BREAKING NEWS: Ocampo’s Six PEV Suspects Named








  • whaa! can’t believe though am not so shocked as i expected!

  • Thanks Mr. Moreno-Ocampo for giving Kenya the best Christmas ever after the PEV, because this is the beginning of the end of grand impunity.

  • The inclusion of muthaura casts doubt on the origin of the suspects

    The inclusion of muthaura cast doubt on origin of his suspiscion definitely his must have come from luo nyanza where he has viewed as a threat to position of PM raila

  • Among the top six politicians named are Uhuru Kenyatta, finance minister and son of Kenya’s founding leader, Jomo Kenyatta; Mohammed Hussein Ali, the former police chief, who stands accused of unleashing police officers to shoot unarmed demonstrators; and William Ruto, arguably Kenya’s most divisive political figure, widely accused of instigating violence but revered as a hero within his ethnic community, the Kalenjin.

    Some of the worst episodes of violence, including the burning of a church with dozens of women and children inside, occurred in predominantly Kalenjin areas.

    Mr. Moreno-Ocampo says Mr. Ruto (who used to be a minister but was suspended recently because of corruption accusations); Henry Kosgey, the minister of industrialization; and Joshua arap Sang, a radio broadcaster — all well-known opposition figures — began planning a year before the election to attack supporters of the governing party.

    After Mr. Kibaki was declared the winner, prosecutors say, the network they cultivated burned homes, killed civilians who had supported Mr. Kibaki and systematically drove people off their land.

    In response, prosecutors say, Mr. Kenyatta, Mr. Ali and Francis Muthaura, the head of the civil service, “developed and executed a plan” for “suppressing and crushing” opposition protests and keeping the governing party in power.

    The police were sent to opposition strongholds “where they used excessive force against civilian protesters,” and Mr. Kenyatta and Mr. Muthaura deputized one of Kenya’s most brutal street gangs, the Mungiki, to “organize retaliatory attacks against civilian” opposition supporters, the prosecutor contends.

    Neither of the two political protagonists whose rivalry set off the violence, the president and the prime minister, are implicated in the case. Many experts believe this is one reason that Kenya will ultimately cooperate.

  • Question is: Are the crimes linked with the PEV equal to “crimes against humanity?” Where are KSB lawyers to walk us through this upcoming complicated case? Uhuru and Ruto will hire the best attorneys their stolen money can get in the world. How far can the ICC stretch its jurisdiction?

  • that least is too short ako wapi michuki na Raila na all the rest of them but let him deal na hao kwanza

  • Francis Muthaura’s role according to the ICC:

    Francis Muthaura, the head of the civil service, “developed and executed a plan” for “suppressing and crushing” opposition protests and keeping the governing party in power.

  • wangu, Ocampo is dealing with the six because he has direct and inside info that they planned and executed violence through various channels. It is Ocampo’s list, so just make yours and build another court to take Michuki and Raila.

  • The Hague cell where Ruto, Uhuru, Muthaura, Ali, Sang and Kosgey will most likely be spending many many years to come. Compare this to their lavish homes in Kenya build by blood money.

  • Uhuru and Ruto are now out of KKK. It was so obvious, damn tribal leaders!!! We want a non-tribal Kenya. Hague Express shall solve them easily.

    Uhuru and Ruto, use all your money to get good lawyers coz it will be a rough ride at the ICC.

  • impunity is bad and we should all condenm it by all means.

    but politicizing such an important process is doing kenyans injustice.

  • Exempting Raila from the top six named by Ocampo as he had warned that the country would be ungovernable makes little sense,failing to name kibaki in the list together with his imposer Kivuitu, the head of IIEC then raises questions.Kalonzo Musyoka,the opportunist being left behind after taking sides during the height of post election violence to assist Kibaki remain in power shows the Incredibility of Moreno Ocampo investigations.

  • Funny how some leaders are on record as having told there supporters not to kill the Kissis (refering thats its ok to kill others)but are not on the list! Is Ocampo afraid of the big fish and so he settles on small ones?

  • where are the british, american and german ambassadors who moved aruond the country dishing our money and insiting kenyan

  • Am glad the future of kenya is bright, my children shall definately have a better country than the one passed down to me. It is an embarrasment that the son of the nations founding father is also a criminal who preaches violence. Am disaapointed by you ocampo i expected a list of 22, what happened to the rest i know certain names that have been left out, anyway the manttle lies with you to serve justice to the fallen 1000 souls and thousands displaced, God Bless Kenya my beloved country… by Student Allan

  • President Kibaki (who was Sworn at the dead of night)after thieving 2007 general election will do everything to protect Uhuru (nyoomba)and what must be done now is for the Parliament and the office of the PM to put more Pressuire so that Those Mentioned by Ocampo Must be forced to Vacate their seats in Office.

  • Ocampo had really kept kenyans at bay waiting for justice to be done.Early announcing of top PEV suspects would have saved too many political gimics and atleast the gvt looked at how to resettle and compensate the victims.To name is one and judgment is two.kenyans are eagerly waiting for posibly a blast of another shock.Remember its not over until its done.The bait is still on the hook untouched.

  • Ocampo list is out what we need in kenya is peace at the moment and justice and fair trial should be given to the six.May God bless Kenya.

  • Shame on Uhuru Kenyatta for using his might to sponsor the Mungiki to retaliate by killing innocent Luos and Luhyas. With all the money that his father stole as Kenya’s first president, was this the best he could do?

    The Mungiki boys were so scared of the Kalenjin warriors they had to pull innocent Luos out of matatus and murder them in Naivasha. Muthaura had definitely worked with Uhuru. Poor former Police Commissioner Ali had to obey orders and shoot to kill from Muthaura. Innocent children were killed. A whole Luo family of wives and children were burnt alive in Naivasha because of uhuru Kenyatta. Surely, it’s been a long time coming.

    Uhuru Kenyatta has never known what poverty is, having been born in a family owning 500,000 acres of land stolen by his father, termed as the greatest land grabber by the late Jaramogi Odinga.

    Just like his father, President Kenyatta, Uhuru has never done anything to write home about in his Gatundu South Constituency known for a high level of thuggery due to the unequal distribution of wealth among the constituents. The rich are extremely rich there, while the majority are dirt poor.

    The Kenyattas (Kenya)
    Sector: Farming, hotels, timber, finance, real estate

    History: Although better known for their political roles, the Kenyattas control one of the most formidable business empires in Kenya. Mzee Jomo Kenyatta served as the first Prime Minister and President of Kenya. Considered the founding father of the country, it was his fourth wife, Ngina Kenyatta, who grew the vast farming empire.

    The business is now run quietly by Muhoho Kenyatta but Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, the Kenyan Deputy Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs, also plays a
    central role in it.

    While no official estimates have been put on the family’s wealth, Uhuru himself has put it at $10bn (TEN BILLION DOLLARS).

  • Some comments on Joshua Sang and KASS FM:

    Re: [kipkelion] Kass FM

    Hi Patrick
    Thank goodness am not alone.I stopped listening to Joshua Sang one and a half years ago.By the way how much does it cost to put up a radio station,we should start considering this or sponsoring progarms in the kericho based stations.The first program can be to read the contributios we make here to the people. We the Kipsigis young council once did programs in radio injili for 3 months!
    Julius.kibet Chinese

    Hello guys,
    This forum has really been used to discuss many isssues and is commendable. i would like to laud you all for contributing to such concerns and it all goes a long way to show we care for Kipkelion. We all need
    to note media is a two-way saw which cuts across so long as force is exerted. Kass FM can unite us as kalenjins but isolate us from Kenya. Conversely, it can divide us as Kalenjins the same way it does when it isolates other tribes.

    I remember with nostalgia 2005 in the run up to referendum and later in 2007 in the run up to general election. We were all united behind Kass FM. I wont say am not a fan of it but some talks are very educative, entertaining, except that morning programme which sincerely i dont find time to listen to it.


    Asante sana for the views.Arap Sang isolates those guys/regions who do not support Ruto,its a big shame for Mr Sang.
    Its should be discussing issues affecting the kalenjine but not politicking as it is,its one the most expensive radio stations to interact with.
    Am not a fan of KASS FM
    Charles Siele

    My take on this issue is that Lee Nee emet by Joshua Sang has been politically partisan and has done enough to further isolate the kalenjins from the rest of the country. Kass Fm should be a unit er not a divider, if we are to make our votes count, we will need every single one of them, thus i don’t expect lee nee emet to be the slaughter house where leaders who do not agree with Ruto are bashed unfairly. Politics and developments go hand in hand, we cannot ignore politics especially with the new constitution coming, 12% of the resource will be in the hands of the counties read(politicians) .

    Hi All,
    The debates on the forum has been hot and well elaborated. I personally appreciate your views and think that we all have the same passion for Kipkelion.Those guys in the diaspora,we need your input in developing these lovely constituency of ours.
    Someone brought the issue of KASS FM,the views were a bit of personal,i have no problem with Kass Fm though i share similar sentiments,the station is not tribal as put by one guy but my similarity with his views is that KASS FM to some extent is dividing the Kalenjine community.
    I need your views on this issue especially our brothers out side Kenya and my fellow constituents.
    Charles Siele

  • Attacks in Kenya ‘Meticulously’ Organized, Rights Group Says

    By Stephanie McCrummen
    Washington Post Foreign Service
    Tuesday, March 18, 2008

    NAIROBI, March 17 — Post-election attacks on villagers in Kenya’s Rift Valley were often “meticulously” organized by local opposition leaders who called for “war” against people from President Mwai Kibaki’s Kikuyu ethnic group, according to a detailed report released Monday by the advocacy group Human Rights Watch.

    The report also describes killings of hundreds of opposition supporters by Kenyan police, especially in the slums of Nairobi and the opposition stronghold of Kisumu in western Kenya. In other instances, it says, police failed to use adequate force to protect people who came under attack by militias and gangs.

    Based on 200 interviews with witnesses, police officers, politicians and others, the report also found evidence suggesting that senior government officials had been aware of planned reprisal attacks by Kikuyu gangs against opposition supporters in several western towns.

    “This was not done by ordinary citizens, it was arranged by people with money,” said one young man who took part in the revenge attacks, according to the report. “They brought the jobless like me.”

  • Ladies & Gentlemen, Justice does not come in an easy way. We have cried day in day out for justice and now the journey has began. Impunity is the biggest enemy for Justice,to cut a LONG STORY SHORT let Ocampo do his work and change the mind set of our politicians. The PEV left many families griefed and never to be the same again,if all this was as a result of individuals who are enjoying their lifes and their families every day why pitty for them? its now there time to pay. The list could be longer, however i respect the work of Waki commission at least to have given some level ground to Ocampo to start his work. Kenyans lets support this process and we will live to rejoice this beautiful nation of ours.

  • William Ruto, a Kalenjin, got his start in politics in 1992 as organizing secretary of the ruling KANU party’s youth league. He quickly made his mark by ensuring that young Kenyans, and particularly the young members of his own Kalenjin ethnic group, showed up to vote for their tribe’s top politician, then-President Daniel arap Moi.

    For this reason, many Kenyans are not surprised to find that Mr. Ruto – who has since become a top leader and powerful campaigner within the Orange Democratic Movement opposition party – has been named by the International Criminal Court for his alleged role in “masterminding” ethnic violence in his home district and parliamentary constituency of Eldoret

    Eldoret was the site of the fiercest ethnic fighting, where bands of youths carrying gas canisters and machetes chased out hundreds of thousands of ethnic Kikuyus in the Rift Valley, people who were perceived to be supporters of President Mwai Kibaki, who is himself a Kikuyu.

  • MP Isaac Ruto’s motion in Parliament to withdraw Kenya’s membership from the ICC was today thrown out. Surely, if the Ocampo Six claim they are innocent, then why are their followers panicking?

  • what about the IDPs? there is no motion to help these suffering Kenyans.if the families of kenyan politicians were affected by PEV the MPs would see the reality of how people suffer in wake of politically instigated violence. Let these people go to hell if not Hague and kenyans will still have leaders from any of the 42 tribes. Do we have to look at Ruto and Uhuru and Raila as the only presidential material? NO.

  • Ruto and Kosgey are being sought by ICC to give justice to the deaths maiming and the displacement of mostly Kikuyus in RV. Ironincally the kikuyu ruling class are now claiming that Ruto is not the one to be blamed for the deaths and displacement of their fellow tribesmate in RV but that it is Raila who should be blamed. The reason why Uhuru got himself engaged in this mess is because he was trying to revenge the kikuyus who were killed in RV but instead killed more luos in Naivasha and Nakuru than the kaleo worriors who killed most of his kikuyu tribesmates. It is going to be very interesting for Kikuyu leaders to defend those who killed their people and blame someone else. Let us watch them make this convoluted argument that Ruto is not to blame for the deaths of their fellow kikuyus in the rift but somehow raila is.

  • Interesting that now a few MPs and citizens from the Kikuyu and Kalenjin communities are struggling to bend laws and yell themselves hoarse in public to protect Ruto and Uhuru. The two have been mentioned in crimes against humanity which affected the poor members of their tribes during the PEV. Kenyans are so forgetful.The two are just greedy criminals who have looted the country in many ways.

  • LOL!!! See this video clip showing the hypocricy of some Central Kenya MPs. Kiraitu says they want Kenyans to contribute money to assist the Ocampo Six, while Ephraim Maina stresses that they are only interested in raising money for one of their own – meaning they shall not raise money for Ruto who is a non-GEMA. This is the same Ruto who is part of the infamous KKK arrangement aiming for the Presidency in 2012.Political marriages in Kenya are simply for individuals to line their pockets.As they sit there planning how to assist Uhuru,many of their own Central Kenya members remain an eyesore in IDP camps.

  • I cant believe Kiraitu can stoop this low – to engage in tribal and sectarian ventures. And before you contribute your hard earned money ask yourself how much Uhuru is worth? And his friend Muthaura? And again before you deposit that cash into whatever fund, think about the IDPs who will spend a third straight Christmas holidays in tents! I sincerely think something is terribly wrong with our leaders, can someone tell me what has gone haywire with these guys?

  • No one cares about the IDPs, yet some MPs are now pushing to raise money for the Ocampo Six who put them in this situation.Naomi Shaaban is rumored to have squandered all the IDP money while Special Programs Minister. PLO and the Anti-Corruption Commission should go for her ass.

  • We don’t have mps in Kenya. what we have in our parliament are hungry hyenas who are ready to fill their stomachs with the Kenyan flesh. they have forgotten that people died because of their deeds.they think that we are still foolish.last time they said they wanted Hague but now they dont want it. non of their relatives died during the pev. they have forgotten the idps and are now ready to protect their fellow hyenas. kenyans wake up.

  • Kenyans to wake up. lat uhuru and his team go to Hague.kikuyus to remember very well what happened. it was not stealing of the votes. this was a struggle among the kikuyu and their long neighbors the kalenjins.if it was votes then the luos could have killed people. this war started long time with president moi. remember 1992. again why were the abagusii killed? there is enmity that started long time and will only end when the two; kikuyu and the kalenjin will sit and say the truth of their born of contantion.

  • Ruto and Ali’s appeals rejected by ICC:

    Judges at the International Criminal Court have rejected Postmaster General Hussein Ali’s petition to participate in proceedings to determine whether he will be summoned to The Hague.

    In the application submitted to the pre-trial Chamber on January 20 this year, the former police boss sought the court’s leave to participate in the proceedings, including the right to make observations before the judges either orally or in writing on the Prosecutor’s request to issue summonses to him and his co-accused.

    Major Gen (Rtd) Ali further sought to be furnished with all files presented by ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo in relation to the matter.

    At the same time, Eldoret North MP William Ruto’s move to appeal a decision by the ICC to bar him from giving evidence before it was also rejected.

    Click to access doc999959.pdf

    Click to access doc1020107.pdf

    Click to access doc1011657.pdf

    Click to access doc1020106.pdf

  • mohamed ali ego

    when i hear say ruto planned pev i just feel that there is no truth all over! I was sitted with a friend of mine in the house when the results were announced and through out the swearing in ceremony. When kibaki was hurriedly sworn is when the violence started. Nobody planned and was not only in kalenjin area. The violence was everywhere.

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