Update On Awuonda Funeral

Plans for the funeral arrangements of the late Mr. Moussa awuonda continues. According to information released by Mr. Ken Aroka, the Secretary of the Awuonda Funeral Committee, plans are underway to get Mr. Awuonda’s sister to travel to Sweden to attend the funeral which will take place on Friday February 20th 2009 at Stockholm Chapel.

The Awuonda committee is scheduled to meet tomorrow Saturday at 16.00 at Continental Hotel to discuss details of the funeral arrangements. Ken told KSB that the Committee is in touch with Awuonda’s girlfriend who also continues to update the sons about every step in the process. The sons will not attend the funeral.

The Committee plans to book a venue in Stockholm where Kenyans can come to mourn Awuonda and to pay homage to the departed soul.

Okoth Osewe

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