KSB Threatened Over ”Sexual Exploitation” Story

A white Swedish man has threatened KSB over a story published at the blog regarding “Sexual exploitation” of Kenyan women. The man phoned on Saturday July 21st and demanded a meeting with KSB to discuss the story. The story was based on reports filed by a Network of KSB investigators after concerns were raised by Kenyan women regarding alleged activities linked to sexual exploitation of Kenyan women by the man.

When he called (mobile telephone on file) and requested a discussion, he said that he wanted a meeting immediately, possibly on the same day. Unfortunately this was not possible because of time factor and engagement on other assignments. He then threatened that he wanted the meeting “before going to police” to report the KSB story. At this point, KSB withdrew possibilities of a discussion and advised him to go directly to police so that we could meet in court.

The fact that the Swede was threatening KSB with legal action means that he doesn’t understand Swedish Press laws. In the first place, he was not named in the story because under Swedish Press laws, a person being portrayed in a negative light is not supposed to be named in order to protect his personal integrity or to prevent his character from coming into disrepute. KSB does not know the Swede in person although the validity of the story that was published was verified. The fact that he was calling KSB and making threats is an indication that there is truth behind what was published while at the same time, his phone call amounted to him trying to identify himself for reasons of driving an empty threat against KSB.

Recently, the Swedish media published a story about a Kenyan who was suspected of having raped two Swedish women. The report said that the Kenyan had also infected the Swedes with the HIV virus, prompting the Swedish media to falsely stamp him “HIV man”, a public stamp normally reserved for suspects who have infected more than 100 women with the HIV virus.

While there were some exaggerations on the story, the Swedish media was acting within the law and the Kenyan could have sued the Swedes if his name was mentioned in the reports. This is just one example. The Swede who was suspected of murdering Juliet Kavinga, a Kenyan woman, was also not named in any media (including KSB where the story got extensive coverage).  The suspect in the Juliet case is now free and there is no legal action he can take against the media here because no Press laws were violated.

However, if a crime is of “national importance” or threatens State security, then a suspect could be named especially if he/she is still at large. The suspected killer of former Swedish Foreign Affairs Minister was named in the media even before being taken to court and his personal history retrieved from security database then published in the media because the crime was of “national importance”. A wrong suspect in the murder case who was first arrested and named by the media was later released and compensated. This brief education is important for the benefit of those who do not understand how the Swedish Press laws operate.

The threat by the man to KSB could be the tip of an iceberg when it comes to what the Swede might be doing to gullible girls without papers who come under his direct control. If he could threaten a leading information channel of Wakenya in Stockholm such as KSB, what could he do to “paperless girls” who shudder at the mention of police or deportation? The graphic details of the case are still being withheld because the guy is intimidating girls who “have talked” with all sorts of threats.

A Kenyan girl who was made pregnant by the man was allegedly locked in the house 24/7 and she had to find a way of breaking from the house to escape. After her dramatic escape, the lady sounded the alarm before she was rescued by a kind hearted Kenyan. Since she had nowhere to stay during her delicate months of pregnancy, the Kenyan who was helping her organized a way and she was transferred to a refugee camp in the Northern part of Sweden to live under difficult psychological circumstances when in fact she was supposed to be living in a comfortable flat awaiting the day of delivery.

When the lady gave birth to a bouncing baby, she had to face a new problem of a DNA test as she began the difficult life of a single mother hundreds of kilometers away from Stockholm. The lady had to begin doing battle with the question of DNA test because the guy allegedly refused to accept responsibility. As the Swede begins to threaten KSB, our detectives are working round the clock to bring to KSB enthusiasts the “Inside Edition” of the scandal.

KSB is a responsible media channel which will not engage in libel, character assassination, invasion of privacy and other crimes in the business. The maximum the poor guy could do was to request for his version of the story to be published if the KSB version is not correct.

If we named the guy, then KSB would be legally bound to make redress otherwise the blog-site would be exposing itself to trouble. Under the current circumstances, we could only publish his version of the story under the “cloak of sympathy” because he was not named while he did not contribute anything to our investigations which resulted in the production of the story. This is the view from KSB’s legal experts who have also been updated.

The story could have been published in Aftonbladet or any other major Swedish media and we are sure that there is nothing the Swede could have done. We believe that the reason why he is trying empty threats on KSB is because he believes that the blog is being managed by a “bunch of stupid niggers” who know nothing about Swedish press laws.

As part of the progressive Kenyan media, KSB has to stand up and expose serious abuses especially to our dear Kenyan women, some of whom are undergoing through difficult circumstances in this wilderness called Europe. There are many Swedish men taking good care of their Kenyan spouses. But if there are others abusing them in all sorts of ways and information come in our direction, we will make every effort to expose them as long as we are operating with the law. We lost Juliet because she could not be helped. We have to try and prevent another deadly “Juliet Opera” in Stockholm.

KSB has been intimidated in the past especially during the Maggero exposures in the run up to the Kenyan’s cremation. We were warned by the family to pull down the “Maggero stories” or else not appear at the funeral. We refused to budge. Anti-KSB blogs were even set up but they are all dead now.

The kind of threat we are currently facing is common within the blogging community especially if material is sensitive. In the past, governments have tried to shut down blogs while bloggers have been harassed, intimidated and threatened with both violence and even death.

Here in Sweden, freedom of expression is well established and our advice to the irritated Swede is that if he has anything constructive to say, he needs to be civilized and make approaches without threats otherwise if he wants to go to police, our position is that “We meet in court”. The stories will continue to roll as long as they constitute “The Truth Of The Matter” or, as Kenyans say, “Ukweli Wa Mambo”. If its real, give us a buzz.

Okoth Osewe