Woman Allegedly “Spreading HIV Virus” in Stockholm

Sigalame: Sophisticated

A HIV positive Kenyan woman is reportedly “distributing HIV virus” like charity food at an earthquake refugee feeding center. Information reaching KSB say that the leading victims are bachaleros of all races and colors especially those with high “manyege counts” on their romantic scales.

A KSB agent who has decided to blow the whistle says that young men pregnant with great hopes and expectations of downloading stuff from their balls into her holy shrine are falling for her “like skittles” as she captures them using her powerful feminine magnetism, alluring glamour and a voodoo-like charisma that is said to be “beyond any form of male resistance”. It is understood that when you bump into her for the first time, indication that she could be an HIV carrier is virtually zero because she looks gorgeous, polished and trendy.

The lady, whom we can call “Sigalame”, is reportedly living her last days on earth after being alerted by Swedish doctors that she may be bed-ridden in a year because while the virus volume is on the increase in her blood, her T4 helper cells (that aid the immune system) are on a steady decline. Her “good health” at the aesthetic level is being associated with heavy doses of steroids to disguise any systematic emaciation that may be pathognomonic of terminal Aids.

Alarm bells began to sound when Sigalame suddenly began to behave differently within her Network of friends. Before, she never used to talk about Aids but of late, she has been reported to be saying that nobody should criticize HIV carriers because Aids “Is just like malaria”. Another change is that before, she accepted her condition quietly but now, she has joined the league of dissident Aids scientists who believe that the HIV virus was manufactured in a US lab to exterminate non-white people especially Africans.

An agent who has been following the story, said that she mainly targets males (black and white) who do not know her with various levels of justifications. Her motive for targeting white males is to “revenge” against whites for manufacturing the HIV virus which has shortened her life while nigger bulls who fall into her trap are said to be under “punishment” because of the ill treatment she has undergone on the hands of Africans, many of whom she says, have exploited her sexually then dumped her without sympathy. Contacts say that the lady “has very little brain” left in her cranium and that she appears to be losing touch with reality almost on a daily basis.

Another observation by friends is that she has not been maintaining any boyfriend but of late, she has reportedly been changing male creatures like diapers being changed at an old people’s nursing home. Her customers are reported to be coming from different races and in different colors, ages and sizes. Unfortunately, she is said to be very excited about the latest developments especially her new experience of changing men and this feeling is reported to be inspiring her to go for even more men whom, she says, must be brought to answer “because the day of judgment has come”.

Ice Cream With Chocolate Jelly
She talks freely about her sexual exploits with her friends who are getting very worried because she also looks very confused. Unfortunately, friends who are in the know are afraid of taking any action because they fear that she might be taken to prison if it is discovered that she has been infecting people indiscriminately. Others have theorized that she has been mixing too much retrovirals with whisky, a tendency which, Watu Wengine say, has converted her into a walking zombie. Whatever the case, what is known is that she is currently messing up bad styles.

One may ask why the men are not using majuala aka condoms when they screw her. Her technique is said to be very simple. She works on men’s psychology and always wins. During the first date, she produces a fake medical certificate to show that she is HIV negative and insists on the man using condoms. On the second and third dates, she insists on the male using condoms “to protect herself” because she doesn’t want to “mess up her life” but on the fourth date, she begins to “loosen up” by saying that she trusts the man, is on pills and that the mhanyo could go “flesh to flesh” because she has confidence that the guy “is a gentleman” and the boys are falling!

A lady contact told KSB that when she talks about her sexual exploits, you can laugh until you crawl on the floor because she is very funny, graphic and, sometimes, pornographic. When pressed to give an example, the lady narrated the story of a white dude who licked her “munjus” with passion after she spread out and when she asked him how it tasted like, he said “ice cream with chocolate jelly babie! The rest of the storos cannot be printed!

When you meet her, she allegedly paints herself as a victim of inter-racial matrimonial collapse after she began to resist the behavior of an envious and spiteful white Swedish husband who was treating her “like a private property” and isolating her from her friends who could not even visit her at her flat because the man did not want her to take Kenyan contacts to her flat for some unknown reasons.

The scary part of the story is that her charms are attracting some married males who believe that their articulations with her “ni mpango wa kando” aka “Plan B” meant to enable the bull practice polygamy unofficially through a responsible mistress who understands the romantic design. A married Togolese male customer who was contacted by KSB but who has tested HIV negative after taking a test confessed that the lady is a “Smart player” because she understands men’s psychology.

“She knows you are married so she works on making the clandestine affair as secret as possible,”  he told KSB. “Since she has a flat, what you need to do is to make yourself available, slip into the flat and it’s done”, the married dude continued. Unlike the typical Kenyan woman, the lady “sorts out her expenses” in the company of men so she eliminates the notion that she may be out looking for a treat. “If you are in her apartment, she treats you so well that you feel like treating her back”, a contact told KSB.

The question that remains is the number of men who will fall prey and the time it will take for the Swedish authorities to catch up with her and bring her to justice or confine her in a mental facility, just in case she is mentally sick. For now, she appears to be a lose cannon.

Okoth Osewe



  • Rule number one: if someone presents a HIV certificate, run away as fast as you can!

  • It is never late.Who is the next target? My husband? My son? My friend`s husband? Please,this man slaughter. It is time to react,maybe she is not taking her medications.I think you should involve the authorities.

  • There is nothing wrong with this lady. She is just tired of living her life. She has lost custody of her kid to mzungu who claims that he got infected by her but there is no evidence. She has lost her job and is selling her thing. After the mzungu, she hooked up a Kenyan guy, dropped him and is now on the lose. If you are sick, die alone. For those falling for her, protect yourself if you can’t avoid casual sex. This should be a criminal case and a lesson. It is incredible that she does these things openly without action.

  • A HIV positive woman !
    supposed to be An HIV positive woman !!
    where is the grammar

    KSB: It ndebends on vea you vent ndu skul! “Where is the grammar” iz zambozt ndu hav a queschen mag (?) at nthe end mbigoz it iz a question! The exglameshon mag avta nthe word “woman” in the first laini iz not zambozt tu mbi spaced! Igris iz nond ava madha ndang zo wod al u togging ambaot? Kibaki zeys zam bipo al jast mavi ya kuku! meri girismas!

  • Osewe lakini, le me just ask u one querry. who gave u this storo coz i know this lady. Her situation is not as bad as you say here but she is not in a good state either. I think she needs help if she can accept tht she has a problem.

    KSB: U-C-the bigger question is: Who told you to ask me that question lakini Apeptonia? If some things are not true, why can’t you just do the good thing and correct them so that KS-Beers drinking the storo can live together in peace, love and unity? And rejoice in the name of Yesusha Karast? OK. I was told by Sam Pippo yesterday at the Temple during prayers at 10.45 pm by Fadha Mupewe! I hope this makes u happy.

  • Kenya damu but abroad

    If the thing is free lets all have a ngo. Kwani shimo ni moja? Ama ni sabuni itaisha? Az for the mdudu, spray doom b4 use or tumia at least three gumboots.

  • What I know is that the lady has not been taking medication and the doctors discovered this when she went kupimwa. She has been warned several times but now its like more serious. she is saying that she doesn’t have HIV and that its all kuwekelewa na wazungu. The swedes have told her that shewill be taken into forced custody to be given medication if she refuses and she is scared. I don’t know whether she is spreading the disease but it could be.

  • worried kenyan

    Its first tyme am hearing bout dis storo and its not good thing niwambie. Who want to see big headlines ati mkenya is spreading hiv??? we already have two inside and we dont want more. I suggest you guys that know her, pls talk to her and if she still continue to spread, basi astakiwe, kwani nini. Yeye ni muuaji no other word to discribe her. Pls wakenya take this issue vi serious. Ni nomma

  • Mimi i dnt want bullshit, juu namjua huyu manze, shinda yangu izz je akimbukiza bwana wangu??? i have done upelelezi and info yake i ahve give to polis. from there wakenya mtasikia, but am protecting ma family ju yeye huunde vasa temple

  • How about something different…give her hope by telling her of God’s forgiveness and power to heal rather than condeming her?its worth a try………
    Anyone given permission to fornicate or be adulterous?can her ‘victims’ answer that.With no sin be the first to cast a stone!
    Please whoever knows her,tell her to get to me at thereisstillhopeforyou@yahoo.com soonest she can pliiiiz.
    I dont save….Jesus does!100% sure that he forgives and heals.He no respector of HIV or whatever..

  • @bullshit: if you can’t trust your husband, I suggest you start giving serious thought to your marriage. Kwani he is a helpless child who will just be “ambukizwad” against his will?

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