Swedish Man In Sexual Exploitation Of Kenyan Women

Kenyans and friends of Kenya have raised the alarm regarding a white Swedish man who has become notorious for exploiting Kenyan women sexually before dumping them. The story was blown by a sympathetic West African woman who is worried that if the sexual adventures of the man are not exposed, the Kenyan and African community in Stockholm might end up with another “Juliet Kavinga case” who was allegedly murdered by a Swedish national. When the case came to court, the Swede was released due to “lack of evidence”.

According to information gathered by KSB, the Swede lives in Tumba and so far, he has sexually exploited a total of 12 women whom he subsequently dumped. His latest exploits are 2 Kenyan women whom he dumped after making them pregnant. It is like he is on some kinda revenge mission and his main tools are young East African women.

“The guy has a passion for East African women especially Kenyans. He has so far used and dumped several Kenyans while at the moment, he is with a Tanzanian lady”, a West African source who sounded very upset told KSB.

Before he moved to Tumba, the Swede was living in Sollentuna. The Kenyan ladies who have fallen victim to the man’s exploits were all dumped after being ballooned. One girl who was identified has a two year old baby while another one was dumped with a baby just a few months old before the predator hooked his latest toy – the Tanzanian lady.

“The problem is that the ladies have to obey the man because they want to stay in Sweden”, a source who is a friend to one of the victims told KSB. “Even if he wants his ass licked after a visit to the toilet, it has to be done otherwise he threatens with deportation”, added the source.

The Swede is divorced from a Swedish woman with whom he had three children before shifting to specialize in African ladies. Although he is 47 years old, he loves girls between 20 and 25 years. A KSB source said that he mainly uses the Internet to hook the girls before converting them into sexual slaves. He knows that the girls he likes would like to settle in Sweden so he consciously uses the element of “Residence Permit” to tie them up into a life of obedience, loyalty, slavery and sexual terror.

Once he gets his catch, he uses the psychological fear of deportation to ensure that the girls are kept in check. Stuck between the prospect of “good life” in Sweden and deportation to Africa, the girls normally give in to “anything” he says. They live lives of isolation and since they have no contacts, they normally have no options.

One girl could be tied to him for a minimum of two years (time it takes for Swedish authorities to issue Permanent Residence Permits also known as PUT). For some unknown reasons, the Swede likes making his victims pregnant before going around talking about his “powers” with other Swedish men. He likes describing how he makes love to the girls and how they submit to his whims during coitus. Within his personal circles, he carries himself as the “Champion of African ladies”.

“This is unacceptable and I hope that this case will soon be taken up by the Swedish authorities”, a source told KSB. The source said that she has already called the Immigration authorities to alert them about what was going on but that the authorities only promised to “investigate”.

“Now, he has taken an innocent Tanzanian lady who is going through hell”, she said in anger.

A strange aspect of the man’s behavior is that after making a girl pregnant, he always insists on a DNA test even if he knows that the girl involved has been literally caged in his house for months with him doing the pumping.

He locks his women in the house 24/7 because he fears that in case they come into contact with others, his unacceptable behavior could be exposed or the girls might be made cleaver by other people. He mainly fears that the girls might take contact with organizations dealing with women’s rights in Sweden and cause him to lose control of the women including inculcation of fear through threats of deportation.

Okoth Osewe