Dr Sakis Live in Stockholm: Friday 29th October

STOCKHOLM 29 OCTOBER 2010: Spånga Folketshus: 6pm-06am
A modern African dance legend and winner of Dance prizes in Stockholm to entertain his fand and music lovers alike

Will be thrilling the crowd in Stockholm

Dr Sakis Website

Dr. Sakis’ real name is NSAKALA EMMANUE and he was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. At twelve years, his interest in music and dancing began and by the time he was sixteen he had created a musical comedy which he called “Les Unis”. A few years later, he formed another group, “The Dynamic System” with which he still works with today.

Dr. Sakis is a varied artist, an African star and a dance legend who is all in one; a composer, setter, interpreter and a producer of most of his Albums. Since he became famous, he has produced 15 Albums, 10 Videos on VHS and DVDs.

To know more about his Albums, visit http://www.drsakis.fr/Discographie.htm.
His new DVD, “Peace and Love” will invite you to a special show which is expected to be the hottest this year. Meanwhile, the single (CD and DVD) entitled “the Dance Fever” (Volume 5) and which is also very hot is currently available.

Dr. Sakis is an indisputable show man. His dance style and music, based on modern Afro-Music, is very striking and lightens up both mind and body by its wild rhythm .Through his qualitative performances, Dr. Sakis knows exactly how to satisfy his fans during shows while he also knows how to conquer new ones.

The artist’s sexy girls accompanies him on all his shows. They add talent, sexiness, beauty and dynamics to his shows. No one wants to miss the way they shake and role their soft bodies as if they are boneless.

After a show of Dr. Sakis, fans normally describe them as “never seen before, enticing or rhythmical”. Dr. Sakis has a strong personality with an undeniable charisma. He invites all of you to have a look at his Video clips “Soft” and “Sexy-Chocolat”.


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