Juliet Kavinga’s Suspected Murderer Freed

The 35 year old Swedish national who has been facing trial for the murder of Juliet Kavinga, has been freed by the Court in Handen, Stockholm. Details will come out next week when judgment is delivered. According to news flashes in mainstream Swedish media, the suspect was released for “lack of evidence”.

Tora Holst, the Prosecutor who spoke to both Aftonbladet and Expressen newspapers,  said that there is no murder weapon or scene of crime. Court proceedings indicate that there is incriminating evidence although no blood or traces of blood was found in the house of the suspect where the murder is suspected to have taken place. The suspect has already been freed from police custody.

The Kenyan community in Stockholm and friends who have been following the case received the news with shock. Many Kenyans believed that the evidence that was gathered by police was enough to sustain a conviction. 

Okoth Osewe: makosewe@gmail.com

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