At Last, Masumbuko Has Fixed A Swedish Chick

Some times back, I wrote about Masumbuko, a Kenyan national who has sought asylum in Sweden after fleeing from post election violence in Kenya. He is a daily consumer of KSB propaganda and although he would like to get in contact with Kenyans and introduce himself, he is afraid because he has been told that Kenyans in Stockholm ni wanyama and can spoil his case at the Immigration causing him to be deported to Kenya.

Although he was at the Nyama choma that was organized by the Sound of Blackness at Fittja Beach on July 26th, he told KSB that he would like to keep a low profile for now although he also accepted to be feeding KSB “with propaganda” he comes across in the process of his struggles za mapepe. He admits that he has met a few Kenyans although recently, he had to go underground because a Kenyan male got angry after he suspected that he (Masumbuko) was getting too close to the Kenyan’s girlfriend who is Swedish.

Now, Masumbuko says that he has himself fixed a Swedish girlfriend after many trials. “It was like a manner from heaven because it’s her who first smiled at me before I made the move”, he told KSB happily. His major problem though is that he is not sure how to behave when in the girl’s company and he fears that if he makes a mistake, he may be dumped, forcing him to start from scratch.

The thing is, Birgitta, the Swedish lassie, is Masumbuko’s first contact with a white girl and Masumbuko admits that each and every date is like a big test. For example, Masumbuko is just learning to kiss a white girl in public, an activity that he says, has become so important for the girl.

He has also learnt to keep time, to hold hands almost on a constant basis when they are together and to say “I love you” at every opportunity. In fact, he admitted that he is almost replacing the girl’s name with the word “sweet heart” because “that is what is rocking at the moment”. He had to find out what the word “puss puss” means exactly because the girl had been slipping it in her parting shots after every phone contact.

Another problem is that since they met about two weeks ago, Masumbuko has been overwhelmed by the number of contacts the girl has been taking in terms of phone calls, SMS and email. He told KSB that although the girl is working very hard to impress her, he is working overtime to try and understand her and that the mix has produced “some excitement”.

Now, the relationship is going so well that the girl is planning to introduce Masumbuko to her friends and later he is slated to meet the girl’s parents as they get to know each other even better. The problem is that Masumbuko has not told the girl that he is a refugee in Sweden.

When asked why, he said that he has been unable to further his romantic agenda with almost every Swedish girl who has come an inch to giving him attention with his refugee profile. “As soon as I give my status as a refugee, they have always slipped through my fingers and I wasn’t going to take chances with further refugee talk”, he said.

Instead, he told the girl that he is a student, studying Economics at Stockholm University. He added that he is on a 2 year government scholarship, having been sponsored by the Kenyan government.

To add more sugar to the tale, he said that he had studied Sociology in the United States before he moved back to Kenya to take up a job that involved a lot of travelling to other countries.

When he first mentioned that he comes from Kenya, a question that came up is whether he could run. He then got the opportunity to explain the difference between Kenyan runners on TV and Kenyans like himself.

Masumbuko comes from a “certain community” and he had to go all the way, clarifying that Kenya is not a den of wild runners but a mixture of different ethnic groups and how Kales are the most talented when it comes to athletics in Kenya. He told KSB that he really enjoyed this bit of explanation because it gave him the opportunity to talk about something that appeared to catch the girl’s attention.

Since he met Birgitta, he has been trying to polish his dressing style although he has no money to go for expensive stuff because he has no job while his tiny refugee allowance cannot allow him to live a normal life of a youth on adventure. He has had to cancel at least one date because he didn’t have the money to spend and this also worries him.

The girl proposed a dinner after which they were to watch a movie before taking it easy at a discotheque all night long. When he did the mathematics, he discovered that he may run bankrupt if he accepted the date because his budget is tight. He doesn’t want to expose his financial difficulties at an early stage of the relationship.

For now, Masumbuko says that things are delicate although he hopes that the relationship will work out on a long term because he says he has been very lonely since he came to Sweden. In Nairobi where he grew up, he had plenty of girls to choose from but when he came to Sweden, the Swedish girls were not in a rush to go for him as he had expected since he believes that he is not bad looking besides his youthfulness.

He is happy that there is a Kenyan friend who has been giving him very good advice on how to go about his ways in Sweden although at times, he found the Kenyan a bit paranoid and ignored some of his pieces of advice. He is still looking for a job and has appealed to any Kenyan with good connections to help.

He once got a job in Märsta involving door to door distribution of adverts (reklam) but left because the volume of work he was doing was far too bigger that the 800 kr he was earning monthly so he decided to quit. Although he is well educated and sounds very urbane, he says that he doesn’t mind taking up junk jobs because at this point in time, he basic agenda is to try and “survive”. He will be happy for any job offers from a good Samaritan.

Okoth Osewe