“Raila’s Stolen Presidency” Book Grabs Headline In Kenya

Osewe, I am pleased to let you know that your book, Raila Odinga’s Stolen Presidency, grabbed the headlines on the current issue of the Eagle Weekly here in Kenya. It is a fantastic report and gives details about your book in a way that leaves the reader wanting to read the book. The picture of the book, Raila’s picture and your picture were on the front page. The headline said “A Book on Raila’s Stolen Presidency”.

You Kenyans in the Diaspora are doing a good job and keep it up. Our country is failing and may be, you people are our only hope. When we read that one of you has written a book of this kind, we get more hopes for the future. The story is long and it was given a coverage of four pages in the Eagle.

The article gives the impression that The Nation did not tell us anything about the book. The article says that the book has already been launched in Stockholm while some names of people who attended the launch are also published. You should try and get a copy because I cannot reproduce the article here. One thing is that with these kinds of developments, you Kenyans abroad are providing some hope here. The country is finished.  It is a very long article, four pages. I am in a cyber café but I thought it is important to let you know. Greet all Kenyans in Stockholm.

Lucas Odhonji in Kenya

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