ODM where Miguna belongs believes in a simple democratic ideology, “Let us all be equally poor”. Miguna and his masters are entrenched in this retrogressive ideology. History as they say, is a wonderful lesson to learn but a terrible bed to sleep in. The KPU wing of ODM not only sleeps in the bed of history but they also wet it. Sometimes I get the impression that they actually believe that Brezhnev is still the President of Soviet Union. Njiris School where Mr Miguna went for his A-levels is a very respectable school. I have no idea how Miguna went through there and ended up in controversy in Ontario, Canada. In any case, the test of leadership lies in a vision of a leader, not the fact that one went to St Mary’s or Njiris.

    Miguna questions the connection between the Kapenguria Six and Uhuru Kenyatta’s persecution at the ICC. He refers to the ICC accusations that Uhuru has been involved in mass murder and displacement. This is akin to the colonialists referring to Jomo Kenyatta as a leader unto death and darkness. It is wonderful the way history repeats itself.

    I chuckle when Miguna attempts to disassociate his bosses with the processes at the ICC. Recently, the MP for Emgwen Elijah Lagat startled me when he told me of a conversation between himself and the Jakoyo Midiwo, ODM Chief Whip and a cousin of the Prime Minister. According to Lagat, Midiwo told him that the only way the ICC could go easy on Hon William Ruto is for Ruto to go and apologize to the Prime Minister. Need I say more ?

    It is does not take a rocket scientist to discern the unholy alliance of Mr Odinga, Mr Obama and Mr Ocampo in driving the ICC process. I wonder whether Obama realizes that he will be the sole loser in this triumvirate. Odinga hopes that the ICC process will give him an express ticket to State House. Ocampo he hopes that this will be his only remarkable item on his otherwise colourless CV where he has had a 100% failure rate during his tenure at the ICC. There is nothing to take home for Mr Obama in this ICC conspiracy which makes me wonder why he has allowed himself to be boxed into a win-win-lose bandwagon by Odinga and Ocampo. The American voters are waiting to have Mr Obama for breakfast come November 2012. His dalliance with tribal politics in the country of his father will only help to convince them that he is too busy with Kenyan politics to fix the American economy.

    One would only hope that Miguna Miguna’s rantings will be somehow reconciled with the position taken by the MPs of the KPU wing in ODM where they reluctantly supported a local judicial mechanism. The European Union is also starting to see sense in a domestic process as we implement the new constitution and reform our judiciary.

    For Miguna Miguna and his ilk, it would help if they took a tour of the countryside. Only then will they realize that they need to give up their citizenship of Utopia and apply to be citizens of the great Republic of Kenya.

    Kuria is the spokesman of the Party for National Unity. The views expressed herein are his own and do not represent the PNU position.

  • Reporter daily news

    The Six Ocampo mentioned >Will not attend/Apear in Hague court(ICC) becouse it is only One(I week) remaining Yet these criminals has not bothered to apply travel Visas to Hague!Instead Uhuru and Ruto are bussy mobilizing the Mungiki youth and Rift Valley worriors to block the Kenyatta International Airport to make sure the Airplane Flying the Ocampo Six wont take off!
    And the PNU politicians (Some of them Drug barons)are in the lead organising the Mungiki Youth to couse chaos in Kenya!>
    Tuesday, 29 March 2011 00:00 BY STAR TEAM . RESPECT: Uhuru Kenyatta was installed as a Kikuyu elder at Ihura, Murang’a on Sunday.
    THE political temperature continues to rise ahead of next week’s trip to the Hague by the Ocampo Six. Three MPs have called for mass action if William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta are arrested, Uhuru has been installed as a Kikuyu elder to consolidate his position in the community, and Ruto has sought sympathy on television. Eldoret North MP William Ruto complained that the case has negatively affected his children.

    In an interview with the Citizen TV’s Sunday Live show, Ruto said that the International Criminal Court case has badly affected his family and the performance of his children at school.“I have to travel with wife and one of my kids who has insisted that he wants to travel with me and I will. I will travel will my three or four lawyers as well. As a politician I can handle many things. The only part that is a bit tricky is my family.” “Last week for example on Wednesday I had to go to my last-born’s school after the teachers asked me to go there. The teachers found that she was affected in some way and they asked that we avoid her watching TV. She hinted to the teachers that my father has issues with The Hague and they thought it was affecting her,” he said “My son as well who is in another school in Nairobi came and asked if I was going to go away for six years. Of course it affects them. If there is a way we can insulate this from family members that would really help. But as a person I can handle this because my conscience is clear,” said Ruto

    He reiterated that the ICC was not a credible judicial process and that some witnesses had been coached to frame him. Ruto maintained that he never planned nor financed the post election violence as claimed by the ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo. “We believe we are innocent and there is no point in creating a confrontation with the court. I have no trump card and I do not need one. If the court is a court of justice and if they are interested in the truth, the truth will come out.”“We will tell them that William Ruto did not distribute any guns, did not handle grenades, did not participate in any violence and did not finance, plan or aide anyone to fight,” said Ruto.

    Ruto is among the six suspects summoned to appear before the ICC judges for their role in the post election violence. The others are deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, Civil Service boss Francis Muthaura , former Police Commissioner Hussein Ali and radio presenter Joshua arap Sang.

    Ruto also claimed that he was having problems securing a visa to the Netherlands but the Dutch embassy said yesterday that no MP had yet applied for a visa and asked all MPs wishing to travel next week to apply urgently.

    Meanwhile assistant Water minister Ferdinand Waititu, Makadara MP Mike ‘Sonko’ Mbuvi and Juja MP William Kabogo have asked the youth to prepare themselves for mass action if the Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and suspended Higher education Minister William Ruto are arrested after going to the International Criminal Court. The trio who promised to lead the demonstrations with youth from across the country.

    Speaking at Murang’a town the trio also condemned the recent extrajudicial police killings in the pretext of fighting Mungiki saying that it was unfair to kill innocent people.

    Sonko declared that said Prime Minister Raila Odinga should expect nothing less than what is happening in Libya and Egypt if Uhuru and Ruto did not come back from Hague before the 2012 general elections.

    Sonko said that he was not afraid of going to jail for hate speech. He said Raila was greedy for power and was pushing hard Ruto and Uhuru to be locked up at The Hague to eliminate them from the presidential race.

    Sonko complained proposed that Raila wanted a foreigner for Chief Justice ignoring youths in Kenya who are qualified for the task. He said that youth have already resolved to elect Uhuru Kenyatta as president in 2012.Waititu said that he would mobilize youth from Embakasi to block the flight that will be taking the Ocampo Six to the Hague if Raila and Medical Services minister Anyang’ Nyong’o were not the list to go on trial.

    Kabogo asked the government to stop treating the youth as thieves. He said that the government must look into the problem of unemployment. Ruto was speaking speaking on the day Uhuru Kenyatta was officially installed as a Kikuyu elder in Murang’a in the presence of Environment Minister John Michuki.

    According to Kikuyu traditions, two sets of Kikuyu elders scrutinize the person’s past life and declare that he has not been involved in murder or any crime against the community. The candidate is handed a long stick traditionally recognized as muthigi and which signified power to lead.

    Uhuru was handed the stick along with a fly whisk, a carved stool, a traditional headgear, and a wild animal hide. The Murang’a ceremony skipped the circumciser’s knife which signifies power to circumcise.

    In 2008, Peter Kuguru’s plans to install Prime Minister Raila Odinga as a Kikuyu elder were dropped after some leaders from Central objected.

  • So Michuki was right that Uhuru will eventually be the Kikuyu leader:

  • Walter W Othiambo

    Ati Uhuru lost US$10 million at JKIA
    How on earth does one carry so much cash in ONE bag. Surely the guy must have been high on something
    I remember reading somewhere that Uhuru said he is worth US$10 million, is he now broke? Surely we now need that mpesa number central MPs have been shouting about for so long.

    ICC suspect loses Sh840m at JKIA

  • The purpose of the 40+ MPs in Hague was suspect. each could have been detailed to carry part of the loot. the suspects and their families also traveled first class, and the hand luggage limits is about 40kg for first class. So, a family of 4 people will each carry 20kg and 100kg can be shipped easily. Uhuru should not talk about customs and laws. Has he forgotten that Artur Margaryan went through JKIA, gun in hand and without customs checking their bags? ahah, so if he is disputing $10 million, what has he to say about 500,000 hectares of land grabbed by his father?
    ehe….today, croatian generals where jailed for 18 years for deaths of 380, wewe utaenda 40? pole sana

  • Keen Observer


    Maina Njenga, the born-again former leader of the dreaded Mungiki sect, reportedly met with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni last week in Kampala. It is not clear why Njenga was to meet Museveni or even if the meeting actually took place. What our moles in Njenga’s camp tell us is that their man met with Museveni briefly before the president flew to Nairobi on Saturday.

  • Keen Observer

    ODM WROTE A LETTER TO ICC>read here Long live the ODM & God bless Nyongo>PEV VICTIMS MUST RECEIVE JUSTICE> ODM disowns Kenya’s case at the Hague .ODM disowns Kenya’s case at the Hague .
    Wednesday, 04 May 2011 00:02 BY NZAU MUSAU . FOUL:Nyong’o
    PRIME Minister Raila Odinga’s ODM party has written to the International Criminal Court urging it to reject the inadmissibility challenge filed in the Hague.

    Government filed the challenge on March 31 seeking to bring back the Ocampo Six cases to Kenya to be heard by local courts. But last week ODM Secretary General Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o sent an affidavit to the ICC Pre-Trial Chamber saying the challenge was only filed by the PNU wing of government.

    In a copy obtained by the Star, Nyong’o says the coalition government comprises the two principal partners but the ODM and PNU did not consult or agree on the inadmissibility challenge. “There have been no consultations between the Grand Coalition Government partners regarding the application(s) purportedly made by the Government of the Republic of Kenya pursuant to Article 19 of the ICC Statute.” “The President and the Prime Minister have not consulted and made any decision regarding this matter. Similarly, I am aware that the Cabinet has not met, discussed or made any resolution concerning this matter.” “Consequently, I verily state and the fact is that the purported application is not and cannot be that of the Government of the Republic of Kenya as claimed,” Nyong’o’s letter reads.

    The affidavit also questions whether a credible trial for the Ocampo Six is possible in Kenya. “As a member of the Government of Kenya, I truly believe that there are no credible investigations of the (2007-08) post-election violence cases that are ongoing,” Nyong’o declared. “Moreover, I believe that because the Kenya Police was heavily implicated in the crimes that are subject to the ICC process – and the institution remains unreformed – none of the six individuals before the Court has been investigated, will be investigated or can be investigated by the Kenyan authorities. I am aware – and it is public knowledge – that none has been charged or is being prosecuted at the moment.”

    He also cites the January 2009 operationalisation date of the International Crimes Act to show that crimes against humanity cannot be charged in Kenya.

    Nyong’o goes further to tell the court that the inadmissibility challenge is itself proof that the “PNU and President Mwai Kibaki are both unwilling and unable to prosecute the six suspects for the crimes alleged by the ICC.” “Because of the foregoing, and on behalf of the ODM as a coalition partner in the Grand Coalition Government of the Republic of Kenya, I am humbly requesting the Court to reject the Application unilaterally and unprocedurally made by the PNU faction within government.” Nyong’o’s affidavit is the second challenge against the inadmissibility application.

    The other was made last week by the International Centre for Policy and Conflict on behalf of unrepresented victims of the post-election violence.

    In its 24-page application, the ICPC, headed by Ndung’u Wainaina, rejected the arguments made by the government for inadmissibility. The ICPC argued that government lacks the will to prosecute those responsible for the violence after the December 27, 2007 elections.

    The ICPC says the government has not demonstrated serious will to reform the judiciary and instead intends to manipulate it to appoint a new Chief Justice.

    Even if a CJ was appointed today, ICPC argues that he or she needs time to prove his or her worth. “There have been deliberate moves by the Applicant to interfere with the hiring process (of the DPP) itself thus demonstrating significant determination by the Applicant to politically compromise the criminal justice system from the outset,” ICPC says.

    The ICPC says the suspects continue to enjoy positions of authority and that some are getting financial help from the government. Further, the prosecutor had to initiate the investigations himself and would not be allowed to open investigations by the government even after promising to do so. “This shows prima facie lack of intention on the part of the applicant to secure the victims’ need for justice vis-a-vis the interests of the suspects,” the ICPC said.

  • Peter L.Akhonya

    The ICC Judges should not waste more time listening to the people who organized the violence of 2007/08 in Kenya protecting to retain the Presidency The perpetrators should be charged in Hague ICC to give Kibaki’s party a lesson to learn for planning evils to Kenyans which caused more deaths and displacement of people up to this time of May 2011. Nothing correct can come from PNU Kibaki’s party in Kenya.Ocampo should proceed with the case. The suspects can not investigate themselves.Kenyans Police were mentioned in killings, so who will investigate them? Themselves?

  • Daily News Reporter

    .You are here: National National Kimeli killers executed in covert police operation Skip to content.Kimeli killers executed in covert police operation .
    Saturday, 07 May 2011 00:03 BY STAR REPORTER . MURDERED:The body of the late Bernard Kimeli being loaded in a police ambulance.
    The murderers of former Kenya Police College commandant Bernard Kimeli, who was found dead in his Nairobi home on April 28, were reportedly executed in a covert police operation, the Star has reliably learnt.

    Multiple sources said the three men suspected of shooting and stabbing the ex-police chief, were shot dead and their bodies mutilated with acid were dumped on the Nairobi-Magadi road the day after the murder.

    The body of the fourth suspect picked up by detectives from the Special Crime Unit was retrieved from the Ndakaini Dam in Thika on April 30 and taken to Thika District Hospital Mortuary. No identity documents were found on the bodies.

    The sources who spoke on condition of anonymity said the four men were picked up by the police in Githurai and Dandora estates after detectives traced one of them through his cell phone. The cell phone was used to make a call to Kimeli a few hours before he was found dead.

    The man was arrested and he led the police to the other suspects who were also arrested and questioned before they were executed. Police sources said they were yet to zero in on the actual motive for Kimeli’s murder.

    Kimeli had been stabbed twice in the abdomen and shot twice in the torso. His body was stretched out on a seat in his living room at the Muguga Flats in Westlands.

    Neither his neighbours nor his son who was living at the servants’ quarters heard anything. The house was not broken into and neither was anything stolen. Kimeli was buried at his farm in Nandi yesterday.

    Police said they were pursuing leads that Kimeli was murdered because he had information which could incriminate some former and current security chiefs who were involved in dealing with the 2007-08 post-election violence.

    Police as well as sources associated with the Waki Commission confirmed that Kimeli appeared before the commission and some of the testimony he presented to the commission in camera formed part of the evidence that the International Criminal Court Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo intends to use in his prosecution of the six suspects he has identified as bearing the greatest responsibility for organising, financing and planning the violence.

    A Kimeli close relative who claimed to know of the existence of the classified information told the Star: “He collected some of the information from his own trusted officers in the field in the period leading to, during elections and after President Kibaki was declared the winner. The information included the selective manner used by some partisan police commands to deal with election violence in Rift Valley.” “Kimeli had been ordered by some people in the government to provide undercover and uniformed police officers from the Police College to do some dirty work against some ethnic communities which he refused,” said the relative who claimed some of the documents with the information had been taken away by Kimeli’s killers.

    The sources said that orders were issued to Kimeli to release “the idle policemen” at the police academy to assist deal with the violence. The decision about which of the trainees were going to take part in quelling the violence was done in a selective manner because it favoured one ethnic group. “There are forces in Kenya who are fearful that the officer’s evidence could have been dangerous to some of the Ocampo Six. These people would not have wanted Kimeli to testify or provide any documentary and photographic evidence to the ICC or even a local tribunal if one is established,” said another senior officer who worked for the Waki Commission.

    Yesterday lawyer Evans Monari who represented the police in the Waki Commission denied suggestions that Kimeli could have been murdered because of what he knew of the post-election violence. “Kimeli was never a witness. He never presented a memorandum to the Waki Commission and was never intended to be a witness by anybody. He did not have any information that should make anyone scared. This is misinformation by Ocampo who has lost his case to try and enhance the conditions for the six suspects. He wants to use the report of Kimeli’s murder to claim that witnesses are being killed,” said Monari.

    Ocampo has filed another application in which he is asking the court not to compel him to present the witness statements he has so far collected to the suspects’ lawyers claiming doing so would jeopardise their safety.

    Yesterday Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere denied there was any link between the three executed men and Kimeli’s murder which was still being investigated.

    Iteere, who spoke through police deputy spokesman Charles Owino, denied the three men had been executed by police and said their deaths were being investigated. ”We cannot reveal the information that we have because that will jeopardise the investigations. We will only do so at the end of our investigations,” Owino said.

    The CID director Francis Muhoro Ndegwa also declined to confirm whether or not there was any link between the Rongai and Kimeli murders. “The police will reveal the necessary information when they finish their investigations,” Muhoro said.

    Kimeli’s abrupt retirement in 2008 raised concerns with Keiyo South MP Lucas Chepkitony asking why Kimeli had been pushed out of the service.

    Responding to the question, assistant minister of State for Provincial Administration and Internal Security Simon Lesrima said Kimeli left the service on March 3, 2008 after he attained the mandatory retirement age of 55 years. Lesirma said Kimeli had not applied to continue working on contract and that is why he was allowed to retire.

  • Anti trabalist in Kenya

    Ministers Fighting (Exchanging blows)at UHURU Meeting !Read how racism is being used to potray Gatanga Mp as a MZUNGU (Chotala)
    .Mbao, Kabogo fall out during Nyeri meeting .
    Monday, 09 May 2011 00:04 BY WAMBUGU KANYI . CONTROVERSY: Fell out with Elias Mbao
    Maragwa MP Elias Mbao caused a scene yesterday during a prayer meeting in Nyeri attended by deputy prime minister Uhuru Kenyatta and vice president Kalonzo Musyoka.

    Mbao had finished giving his speech when the master of ceremony, William Kabogo (Juja) said the Maragwa MP who had been supporting “Mzungu from Central Kenya” (meaning Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth) had seen the light by supporting Uhuru.

    This angered Mbao who shot up from his seat visibly agitated. He shouted and mumbled forcing those seated next to him to calm him down. It took the intervention of Uhuru, to stop Mbao from causing a scene.

    Kalonzo watching helplessly as drama unfolded with Mbao throwing his hands in the air to show his disapproval with Kabogo’s utterances. MPs Kiema Kilonzo and Jamleck Kamau were seen convincing Mbao not to show his anger publicly during the 10 minutes commotion.

    The meeting was attended by over 20 MPs and several cabinet ministers including Special Programmes minister Esther Murugi and Nairobi Metropolitan minister Robison Githae.

    Speakers at the meeting accused Gichugu MP Martha Karua for declaring his presidential bid and Peter Kenneth for showing interest in the seat.

    Uhuru said there was need for all Kenyans to form one party and those vying for presidency to go for nominations. “Whoever wins will then go for the party ticket,” said Uhuru. He said it was unfortunate that leaders in Central Kenya are disunited.

    Over 5,000 people attended the rally which was expected to be attended by over 30,000 people. Uhuru said there was need for a committee to be formed to settle the IDPs. He added that there was no need to use the IDPsas campaign objects.

    Kalonzo said PM Raila Odinga is not a reformer and his leadership was retrogressive. “Some leaders worship Ocampo. Kenyans know they are anti-reformists. Their work is for dictatorship. He is a leader unto darkness and death,” added the VP without mentioning the name of Raila. He maintained the ODM party is an anti-reformist

  • Mafia Politics (devide&Rule)

    Retired military and police officers are being investigated for allegedly training youths linked to an outlawed group.

    Coast provincial commissioner Earnest Munyi described the claim made by a community leader at a leaders’ meeting in Kisauni District as a serious security threat to the region.

    He directed top provincial security chiefs to carry out investigations to establish the truth right away.

    At the meeting held on Monday were members of the Coast Provincial Security and Intelligence Committee, Kisauni politicians, community leaders and civil society members.

    A community leader, Mr Samson Baya, asked whether the government was really monitoring the activities of retired security officers.

    He hinted that some were openly offering military training to youths allied to the outlawed Coast-based Mombasa Republican Council (MRC).

    And on Tuesday, police sources told the Nation that they were looking for Mr Baya and others to assist them in the investigations, saying they would get to the bottom of the matter to establish the truth.

    Various intelligence reports

    During the meeting also addressed by Kisauni district commissioner Tom Anjere, Mr Munyi accused MRC of plotting to evict “upcountry people” from Coast Province and cited various intelligence reports that indicate another scheme by the outlawed group to cause violence in the 2012 General Election.

    “That is why we are here today to seek your support to counter their plan and ensure the next election is conducted peacefully,” he said.

    The provincial administrator further said the government was aware of destruction of voters’ cards in some parts of Coast Province where MRC has urged the residents to boycott next year’ polls, claiming the region was on the verge of seceding from the rest of Kenya.

    “They are also spreading propaganda among the people that President Jomo Kenyatta and Prime the Minister of Zanzibar had signed an agreement that led to the Coast strip being part of Kenya.

    There is no documented evidence to prove their claims anywhere in this country or elsewhere.”

    The PC said there were reports that MRC was recruiting Kenyan youths on behalf of the Somali-based al- Shabaab before they are ferried to join the terror group.

    Kisauni MP Hassan Joho warned residents against being influenced by the MRC, saying some of the issues being advocated by the group would be addressed by the new Constitution.

    “MRC sent a letter asking me to join them but I turned them down because I am already in ODM and I have no interest in joining any other outfit,” he said.

  • Uhuru is looting the Ministry of Finance to have money for elections in 2012 and ICC expenses.

    Revenue Accounting by the Government of Kenya: unsatisfactory state of affairs!

    Awareness of the need to track and monitor Government expenditure has greatly increased in recent years. More independent
    groups are involved in monitoring government expenditure and statutory instruments for expenditure tracking, under the Fiscal
    Management Act of 2009, are now available to Parliament. However, not as much attention has been focused on tracking revenues of the Government of Kenya despite frequent reporting by the Controller and Auditor General decrying inconsistent revenue accounting by the Treasury over the years.

    This report is intended to red-flag the issue of revenue accounting by the
    Treasury with a view to getting greater transparency and accountability for the benefit of Kenyan taxayers. The situation is
    succinctly described in official public domain reports which form the basis of this Mars Group report on Revenue. Amongst them
    are the Annual Reports on Revenue of Government in which the Controller &Auditor General catalogues acts and omissions which
    should worry all Kenyans.

    Sample this statement extracted from the Report of the Controller and Auditor General on the Appropriation Accounts, other Public Accounts and the Accounts of the Funds of the Republic of Kenya for the year ended June

    “ 55. I am concerned by the lack of attention in the preparation of Statements of Revenue as indicated in the reports under each Revenue Head. Many Statements of Revenue reflect differences between figures reflected in the Statements and those reflected in the supporting documents. For example, most of the revenue is collected by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) but the Receiver of Revenue is the Financial Secretary. However, the Statements of Revenue received reflect receipts which materially differ from those reflected in KRA records. They also reflect payments to the Exchequer which differ with amounts reflected in the Exchequer records.

    Even amounts carried forward differ with those reflected in the relevant Statement of Assets and Liabilities. Such differences are not explained or reconciled and therefore cast doubts on the accuracy of the Statements of Revenue. As a result, many Statements of Revenue have been excluded from the general certificate… No explanation has been given for this unsatisfactory state of affairs.”

    We hope this report will lead to changes so that subsequent reports by the Controller and Auditor General on Revenue do not contain such statements ever again.

    Click to access Final_Revenue_Accounting_by_the_Government_of_Kenya.pdf

  • Can Uhuru Explain where these billions went>

  • Haji Yusuf Hassan

    Somali women mass raped enroute to Kenya
    Posted by JUDIE KABERIA on August 8, 2011

    DADAAB, Kenya, Aug 8 — The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Regional Director for Africa Bunmi Makinwa has expressed concern that women and young girls are being subjected to mass rape and other forms of sexual harassment when fleeing from Somalia to camps in Kenya.

    Mr Makinwa who visited the Dadaab Camp to assess the condition on Friday urged aid partners to also focus on helping victims and survivors of sexual abuse since they require medical attention and psychosocial assistance.

    “UNFPA is working with partners to offer lifesaving psychosocial assistance to women who have survived sexual violence. Indeed, UNFPA was informed by partners that many women had been subjected to rape and sexual harassment during their long journey to the camp,” he said.

    While he applauded the efforts of the aid partners he was disheartened by the impoverished lives of the refugees and the struggles they have to go through in search of food.

    At the same time he was gratified by the contribution of international and local organisations but also admired local efforts taken by citizens, “It was gratifying to see that Somali brothers and sisters, who have been in the camp for a long time, are sharing their limited supplies with new refugees.”

    He said it was unfortunate that the famine was worsening and was affecting more and more people in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somali which remains the most affected in the Horn of Africa.

    “It is distressing to hear the stories of women with small children who had to walk for over 25 days to get to the refugee camp. People arrive in the camp with nothing apart from their life and the clothes they are wearing,” Mr Makinwa noted.

    He said UNFPA country offices in the Horn of Africa were scaling up their efforts to ensure minimum reproductive health care for women however, because of ongoing conflict in most regions of Somalia, he said providing urgent aid to affected populations had proved to be a considerable challenge.

    He called for a long-term intervention to provide for the needs of all affected communities in the region. “People are really struggling and it will take a lot of efforts to help them. But we know it is possible.”

    Deputy Country Representative for Somalia Dr. Rogaia Abdelrahim who accompanied Mr Makinwa to Dadaab said, “Somalia is one of the worst places on earth for a woman to give birth because of its fragile situation and it’s failing social services,” as he explained that maternal mortality rates were among the highest in the world even before the famine.

    In order to access affected populations, he said UNFPA was working with local partners in Somalia who were able to distribute medical kits to hospitals and clinics at the same time providing delivery kits to displaced pregnant women.
    He said medical supplies were also being distributed to trained midwives, “The situation is so fragile and fluid that a midwife can be working today in a health facility and tomorrow she can become a refuge or an internally displaced person,” explained Dr. Abdelrahim.

    Dadaab remains the world’s largest refugee settlement. Its Somali population has risen to over 400,000 people since famine was declared in the Horn of Africa. The crisis continues to affect 12.4 million people in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia.

    Malnutrition rates continue to rise, deaths increase day by day as people fleeing the famine in Somalia enter the Kenyan border at estimates of 1,300 every day.

    The Northern part of Kenya remains the most affected by the famine which has pushed corporate organisations and the media to start a campaign – Kenyans for Kenya to raise money to feed the hungry Kenyans especially in Turkana which is bearing the heaviest brunt of the hunger.

    The campaign has realised over half a billion shillings

  • THE HAGUE, Sep 13 – The International Criminal Court (ICC) has rejected a bid by Civil Service chief Francis Muthaura, Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Postmaster General Hussein Ali to have charges of rape and sexual assault against them dropped.

    In her ruling, judge Ekaterina Trendafilova observed that the prosecutor’s evidence contained “all the relevant submissions in sufficient detail to meet the formal requirements established in the Rome Statute and Rules and Regulation of the court.”

    “The single judge considers that the challenges raised by Muthaura’s defence team cannot be upheld. In particular, the single judge takes the view that it is a prerogative of the prosecutor to proffer charges against the suspects,” judge Trendafilova ruled.

    The suspects also claimed that Luis Moreno-Ocampo ambushed them by introducing new evidence, which altered his case.

    Earlier, the court allowed Kenyatta to replace one of his witnesses to give evidence before the International Criminal Court when confirmation of charges hearings kick off on September 21.

    Judge Trendafilova gave Kenyatta’s defence team 24 hours to make a confidential filing of his new witness and give details of the proposed testimony of each of his witnesses.

    However his other request to have additional evidence was rejected in the basis that it would be like having a third witness instead of the two allowed.

    The three are supposed to appear before the Pre-Trial chamber on September 21 for the commencement of their confirmation of charges hearings.

    The suspects in the first Kenyan case, William Ruto, Henry Kosgey and Joshua arap Sang returned to Kenya over the weekend after completion of their confirmation of charges hearings. They now await a decision of the court whether they will face trial which is expected by January 2012 at the latest.

  • Uhuru the thief is now 50years old. No more GEMA presidency so let him stop dreaming

  • uhuru is an alcoholic which means he does not even have personal principles to guide his own health. Him being an alcoholic cannot be in any leading position simply because he sets a bad example to kenyan youth. We have seen so many people lose their lives to alcohol because they are motivated by leaders who are alcoholics.
    Uhuru alcoholism is bad example for the kenyan youth.
    Uhuru alcoholism says alot about a man who does not value healthy standards.
    Uhuru alcoholism challenges integrity and honour to the presidency institution.
    Uhuru alcoholism is just like Borris yeltsin of russia who was a failure to his people
    uhuru alcolism goes against kenyan christian values of being non-alcoholic
    Uhuru alcoholism has encouraged violent robberies in the counrty
    Uhuru alcoholism has made kenyan youth lose their sense of direction
    Uhuru alcoholism has contributed to a high kenyan mortality rate thru alcohol

    Via email

  • Uhuru is a thief helping to steal money to make kyks rich. They are not hard working at all

  • Kikuyu karíng'a

    You can holler your lake-side primitivity all over the world about your necrotic hero and his cabal of worshiping side kicks. Ata afunge HATAKALIA.!

  • mleviiiiiiiii and soon confirmed passenger of Hague express

  • Igram Iglorious

    UHURU KENYATTA KWELI WEWE NI NYANI>One of the Ocampo Six suspects got drunk at Sankara hotel and warned that he will make the country ungovernable should ICC freeze his assets and if the court rules that he has a case to answer. The man, who was having drinks with his friends became incensed when he was asked whether he was worried about the forthcoming ruling. He sprung up, banged the table several times and issued the warning.

  • how can a drunkard lead Kenya? He is also accused of rape,murder,and forceful evictions

  • all these guyz commentin must b the blind followerz of raila…a traitor n talks alot n does nothin…beta a drunkard than an insane leader…kikuyuz r gonna rule the country till the guyz from western n nyanza grow up..its evident tht the next president is the man u r critisizin

  • No matter how you criticize him, Uhuru will always be my hero. Shame on you haters who know nothing but only the wrongs in other people.

  • Stoopid whinerz,even rannerbager says uhuru is very bright n charismatic.we all saw his numerous projects at treasury,booosting cdf,centers of excellence in all constituencies,economic stimulas packages guy also proposed mp’s walipe taxes,they the’reformers’ amost bundled him outa treasury ;he introduced cheaper passats buh once again the reformers refused em.wats to be expected of’leaders’ who wanna floss with govt guzzlers.tleast he aint no hypocrate n cheap publicist.reaching accident scenes even before the authorities with his hoodlums in tow,hiyo ni idleness.buh wat ix expected of vitendawili ozzing ignorant ol fools.


    The question has hit me again on my face. How much does Uhuru drink? As I was listening to yesterday’s news, I heard of a wikileaks cable where ambassador Michael Ranneberger described Uhuru as a heavy drinker and a lazy brat.That took some people by surprise but not those who read between the lines like me. About a week ago, prime minister Raila Odinga had made related remarks when he was addressing a crowd in Nairobi. In his own words, he said that Uhuru’s work when he go up was to drink and smoke bhang. It is worth noting that he did not refer to him by his name. This statement was however overshadowed by the statement of Ruto and his court cases. At that moment, anyone would have ignored the prime minister but remarks that Ranneberger made, now leaked, made me think twice. So how much does Uhuru drink? I can now bet its a lot.In an article I had submitted elsewhere, I expressed my worry about Uhuru’s deep red eyes. Meeting him in person will make you see as if its a different Uhuru from the one we see on TV.

    Now I can tell you confidently that it is in fact alcohol and plenty of it for that matter, that defines UK’s eyes. The other question now comes in, was the prime minister serious when he claimed his deputy smokes weed? |I think he was. In the years I have lived, I’ve seen many drunkards who never get their eyes to the level of UK’s redness unless there is another drug been used. The possibility of the finance minister smoking weed is very high and I don’t expect the prime minister to make such an allegation in public if he can’t prove it. I would have expected UK to threaten the prime minister of court action but that has not happened.

    With all that, Kabogo comes to the scene. He has all along claimed that there are drug dealers in the cabinet. Maybe his claims are very true and without pointing fingers let me stop there.

  • Even a little kid of five years old in Kenya knows that Uhuru is a drunkard and yet he believes he can still be the president of Kenya. I am glad we are starting to have some minimum standards for the presidency. Kibaki had to quit drinking and Raila rarely drinks anymore. Just because Uhuru is son of Jomo does not mean he can drink himself silly every day, smoke weed and still think he is entilled to the presidency of Kenya. It is an insult to Matha Karua to be told that she has to take off her suruali and follow a known alcholic and drug addict. Uhuru needs to enter a rehab and publicly announce that he is dry before he can even think of running for president.

    I know people who have said that uhuru drinks until he forgets himself.the guy loves his drink like most kenyans do but his drinking is said to be beyond salvage.

    My concern with Uhuru is that he will resort to incitement as a last resort as his options get depleted. It won’t end well for this murderer whichever way one slices it.

    Ocampo is a factor beyond his control, a situation he has never encountered in his sheltered life.

  • Uhuru Kenyatta was promoted by Daniel arap Moi because of his family name, not his leadership skills. He was to safeguard Nyayo interests (including his own, of course). He then gradually maneuvered himself into a guardian of the Kikuyus because of the shock of the post-election killings. But he did this in the wrong way. Who was it that said that an eye for eye simply leaves the world blind? This is the problem when a leader is not vetted and sneaks in through a side door. Now Kikuyus think they are stuck with him and must stand by their man. In actuality, he is a suspect in horrific crimes. He and William Ruto should be spending this time preparing for a very important trial. But this is really hard for many to accept. So we are headed into very interesting times. Kikuyus are going to beat their chest in support of Uhuru. On the other hand, civil society and the international community are going to beat their chest for the victims of post-election violence who clearly deserve to get justice. Will impunity or justice win? Let us wait and see.

  • I’m not sure if it’s ridiculous or ignoramus, but get back to the facts after you finish rehashing the tosh from yoru gazeti cia ciama. Mungiki have never supported Raila sorry Raira, they only stand with him to spite the athomi. As soon as they are offered bread crumbs, they run back to Nyumba. First of all Moi with his athomis (Uhuru and Njenga Karume) used them, then dumped them. Senior Chief Michuki and Murungaru then massacred them like chicken. But when Uhuru needed them again in ’07, they deserted Raira and came back running to the Nyumba, they were once again used, and then immediately after elections, and after they had massacred the jaruos again (remember they already did in Kariobangi before), they were slaughtered again like chicken to hide the evidence. As usual, they ran again to Raira, then as 2012 drew to a close, Maina Njenga tried to join TNA, but the Mt. Kenya aristocrats rejected him, and guess what they did,.. they ran back to ODM/CORD. Even RAO knows that today if UHURU whistles, they will come back running like hounds. These guys are born that way, the Athomi have always used them since even before independence. But the rulers know that the ahoi are shackled by the oaths of Nyumba and would rather suffer under one of their own than prosper under a mungoroki.Don’t worry, the men will sing at the Hague like Muungano choir, after all they are not as loyal to the nyumba as they claim to be. The blood curdling oaths can only be so much effective, probably the power of the ritual can’t cross the sea to the Hague.

  • Ruto People a Cursed Look what Rutocrimes hasa retuned to his poor Kales>

  • Nimrod, all politicians in Kenya are opportunistic by nature and only vary by their degree of leaning. Maina Njenga and the Mungiki are no exception. Maina once trooped to the Muslim faith and when it did not suit him, returned to oathing, snuffing mbaki and extortion. Uhuru used them in 2007-08 to massacre non-Kikuyus in the name of rescuing his people. If they have now gathered in CORD, then let them be. Wasn’t Musalia, a senior politician, not chancing the same by thinking Uhuru Muigai would surrender the presidency to him?

  • People should not just judge the choices that us Kenyans make we have a free will to choose our own leaders without interference from international governance. these people were not there in Naivasha as people got slaughter like chickens and properties destroyed. How Uhuru Kenyatta came to be taken to Hague is a mystery as he was the first person to concede defeat, the person who didn’t accept the results was Raila Odinga and he called for mass action instead of going to court. So the question is who should be guilt here.

  • The man looks like an alcoholic in diire need of rahab! But then, in third world countries, any one can be president irrespective of character and morals.

  • Uhuru mzee bangi

    Uhuru has today declared that foreign drug traffickers in Kenya will be deported from yet the global legal procedure is to prosecute them. He is sympathetic to them because he is an alleged alcoholic and bhang smoker. Takes one to know one. Akiamuka Asubuhi, Bangi!

    Uhuru orders deportation of foreigners involved in drug trafficking
    Posted Monday, June 10 2013 at 14:18

    President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday directed the police to boost fight against drug trafficking by arresting perpetrators and deporting foreigners involved in the illegal activities.

    President Kenyatta also said that the the National Authority for Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (Nacada) should formulate concrete measures to roll back issues of drug abuse.

    Speaking while opening the the 2nd National Conference on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Mr Kenyatta also challenged parents to consistently be involved in the day-to-day lives of their children.

    “There’s need to educate the youth on drug abuse,” he said.

    “I call upon learning institutions, faith based organisations and the civil society to scale up the fight against alcohol and drug abuse,” added President Kenyatta.

    Mr Kenyatta also noted that parental negligence was a key factor to increase of drug-related cases as well as socio-economic and peer pressure.

    President Kenyatta emphasised that the war on illicit drugs is a collective affair that requires the active participation of all.

    “Indeed, looking at our society, it is clear that the use of alcohol and other substances is a deeply rooted practice that would take more than Nacada to control,” he said.

    Mr Kenyatta directed the National Police Service to tighten law enforcement measures to deal with cross-border illicit drug trafficking.

    He said the law on access to alcohol should also strictly be enforced to stamp out illicit brews in towns and villages, and deal firmly with those encouraging underage drinking.

    President Kenyatta at the same time, called on county governments to play a frontline role in the control of alcohol and drugs as set out in the Constitution.

    “County governments should enhance collaboration with Nacada so as to reach out to communities more effectively,” he said.

    President Kenyatta also appealed to the leaders, both in Government and in the community, to take seriously the responsibility of ensuring that the country’s young people are not exposed to drugs.

    He urged the National Treasury to allocate more resources for prevention and control of alcohol and drug abuse, and to seek innovative ways of securing bilateral funding that would increase Nacada’s resource base in order to scale up the campaign against substance abuse in the country.

    “Moreover, drug abuse-related ailments and complications are an additional burden to the Government which must be avoided at all costs,” he said.

    Since drug abuse and related disease burden is a drain to the health budget, President Kenyatta urged the Ministry of Health and development partners to assist in the provision of addiction treatment, rehabilitation and preventive services.

    He said the intervention regime should factor, among other key issues, the strengthening of enforcement policies and laws on alcohol and drug abuse control and access to illicit drugs among the youth.

    President Kenyatta said the capacity to rehabilitate those who need help out of the bondage of alcohol and drug abuse should also be scaled up for the goals of the country’s development blueprint, Vision 2030, to be attained.

    Noting that this is the first conference under the Jubilee Government, President Kenyatta expressed optimism that it will lead to a breakthrough in the country’s fight against alcohol and drug abuse.

    “I am delighted to be part of this journey that heralds a more productive nation whose citizenry is not distracted by misuse of alcohol and the abuse of intoxicating drugs,” President Kenyatta said.

  • Gichangi was incompetent



    2006 January 19, 11:28 (Thursday)

    Canonical ID:


    Original Classification:


    Current Classification:


    Classified By: PolCouns Michael J. Fitzpatrick, Reasons: 1.4 (B,C,D)

    SUBJECT: Kenya Gets a New Intelligence Chief

    1. (C) SUMMARY: President Kibaki’s January 16 removal of Brigadier (ret.) Boinett as head of Kenya’s National Intelligence Service (NSIS) removes the USG’s main ally in
    the counter-terror struggle and one of the few remaining true professionals at the highest level of the Kenyan Government. Boinett’s replacement by an untested Brigadier Gichangi — selected through a process that reeks of tribal cronyism and the use of all instruments of power to stay in power through (and beyond) the 2007 elections — is anything but reassuring. END SUMMARY.

    2. (U) Kenya has a new spy chief. President Kibaki late January 16 named Air Force Brigadier Michael Gichangi, previously the director of the National Counter-Terrorism
    Center, as the Director General of the National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS). Kibaki’s decision ends both the seven-year reign of Brigadier (ret.) Wilson Boinett, and
    months of jockeying to replace him.

    3. (C) Boinett transformed the NSIS from a domestic political tool into a modern professional intelligence service with an emphasis on external threats. A former aide-de-camp to President Moi and the last director of the Special Branch (NSIS’s predecessor, remembered darkly by most Kenyans mostly for running the Nyayo House political detention center during the years of one-party rule), Boinett survived not only the
    1999 demise of Special Branch but also the 2002 end of the Moi regime. Recognizing that change was needed, Boinett’s leadership garnered the NSIS domestic and international respect for its relative apolitical nature and seriousness of purpose. Reorganized to provide internal, external and strategic intelligence to the President, NSIS proved to be the USG’s single-most effective Kenyan partner — bar none — in combating Al-Qaeda and related terrorist threats in Kenya.

    4. (S) But, in the end, the die was cast for Boinett’s undoing at his birth: he was born into the wrong tribe. An ethnic Kalenjin like former President Moi, Boinett was distrusted from the start of the Kibaki administration by many of those Kikuyu tribesmen closest to President Kibaki. Boinett undoubtedly made matters worse by telling Kibaki and his advisors news they did not like to hear — that Kenya remains vulnerable to al-Qaeda attacks, that tribal conflicts were resurfacing in rural areas, that President Kibaki’s
    Banana team would lose November’s constitutional referendum, etc.

    5. (S) The last straw, it appears, was the referendum. Boinett rebuffed efforts to reallocate NSIS resources to aid the Banana campaign (reftel). The Banana team did indeed lose, and by a huge margin. In recent weeks, Boinett was repeatedly refused access to President Kibaki — for the first time in his tenure.

    6. (C) As fate would have it, word of Gichangi’s appointment reached Boinett and many senior NSIS officials as they — and Gichangi — were dining at the Ambassador’s residence with a visiting Codel from the House Permanent Select Committee on
    Intelligence. The NSIS officials — and a visibly angry Police Commissioner Ali — departed dinner “en masse” just as soon as was diplomatically acceptable. (Ali privately relayed
    he is concerned about the police’s future working relationship with the NSIS — as he himself has had no such working relationship with Gichangi during the latter’s two
    years as NCTC Director.) Gichangi began showing up for work at NSIS the next morning.

    7. (U) Boinett’s farewell remarks January 17 to the NSIS rank and file received widespread press coverage. In a thoughtful and respectful speech, Boinett relayed what he called “five attributes of great consequence” for the managing and sustaining a robust intelligence service. What lessons Boinett chose to pass on to his troops speak volumes about the man — and his concerns for the future of the NSIS. They thus bear repeating.

    8. (U) ONE: The government should continuously invest in “the character of their gatekeepers and its watchdogs.” TWO: The NSIS Director General “should have direct and unfettered access to the Head of State and Government. In order to earn trust, he has to do things right and the right thing without fear, favor or ill will. In so doing, he must be efficient, loyal and balanced.” THREE: “All men and women of the service must direct all their time and energy towards promoting and projecting that which only serves and informs the national interest. FOUR: The Service should operate within the law.” FIVE: The Intelligence Service is a national insurance for counterintelligence. Yet a balance has to be struck between the national security interests and international threats and challenges. Information-sharing with other nation states has been the practice from time immemorial. These partnerships will need to be maintained, taking into consideration mutual respect, national interests, international law and the nature of power and its influence in a globalized environment.”

    9 (C) BIO NOTE: Brigadier Michael Gichangi is an ethnic Kikuyu, the President’s tribe which (along with the smaller, affiliated Embu and Meru tribes from the Mt. Kenya area) has an increasing lock on major power positions in the Kibaki government. Gichangi is reportedly close to both Cabinet Secretary Muthaura and former Security Minister Christopher Murungaru. During his just-concluded tenure as head of the National Counter-Terrorism Center, Gichangi fought tooth and nail against the creation of a Joint Terrorism Task Force designed to bring police, prosecutors and intelligence experts into a joint team. Relatively new to NSIS, Gichangi is as well-known for being a political operator as he is a military professional.

    10. (U) BIO NOTE (Cont.): Gichangi was born September 9, 1958 in Kirinyaga District, Central Province. A Mang’u High School Alumni, Gichangi joined the Kenyan Air Force as an F-5 pilot in 1977. In 1982 he became an F-5 instructor. From 1986-1991, Gichangi served as a staff officer (planning) at KDoD Headquarters, Nairobi. He worked in a UN observer force in Iraq, 1992-93. He served as an instructor at the Defence Staff College, 1993-96 in Karen, Nairobi. From 1996-97, Gichangi served as a commanding officer of the Air Force’s Flying Wing. He then served as Commander of the Laikipia Air Base, 1997-2001, before being appointed chief of strategic plans and policy at KDoD Headquarters, where he helped draft the first version of KDoD’s “White Paper” on national defense strategy. He has spent the past two years as the founding Director of the National Counter-Terrorism Center.

    11. (C) COMMENT: Boinett is just the latest of a series of competent professionals forced out of the Kibaki administration. Anti-corruption czar John Githongo left last
    year, frustrated at every turn. Chief Prosecutor Philip Murgor was sacked last May for similar efforts to pursue high crimes. And now Boinett, responsible for the transformation
    of NSIS into one of Africa’s premier, and apolitical, intel services is shown the door. While Gichangi might surprise us, the methods involved in replacing Boinett with a Kikuyu widely expected to be a willing accomplice in responding to political pressures from State House — perhaps taking NSIS back towards the days of the Special Branch — is troubling. It is the latest in a long line of post-referendum appointments to let tribe trump talent. State House is increasingly willing to drop public pretense as those around
    President Kibaki angle to do whatever it takes to ensure they stay in power through 2007 — and beyond. Post has let State House know privately that, though this was purely a sovereign decision for Kenya to make, the choice of Gichangi, and the manner of his appointment, puts at risk continued success in our highest joint priority, counter-terrorism.

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