• UN removed the English transcript from its website and western media removed the transcript from all types of media resources. MetaExistence Organization made an effort to restore the original transcript from his video speech.

    Complete Speech Transcript (English Version)


    KSB: Any attempt to obliterate this speech from the net will fail.

    MetaExistence Organization
    Think Tank of Islamic World

  • Why, why and why is Gadaffi using heavy artillery on his Libyan people whom he swore to protect? Why has he turned into a tyrant all of a sudden because his people are unhappy with his rule? Look at him banging the table like Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta. What happened to using his Green Book political philosophy that encompasses humanity?

    And my BIGGEST question is why is the lame AU not condemning his brutality?


    The UN Security Council has unanimously adopted an arms embargo against Libya, a travel and assets ban on Moamer Gaddafi’s regime and ordered a crimes against humanity investigation into the bloodshed.

    The council made a new demand for an immediate end to attacks on civilians by Mr Gaddafi’s loyalists which it said had been incited “from the highest level of the Libyan government.”

    The UN says more than 1,000 people have been killed in the unrest.

    The travel ban and assets will target the 68-year-old Libyan leader, seven of his sons and daughter Aisha, other family members and top defence and intelligence officials accused of playing a role in the bloodshed.

    Sixteen names are on the sanctions list.

    The council ordered an immediate halt in arms sales to Libya and referred the civilian attacks to the International Criminal Court because it said the deaths “may amount to crimes against humanity.”

    Earlier, Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd said there was no reason Mr Gaddafi should not be sent to the International Criminal Court.

    “Given the atrocities which we have seen already perpetrated on the good people of Libya by an appalling regime, including the strafing of innocent civilians on the ground,” he said.

    He also called on the the United Nations to follow Australia and impose tough sanctions on Libya in order to put more pressure on the regime.


  • All black people must help Gaddafi because he is the only president that he work a lot for Africa, and also he love one Africa

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