Horror In Kenya: Shocking Video Of Witches Burnt Alive

In this graphic video, two witches are burnt alive in a village in Kenya.


  • This is both annoying and gut-wrenching. I can’t imagine they use such ways to flush out witches in this part of Kenya.

    How did the perpetrators prove that the victims were witches? Have the administrative authorities apprehended the culprits? What about a form of redress to the victims’ loved ones? Who speaks for them? There were women and men being torched alive with a crowd cheering aside as if it was a normal occurrence.

    I have written to the Secretary of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights to see whether they can pick up the issue.

  • KSB!I have never seen wanton murders like these,i have heard that they do happen, mostly predominantly in gucha district in kenya but thought that they were isolated cases untill KSB gave us the shocker vedeo,this is beyond my comprehension, that such gut wrentching acts occurs infront of the noses of sub-location adminitration(namely sub-chiefs),and everyone witnessing the murders are passive about the whole thing is beyong my imagination…..it means that the witnesses abeted in the murders,therefore they are also murderers……as a kenyan i do shed tears for my country that we dont have jurisprudence or a government to protect the weak….maybe it will be your brother or sister,uncle,father,mother…..relative lynch next by ill feeling neighbours in cohoots with the local administration simply for failing to comply……i rest by saying that the government supports the murder of its poeple(this is also well researched and documented in the book by Okoth Osewes`”RAILA ODINGA`S STOLLEN PRESIDENCY)…Dear kenyans WAKE!!!!!UPPP! declare this government parsona non grata.KSB OPEN UP A DEBATE ON THESE ISSUES.

    KSB: Well said. The video footage tells a horrible story. A friend called and said that we have a failed State.

  • As a kenyan I am exhausted, we have failed as a state. Kenya is dead.

    KSB: That is why on our side, we say the country needs a revolution.

  • Contemporary Witch-Hunting in Gusii, Southwestern Kenya
    Ogembo, Justus M.


    This book is about a spate of witch-killings that has been underway in Gusii, southwestern Kenya, since 1992. It integrates the testimony of participants of and witnesses to the incidents of witch-killing with other ethnographic and socioeconomic information in order to understand what led to the sudden rise of this violence in November 1992 and its rapid decline in July 1994.

    The book brings into the literature on witchcraft an analysis of the interface between the global and the local that is at the crux of individual experience. The significance of this book lies in its contribution to our understanding of how, in this era of globalization, the forces of the free market that are set into motion in one part of the world are experienced and interpreted in another as the workings of the supernatural.

    By focusing on collective violence, the book sheds light on our understanding of human aggression and is therefore of interest to many fields including sociology, anthropology, political science, social psychology, philosophy, and religion.


  • KEGOGI VILLAGE, Kenya (CNN) — It may be difficult for modern-day Western cultures to fathom, but in Western Kenya, beliefs in ghosts and witches are very real. And sometimes they have deadly consequences.

    In late May, news outlets in Kenya told the story of 15 people, mostly elderly women, who were murdered in a witch hunt near the town of Kisii. The killings shocked the nation.

    Villagers said more than 100 people gathered machetes and knives and stormed the village of Kegogi after midnight.

    “They started banging on the doors, they broke into the house and then they killed our grandmother inside,” says Justus Bosire. “The mob was screaming and we panicked. We ran away and they came to our house and burned it to the ground.”

    When Bosire returned to his grandmother’s house, he found her dead on the floor in a bed of embers. His father is missing.

    “They claim that my grandmother and father were practicing witches,” Bosire says.


  • Witch hunting is a burning issue that must be tackled

    Published on 05/03/2009
    Mike Owuor

    Like most matters supernatural, witchcraft is difficult to prove, let alone understand. That is why incidents like the recent one in Kisii, where five villagers accused of practicing the evil craft were lynched, present a tricky situation to those, like PointBlank, who believe in law and order. The usual reaction in such cases is for the police to arrest residents and charge them with arson, manslaughter or murder.

    Yet, as precedent proves, the horror we watched on KTN news last weekend (thankfully edited) will not be the last. For witch hunting, defined in Wikipedia as, “a search for witches or evidence of witchcraft, often involving moral panic, mass hysteria and mob lynching, but in (some) instances also legally sanctioned”, is as old as history.

    PointBlank cannot, therefore, pretend to suggest a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we urge the Provincial Administration, leaders and academics in areas where such incidents are common to listen to residents’ fears and frustrations, and find amicable ways to address them. We still maintain no excuse validates killing or destruction of property.


  • Oh my God! how kan such a thing happen in our dear Kenya? am extremly shocked, that there were many watching even children. am left with no words, very sad indeed.

    My big question is to the authorities, is kenya a land of law and justice? if yes, then get these guys who did it charge them and put them in jail. The evidence is there on tape. these is not mob justice but MOB INJUSTICE and should be condemned by all who love our country and the rule of law

  • what we saw on that video is terrifying,
    kenya is so many years back,and you will understand when you read this…
    The last person to be burned as a witch in Scotland was Janet Horne at Dornoch in Ross shire in 1727. Janet had been accused of witching her daughter to make her hands and feet grow into horses hooves, so that she could ride her. The daughter had a deformed hand, due to being “shod by the Devil”! She was also tried but acquitted. She later had a child who exhibited the same kind of congenital hand deformity. A stone at the place of execution commemorates her death. The witchcraft Acts were repealed there in 1736.
    Go to http://www.witchesway.net/links/burningtimes/executed.html for a listing of witch executions. It is claimed that some 200,000 people were burned for witchcraft in Europe in 16th and 17th centuries.
    we need Revolution in kenya.

  • This is unbelievable and so terrifying.
    Oh my beloved country Kenya where are we heading to..??? May God have mercy.
    This has left me a very disturbed person with the unanswered question ” what is the different between the two groups, people who were touching or doing the witch- killing and the suspected witches, who are less murderous? It is written in the bible “Thou shall not kill” so all those have broken one of the ten commandments in the bible. Life and death is on God`s hands and no one has a right of taking a way another person´s life. I am not judging but as a christian I strongly condemn this act and call upon all who believes (and all men and women of God) that life is a precious gift from our God to arise and pray.
    And to the authorities, these people should be tracked down and made to face the law!

  • I called Kenya and was informed that such hideous acts are very normal and legal action is hardly taken against those who commit them.

    KSB: Lillian, what is happening in our country is terrible to say the least.

  • Leila Lars - Stockholm

    I hate what I saw today, people burning others with no mercy at all. I am a kenyan and I am ashamed to be a kenya. Life is precious and only God deserves to take it away. What a shame to the people who did that, may the True God never forgive you and May you burn in hell as you burnt those people.

  • Africa is a region still in devil’s control and it will be that way until the end of this world. Its sad but that’s the truth!

  • What is critical here is neither the guilt or otherwise of these victims nor the horror manifested. What is the president and the authorities doing about it? And those Kenyans around the world,President Obama included, be reminded you all have a sacred and moral obligation to put pressure on your government to apprehend the cold-blooded lunatic murderers and execute them for murder. Until justice is done, the blood of these innocent folks will remanin an eternal stain on the conscience of all Kenyans.

  • OMG tell me the police are going to to arrest them men, who done that to those poor people, that was evil, what year is this 2009 or 1609 those poor people, they must of sufferd so much pain, that was not right what happened, how can you let them get away with such acts, I think Kenya needs to act, I was going there on holiday next year, but if thats how I could be treated, no way am I going now, KENYA has gone down in my ranking, I thought it was a decent safe country, GROSS

  • Witches are still being lynched in Kisii. Last week a woman was hacked and burnt alive while her helpless husband watched.

  • Witchcraft lynching in Kisii is causes by jealousiness. We do not have witches. It is away of survival for the fittest. People in Kisii use witchcraft to prevent competition by scaring others. The majo cause of lynching is land. Relatives want to scare their family members away so that they can inherit property. Politicians use witchcraft to out do their competitors.The solution to witch hunting is family planning and human right campaigns.

  • Update me on any knew information on witchcraft in Kisii through omarexg@yahoo.com please. Any findings, post them to my email friends. I wish we can out do this practice.

  • Dear Friends,

    I am working on an older persons rights advocacy project in Kisii and would like to undertake a national and Global media and action campaign to create awareness around issues of concern to older persons.

    Being old in Kenya and Africa generally is a challenge as older persons face abuses from every angle. For older persons to live is luck, I trust that every older person as a right to life like anyone else.If we raise our voices to this human rights cause it will be of great importance as we seek to change cultural perceptions by the communities. We can together work to help communities identify how to change from retrogressive and barbaric actions on other human beings.

    Witchcraft related deaths in Kisii are common among older persons who live in despair and at the mercy of the killer gangs. HelpAge Kenya is implementing a program to stop this negative actions on older persons and if we all raise our voice we can change this negative feelings on older persons and accord them respect as they age!

    Please spread the word and give ideas on how we can work together to help stop lynching of older persons on suspicion of witchcraft. Please note that these video clips are disturbing.

    With thanks, Douglas Arege

  • That was the worst thing i have EVER had the misfortune to see! Whats sort of a distorted backwards society still believes in witches in this day and age!? Since when are there witches mentioned in the bible? I am from Ireland and i cannot believe that this sort of thing goes on. I always thought of Kenya to be a dignified and upstanding Country. My opinion has very much so changed.

    I cant get my head around the cruelty. It makes me ashamed to be a human.


    KSB: Gav, many of us are equally shocked, just like you at what is happening in our country. I am a Kenyan and I have never seen anything like that before.

  • People are surprised that some folks believe in witches, and at the same time they pray to some god. I hate to deliver bad news, but god and witches are all part of the same superstitious nonsense. If you wonder how people could burn witches, wonder how people can believe in prayer or a virgin mother or heaven or hell. Belief in spirits or witches or astrology or a tooth fairy are all part of the sad condition of our societies today. Christians, Muslims, Jews and other religious people have the same fundamentally stupid belief systems that allow them to go to war in the name of “god” and kill millions. If you believe in god, don’t be surprised others believe in witches. It is all the same nonsense. You HAVE seen it before, you just haven’t recognized it for what it is – killing in the name of superstitious nonsense.

  • OMG, I live in New Zealand but have seen the video clip and it really saddened me. Very cruel, very evil people committed the crime against these poor people being burnt alive, there is no words to describe how much pain these poor people must of suffered. I hope something is done about it, absolutely barbaric!

  • I think witches are real because i saw a vidoe of the witch i mesaco.:D And saw one it look green a wort on her nose long black hair she almost killed me i was scard.

  • This made me sick to the stomach . Just because someone is accused of witchcraft does not give anyone the right to commit murder. We need to put an end to such atrocius crimes. The Kenyan authorities must take action to arrest the people who killed the people in this video

  • The only solution to these problems is the extermination of human race. Let another better race take its place.

  • witches dont exist bloody fools theres still primitive shit going on cos ignorant pigs know nothing else.

  • What is happening in Kenya is tragic. And once again — what is the actual cause of the witch hysteria? The ancient propaganda created by Christianity! Especially the teaching of the Catholic church. It started in the medieval time and it’s still going on now… Ever since the church started to “spread” their word( aka brainwashing) in Africa, good spiritual people are the victims of discrimination and violence, based on other religions’ bigotry… “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” Exodus 22:18.

  • This is what you get when a group of people believe something without any evidence whatsoever. Superstition is just plain bad and madness regardless of its source: religion, tribal traditions, fear of others different from you. Just when you start to hope that stuff like the Inquisition is behind us, we see these gruesome acts, for lack of a better phrase. There are more than a few humans who just need to grow out of their backward thinking and see other people for what they are…human beings like themselves; not witches (because there is no such thing), just human beings.


    KSB: Next time write in lower case.

  • Just today, someone dropped leaflets bearing a list of names of suspected people practicing witchcraft in one of the villages in Kisii-Kenya. This has left tensions high as the villagers are gripped with fear not knowing when will they see a repeat of people baying for blood. May be the Government would salvage the situation this time round.

  • let the villagers decide– the collonial rules and constitutional laws both inherited and copied dont recognize our roots. it is crazy but thats is the way out….

  • NO, KENYANS YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BURN WITCHES because i said so, i can explain it to you later if you still the explanation by then.

  • ALI NABHAN – thank you for expressing what I was too traumatized and paralyzed to express.

    Nej, det går inte!

  • Robert de Carpentier (Hoogland)

    It’s a fact that witches exist. Actually I’m married to one: my wife Tanja is a classic, ugly, fucking witch. If possible I would have dragged her into this fire myself and watch her burn to death!

    Robert de Carpentier
    Hoogland – Amersfoort (the Netherlands)

  • @Robert de Carpentier: LOL!!! It must be tough for you, but to imagine roasting your wife in that fire????? Gosh, women here will skin u alive soon:-)) Divorce her:::

  • It’s pretty horrible and also typical. It’s the mob whether good or bad. Why join the mob? Because if you don’t then you’re a sympathizer of the enemy. Guilt by association kills you and everyone you ever loved. It’s the Gulag, the Nazi camps. It’s people.

    I wouldn’t be here typing on my computer if I wasn’t priveleged to be born here in Canada. We have the luxury to oppose anything without fear of reprisal. Not in villages where people really are superstituous.

    Also, Santa really hit the nail on head. WTG santa (not Santa Claus, the comment prior). You religious zealots/idoits are clogging real discussion.

  • God will surely punish this stupid animals who killed people like animals, they must arrest them and sentence them to life in hell jail. Where is the government and why is this idots taking laws into their hands. I was crying for those people, how can?

  • Maybe you’d be better off if were once again colonized by a white civilization? At least we would teach you some manners.

  • The people who burnt are the truly evil, not the suspected witch. I wish they will be burned too. very bad people. what are the UN action for this in human treatment.

  • And what the president of kenya do action for this? He should punish those criminal people. imagine how painful is that to be burned alive. I wish they are truly witch so that they will not feel the pain. . I am not kenyan but this video is horror. people in kenya are dangerous. because they are so happy watching them. instead of helping their countrymen. very baddd……

  • Simply despicable.

  • There are several videos about this. In one there are literally hundreds of people joining in. They are very clearly enjoying themselves. They have no humanity whatsoever and appear to no better than savages.

  • Kenya has a Muslim violence problem.

  • This shit is real, although I do know a lot of innocent people are killed. I lived there in my early childhood, in my area they don’t burn the witches though. They constantly knock on the windows at night and some brag about it.

  • Africa will for ever be last in the world…kenya ” a persons life is not for you to judge but God, brning your own kind its explains how much help you still need”

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