Panic As Ailing Kenya-Stockholm Old Man Jets in From Kenya

An elderly Kenyan national who has been ailing in Kenya and who has been unable to travel back to Sweden for medical attention has arrived in Stockholm. The Kenyan was picked up by an ambulance soon after he landed at Arlanda International Airport and driven direct to hospital where he was admitted.

The Kenyan travelled under a complicated arrangement which saw him depart from his Kisumu residence to Nairobi then to Sweden. Among those who met him at Arlanda were two Kenyan friends.

The Kenyan, whose three children arrived in Sweden in August 2008, is in good condition and making good recovery. A top KSB staffer has visited him in hospital for a chit chat. The Kenyan said that the situation in Kenya is extremely difficult and that Kenyans are dying of hunger and treatable diseases. He said that the level of poverty is so high that Kenyans are ready to do anything to get money.

The arrival of the Kenyan is of enormous interest to a cross section of Kenyans in Stockholm because of complications likely to arise at his domestic square. The Kenyan has been home for more than three years, time when another Kenyan is said to have settled in his flat and “inherited his family” including his dear wife.

His arrival will, most likely, shock the Kenyan wife inheritor because the new couple had overruled any possibility of the old man returning to Sweden from Kisumu where he was abandoned to die. The situation was so serious that the woman used to tell friends that “we are waiting for the funeral”.

Majority of members of the Luo community where the ailing old man hails from boycotted the house soon after the woman was inherited on grounds that it was taboo to inherit the family of a living person and set base in his house especially if he is sick and debilitated.

Many Luos thought that if the couple were in love, they needed to conduct their affair elsewhere and not in the same flat where the old man used to live and in the presence of his children. The affair plunged the Luo community into a “cultural crisis” as the couple threatened to use the system to fight back anybody who tried to intervene.

The late Mr. Owili Ongaro is known to have been the last Luo elder to have tried to mobilize a group of elders to approach the wife inheritor to give room but he passed away before any approaches could be made. He told KSB that the guy had done something “that was unthinkable”.

The Kenyan’s three children, who were assisting him after he suffered a stroke and landed on a wheel chair in Kenya, were kidnapped from Kenya in an operation that was masterminded by the woman and her new hubby. The story, whose details have been gathered by KSB, is very complicated and its numerous scenes will unfold like a thriller if it hits KSB. As the old man recuperates in hospital, the couple is reported to be “in a state of panic” as they await the consequences of the old man’s arrival in Sweden.

Okoth Osewe


  • The sick man’s wife has been declaring openly that she has the right to have another man,yet went for an old friend of her husband whom she openly says is her new man.This couple is in for more shocks now that the “inheritor” needs public help in the form of a fundraising.What a timing!

  • Huyu mama hana akili.bona hakushukua mtu mwegine kwani lazima kumchukuwa mwanaume mzee abaye hana kazi? Mjinga kweli.

  • Ahaaaa heeeee haaaa Osewe I thought such things only happened in films. So This woman kidnapped her children from their own father? For what? So that they get another “father” in Stockholm while her husband is still alive?Why didn’t she file a divorce?She must be having mental problems to bring another man into the same house to share the bed she used to with her husband.She needs prayers.

  • What a merciless woman who abandoned her legitimate husband to die in Kenya and took away his beloved children. Luckily the hubby is alive and back here to see them. The wife inheritor is a well known social misfit who dumped his own wife in Kenya. Mambo bado.

  • Huyu mama ni hatari kwa usalama.Amekuwa anawatafuta wanaume kwa nguvu eti mzee wake kazi kwisha,yaani amebaki kufa huko Kenya.Hana huruma na mwishowe kampata rafiki ya mumewe ambaye ni masikini asiye na chochote.Huyu masikini alimuacha mkewe nyumbani huko Kenya, ambaye alifariki mwaka huu na hata hakuenda kumuzika.Hawa pumbavu wawili hawana utu.Huyu mama sasa ameshika mimba.Je atamwelezeaje mumewe baba watoto wake?Kweli Kenya-Stockholm haikosi vituko.

  • Luos will NEVER condone such unethical acts.It does not matter what excuse the woman had, be it loneliness or the need for male companionship. Luo customs do not allow a woman to live with another man in her matrimonial home as long as her husband is still alive. The framed photos of her husband are still hanging on the walls, plus they (lover and her) sleep on the same bed used to sire their children. The woman is to blame because she is the one who invited the man. Moreover, she is known to have been approaching Kenyan men for this purpose. Looks like the public will judge her harshly.

  • I think these are the kind of cases that need good exposure so that others can learn from them. Both the man and the woman have to take responsibility. Now that the owner of the home is in town after he was written off, i wonder whether the couple is sleeping on his bed comfortably. The Americans say the chickens have come home to roost! In Kenya, the guy and the woman could have been made to walk naked in the streets if not lynched.

  • Ochieng Biggy

    You are right osewe. This story is a real thriller. Sample this: The old man’s wife died in Kenya. The couple fund raised in Stockholm then ate the money without sending a coin to the old man. The old man’s dotta then passed away in kenya. The couple raised funds in the guy’s house in Stockholm but once again, they ate the cash. Then the old man’s grand kid died, the couple fund raised and ate the money. Then the wife inheritor’s real wife kicked the bucket. They fund raised and this time they did not just eat the money but the guy never went to Kenya to bury his wife. Now, the inheritor’s mother has passed away and they have called a new fund raising! Kweli, hii ni maaaajabu yawa.

    KSB: Ochieng, I hope you can prove that the money was eaten…

  • Ochieng, let me correct you: The old man’s wife died in Kenya. The couple fund raised in Stockholm then ate the money

    #it was the old man’s mother who died, not the wife. Due to lack of cash, the old guy sold his land to bury his mother! what else can be more EVIL? You raise money in the name of a DEAD person (mother) then eat it! There is no excuse! I did not go to work because I am happy that the old man is here. This case has really disturbed me. I will be letting off steam here! Thanks Osewe for the forum!

    KSB: Welcome. But do it with modesty. I understand that this case is well known within the community and KSB is bracing for a comment explosion!

  • You people are being unfair to this woman. What was she supposed to do after the husband left for Kenya, leaving her behind in Sweden for three years? He had to look for a guy because the body needs treatment! She is young and energetic with lots of lust!

  • To add another angle, the guy who inherited the woman was the best friend of the old man. The guy became closer to the family when he became homeless and the old man invited him to sleep on the sofa. When the old man went back to kenya, the guy took over.

  • What is so wrong with a woman being taken by another man? These things happen everyday and everybody who is painting this woman as the devil is trying to avoid reality. Wacheni zenu.

  • Margaret Muthoni

    Malipo ni hapa hapa. My only question is what was the old man doing in Kenya for three years when the wife was in Sweden?

  • The man who is back in Stockholm had a deal with his wife to send their children to school in Kenya. He was there to take care of them while she could continue working because she is younger and not yet on pension. The children were sent to Kenya at an early age and had adjusted to the reality there. It was therefore not strange when the man relocated. However, his legal wife was impatient and within a year of his return to Kenya, she began looking for men. Her husband had helped her to secure mapepe in Sweden and she was secure with a job and helped the family to move on. She then became impatient and with evil advisors, decided to look for a new man. She booted the hubby when she learnt that he had a stroke and was physically disabled. According to what she told pippo, he was awaiting his death. Now that the husband is back,it must be so rough with her current pregnancy to face him. As #13 wrote, malipo ni hapa hapa.

  • Useless, useless and useless. The married woman and poor lover are bad examples for us. If she needed her cobwebs to be cleaned, there are so many men who go for such an obese figure as hers,o´therwise it was abnormal to pick her husband’s friend and age mate.It is a real cultural crisis as Osewe wrote.

  • the woman is now pregnant maybe by the old loser lover. she had a right to meet her husband in `Kenya but kidnapped her children from him thinking he would die. Fortunately he is alive. She always hád the chance to meet him but she decided to take the useless lose´r as a lover thereby betraying her husband.She is mean and weak mentally that is why her advisors manipulated her.Now the children know their father is here and will neva listen to the mother’s lover again. Panic in the house!

  • Talk of opposites attract. The woman is a mountain weighing possibly 150-200kgs. The lover boy is paper weight and smokes like a chimney. There is a lot of history in all this but at the end of the day as suggested here, she should have divorced her husband before indulging with the current lover. Those who know the woman say she wanted to delete the hubby from her memory so picked a man who had a bone to pick with him. She still pays rent, children’s upkeep and feeds the lover, so who is the winner? A fool is a fool. A real hussy she is.

  • I reaally dont understand anyones interest here si ni life yao who is the holy one here to throw the first stone we all do such things hapa sweden hata worse soooo mind your own sh%%&&t

    KSB: Jackie, sometimes, when I read and have to approve all these comments in the name of freedom of expression, i get the feeling that KSB can sometimes be a playground. People play then go home to relax!

  • Good heavens! Well this was a well-known saga and it was only a matter of time before it exploded on KSB. Although I am sure nobody can claim to have the ability to predict the magnitude of the explosion to be as tremendous as it has burst!
    It is very embarassing indeed that well aged members of the African community in the diaspora, (leave alone Kenyan or Luo) should publicly behave in such a manner. Leaves lots of question on what path paved for we the youth on the ‘family front’.
    Americans say that ‘family’s all u got’, and once that institution has been demolished you might as well declare the death of the entire community as a whole.
    As for those who are sympathising with the couple, my personal opinion is that you are nothing but a bunch of pure hypocrites! I urge to take a moment and picture your best friend shagging your wife. You would have been the quickest ones to pick up the deadliest of arms and finish the job pointblank. So have a smile and a coke and shut the hell up!

  • Sasa?
    Hope all is fine and life is abit okey for you.

    The Hidden love

    At times I wonder is this real, okey and right.
    But deep within me I am okey and see that am okey.
    But the desire and love for you is strong.
    What if things were as we had wished,we did things the way we wanted and we worked harder to be together before ,what could have been today?
    I wish I talked freely with you before and let you know my position,circumstance and my dream.
    But all just ended,the connection,the desire,the dream,wishes and we landed somewhereelse.
    The only thing that was untouched was the love for you.
    It was hidden,closed and covered somewhere deep,because it is still there undivided and strong.
    I really miss you and love you.

  • The huge mama could not hold her nyeges so went for a retired washed out friend of her hubby. Now she is pregnant and the husband is back from Kenya. This is the husband she knew would never return to Sweden.

    For those asking where the husband was for three years, you better know that he had gone on vacation to Kenya but unfortunately got a stroke. That was when the obese wife decided to abandon him in utter poverty by refusing to send him any money.

    She then plotted to kidnap the kids by airlifting them to Sweden. She also cut all contacts with her husband by changing her phone number and the children were banned from contacting him. Her lover was then imposed on the children who were instructed to call him FATHER. Her eldest son protested and attempted to contact some elderly Luo men to intervene. We are talking of a boy almost 18 years old being forced to accept the old fool yet his father is still alive.

    There were also rumors that when the fat woman’s husband had some family tragedy, she raised money in Stockholm from people, but did not send it home. THIS IS A RUMOR. She tried to take ownership of the apartment but was warned by the landlord that it was under her husband’s name.

    Anyway the husband is now here and the old lover is in financial problems. He sent word a few days ago to have the public fundraise for him. Question is, Who shall assist such a Devil???

  • Mama #20: I hear you loud and clear and thanks for the pleasant surprise

    Hidden Love

    I have been reflecting on this issue for a long time and my conclusion is the same
    To answer your question, I think things could have been better if we did gather the courage
    There is still no question in my mind about our destiny
    My love for you has remained intact despite your having melted away so easily
    I have never understood what did happen
    May be, one day, you will let me know
    You know where to get me
    And, I will be waiting with open arms
    Do you remember the story about the Princess?
    Tell me away from here
    Because it’s only for us, the two of us and us alone

  • For those defending the couple, how wud u feel when your partner in marriage spites you and picks another person and then without warning or discussing with you, moves in and cuts u away from your children especially due to your disability? This is one hell of a woman who pretended for years that she was loyal to her Mzee, only to bring out the true evil in her when he got a stroke.

  • I feel sorry for the children who were snatched from their father, friends and the schools they were attending in Kenya. No matter what, the woman is a true bitch to have done this to her husband simply because he is disabled. The welfare of their kids should have been discussed but no, her lover advised her to pull the kids away and leave the husband to suffer in Kenya.
    From many discussions, it was alleged that the woman gathered public money from Kenya-stockholmers due to death in her husband’s family but ate it here with her lover. Surely, she is a mean bitch.

  • Why did the woman not divorce before engaging in adultery? No matter how liberal we are in the name of living in Sweden, we still retain bits from our customs that guide our morals.

    Her lover is married in Kenya and unfortunately his wife recently died yet he never went to bury her. The body was in the mortuary for almost two months and was buried just a week ago. This is how dirty the couple is. No morals, no care and now they want the public to assist to raise money for them due to recent tragedy affecting this stupid lover.

    Luo traditions are deep, so the response will remain negative. No Luo will support such a stupid couple. There were earlier fundraisings by the woman which ended with suspicions that she never sent the money to her husband in Kenya. How can we then sympathize with them now? Let them deal with their problems.

    God is great that her husband is alive to hear that his former best friend has moved into his bedroom and has taken over the fatherhood of his own children.

  • The woman, her female relative who was here but returned to Kenya last year and her chain-smoking lover, planned to frustrate the husband after he got a stroke in Kenya. He was denied money, the children kidnapped and brought here, and then manipulated to believe that their father was evil and contacting him meant they would be returned to Kenya. The woman chose to bring the lover into the apartment that belongs to her husband. No furniture has ever changed and the lover uses the same bed and everything else.

    Why have the Luo folk abandoned them? Because the woman chose the cruel path of abandoning her husband and picking his old friend to take over his home. In the eyes of the Luo, supporting them in any way is a taboo, that is why although the lover recently lost his wife and mother in Kenya, many have kept off them because the husband is alive and has now returned to Sweden.

    The woman is cold-hearted and used to say openly that her husband was soon dying so she had nothing to do with him. If she hated him that much, why did she have three children with him and live together with him for at least 15 years in the same apartment?

    The woman is now pregnant probably by the lover or another man. This is how messy things are.

    Those saying that she could not be without the husband for those three years, should first understand the circumstances. She was free to bring him here even by raising money through Kenyans. But her mission was to fetch a new man because the hubby was finished and only awaited death. Being disabled, the man was forced to live in poverty without proper healthcare after the stroke and had to sell all his property to return to Sweden.

    The rumors that she collected money from Kenya-Stockholmers to send to her husband due to the lose of his daughter and mother, claim she never sent any and used it here.

    Kenyans supporting her and the lover therefore tolerate immorality, lies and conmanship.

    KSB: It is amazing how the details of this story is on everybody’s fingertips!

  • It is funny I should recall that a couple of years back, one summer, the evil woman called for a fundraising. Purpose, I don’t remember exactly, but perhaps the death of one of her kids. I met up with my mate, The Late Hussein Ssembatya and being a regular attender of Kenyans’ fundraising, he was asking for further details. When he got to learn that the deceased was already in Kenya, he was frank and said, “i wont spare my dime to go towards that fundraising. What will she use it for, buying tampongs?” For those of you who knew Hussein..

  • Why doesn’t she just divorce the absentee husband, especially since she wants to be with someone else. If you don’t want to be with someone any more you just divorce them and bye-bye!
    This drama is entirely unnecessary and illogical.

  • Wacheni zenu nyi wakenya pia! All it takes when an article is printed here is just one first negativ response then all will be a suit. Stand for your own opinions and quit repeating on each other like some broken record. You will realise that you all monotonous since everyone is duelling on the same shit, him being poor, her being wicked and pregnant with maybe the poor man or another man, kidnapping her kids etc…. Since you seem to know the story well why be partial??? Every story has two sides need i inform you. How about the alling old man, is he really clean in all this, or why is he being made a saint here? Im sure he has his take in this too.

    Now that the storo is out and you seem to know the wicked lady and the old poor man very much, why dont you just go head on and confront them why all the insults at cyber with alias names, im directing this too them luos with heir comments, we all know each other almost. Im quiet sure some of your are very good friends of hers and would’nt dare bring it on to her face. Then again you are the type of friends people have here in Stocholm, back stubbing bitches and He-Dogs. If a friend is messing up, why not be frank and tell them and if they don’t listen all you need to say is “I told you so” if you don’t feel like supporting the joke anymore dont go stubbin people like that.

    Personally im a luo and i have no biff with the lady for what she has done. The hell with “luo kit gi gi timbe gi
    ” since the principle of life is very clear, it’s too short and every one should live it to the fullest, who knows there maybe no tomorrow so why wait for it??? Bringing up our culture here is very wrong, it’s the same culture that is killing most of us today. We should only inherit the good ones and do away with the ones that compromises our quality of living/life. You cant throw her to the lions because she chose to be alive thats her prerogative. More over im quit sure you comentators have done worse in your lives if not equivalent, so give the big baby a break. Nime sema Tosha…….

  • Msema ukweli is also an alias so why not pen with your real name? As long as King Osewe allows it, whether opinion is repeated 20 times, KSB commentators are free to write what they want. This is a cyber version of the same story. In real life, the couple was approached many times about putting things right but they chose this, so let them deal with it. FYI last weekend the poor old man was confronted in public on the issue but kept quiet and just shook like a leaf.

    KSB: I shun the word “King” coz it’s too big for me while I use the title “KSB President” for the fun of it. In the name of freedom of expression, I approve some comments with a lot of sadness. In real life, I remain Okoth Osewe.

  • Kenyadamubutabroad

    Msema ukweli, you said it! Your comments are right on the stop. Kenyans are hypocites to the core and it’s only ignorant or semi-illiterate fellows that use “culture” in their assesment of situations. If you notice morals and doing what is right has no place in the lives of those anchored in cultural mindsets. To put it in perspective, look at rednecks. They are often ignorant, racist and inbreeders. Sound familiar? The only difference between them and culturialists is their continent of origin and skin color. This is why these two phrases were coined: You can take the man from the village but cant take the village from the man; A goat in a Armani suit is still a goat.
    Kenyans pre in dire need of civic and social education. This is why they throw stones at every given opportunity, cannot logically think out issues and are prone to mob-mentality stampeding like buffalos, snorting loudly. How many Kenyans in Stocki can argue civily and agree to disagree without resorting to back-stabbing, character assasination or fist-fights? Not more than the fingers on your hand, in a population of about 300 persons. Aibu gani hii?! Halafu hawana haya, shameless people. I say let them rot and sink deeper in the manure they love to wallow in.

  • This story does not reveal more things about all the parties involved. Hii ni kionjo tu coz each person has a nasty history. Msema ukweli let pippo write waht they want. Osewe rules here.

    KSB: I shun the word “rules” coz KSB is fed daily by Kenya-Stockholmers with endless storos. What I do (as a hobby) is to write.

  • There goes another commentator grouping Kenyans into one kraal. Kenya-Stockholmers are as diverse as they come.

  • If there is anything I cannot tolerate is wakenya that think they are above us others. Like Msema ukweli, who groups Kenyans into one kraal. Where does that leave you? Is it not logical then to believe that you also back stab, speak malice and gossip just like others?
    Many of wakenya forget why they came abroad which was I guess, to seek greener pasture and a better future not to engage into this type of behavior.

    Really to me this story is just another unfortunate one of morals gone wrong. I don’t personally know these people but the only thing I can offer them is my pitty. I wish people would think further than there nose reach. This woman may think she is hurting her ex-husband/ailing husband when in real she is just hurting herself. One day her children might see her for who she really is and shun her away for mistreating their father. And the rumours that she has been mismanaged harambee money for personal gain will one day come back to hit her square in the face.
    She might try to frustarate the ailing man, she might try to refuse him his children, but she must not forget that malipo ni hapa hapa duniani.

    So Msema Ukweli, instead of coming to protect the critisized maybe you shouldn’t critisize also. If it’s true that the woman is just plain, wicked and you are trying to take her side, then you should get your head examined.

  • Well stated bizarre. Kenyans are not one tribe or character. Each has an identity, so can never be branded as a unit. Thanks for your clear thoughts.

  • Those labeling Kenyans collectively as hypocrites, backstabbing etc., are just the same because they have veered off the tpoic and just want to rattle others.

    Culture has been mentioned within the current context and has nothing to do with broader elements in the Luo culture as claimed by a commentator. After all, any culture is dynamic and one is free to pick what is relevant. Osewe first raised the alarm citing a “cultural crisis”, so wonder why it should be seen as a barrier to the progress of any other Luo.

    Those claiming that other commentators are negative should give a positive side to counter. The woman is rumored to have mismanaged money raised by Kenyans, so should Kenyans favor this despite the continuous criticism of such behavior?

    The woman is already meeting negative reaction experienced from a recent fresh call for a harambee that netted zilch.

  • @ #30, 32,33,34,35: These people are Kenyans too aint that true?? I don’t think this story is of any intrest to a Swede or any other nationality. As diverse as Kenyans come like one of you stated, sorry to enlighten you that there is a group of disreputable kenyans that fall in these bizarre groups, actually a good number.

    Att: Bizarre, i hate to reveal to you that in life there shall always be greater and lesser persons than yourself whether from the kenyan society or any other for that matter, its a fact so don’t be intimidated by others. If you interpret my contribution here like being above others then i must say that is your problem deal with it and remember not everyone’s perception equals yours. FYI; I prioritize my life so much i care less about other’s lives and how the live it, so Nope i don’t gossip… etc about others because for 1 i know nothing about them and finding out aint my prio 1. There are better things to do like cultivating my greener pastures.

    My call! The Kenyan urgly trend, now you see eveyone is on msema ukweli, sorry im not the topic here im just an alias calling upon you guys to lighten up kiasi.

  • Msema ukweli the truth is, u were not the subject of discussion until you brought in lots of generalizations.

  • Just met the poor old lover who is my ka-rela.He is not in good shape mentally and is scared about the consequences of the husband’s return.he plans to go undercover.

  • #37: Msema UKweli, You are both right and wrong. Nobody is getting into anybody’s affairs here. People are commenting on a story on KSB and this is normal. Stop trying to be wise here. You don’t have to tell people how much you prirotize your life because no one cares. You are in no position to tell who is and who is not interested in this story because you are not God. Stop playing wise. Pass your comments and let others do the same without judging them. You are right that people like these are in every society and the fact that the Kenyan community has these kinds of losers should not be strange. Keep to the point because you don’t pay anybody’s rent.

  • Observer, you are a sharp commentator.Keep on observing and smoke out those who think they are holier than others.

  • #40: Neither do you pay my rent so quit telling me what to do and what not to do. Does it bother you that some people can be wise? Sorry but im gonna be wise as much as i want to. FYI; My prioritizing my life came along when a comentator questioned my gossiping n stubbing other peoples back clearly this person cared enough to want to know and i guess i have a right to put my plea here and you cant take that away from me OK. If you are smart you will realize that im not the one doing them judging here, and generalizing characters aint passing judgement at a particular person. Everyone else is judging the lady and asking people to have an open mind as concerns the story aint judging a soul.

    So guys quit proving me wrong and go back to your sorry comments as concerns the storo. However nasty they get, i guess there are some people who really enjoys them. Seems having an open mind is so difficult you choose to pick on the only person who is trying to guide you to the right patch, how pathetic is that???

  • Kenyadamubutabroad

    Msema ukweli has my vote.

  • Kenyadamubutabroad

    By the way, i previously wrote that many Kenyans in stockholm cannot logically think out issues and are prone to mob-mentality stampeding like buffalos. This is exactly the case here. Instead of focusing on the issue at hand and debating it, they resort to analysing personalities. I suppose dealing with issues is somewhat beyond their mental capacities and they get dizzy. No wonder our politicians back home have a field day, the calibre of “educated”, actually semi-literate, Kenyans as witnessed on KSB offer no challenge to their missrule at all. Imagine how the illiterate ones reason then! Aki, we are in very very very very deep trouble as Kenyans judging from the generation posting here, the coming ones are no better even worse. This why the ruling class in Kenya is building dynasties, sons are inheriting political and econimc power from their fathers while the populace fight over personalities and petty issues. I understand the late Andrew Ngumba put it very well when he resided in Stockholm. He said, “My Father ruled you as a chief, I ruled you as a Minister and will go back to continue soon. My children and their children will also rule you”. Wakenya he was speaking to just laughed, called him foolish and said that was just fantasy, it could never happen. Guess what, we are all seeing what he said unfolding live in colour. Food for thought.

    PS: I expect alot of bile and cursing for my comments, but the truth will not be moved an inch as a result. Do your worst, now what?

  • #44: Kenyadamu: Let me help you understand the main problem at KSB commentary. You are mourning over the personalization of comments at KSB and the inability of commentators “to discuss issues”.

    In order to isolate the personal from the non personal and in order to address issues effectively, one must first have an education. The horrible intellectual disabilities being witnessed at the comment section of KSB is, from my point of view, the result of low or sub-standard education of the commentators.

    The higher you go in the ladder of education the more you are equipped with intellectual powers. Many Kenyans in Stockholm who post mediocre comments from time to time are handicapped intellectually and it is in this context that their contributions need to be viewed.

    There are those who are simply literate so they can read and write but they cannot push an argument in writing because they have never written an essay. Others are standard sevens while others are 8.4.4 failures so what do you expect?

  • #40: Msema Ukweli: You are writing with a lot of emotion. I am not doubting your wisdom. I questioned why you were “playing wise”. You did say that there are people who will never be interested in the story and gave the example of the Swedes. You cannot know that unless you are trying to play God and this is what I was asking you to stop doing. You said that you have no problem with the woman. It is your right to take that position so why are you attacking those who have chosen to differ with the woman?

    although I don’t have all the facts in this story and if I may depend on what has been written here, I begin to doubt your wisdon when you support her having kidnapped the children, waiting for the old man’s funeral and announcing it publicly, shacking with another jobless old man, allowing the old man to occupy the sick old man’s house, sleeping with the old man on the same bed of her sick old man and collecting money for funerals on behalf of the old man then “eating” it. If these allegations are true, they boarder on the unacceptable.

  • Big mama soon delivering.

  • adongo Opiacha

    To be honest – you are a total waste of space, Luos are the most tribalist society in History.

    Damn right the kids were kidnapped – how many of you took food to help the so called Obese, people who are physically challenged are human.

    If you do not have means to unite warring parties you should not interfere. Reading between the lines Osewe you have written your side of the story you want people to hear. If any of you were educated or achieved what others came to achieve you would not write such comments. How about all Kenyan’s uniting to ensure anyone within our communities should not be suffering what good are your nasty comments contributing to the ill man, the obese or their kids. Since you have all known the so called Obese when was she ever a size 12-14. Have you clothed or fed her during her stay in Sweden. Has she knocked on your door to feed her. She wakes up goes to wor, pays rent, feeds her children – better than many of you who have bred like rats and not given maintenance to the half caste children in Sweden. How many Kenyan’s married to freigners can be counted for stable home. Find ways to solve solutions not insults. If you are wearing a tight shoe it is only you who knows the pian of the pinch in them. To Mama Watoto do not be moved. You should look for this record by Malika “vidonge Viao. They do not own you or pay your bills, you do not dictate who they screw or your husband has screwed to tell you off. The only person you kneel and ask for guidance and forgivenesss is our Heavenly Father. Watasema Watachoka ni sho=uri yao.

    Is it a wonder many of you came to Sweden donkey years and still are on the same spot you squatered!

    KSB: Perhaps, it would be helpful to remind you that for two years, comments were blocked here at KSB. Before opening KSB for comments, I did warn at this blog about the risk of matusi and other negative comments but no one listened. I wrote a story and I neither named anyone nor abused anyone. You have made your comments and dished out your part of the insults to commentators. This does not make you any better. Two wrongs do not make a right. I have and will continue to advocate for moderation by commentators but in the meantime, this is what we have in the name of freedom of expression. Do not be the proverbial one trying to kill the messanger.

  • adongo Opiacha

    I do not need any rude comments from any of you good for nothings. If the law looked into this saga in detail – some of you would have been in jail for difiling minors, the so called obese was married at a very young age to a man older than her parents but it was the love the older man and the obese had that they brought forth 3 children – if anything the elderly ill man married a kid younger than his own daughter as someone wrote above so before you insult her – try and weigh the pros and cons, then rightly try and find a way to help her, we should be showing these children that at least in Sweden they have some adult earlier settlers.

    There are hundreds of Luos all over the world suffering from HIV – have died, left orphans perhaps we should find ways of paying fees directly to the clever orphans to have a better life than insulting and getting into personal marital problems.

    KSB: In as much as the circumstances sound negative, I do not support abuses being hurled at this woman by some commentators and I approve them with great difficulty in the name of freedom of expression. You need to get this clearly. Human beings find themselves in worse situations every day because this is part of life. I cannot guarantee that rude comments will not be hurled at you either. May be, you need to pray to your God.

  • adongo Opiacha

    Kenyadamu – you have spoken the truth Bravo! Thank you for saying it as it is – “plain and simple”

  • adongo Opiacha: KSB is a place for venting out. The reality is out there, so put emotions aside and note that both positive and negative comments will always be there for each story written by Osewe. This is not the first and last story meeting vicious comments. There are more to come. Separate cyber comments from real life.

    The woman got help via kidnapping the kids, lives with another old man of her choice (ironically her husband’s age-mate), is now pregnant (not by the husband), etc. Is her life any better? That is for her to decide. In real life, she has her network of friends and the Swedish welfare system for protection, so I see no qualms.

    Again, KSB is a virtual space where anything goes, so stop ranting.

  • adongo must be new at KSB to feel rubbed the wrong way by these comments.How is he/she helping the woman in question? This commentator is equally judgmental and hurls insults similar to those accused.KSB archives bear worse comments, so the ones placed here are nothing.

    Osewe has put it rightly: You have made your comments and dished out your part of the insults to commentators. This does not make you any better. Two wrongs do not make a right.

  • adongo, the now mature woman (17 years later) has settled with a man as old as her husband.He is a former alcoholic and still chain smokes, and a pensioner. She probably has a thing for elderly men.The woman forced her kids to call the man daddy, but the eldest son protested saying their biological father was in Kenya.It’s been mentioned here that his mother was openly saying that what remained for her husband was death, and would never return to Sweden.

    This is among the many cases happening in Kenya-Stockholm, so I see nothing strange in the comments whether good or bad.Opiacha should give comments within the context of the story instead of lecturing all and sundry.

  • Adongo: KSB is a “court of public opinion”, so cut out the lectures. A commentator wrote that the woman has the State to turn to in case things get bad. She chose her husband’s age-mate and friend to live with, and that is wrong in the eyes of some commentators, so they have aired their minds. Nothing wrong with that.Opiacha, have you ever helped this woman since Osewe wrote this piece?

  • Osewe, I really like the title of this storo: Panic as ailing Kenya-Stockholm old man jets in. You can see some commentators panicking because there is chaos in the air. Welcome back old man and let the drama continue.KSB juu, juu na juu sana. I love KSB because after washing dishes and cleaning the restaurant floors for the mzungu, I come here to read how our community is full of piles of shonde-type of pippo. Keep keeping us informed President Osewe.

  • Adongo stop jamming your keyboard with venom. Osewe wrote a story and allowed people to comment. A lot of what you wrote is totally irrelevant.Do you know the storos of those whom you cast stones upon becuase of their point-five kids? At least those commenting have a story at hand. You are too judgmental with your sweeping understatements. How can you prove that the Luo are the most tribalist society in history as you have written? What has this got to do with the topic? What you have done is piece up lots of opinion without focus.

  • nicholas owiti

    Bogus Refugees – Benefit Fraudsters, Rumour Mongers. If you were all that smart you would not have run to Stokholme to claim Moi Government were after your asses – there is no record in Kenya to show Moi wanted any of you dead so beat the crap, you have come crawling, lying to the same beberus and they have again sympathised and given you homes so enjoy your new found so called freedom.

    God is the best artist he made human beings in all forms for those calling her obese shame on you.

    Divorce/separations happen all the time within our community no one interferes and now here you all are attacking the woman.
    Kidnapping – do you know the actual meaning of it? Those children are Swedes so you would rather they suffered if what Osewe was told by the ailing elder is correct, the kids were better off in Sweden, did the elder and his Obese sweetie consult you in the decisions to send the children or return the children to Sweden?

    I know emotions are running but let us all agree to disagree. No one knows when one will die so may to the old man “Get Well Soon” we may all be surprised after all the bickering that this couple will overcome this dark cloud and live happily ever after. Nothing new old men always like younger women so what?

    When you all know how you all came to be living in foreign lands – you are the last to be trying to rock other people’s permanent new found countries.

    KSB: Owiti, FYI, there are over 3,000 Kenyans in Sweden and less than 20 are refugees so what are you saying? If I may assume the role of referee, I would urge an end to matusi on both sides of the debate.

  • Opiacha kwenda huko. U think u r that righteous na wengine ni mashetani. U just fake! Nenda huko na maoni ya peni mbili hizo zako. Hututishi hapa KSB. Ur likes that somea watu tumewaona hapa sasa wamenyamaza.Go to any Kenyan online forum and the commentators are a mixed bag, so usije hapa ukibwata bwata matako!

  • Kenyadamubutabroad

    Okej, wakenya have analysed the situation and reported all the facts as they see them. At this point there are 56 comments, a record of sorts in KSB ama what does KSB say? Now lets take it upp a level, wakenya ninawauliza hivi: What is the solution to this problem? How would YOU act if you were; 1-The woman, 2-The old man, 3-The cassanova. Let me go first, charity beings at home as they say:

    1-The woman: Call wazee to my place, pled with them for forgiveness for my actions and causing shame to the community. If she loves cassanova, stand by him and declare the union with the old man null and void in front of assembled wazee. Send wazee to old man with this message and offer to agree to terms of separation/divorce from old man, if reasonable ofcos. If unreasonable or the man becomes difficult, show him the finger. Kila mtu anamaisha yake, yoking people togther is no longer applicable except where slavery exists.

    2-The old man: Cut my losses and accept the situation. Concentrate on watoto and their well-being and future. kwani pride puts ugali in the pot or you can force another person to love you? Hapana. If I have still got it, si I can hook up myself upp with another mammasita? judging from the descriptions of the woman on KSB the old man couldnt do worse, the new catch could only look beta.

    3-Cassonova: Move out immediately, step aside and let the old man and the woman sort out their domez. Kwani ni sabuni itaisha? Si he will be hitting it again after, ala! Agree to some kind of compensation to the old man for injury and back stabbing, it doesnt have to be money but wazee kan decide what.

    Finally wakenya shut-up and look to trim their own backyards. Ama ni vipi?

    KSB: Good and big challenge better than 100 matusis flying at KSB. Back to commentators!

  • Kenyadamu and your ilk.KSB is not a decision-making platform.This is a place for airing views.In real life the woman is delivering her kid anytime now.Her husband is getting rehabilitated in hospital and the lover has a load to clear in the name of a pending funeral in Kenya.She has filed for divorce etc.We should not be concerned with more than what Osewe wrote because it ends up in attack upon other commentators.

    What I mean is stop telling KSB fans to shut up because this is a virtual space for views within the topic, so no use taking a hard line.

  • Nicholas owiti, your brain must be full of volcanic ash no wonder your first paragraph gangs Kenya-Stockholmers as such. And yes, there are those who genuinely ran away from Moi’s brutal rule. The United Nations has a provision for such to move anywhere in the world, so stop being ignorant.

    How one decided to live in a foreign land has got nothing to do with this topic. You remind me of those who never understood a thing in essay-writing within a given topic in back in school. Your views are not pertinent to the topic so go back to the drawing board and re-assemble your thoughts.

  • Observer #45,46 thanks again for your sober and analytical comments that are completely impartial. Your retort simply puts some of these Odiangabuks into their mediocre spaces.

    Read the input of Nicholas owiti #57, and you begin questioning whether ‘he’ managed basic education. Most of those who have personalized issues by attacking other commentators cannot critically analyze sections of Osewe’s story within its context.

    One can take a position whether from a cultural perspective or otherwise in order to contribute, without being told that “culture” has no meaning. Read another commentator claiming that Luos are the worst tribalists in history, yet cannot explain or prove this.

    Observer, you have my vote and keep observing.

  • Kenyadamubutabroad

    Firstly #60 I dont presume to make decisions for anyone, nor have I implied KSB is a platform to do so. What I have asked is simple,self explanatory and not rocket science. I didnt intend to tell anyone to shut up, but what I wanted to put across is that if we concentrated on debating what each of us saw as a solution wakenya would realize that we arent so different and we all have dirty linen, even skeletons in the closet. Let me put it the bibilical way: One should remove the log in ones eye before trying to remove the speck in his brothers. Since wakenya have discussed the facts of the case to exhaustion, its beinging to sound like a broken record. I was encouraging commentators to put forward their thoughts on how each of the players should handle the situation. Lets move forward and not remain on one spot marking time like soldiers on parade. You need come out of your cocoon and suggest solutions instead of recycling comments that have already been made. Feel free to post as much as you want, but why shouldnt one be informative or offer advice in the process?

  • Kenyadamubutabroad

    Why am I not surprised not even a single commentator has taken upp my challenge to post solutions as per each of the individuals? Are we so quick to condem and tear down but vanish like morning mist when we are called upon to offer a way forward? Called upon to shine a light in the dark?

    I can only conclude that wakenya are like hyenas brawling over a carcass in the dark, snarling and snapping their jaws (matusi. But when you shine a light towards them, they retreat even further into the familiar recesses of the dark laughing hysterically (personalizing issues).

    No offense intended to any of the esteemed KSB fans or KSB management, just an observation.

  • #48 Adongo Opiacha I quote some parts of your comments and counter:
    “To be honest – you are a total waste of space, Luos are the most tribalist society in History.”

    Whom are you addressing? How can you have a blanket condemnation of the Luo by stating that they are the most tribalist society in history? Which history? The Luo Nation stretches from Southern Sudan, into Ethiopia through northern Uganda and eastern DRC Congo, into western Kenya, up to the northern part of Tanzania. I ask you then, are all these millions of people trabalists? Your silly statement shows that your head is full of goo, worse than the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Think before you write such nonsense.

    “…how many of you took food to help the so called Obese, people who are physically challenged are human.”

    If the so-called obese woman is physically challenged, how come you contradict this by writing that she works, pays rent, and so forth. Obesity is a condition that can be controlled and rectified. Ironically, she requires less food, not more from people, as you suggest.

    “If any of you were educated or achieved what others came to achieve you would not write such comments.”

    Stupid, who told you that KSB readers are not educated? Are you better off and what have you achieved, if you reckon others are not achievers? Jinga wewe!!! Which comments are you referring to? Be clear for readers to understand your so-called education.

    “She wakes up goes to wor, pays rent, feeds her children – better than many of you who have bred like rats and not given maintenance to the half caste children in Sweden.”

    Sounds like you are touching very raw nerves, so will give it back to you in the crudest language possible. I can bet that what you have written here must be exactly something affecting your real life. Adongo is a female name among the Luo. I can tell that you must be a frustrated woman, most likely married to a washed-out white man (possibly an alcoholic who shits in his pants in front of people) and is therefore a social misfit.

    It is also possible that you or your children do not take care of your/their half-caste children and have a very rocky marital life, apart from being promiscuous. Before writing, you should also think impartially instead of igniting fires, yet sarcastically calling for intervention among the warring parties. Nobody is warring on Osewe’s Blog for this story because the subjects of discussion are dealing with their issues out there and KSB is only facilitating the online version. When will this dawn upon your shaggy wig head?

    “How many Kenyan’s married to freigners can be counted for stable home.”

    Ignorant fool. Reverse this stupid query by asking why the ailing man and his wife are not in a stable home, yet come from the same tribe. You sure are the most useless commentator in this story. Your brain must be oozing with fecal matter. Many same tribe marriages in Kenya-Stockholm have also collapsed, not just those involving foreigners.

    “Find ways to solve solutions not insults.”

    Tell me adongo, how do you solve solutions? Is it a math problem?

    “Is it a wonder many of you came to Sweden donkey years and still are on the same spot you squatered!”

    You are definitely one of those veterans you refer to, given your juvenile arguments. Re-read your input and you will see how irrelevant they are, by picking unnecessary examples to attack others. I could bet my last krona that you and your children are part of the social-degenerates you depict.

    KSB: OK. Now, may be, we should call in Pastor Karanja…

  • Kenyadamu, solutions are out there and not at KSB. This is why nobody is answering you. Go and solve the issue with the couple in dispute yourself if you wish. Nobody at KSB will do it. Seems that no matter how many times you write paragraphs, you don’t understand the difference between real life and the virtual one (KSB).

  • Yawa yawa Auma!!!! Prayers are now necessary.

  • Auma, hapo hapo, you have my vote! I am a Luo single mother with a “half caste” kid after the father abandoned me. I felt very bitter when Adongo collectively abused our children and together with all their parents. Then she called me a fraudster, useless. I have Kikuyu, Luya and other friends and Adongo called me a tribalist. Give Adongo his/her medicine. Go even deeper. Malipo has been hapa hapa at KSB. Adongo should now look for the song “wewe wa cheka e mbona sikuoni… ajuae ni mwenyezi mngu…”.

  • kenyadamubutabroad

    #66 lengo, you seem irritated by my comments and my ability to write as you term paragraphs. We all cannot be the same, ama vipi? Sorry be one of the few commentators not resorting to cheap matusi.
    You claim I dont get the diff between the real world and the virtual one. If I understand you correctly, what Osewe has reported is therefore virtual and has no bearing to real events outside KSB, that is, these people dont exist in real life. Please! I wont dignify that with any comments. Just move along…

  • Auma umedinya point kwa kumtoa rangi huyu mjinga adongo. I was shocked na comments zake coz I take full care of my half caste daughter whom am very close to. The commentator belongs in the gutters, wazimu huyo.

  • Pumbavu adongo does not know that blaming the whole Luo community is not possible without proof.She is as stupid as the donkey years she/he talks about.

  • Auma thank you for your response to adongo. I did not av the language to answer ha so u did it for some of us without such a gift. Y shud adongo insuulyt others in sweden while she also wants unity among Kenyans?She is such a hypocrite.

  • Auma keep stinging that rabid dog called adongo until he/she wakes up. this is a nasty commentator seeking idiotically to bring down the commentators at KSB. Lakini hataweza because amepata pigo lake kamili. jinga. Let us all unite against our “enemies” who abuse us collectively as Kenyans or as members of different ethnic groups. This thing about Wajaluo/Wakikuyu ni tribalist, waizi, waluya wajinga, wadigo warogi, wakisi wachawi, wanandi washamba should not be tolerateted. Why should someone turn a story into abusing our half caste children and walk away with it? why should adongo bother even if someone is on bidrag? many swedes are on welfare than any other immigrant group because this is their country. Pumbaf Adongo.

  • Is it possible to have civil interaction.Milton .l will always pray and hope that other Kenyans have the simplest of thinking minds.Thats all.

  • Kenyadamu: The virtual/cyber world (KSB) is a reflection of the real world (the wife, her husband and the old loverboy). However, we cannot use KSB to solve those real life issues. That is why your points have not been responded to by others.

  • Wuod Luo, adongo rattled the Luo community wholesale, so she will have to bear the full wrath of those irked. All was well until she began the insults. Where is her sorry ass now?

  • To Adongo #49:

    “There are hundreds of Luos all over the world suffering from HIV – have died, left orphans perhaps we should find ways of paying fees directly to the clever orphans to have a better life than insulting and getting into personal marital problems.”

    The above comment shows how scatter-brained you are because it has got nothing to do with the current topic. How many orphans have you paid fees for? Don’t get excited with the comments at KSB because they remain mere comments. You began outright insults and therefore the big guns are on you, loaded with scud missiles shelling so hard. You have been smoked out for the hypocrite you are.

    Adongo is a Luo woman who hates her tribe and wishes she was white. Too bad the closest she has come to anything white is by being married to a seasoned alcoholic Swedish man.

    Adongo’s attacks reflect her sorry, bossy lifestyle that makes her think others have not made it. Too bad she suffers from an extreme case of superiority complex such that her fellow Luo women keep off her.

    Adongo has a personal grudge with the ailing husband of the woman in this case, but instead of bringing this out, she decided to demean the whole Luo society. She better take care of her alcoholic husband.

  • Mtachaamambhi

    I think and guess the next plan is

    KSB: We can only hope that this will not be possible. Thanks for the other bit!

  • The woman is at liberty to marry whoever she wants. Pilipili usio ila inakuwashia nini?

    KSB: Can you lift up the text in the article which says she ought not to have married the man?

  • Mpende msipende the ailing old man is soon returning to his apartment. His wife has no choice but to kick the poor lover out. She does not want the hubby back yet the house is in his name.Here even the Swedes will not favour her. The lover must go or she moves out with him.

  • The wife is still forcing, yes forcing her kids to accept the lover as their father. The eldest kid has made it clear that he does not like the mum’s lover and awaits the return of his father.

  • The Swedish authorities have ruled that the ailing old man must return to his apartment. Away goes the poor old parasite lover, even if it means full police presence to kick his sorry ass out. This social misfit has been a liability to the wife and spends all his money on cigarrets instead of helping. The woman must have been too deparate to replace her pensioner husband with another useless pensioner. Aamke na afikirie.

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