“You Cannot Defend God” – Pastor Beatrice Kamau

Pastor Beatrice Kamau has told KSB that nobody is in a position to defend God because God has his own unique way of defending himself. Responding to a spate of articles that have appeared in Kenyan blogs regarding an article published at KSB challenging Kenya Stockholm prayers for peace in Kenya, Pastor Beatrice said that those who are trying to come to the rescue of God are armatures who do not understand the scriptures.

“They are like little children who started drinking spiritual milk yesterday”, she said, and suggested that these imposters should give themselves time to grow spiritually instead of trying to intervene on behalf of the almighty.

She said that embarking on a “bible quoting mission” to explain whether or not prayers of the Kenya Christian community in Stockholm have been answered is a futile exercise by people seeking attention in the name of serving the Church.

“The bible should not be quoted for the sake of it to prevent biblical verses from loosing meaning and being seen as empty words”, she said.

Since the KSB article was published, there has been a rush in the blogs by Kenyans seeking to explain that the deal that was signed on Thursday was as a result of Prayers.

Kip, a Kenyan resident in Stockholm said that he believes that the deal had more to do with mass action, the threat of mass action and pressure from the International community than pure prayers.

“The Bagarmossen Church should not mislead Kenyans by trying to portray the deal as a result of prayers at Bagarmossen”, he said and promised to elaborate on the issue at a later stage.

Okoth Osewe