Kenyans Invited To Uganda Conference In Stockholm

Do not miss the Conference in which Dr Kiiza Besigye, the heroic Ugandan Opposition leader, will deliver a speech on conflicts in Uganda in particular and the entire region in general. Dr. Kiiza Besigye is the leader of the Forum for Democratic Change (website:

Conference on conflict and conflict resolutions in Africa:

Place: ABF Stockholm, Sveavägen 41, Saturday 4 October 2008;

Time: 9:30- 16:30

Three workshops, about conflicts and conflict resolutions in Uganda, about conflict in the Sudan  and about the conflicts in the horn of Africa

Speakers at the Conference.

1. Pierre Schori talks about those conflicts in Africa but mainly focusing on West Africa. He also talks about his role as a UN ambassador and chief for the UN peace keeping forces in Ivory Coast,

2. Warren Kizza Besigye talks on armed and other conflicts in Uganda, its impact on human development and the process of democratization in Uganda .

3. H.E. Jacqueline Mutangira, the situation for women in Rwanda and their role in society today after the genocide.

4. Representative of the government of Uganda talks on the Ugandan experience, of the balance between conflict and democratic reforms

5.  Joe Frans, Chairman of Forum Syd tells about how the Swedish NGO’s work with aid in the conflict areas.

6. H.E. Moses Akol, the Sudanese Ambassador, talks on the conflict in Southern Sudan and its resolution.

7. Etienne Tshisekedi, talks on the developments and situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Bengt Nilsson (unconfirmed) Journalist and writer on Africa.

Conference arranged by the OLOF Palme center.

Ugandans  and other African friends are arranging a fund raising dinner dance in honour of Dr Kiiza Besigye and to support his Party, the Forum for Democratic Change. More details about it will follow soon. Reserve that night for the dinner dance.

Samson Mande